Andrew says if it is true that Alec’s showmance breakup was fake, that’s just bullsh!t man!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 6pm

6pm – 6:40pm Emmett and Andrew have a brief conversation up in the HOH room about how Talla thinks Alec is lying to her.
Andrew and Emmett both still want to make sure Talla is on with them to ensure they have the votes and just in case the next HOH is an endurance competition as they think she will do well at an endurance.
Andrew says that he will talk to her to reassure her that Emmett isn’t coming after her.
Emmett talks about how Talla was coming after him and if she continues to then he will have to take her out.

Emmett and Andrew go out to the hot tub.
Andrew talks about how Topaz got the viewer question “Which evicted house guest do you miss the most?”
He says that she (Topaz) said Aj and he told her that she was the one to get him out. He says that she said no but I didn’t want to.
Emmett asks if you had to bring any house guest back in which would it be?
Andrew says Aneal because he isn’t a physical threat, had good social game and I had a good relationship with him.
Andrew starts talking about the coup d’etat.
Andrew talks about how if it is true that Alec’s showmance breakup was fake ..that’s just bullsh!t man. Can you imagine, how bad is that!
Emmett says we will just have to wait and see .. when Gary goes.
Alec and Peter head out to the hot tub to join them. Jillian, Talla, Topaz and Gary also come out. They talk about random things and past seasons of Big Brother. Talla, Topaz and Gary head back inside.

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 617pm

6:45pm – 7pm Gary and Talla are talking in the kitchen. Gary says we need to win HOH this week and make some big moves. Gary says I know you have what it takes to make some big moves. Gary tells Talla that Topaz is 100% going I talked to her.. she is good. Topaz joins them. She remembers she had a slop pancake in the grill. She looks at it and its all burnt.
Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 644pm

7:20pm Topaz tells Gary that she walked in on them doing a bit of sh!t talking. Talla joins Jillian out by the pool. Talla tells Jillian the conversation she had with Gary. Alec, Andrew, Peter and Emmett join them by the pool. Talla tells Emmett and the other how Gary was telling her that when Topaz leaves it will be just him and her at the bar because obviously Emmett and Jillian don’t want to work with him.

Talla pulls her shirt down just a little too far:
Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 718pm

7:35pm – 7:45pm Talla goes up to the HOH room to talk to Andrew. Andrew asks her what she meant when she said she didn’t think she could trust Alec. Talla says that she isn’t sure but that she thinks their breakup was fake. Talla tells Andrew that Peter told her if he won he would put her up as a pawn. Andrew says that if Alec and Topaz are lying about the breakup, then that is horrible. Talla says that when she talked to Topaz she made it off to be ploy. Andrew says yeah I believe it. Andrew reassures Talla that with her, him, Emmett and Jillian they are 4 strong. Andrew says that Peter is probably getting scared and he knows he needs to start winning something. Andrew says that if it gets down to the final two I am not voting for someone who floated there way through the game. Andrew says that Talla needs to win this one ..she has come 3 in the last few. Talla says that she is going to talk to Emmett tonight and make sure he knows that he is not on my radar and that we need to make this final four official. Us four are the strongest. Talla heads downstairs.

7:55pm Talla then goes to tell Emmett & Jillian in the bathroom. She tells them that she is with them even if they aren’t with her. Emmett tells her that she can’t be all over the place switching sides. Jillian tells Emmett that Talla hasn’t been. Talla brings up how she doesn’t trust Alec and how Peter told her she would be put up as the pawn. Talla asks Emmett why he would want to keep Alec who is Emmett’s biggest competition over her. Emmett tells her that they are good.

8:30pm Jillian and Emmett are in the hot tub talking about her past relationships and other random things. Meanwhile Gary is in the bedroom re-doing his make up. Gary finishes up and heads back to the kitchen where Andrew is cooking steaks and Talla is helping and doing dishes.
Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 818pm

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 828pm

9pm – 9:35pm Talla, Andrew, Alec and Emmett sit down at the kitchen table to eat their steak dinner. Topaz sits by Talla to watch them eat. They argue over who looks in the mirror the most. Emmett says that Gary looks in the mirror the most. Topaz says that Emmett and Talla do. Emmett says no I don’t you just notice when I do because you’re always looking at me. Andrew complains that the steaks were poor quality and old. He says his is over done and that he likes it more rare. He says he wants it to look like he is cutting in to Alec and eating him. When they finish up Talla pushes her plate to Alec and tells him to take it away. Alec says that’s demeaning and he won’t do it. Andrew comes by and takes it .. he says I’ll take it like a gentleman and not like a douche-bag like Alec. Talla spills her pop and says that someone needs to get her something to clean it up. She then slurps it up off the table. Everyone tells her not to do that. Talla mops up the pop with a cloth and squeezes it into a glass. Jillian then dares her to drink the mopped up pop. Talla gives it to Alec and tells him to drink it. He starts to and Topaz and Jillian yell at him to not drink it.

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 9pm

Video of dinner time:
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We’ve had an increase of trollish behaviour on OBB these last couple days. I have also noticed a few people using multiple names typing out the same kind of comment maybe in a way to make it look like their point of view is shared by others. I’m not going to let this type of behaviour continue on the site so i’m giving the people doing this a warning. Continue and you will lose your privleage to comment here.

On a similar note please censor your comments that contain profanity using the astrix symbol.
If comments continue to contain uncensored profanity I will have to delete them, they harm the site.

If you notice someone who is being unusually rude or typing comments filled with Hate please just email me and i’ll look into it. If you have comments that are not appearing on the site for no reason please email me as they may have been trapped in the spam folder.



Since Big Brother sees everything, and everyone on this forum is always asking for more transparency, I have to admit I’d really like to know what names are actually bundled and originate from the same IP address.
Frauds don’t deserve your protection, IMO.
But it’s your site, and I trust you’ll make the right decisions, as always.
My main concern is that you guys continue doing the great work you are doing, I’d be lost (and definitely off from following BB!) without you! 🙂
p.s.: this has nothing to do with me getting 10 thumbs down for my hilarious, exceptional and oh-so-humble post… not at all! totally over it! not one bit bitter! really! #fail 😉


I always like to give people a couple chances here but if they push it I’ll be forced to take action. I’m glad you like the site your opinions add value to it.


Good for Andrew and Talla for not trusting Alec The Douche. Hope he goes home soon.


Long Live the stooges


Sorry to see that Simon i had noticed that some comments looked very simillar and even gushed over a certain persons views to the point I thought perhaps they were speaking to themselves. I’m not a big GUSHER personally. 🙂 🙂

Now to the fun stuff. Lala is going to be the death of alot of us. She cannot make up her mind and is easily swayed. I don’t get the Topaz relationship. Topaz sent AJ out, with help, and had targeted Andrew. She is only here because of Andrew and AJ. I’m completely puzzled personally. Jillian better start expanding her social game as Emmit has asked her to several times. She should be in tight with Lala but isn’t working on it. If she drops letting Lala win HOH she may see milkmance on the block. Hurry up Thursday and the overnight BBAD. Lets see whose the next HOH.

Once the veto ceremony happens the week gets long til the eviction. With almost unanimous votes the evictions have been hohum. Hopefully it will be diferent this week.


Trolls haven’t really been a HUGE problem as they are with the US version mind you we only get a fraction of the comments.. I’ve been noticing a slow creep of trouble so thought I would remind some folks to chill..

You are so right Talla will be the death of us.. we probably won’t know where she stands until the vote is cast.. HAHA reminds me of Ashley last year but maybe not as bad.


Now it all makes sense; it’s Liza who is trashing Topaz on here & using different names to do it.


i so agree with simon comment i had to thumb that up …… if i comment against topaz or gary people will use racism some of them are so color blind … the race card is so maxed out and i wont extend additional credit even though i am black …. its tough when u like someone and they get trashed here on obb u just have to suck it up though no one is immune to criticism…. they comment on how terrible i write especially if i dont capitalize i could swear i were back in school again .. … these people attack every comment someone makes when it doesnt go with the majority….. some folks just need to relax even if u dont like someone comment always remember someone else wont like yours …… i have been on this site so long i refuse to let people chase me away …. i use to love reading the comments and laughing my butt off but not so much anymore … without OBB is like a sneaker without laces ,,, a geek without braces ,, a sentence without spaces love simon comment


I’ll be the last person to knock someone on their writing.. I wish the race thing wouldn’t be issue in comments but it always is unfortunately.. 🙁 We try to weed through the nasty comments but they always sneak through.


Gary is working on his brand


i said this before i cant wait for glitter to go home i was waiting for this moment for so long … how cold gary is tom use the veto on him

R I P gary


Good job Simon for addressing the mayhem that is trying to infect this great site. Let’s keep it fun. To the great Samboooooodee, I couldn’t agree with you more! Gary has officially stopped playing Big Brother and he is now off to conquer Canada’s Next Top Model!! LoL


Not trying to hate or anything, but I just cannot stand Gary and the type of personality he is in the house. He thinks everything is owed to him and that everyone should be doing what he wants all the time or else he freaks out. He uses his loud behavior to bully people into his way of doing things, thinks he is better then everyone, and is constantly talking smack about people behind their backs then he is all smiles when talking to that person… GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!


ohnny says:
April 2, 2013 at 5:47 pm
Since Big Brother sees everything, and everyone on this forum is always asking for more transparency, I have to admit I’d really like to know what names are actually bundled and originate from the same IP address.
Frauds don’t deserve your protection, IMO.
But it’s your site, and I trust you’ll make the right decisions, as always.
My main concern is that you guys continue doing the great work you are doing, I’d be lost (and definitely off from following BB!) without you! 🙂
p.s.: this has nothing to do with me getting 10 thumbs down for my hilarious, exceptional and oh-so-humble post… not at all! totally over it! not one bit bitter! really! #fail 😉

cosign i want to know the names and those ip address


I agree with Simon, some people care so much about majority agreeing with them or thumbs up vs thumbs down, like who cares honestly? If I get majority thumbs down I really don’t care it just means there’s more that disagree it has nothing to do wth being right or wrong.

I mean we’re discussing Big Brother not heavyweight topics like gay marriage or clubbing of seals, it’s just Big Brother. Some people get so riled up and insult the intelligence of those that don’t agree with them and even get personal. We just happen to have different perceptions, that’s all.


wow, I didn’t even realize people actually take the time to post under different names… I actually thought it was the anti-topaz people, but maybe I’m wrong and it was the other way around. There was once someone else who posted as “yikes”, which I found kind of hilarious – I thought I was being original! Finally, I don’t mean to cause drama, but I really think that if I think a comment is racist or simply ignorant, then I have the right to my opinion and to explain why. I’m respectful, I don’t tell people to shut the f*ck up or whatever. I feel like its okay to have differences of opinion and I don’t see what’s wrong with calling out comments that I believe inferiorize or stereotype a group of people. Others may not have my opinion, but that’s fine.


No wonder why there are so many Topaz/Gary/Suzette “fans”….lol makes sense now.

@spicy yeah, I just saw a comment on youtube that said:
“fuck pete & all the other white racist ppl… they put topaz and gary on the block and aj gone wow”

smh……..there’s so much you can say to that. I’ve seen a lot of people like that on here too. It may be that same bigot with multiple accounts, saying “save Gary and Topaz…get out emmett or jill or alec and peter.” When I see that, that’s obviously some kind of racial bias, you even said they called you racist for speaking against Gary/Topaz when you yourself are black, so yeah that’s def. what it is……

I personally don’t care about what race they are. Garys ok, dont really care for Topaz, I like Emmitt, I don’t like Peter. I wish some of these people (unless it’s one person) could see past skin color just like that.


Hey Simon and Dawg – good post. Thanks for your work at keeping the loser racists and homophonics in their cave where they belong.

Now on to BBCan

So the deal is that Gary is going home right? So is Andrew just going to tell Talla and Topaz on Thursday morning? It seems like Talla, Topaz and Gary are sure that Topaz is going home? (Sorry if this has been addressed already, still trying to get caught up from being away)

Where is Peter? It seems like he has fallen off the radar of the show?


Thanks Ann, In my opinion Peter has been way below radar ever since Liza left.

I’m pretty sure Gary is going home this week.


But to be fair, after I post, it always says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

So I figured if I crossed the line with some Tom-hating over obsessed Suzette fan, a mod would look it over and not approve it.
What’s the actual process behind it?


Good question I’ll try and answer how the comment moderation process goes.
a) Comment comes into the system and is scanned by our spam checker (if it contains only links, certain words, from a blocked IP etc etc comment goes to spam) Please not this system sometimes flags legit comments as spam
b) If a comment survives the auto check it comes up on admin console where either Dawg or myself approve it to go live on the site. There is 2 things to be clear about how we approve comments. 1) we are crazy busy so comments get a light scan at best 2) the admin console doesn’t show us the thread so we do not get to read the conversation just the single comment.

9.7 times out of 10 the comments are fine sure some might piss a couple people off but it’ll also make a couple people glad we always try to be fair. When we get comments full of profanity, insults and KKK b*llsh!t is when we start getting worried and applying some bans.

Only once or twice a day I have the time to actually jump into the comments and chat.. read what’s going on and see where the conversation is at.. the other times I’m busy working on the site (12 hours a day) or my real word commitments (The other 12 hours)

Producing our style of spoilers is very time intensive for 2 blokes


That was interesting. Thanks for doing such an awesome job. If you ever need someone to help out, I’d be glad to volunteer some time, especially this summer when BB15 rolls around.


Thanks, I might take you up on that offer come BB15.. we’ll have to see how busy it gets.


So who’s going home?


probably Gary


Does anybody know if the guys in the hot tub really talking trash about Topaz and Gary, or did Topaz just make it up?


I wish the powershift this week was a chervolet coup d’etat


I love Talla more every day – EPIC

Persian Princess

I don’t know about you guys but OMG I LOVED Gary’s reaction to being put on slop!!! Fake or not it was the funniest thing ever! I love Gary and will be soooo sad to see him go. I will def be a fan of whatever future projects he does.


I agree. I’m not necessarily rooting for him (mainly b/c he’s there to promote his “brand,” and I like players who are just there to compete–with no ulterior motives), but he’s definitely fun to have in the house. I hope he stays for that reason, but I don’t think it’s happening.


I don’t understand how Gary is gonna just lay down and die like this!! Not that I want him to win, but now that i know there is so much time from POV to eviction it doesn’t make sense to not campaign and literally destroy the other nominee. When your up for eviction and the POV has been played and you don’t get taken off the block it becomes kill or be killed! Look at what Dan did last season on BBUS!! A lot of minds can be changed in 5 days! Am I Wrong people??


Yes. I made a similar point above. Just because someone has ulterior motives for going into BB (their “brand,” which is ridiculous, to get a book deal, an acting career, etc.) doesn’t mean they can’t be a good competitor (I think Jeff was pretty good on BBUS), but I tend to root for people who, when faced with a situation like this, get down and dirty. It’s why I liked Rachel on BB13. I understand she’s a polarizing figure, and I can definitely understand why someone wouldn’t like her, but when push came to shove, she was going to when a comp when she needed to, and she would never stop campaigning.


P.S. I meant “yes” as in “I agree” not as in “Yes, you’re wrong”!.


Andrew and the HGs are all allowing Gary to think that he is just the pawn this week. This is believable to Gary, because the HGs got plenty angry when Production allowed Topaz’ 5-minute “pick your nominees quickly, and alone” self-talk to be viewed by all of them. Even Gary himself has said, “If the house was smart, they’d be evicting me this week. I’m the stronger overall player!” Well, Gary, this house *is* smart. And they *do* intend to evict Gary this week. The plan, for now, is to avenge the “Topaz incident” next week. Gary is not campaigning, simply because he believes he is 100% safe this week, not because he has “given up.” The HGs will always opt to not be “bombarded” with “Can I ask you for your vote?” pitches, in the final days before the vote, if possible.


He’s become too comfortable thinking he’s staying, a mistake so many players make in Big Brother.

The Watcher


The Ramada crawling cat-man on the table is BACK!!!!!

I think Glitter is fine with how far he has gone into the game ( bad move on his part but still….) He is pretty much looking forward to go to the jury house and then enjoy whatever fame he got from this ordeal and have drinks with most of the cast from BBCanada!

I also think if someone else was on the block with him it would have been different for him. He just doesnt feel like trashing Topaz to stay into the house….


Missed him.. glad to see he’s doing well. looking well rested, still doing his thing.. Must of stayed at a Ramada.


I think both Gary and Topaz are in a difficult spot since they actually have a genuine friendship… genuine anything makes it hard to play the game to win. That’s why someone like Dan was so good, he was able to prioritize his relationships outside the game, which is why he was able to be so vicious to people inside the game. Although I am sad that either Gary or Topaz will go, I do think that whoever stays does have a chance to get farther in the game (and not just get voted out right away). I think as long as Emmett, Alec or Peter don’t get HOH, next week’s game play will get interesting and may cause a big shift… I think Emmett is actually less likely to be put up than Alec or Peter – Emmett really is playing a brilliant game, along with having some luck on his side. I really really really want someone to put up Alec and Peter against each other!! That would be a really amazing week of gameplay…


Is anyone else picking up on the increasing amount of shade being thrown in alecs direction. I love it. Taste of his own medicine that’s what he gets for treating people like they are disposable. Topaz just needs to keep being funny and outgoing and let Alec fend for himself.

Talla was even like “so its clear you don’t have a sisters back”…not in the context of the situation with topaz but it definately crosses over…..



Team glitter all the way !Yes there are fans that just love glitter Gary!


so is there another power-shift again?


Thanks Simon, for catching, warning, fixing and explaining about the poor behaviour of people that want to ruin this site. 🙂