Big Brother Canada Talla Vs Peter Eviction and HOH Results


Big Brother Canada EVICTION Episode: April 18th, 2013 @ 10pm ET/PT

Talla Rejaei and Peter Brown were nominated for eviction. We can say with decent confidence that Peter is not going to receive the required votes to stay in the house. (I would just like to add that at times tonight’s vote was very much in the air as Peter’s campaigning was effective) This is not to say that some crazy twist is going to save him. This is Big Brother Canada After All. We do know that someone is coming back into the house. Rumors are rampant that maybe that person will compete against Peter to stay in the house or if the returning player is dropped right into the game anything goes. The season ends May 2nd and we are getting word that it will be a live 2 hour episode, if this is true than Big Brother Canada might be moving away from the Big Brother US format giving us the entire finale comp in one night. Who knows..

Peter has been quoted giving himself and Emmett credit for every single eviction this season, he believed himself the puppet master of the game. Like him or not you cannot deny he was gifted in scheming and strategic planning however his opinions on his performance are clearly delusional. His campaigning these last two days have been very effective and showed us his potential but in the end it could not overcome the extreme lack of a social game and inability to create close relationships with anyone other than Alec and Liza. Pity Party video gives you a glimpse of how he feels towards the “stupid people”. Please keep in mind that the big Brother experience is stressful and to see a dream disappear can results in someone saying all sorts of crazy sh!t.

Talla whose played the exact opposite type game to Peter has had really only a social component. Her inability to win any comps coupled with this social game has kept her safe from the powerhouses holding the reigns. Described as a jumper Talla has at times been known to stay close to whoever has the power of the week, this has worked out well for her as she’s almost never the target. On the flip side it’s pretty much erased any hope of her winning this game. Peter has said Talla is only playing for second and it’s probably true as a strictly social player she will not get the votes unless she’s up against a returning houseguest (Gary maybe). Talla and Andrew’s banter on the feeds have been a saving grace for this blogger as the milkmance slurps and Peter slept..

I feel both these players had a lot to offer on very different ends of the spectrum good luck to them both.

My predictions
Peter goes home Gary comes back and Wins HOH resulting in the milkmance being in jeopardy

Social Media Rumors
(Totally unconfirmed totally BS until we watch the show)
Peter evicted 2-0
Gary unleashed into the game..
Dan from BB10/14 is staying in the house for 2 nights..
unconfirmed which night it is or how many nights.. either way i’ll be sick those nights.

Twist results

(There probably going to be 6 twists unleashed tonight so get ready)
Gary back in the house
Dan Gheesling will join the houseguests for a sleepover sometime between now and Wednesday

Confirmed Eviction results

Peter goes home 2-0

Confirmed HOH results



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182 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Talla Vs Peter Eviction and HOH Results

    1. True…Peter’s gone. Who to hate now? It won’t be the same.
      But at least we know the “pity party” video was him rehearsing his eviction speech.

  1. “totally unconfirmed, total BS” so not your normal source?
    Any other info floating around? I’m just wondering if the person who goes back into the house is getting HOH automatically or if they’re competing for it?

  2. There is also the rumour that someone named Dan (some guy from the BB USA show) is coming to the house for the night.
    WTF? Why would anyone care about Dan into the house. The only people who would care (Alec & Peter) are not there. Certainly Emmett and Jillian would be clueless about who Dan even is, if it weren’t for the info they have gotten from the Shield.

    If anyone is interested in a 12 episode series that Peter did called “Steroids Saved My Life”

      1. Simon, with Dan’s visit, this is the last straw. Can we all now just chip in, and send BBCA Production to “Twist Rehab” to dry out? I’m getting dizzy spells watching, just from being spun around so much!

        1. hahaha twist rehab…gold!

          The fact is we all hate it the twists a lot, and they have been excessive…however….we are not the people they are doing the twists for. The spoiler readers and live feeders always just want to watch a pure game maybe one twist max two…but we are all superfans.

          Fact is, a lot of my friends who only watch the show don’t necessarily love the twists, but they admit it keeps them watching…and that is why they are doing them unfortunately. I just feel they are playing too hard too fast. I get why though, canadian television in general has not been very successful, specifically, canadian reality television….so they are just rying to keep people talking about it and trying to make sure they can get as many viewers as possible. So while I don’t like all the twists together in one season, I UNDERSTAND why.

          1. jillian’s edit is crazy!!! THey make her seem so stable and secure in her decisions!!! Ah well, I think she deserves that because she is already going to have to deal with a lot coming out of the house what with showmance drama etc

      2. I was a big Dan fan the two times he played in BBUS.I could see him coming in to host a comp. But why spend the night?.. BBc must have money because the mist doesn’t come cheap. Sorry Emmettt won. Maybe production will review the tape and DQ him again…Bye Glitter. (sad face).. UGH Another week of boring slurpees…Only positve is Emmett can’t play for HOH next week leaving an opportunity for Andrew to fast track to the final three.. So great to see AJ..Will give a donation next week. Thanks Simon & Dawg

  3. If that was true they would know the surprise twist big brother was talking about today. Lol gray coming back and Peter being evicted it was obvious anyone would tweet that even if they were home and did not even watch the show .????

  4. 6 twists? I’m guessing that’s sarcasm.


    TWIST 1: Current noms are off the block, non-POV/HOH players replace original noms: Emmett is the only one on the block and is evicted.
    TWIST 2: Gary is voted back into the house, but must compete against the leaving HG for the spot: Emmett gets DQ’d, throws a fit and in a freak accident murders Gary.
    TWIST 3: Juror receiving second most votes takes Gary’s place: AJ returns to the house.
    TWIST 4: Production decides that AJ will not do any damage: Alec also returns to the house.
    TWIST 5: Its a double eviction night. HOH Peter nominates Andrew and AJ. Andrew wins veto, Talla is replacement nom.
    TWIST 6: Both nominees go home: AJ and Talla are both evicted, Andrew self-evicts.

    And now we’re down to the final 3: Jill, Peter and Alec.

    1. That was probably one of the funniest things I have ever read, hahahaha. Sad part is I wouldn’t put it past them….

  5. As expected Gary has been given an unfair ride to F5, so I hope he walks out the door next week. Shove the powershift up your a$$ BBCAN!

  6. hahahaha there are probably going to be six twists lol

    Dan has had some cryptic twitter messages today and ‘big brother announcement’….but he said he was going to be streaming ‘live’ tonight…so if hes going in there its not tonight….and i love dan, but that would be weird at this point in the game hahaha

    oh simon/dawg lovin your comments as per usual!

  7. I do not think it will be Dan . I think it will be Phillip Sheppard . Can you imagine him and Talla together in one room . Andrew will freak out lol for two days

    1. Andrew would self-evict. I would self-evict from ever watching again. Phillip is finally gone from Survivor, I don’t need him showing up on the other reality show I watch.

  8. Good take on Peter & Talla’s game, Simon. The thing is yes, in Diary Room Peter was great at describing his scheming & strategic planning but to be honest, I don’t think we ever really saw it in action. Seems whenever a move happened, he would claim the Shield was behind it but it seemed more like revisionist history. Really feels like a case of if I say it enough, people will believe it. The reality is their 1 time in power through Alec’s HOH, they didn’t get out a big player or even a middling player. And as has been pointed out by many, including you, they didn’t get rid of Andrew when they should have (ahem, not upset about that ) & then not using VETO on Topaz. But of course, they don’t claim any of that.

    Yes, in the last day or 2 Peter’s campaigning has been very good, enough that if he gets in 1 last good run at Jillian right before the vote, she could waver BUT, he still can’t hide his contempt for people he thinks beneath him while doing so & people don’t like that feeling. Plus people notice too when you go from sitting around for hours in awkward silence (as someone described in an earlier post) to suddenly bending their ear… but bending their ear about how good he is as the best player evah. Only with Emmett does he share some glory – taking the lion’s share of course while denigrating the wins of others.

    I think Jillian will make the right decision. Emmett pushed too hard with Jillian to keep Peter over Talla, while basically insulting her several times in the process. This has helped dissipate some of his “mist”, allowing her to step back a bit, think of her own game. The fact she put up Peter & Andrew instead of Andrew & Talla like they talked about was her 1st break from his hold… Encouraging, though unfortunately, she did say in Diary Room she was lying when she shook Andrew’s hand for final 2..

    Just going to hope Andrew pulls off yet another Do or Die win tonight & gets HOH … & later VETO. Gotta dream, right?

      1. As much as I don’t like some of what we’re seeing in Emmett as time goes on, he at least has been strategizing & scheming quite effectively for a lot of the game. Course, looks like Jillian is pulling away to play her game though she’s being careful how she handles him – & she is handling him at this point.

        Will be interesting to see what they show on the episode tonight. If they don’t show Peter’s crap, that would be really disappointing.

      2. I’m sorry but Peter is just a legend in his own mind & if anyone remembers this exit it will be for the ungraciousness of it all.
        I just wish they would have shown more of just how he really was in the game. Just like I wish they had shown more of Talla & Andrew’s “Stooges” relationship. For those who only watch these episodes, they truly don’t have a true view of the players & the game they’re playing.

        1. Peter’s exit was strange..Wonder if he confused between self-deception with self-confidence..And he thinks Talla is nuts LOL… If he stays at the jury house and isn’t twisted back Jillian now has 3 solid votes against her and Emmett 3 for him…

  9. Yeah, Dan is annoying. I don’t know if I want him in the house…

    They should bring in that dude from BB2 who got kicked out with the knife Andrew imitates all the time.

  10. Simon, Joker’s Updates has it confirmed, at 9:32P. Peter was evicted 2-0, with Gary the returning HG. No new HOH yet…….

    1. yeah it’s “Confirmed” but I classify everything as unconfirmed rumors until I see it on the show for myself. Many people on twitter that went to the show tweeted out the results as well

  11. Both videobrother and braveheart are a no-go so far for us in the States tonight, so as much play-by-play as possible, please, Simon and Dawg! :)

  12. Past BB alums are interviewed on skype..
    Ian predicts Andrew or Peter to win
    Janelle thinks Peter hasn’t done anything
    Rachel likes Peter
    HAyden likes the twists

    1. Ian predicts Andrew will win, but would have liked Peter to win too. He knows he is on his way out.
      Janelle thinks Peter hasn’t done anything. Says to expect the unexpected.
      Rachel loves BBCAN and likes Jillian.
      Hayden likes the twists.

      Dan is coming back for 1 night to sleepover. Andrew will be pissed bc itll be like having Peter or Alec back, but it might be funny.

  13. They just showed former BBUS hgs giving their povs on the show. Rachel, still as annoying as ever. Hayden…well hello there again! :) Seems like they all like these twists.

    I just want to get to the results/hg coming back already!!!! Come on BBCan.

    1. when Dan comes to the house he is going to show everyone how to be the best liar, the best Christian condescending ass ever, the best two faced creep and most of all how best to use people and kick them to the curb when your done with them. He is a disgrace to humanity.

      1. JH.. Don’t u be talking about our Danny boy like that… Could be he picked up a few moves from politicians.. Go wash your brain out with soap…(just kidding)

  14. I really want to do Talla’s makeup, I think she wears too much.

    As for Peter’s theatrics at the live eviction, I won’t even bother, other than to say it was rude of him to stand up and turn his back when Arissa was still speaking.

  15. Peter just tries too hard. I can’t believe they gave him a good edit, he’s the most delusional person in this house.

  16. If I played correctly I would have won, clearly I played incorrectly — Peter

    Now that’s quite the insight into self.

    1. He really did just call them all useless. LOL Interesting exit speech on the stairs. So clearly what everyone has been saying in the comments was true. He came in and played a character…and now the character has ended the performance.

  17. Just when I thought he couldn’t be more despicable and egomaniacal – his exit proved he takes the whole enchilada. He called everyone an idiot. B-bye brainiac. We all wish we could be you.

  18. Peter is a very black and white thinker… either he thinks he’s either brilliant or horrible. That kind of thinking is kind of disturbing. In the end, he played a good game but just make a few mistakes. I hope maybe after watching the entire show back after everything is over, he can change his perception of himself. yikes…

  19. Peter is such a idiot….just made a total ass of himself. One thing he was correct about he did nothing right at all a deserves to be where he is!!!

  20. My goodness Peter. wow..

    While I fully agree with his views on the remaining houseguests, his exit and speech or lackthereof was ridiculous. Just wanted to remembered for being memorable, the whole thing was ridiculous. I was literally yellin at my tv

  21. Peter is going to go home and cut pictures of Liza head out if pics and put them on all pics of all other women in pics shared with him.

    1. Shocker! Gary’s in the house. Why did we have to wait a week for that bs. We all knew it was going to happen anyways. I completely agree with Anna. Peter should have been given the same opportunity but nope.

      Now bring on the competition geared for Gary to win so we can get on with the week.

  22. Jury House – No wonder Peter & Alec were drawn to each other like a moth to a flame – they both have such inflated egos, self-delusional & horrible inter-personal personas. C’mon Chili, tells what you really think?! LOL!

  23. I think they should have given us the twist tonight and then had voting over night until the afternoon. Then add that person back in over the weekend

    Reason being if you are going to screw everyone out a shot then give it back to them. Peter or whoever was to leave tonight, should have been given the same opportunity.

    They were all evicted regardless of circumstance, therefore if they must bring someone back give everyone and equal shot at it.

    1. Clearly production didn’t like Peter as much as we thought. Can’t wait to see his reaction to the news lol!!!! OOOOOOOOh it will be good.

  24. yep…rumours were right….cause who doesnt need a good dan sleepover???? weird hahaha andrew i thinkis going to self evict he hates twists so much!!!

      1. Think you’re right, Simon. It’s kind of like the sliding puzzle that Andrew ripped through in the Veto. Will make for a very interesting HOH – does he go for Gary or for Emmett???

  25. Ugh. I puked a lil in my mouth when gary got voted back in. Damn I wish I had stopped watching earlier on in the season, now I’m too invested and can’t stop

  26. As many twists as this game has. I think BBUS has had as many twist or more to save their fave players. Instead of Pandora’s box and the DPOV (Matt) or a Coup D’etat (Jeff) they had a couple power shifts and a lot of double evictions. At least they didn’t have a pandoras box where they are now playing in pairs ( Rachel andJordan) and Alec and Peter were both saved. Or make returning players (viewer favourites) coaches so they would be safe for half the game.

    They will probably do more shit like that if they are brought back for more seasons.

  27. Topaz was extremely tuned in as to what was going on in the game. Too bad her “showmance” was too self absorbed to even consider listening to her. Alec and Peter deserve each other. The both think so highly of themselves. It’s actually very off putting.

  28. Wow what a cheer from the audience for Gary going back into the house.
    I think if Emmett or Gary wins the HoH they will team up. Emmett knows that Andrew won’t take him to the end and Gary trusts Emmett. If either of them win I could see Jillian and Andrew up on the block.

  29. Those of us who read here &/or watch the feeds had seen this petulant, self-delusional side to Peter but those just watching Slice’s episodes wouldn’t have. I’m thinking that the audience was taken aback by his actions tonight. They cheered louder before the speech & while they did clap pretty well when he came out & after his chat, there was a subdued quality to it. Yes, everybody was clapping but it was the wild, cheering type of clapping that he would have gotten otherwise, I believe. Most of the audience was clapping because the Applause sign was on & off camera production people were windmilling their arms to remind them to clap, clap, clap. Think of Gary’s audience when he was evicted.

    I saw 1 or 2 guys throw the Shield sign. A real fail & all on his head. Of course, he won’t own that & so won’t learn from this. Again, he & Alec are shockingly alike.

  30. Also I think IF Peter was going to stay in the game they would’ve brought back Alec. They wanna see people fight for that power. Now Gary may or may not be able to finally help get the Milkmance up on the block and see em freak out and fight for veto. But Emmett will probably be disqualified again. He’s good at that.

  31. Glad to see that some of the BBUS players that they showed are loving the Canada version. Goes to show you know matter what happens there is always someone who loves all the Drama.

  32. My predictions (with a dash of my hopes) for this week:
    – I think Andrew (and am hoping) is going to win since he’s proven to be good at puzzles.
    – Andrew, if smart, will put up at least Emmett and possibly Gary ( worried that he is Gary’s target for being the one who evicted him the first time) up.
    – Emmett or Gary wins POV and Jillian goes up.
    – I am hoping not predicting that Gary will win the POV then Emmett and Jillian will both be up and Emmett gets voted out.

  33. Ok…did Andrew always have an earring or is it just me? Is he looking noticeably slimmer like his twin Pete? They didn’t show many close ups of him on the show….just food for thought! (Ahem BBUS 6 was it?) with the amount of twists thrown in this season I think it’s safe to say you never know…and why was Andrew the only one to get a personal visit from a twin who lives in another province? Suspect, I tell ya!!

    1. Andrew has always had pierced ears, he never wears earrings though. The last time I saw him wearing them was when he was HOH for like 5 minutes when Liza was voted out.

    2. Ugh. When is the house going to be shaken up? The same 2 people in power for 5 or something weeks is NOT INTERESTING. Production keeps trying to shake things up, but really it does nothing if the same couple is in power each week…

  34. Completely agree. Week after week… Whoever’s her stylist must be fired ASAP. Between her horrible hosting skills,swinging arm and loud obnoxious outfits, she’s potenially the worst part of live eviction nights.

    1. Hah I actually used to agree till I went to a live show, she’s super funny really witty and totally cool in person. She just edits really bad on the show for some reason. Totally completely changed my view of her after going. Also – little known facts from behind the scenes: the HGs can hear arisa talking on the mic so that’s why she has to keep her voice down when revealing things they aren’t supposed to know, and sometimes the feeds go down because production likes to f*ck with them and go in the house and change all the clocks on them, that’s sometimes why they have an outdoor lockdown for seemingly no reason.

  35. Peter – what a misfit. The only person I know who can have a long-term relationship with a ponytail elastic. A man with the smarts of a chicken nugget and the personality of a frozen french fry. May you rest in oblivion forever more along with your Frankenstein friend.

  36. Hopefully Gary wins the HOH, puts up Emmett and Jillian, sends Emmett home, then Andrew wins HOH and send Gary home leaving him with 2 people that no one will pick to win the game against him!

  37. Prediction
    Andrew wins HOH
    Andrew puts up Gary and anyone
    Gary doesn’t win POV (because he’s actually pretty useless at comps despite popular belief) and whoever does isn’t going to take Gary off
    Gary goes home
    Because of this useless twist Andrew can’t compete in next HOH and E or J win it
    Andrew doesn’t win POV (he can’t win them all)
    Andrew goes home, followed by Talla
    Emmett wins against Jillian in F2

    1. What’s that, four HOH’s in a row for the Milkmance! Say what you will. Those two are freakin’ clutch! And you know *everyone’s* trying now! Jillian, Emmett, Jillian, and now Emmett! I know the rumor was that the POV was gonna be the big deal this week, but now, with Gary back in the house, the HG numbers changed, so Emmett decided to go for HOH. Who does he put on the block? Andrew and Gary? I know Emmett and Gary get along, but Gary is good at comps, and he’s had plenty of time to “butter up” the jury members during his BBCA vacation. I know Andrew’s got more fans than anybody else, here on OBB. But the stooge just can’t win an HOH!!!!!! So who do you think”Mr. Cow Juice” puts up this time?

  38. Gary is back bitches! The feeds will be interesting again, I don’t even remember the last time I watched it!! I spent all the points I had on Gary, my hard work paid off!!

    My predictions:

    It’ll come down to Andrew and Gary for the Hoh, Emmett isn’t gonna win it. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is. If Andrew wins, he better do what’s good for his own game. Emmett is a beast, no one can beat.

    I’m so beyond excited, I can’t breathe!! Lord Jesus!!

  39. so… after watching the show and reading everything on this page I am kinda hoping that instead of Dan coming into the house they bring in Rachel… That would be fun to watch either she and Talla will like each other or hate each other, and poor Andrew would lose his mind… Gary would love it I am sure… would make for some decent tv…

  40. The stooges are already plotting for Emmett to put Gary up? It would not be in the idiots best interest to vote Gary out again.

    1. They don’t really have a choice. Emmett wont put up Jill so its either the stooges or Gary, so obviously the stooges are going to campaign to get Gary out, and Gary will campaign to get the stooges out.

  41. Okay, this means Andrew has to win VETO this week & then next week’s HOH. He’s won several times when his backs been against the wall.

    Who do you think Emmett puts up for eviction? Obviously he’d be thinking Andrew but he knows he wins Veto & wouldn’t want to make an enemy that will be staying in the house. So, does he go for Gary & Talla, that way Andrew isn’t an out & out enemy when he (Emmett) can’t compete for HOH? Or, Gary & Talla & if Andrew doesn’t win VETO, gets to backdoor him?

    Obviously, I’m voting for scenario – Andrew wins VETO! LOL! Nothing if not consistent in my support.

  42. I am really happy emmitt won because if he didn’t he could be going because i think andrew might try to get rid of emmitt so he could control jill. To be honest i don’t know what emmitt will do because emmitt is pretty much on to andrew that he wants him out which is why he wanted to keep andrew. Emmitt might use gary as a pawn and if he doesn’t win the pov then he might back door him. I have no idea which way emmitt would go but i think he has a better shot with gary then andrew.

  43. Talla is going to squirm and be all prickly and insecure more than usual this week with Emmett as HOH. Should be very entertaining.

  44. Just as I thought …. Emmett is entertaining the idea of Andrew going home next. Anyone else see that Andrew is having the biggest freak out of all?! Bout time we see someone squirm that hasn’t before.

  45. Power Shift my Ass. Waste of Twist .

    BTW I loved it when Alec gave me a shout out on the show tonight . I should be inside the house .

    P.S. Emmett still looked down on DR lol.

    I hated the live taping of the show

  46. officially done with the E & J show. i’ll check back in 2 weeks to see who won. can’t stand to see those to make out in the HOH room for another week. I would rather eat s***

    1. Didn’t you say the exact same thing when Jillian won HOH last week, Weho? No sweat…we’re all addicted. Even when our least faves win, we still keep checkin’ back in… :)

    2. It’s like we’re all have-nots for the week, and we all have to watch the 10 minute video of them making out. Hoo-freaking-rah.

  47. Ok. This is what I want to happen this week….Emmett puts Andrew and Gary up. Talla wins POV and saves Andrew. Jillian has to go up. Talla and Andrew vote Jillian OUT!! Then Emmett can’t play in the next HOH and Gary, Andrew and Talla join forces to get Emmett out!! It could happen….Let’s hope Emmett doesn’t put Andrew/Talla up. Gary or Jillian will not save either of them.

    1. Tammy that is great! And I think Talla is due to win something..That would shake things up, her winning veto and then Jillian would go to jury house!

  48. So disappointed that Gary didn’t win HOH. Would love to see Jillian go, I’m so sick of her. No way is Emmett putting up his suck face buddy.
    Also, sad to see Peter go. Was hoping that there would be a reset before eviction, enter jury member.

  49. Ugh. Emmett won HOH? So sick of watching this couple.I absolutely cannot stand either of them anymore. In a perfect world Emmett would have the balls to put up Jillian! (Obviously we know that’s not going to happen). Either way, I love Gary and I already know he’ll be up on the block. What a waste of a twist — Good going BBCAN! #annoyed.

  50. I have zero respect for Emmett, why does he feel the need to constantly put Talla down? “She looked like a child putting magnets on the fridge” referring to the HOH puzzle comp. Does it make him feel better about himself? And then going on and on about not trusting Andrew, when he and Jill are the ones who keep trying to get him out behind his back. Thats more than a little hypocritical.

    LOL at Jill trying to justify all her lies, good luck in the final two sweetheart, not a single person will vote for you to win.

  51. Now that Gary’s back and Emmet wins HOH
    I must say, Talla is SAFE to final 4 if nothing changes

    Nominations are most likely to be GARY & TALLA

    If Emmet/Jillian wins POV, nomination stays intact. GARY goes back to JH.
    If Gary/Talla wins POV, they takt themselves off, ANDREW goes up. GARY/ANDREW is most likely to go home. Because the voters would be Jillian and Gary/Talla.

    If Andrew wins POV however, he could actually cut some deal with Gary and Talla to veto one of’em (probably Talla). which means Emmet has no choice and HAS TO put up Jillian. It would be Jillian and Gary on the block. And Talla and Andrew had all the power to send home GARY or maybe even JILLIAN if they were smart enough.
    Unless Andrew is too loyal to his final three deal with Jillian and Emmet he’ll end up like Danielle last season…

  52. Is there anyone else playingthis game besides Jillian and Emmitt? I am soooooo tired of these two being in power each and every week. Now would be a great time for a powershift to take Emmitt out of HOH by Canada’s vote. They are both chummy right now with Gary but come sunday I can almost 100 percent gaurantee Gary and Talla will be on the block with Gary going home if he doesnt win veto. Come on BBCAN…..shake up the house and let someone else win for pete’s sake

  53. i really hope gary is just lying to them because emmett is in power….otherwise this is a waste and boring as heck!!!

  54. Emmett is being controlled by his pecker. Jillian is the puppetmaster pulling all the strings and controlling it so that is why he wont put up Jillian EVER. He is afraid of what wont happen outside the house if he puts her up.. Why is it called the HOH room anyway? Hasnt production changed the name to the JEMMETT SUITE?

  55. so….this covo with gary….basically if you dont do exactly what i say….you dont trust me and i dont trust you….

  56. I love Dan! I’d watch him live in the BB house even if he was the only freakin’ contestant. Better than the ever predictable non-drama lamos we’re stuck with for another two weeks. I hope this isn’t a rumour, I’ll try not to get my hopes up.

    Peter is a total weirdo. That was definitely confirmed after tonight’s show. I feel bad for the guy a little bit. He seems like the type of person who enjoys being socially strange. Like that’s his niche. He was probably the last true BB fan in the house so it’s too bad he couldn’t come at the game a better way.

    Is anybody else tired of Jillian’s pink sweater????

    1. Gingerella I am tired of Jillian’s everything…..the way she talks like a child grates on my last nerve. I never noticed it until her last HOH when she was doing her DR and when she put Andrew and Peter on the block telling everyone why she didnt put Talla up…in a baby voice. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. THen listening to her try to explain to Gary why she put Alec and Topaz on the block….making herself look like the wounded party for Alec lying to her…ummmm…is it not Big Brother? Lying is written into the contract is it not?

    2. Peter has issues, that’s obvious, but it’s what makes him “Peter”. Quirky! He cannot help the way he is (picky eater and socially awkward).
      Yes that pink sweater should be burned!

      1. I have to admit my real name is Jillian. I feel that name has now been soiled. This makes me sad as she drives me nuts. The pink sweater should be burned, that nail polish as well. I am also falling out of love with lulu because of her. I don’t believe emette and her will have a future outside of the house. It honestly seems like his family likes Gary better than her! Can’t blame them I know I do!

  57. Emmett will DEFINITELY put Andrew up on the block because:

    * he can’t afford Andrew not being up there, winning veto & then taking Talla off leaving only Jill to go up & out the door to jury

    * Peter & Emm had quite a good talk before he left tonight so Emmett is aware Andrew is going to take Jill over him

    If Andrew doesn’t win veto look for him to exit this upcoming week & then things will get interesting as we’ve seen Jill finally spotting Emmett playing for himself. She knows she likely only beats Talla in F2 so she will aim for that. Emmett on the other hand stands to benefit from Gary coming back & will play up his friendship with Glitter b/c it gives him another person who will take him to F2 besides Jill.

    I’m not sure Emmett would say it but his best bet is getting out Andrew this week & then in the pivotal HOH/POV for F4 hoping Gary wins both or a combo of Gary/Talla win so that Jill goes to jury. That would likely give him the win b/c no one will vote for Talla & it would be hard for Gary to win after getting a 2nd chance.

    Ironically the same scenerio is true for Jill with Emmett leaving although she’d have to win out at F3 b/c Gary would likely take Talla over Jill.

    And the funniest part of this twist is should Talla find herself in F3 with the option of taking Gary (or being taken by Gary) to F2 she MIGHT actually win this game. How crazy is that.

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