Peter looks at the Memory wall “Emmett.. every single move up there was because of us”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


10:54pm Peter and Emmett

Peter: “Emmett every single move up there was because of us”

Emmett: “I know”

Peter: “If i stay we still are because it’s 3 to 1”
Peter: ‘What’s happening where’s her head at”
Emmett: ‘I don’t know Talla and her had a blow up”
Peter: “Oh wow.. what happened… did you guys have a fight? “

Emmett: “Talla is getting all worked up about you” Emmett explains that some people in the house get upset when you campaign but this is Big Brother that is what you have to do.

Peter: “I love this game too much to not do what I have to.. and all I am doing is telling the truth”

Emmett brings up Talla’s little freak out about Peter when he was in the Diary Room
Peter: “I’m not campaigning against Talla.. I’m campaigning for me”

Peter: “I have too much respect for this game to sit quietly and let things happen”

Emmett: ‘Ya she’s like a little fireball”
Peter: “It sicken me that they would have a easy path to the end and one of those would win.. Talla doesn’t deserve to win.. she’s playing for second”

Peter: “Andrew is lucky to be here.. he one a few comps i’ll give him that”
Emmett doesn’t really think Andrew has won anything special.
Peter: “He was a person that was carried”

Jillian joins them and Peter/Emmett continue to bash Andrew and Talla’s game.
(Emmett and Peter are stroking each others greatness..peter thinks he was one of the best player in the game this season. What do you all think? )




While Emmett and Peter discuss how awesome they are the Stooges are in the war room cracking jokes.

(Video uploading)

Peter on the hammock Jillian and Emmett have gone to bed. The stooges are sleeping as well

Peter: “Disgusting.. “
Peter: “Fail at real life fail at fake life.. consistent.. pretty consistant “

Peter: “All I really did today was create the illusion of doubt no real doubt.. iorantional people.. “
Peter: “All that work.. 56 days of work for nothing.. absolutely nothing.. so dumb people that don’t get this game win”
Peter: “Maybe I should have lied more.. you don’t have to lie in here.. “
Peter: “I gained nothing from this experience all I took away from is I lost and I failed to self validate the one thing I thought I would excel at”
Peter: “You can only explain to people so many times”
“Stupid people get put into power and they make poor decisions.. it is life .. this is a microcosm of life.. and people like me are austerized ..

“My arms are not long enough to box with god.. IOo thought they would be. “

“If you don’t make it to the end you are nobody”

“Getting in here was easy getting to jury was easy.. the game was too easy for awhile.. then what happens stupid people make stupid decisions that affect people who are way smarter than they are”

Peter: “I do not grow as a person I do not gain insight in what I already know.. “
Peter: “Oh well I can spend some time with alec.. tell Gary to f*** off.. talk sports with AJ.. but that is nothing”
Peter: “I’m the best player to ever not win”

(LOL you have to be kidding me. The pity party continues. it’s all in the video enjoy.. )

(Video UPloading)


11:40pm Emmett and Jillian

Emmett is telling her that leaving Talla in the game is riskier than leaving Peter.
Jillian: “My gut tells me to get rid of Pete”
Emmett: ‘OK do it”
Jillian: “I’m not scared in Talla.. you think it really is in our best interest to get rid of her”
Emmett: “It’s in your best interest to keep Talla”
Jillian: “I’m worried about going into the endurance against Talla”
Emmett: “You should be because that is the only one you are going to win”
Emmett: “If Pete stays we are guaranteed the final 3 if Pete goes one of us is guaranteed to go.. you understand”
Jillian: “I’m not trying to argue against you i’m just throwing ideas out there.. I think you brought up a valid point and I’m really interested”
Emmett: “I would never take Pete to the final 2 he’s too well liked in the Jury”

(Wishy washy city)
12:04AM They are studying the dates of comps etc

(Video coming.. it’ll be a large one so may take a bit of time to upload)


Right before the lights go out.. the smartest human ever goes to sleep

12:40AM everyone is sleeping.. Jillian was roaming around because she forgot to take her pill.

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After watching today’s episode and Emm freakout fest about being disqualified I am now officially over him and his fem sidekick Jillian. They are boring pitbulls, nothing more.
Team Andrew!


i watched peters pitty dance in the swing .. does he really think he is the best player .. what an ego… and as for Emmit .. what a donkey and i am sorry for insulting the donkey … love that temper he (Emmit ) threw after the veto comp.. that is one sucky cheating jerk… i think he set the record tho for getting DQ“d … too funny on that one .. I am still shaking my head over Peter and Emmit … are they for real.. i lost ALL respect for Emmit and i never had any respect for the termite that was forced into actually playing the game … .. one word for those two WOW … and not in a good way .. and as for Jillian… she will never win it if she took Emmit .. might stand a chance with Andrew and could win with Talla .. unless Talla has been acting all along .. and her twin sister really is her .. the real her .. smart and educated … i feel you cant be like that and do the job she has … only a thought …lol… can you imagine the look on the jury`s faces if she pulled their leg this whole game .. again just a thought …lol


Lighten up, Francis.


That’s not the first time you spoke to Francis. Who is this. Just wondering.


In the 1980s, two comedy legends, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, came together–pre-Ghostbusters, mind you–to film one of the greatest comedies ever made called Stripes. I hereby present you with the famous scene in which the famous phrase “Lighten up, Francis” was first uttered.


Who on earth is thumbs-downing Stripes?!?!?!?! If you just don’t like me, that’s fine, but show a little respect to the Murray!

The Shield

because u didnt mention John Candy our canadian legend


Ha! My bad. Here’s a little Ox for you!


Thanks – it is the gift which can keep on giving.


I missed a couple days and with the twist and all, I’m having a hard time re-engaging. Production has robbed this season of all the drama. Even the fights are kinda boring.


I’d cut Emmit a little slack on the wall talk with Peter. He’s still working Jillian to keep Peter. The mutual ego stroking just solidifies Peter more into the Emmit F2 camp. I don’t think at the end of the day they’ll evict Talla. That would unleash a p*ssed off Andrew on the house. He’ll know the Jillian F2 was BS. By the way this has been 1 of the very few poor decisions Andrew has made. Does he honestly think she takes him over Emmit. Then there is Lala. Jillian takes her she wins 100K in a 6-1 vote. There is nothing in it for Andrew. He’s been sharper than the rest of them but that F2 is just stupid. He and Emmit F2 would be tight. Lala F2 is a blow out maybe 7-0. Jillian’s a wild card. True she has done alot of the dirt but she also can argue she put herself in that position by earning comp wins.


thats what i was saying!!! emmett might take jill to final 2….but only because he knows he can use (as liza’s video posts would say….) “his magic d***” to win the game. Jill even said she was ok with coming second to him…yet the idea of lala playing for second is crazy??? Oh jillian….youll regret this especially if you and emmett don’t work out in the real world!!!!


What does Talla do for a living?

Peter has serious problems; self acclaimed Genius; cannot show feelings for family; Really insecure, and whatever else comes to mind. ( I kind of feel sorry for him. )

Andrew is the only one, that I feel is deserving of the big Win, however he does trust Jillian, and that will probably be his downfall.

As for Emmett…sooooooo discusted with him; Yes I know he is only 25 years old, but no excuse for his bad behavior!


Jillian calling Pet a snake LOL. She has been the one lying the most in the game. She has done it to everyone. She has not kept her word to anyone except Emmett.
On another note I just watched the veto show on TV tonight. WOW what a meltdown Emmett had. Was fun to watch. Find it funny how he calls Tall dumb just about every chance he gets, yet he seems to have a problem following the rules in competitions. Oh and Jillian then has the nerve to call Peter out for tipping over his puzzle board and calling him a sore loser yet Emmett was the worst of them all. Usually when people think they are better than everyone else ( Jillian Emmett ) it comes back around and bites them hard in the A*S.


You know what it is… who is better than a snake to recognize a snake?


Lying to people and lying about people are two different things.
I wonder when Peter watches the tapes will he finally realize how horrible he is socially, physically and strategically or will he continue fooling himself..
and he called someone else delusional. Lmao! That whole thing in the hammoch sounded like a plea to production to save him with a twist.
Production like him, most fans hate him. It’s time to give us what we want.


Emmett’s tantrum made me dislike him more than I already did. I don’t know why he can’t compete without cheating. He’s been disqualified so many times. And Peter’s pity party doesn’t make me feel bad for him. He’s playing a character and he’s trying to get Canada’s vote for their favourite player. No more, no less. I’m over Jillian and Talla, and hope it’s Gary that comes back. I want Andrew to win.


Very valid point regaurding Peter. He definately is trying for Canada’s favorite.

Quick question for anyone with the answer. Has the BB favorite been gay in any season anywhere. Pretty sure it’s no in BBusa. Because unless I’m a complete idiot I think Gary is pretty much a lock. Emmit and Perhaps Andrew have a remote chance. It’s going to be glitterific on the final night.


Don’t know the answer to your question but, don’t you think Gary’s threatening blowout with Talla in the kitchen affects Canada’s view of him – I thought it was pretty scary but I never had glitter blocking my vision from the beginning.


One thing about the favorite in US voting is it tends to be an underdog or someone who gets shafted. Last US season the favorite was someone fighting against virtually impossible odds. The Glitter story in it’s entirety is pretty compelling. A 6 foot gay black man was actually the sort of person most of the time that was fun to root for. I think his over the top life style is who he is in the real world.I do think he was pretty genuine in the house. I’d have liked him even more if he had honoured his deal with Tom for a week. Tom was still going to get evicted anyway.

Anbody in the cage after awhile is likely to have a blowup. At the end of the day they’re all hamsters on the wheel. I don’t think that incedent will be the deal breaker. Emmit and to a lesser extent Jillian will get hurt but the constant face sucking. Only and I say only Andrew would have an even remote chance at Canada’s favorite. Gary looks like a shoe in to me. Though not a Gary fan myself I’ll be smiling when he wins. We really do live in a great country.:) BB production not so much!


depends people hated frank , but he did get america’s favorite .




Yup. The British one. Last season?


TY Meg for your response. 🙂 🙂


Benjamin Norris won Big Brother Australia 2012


James bb9 us was bi. He even has a gay porn video out and ppl still voted for him to win favorite HG just cause he was really cool and a major underdog who kept having to win veto’s to stay in the house.


Peter is certifiable. He suffers from illusions of grandeur and he’s just plain delusional.


Peter Shut The Hell Up And Get Over Yourself…You Starting To Sound Like Alec And Believe Me That Is Not A Good Thing.

Please Bring Back Gary Tomorrow. I need More Glitter In My Life!!!!!!!!!!

Also, so freaking over E & J now. More so Jillian. Who the hell does she think she is calling anyone a sore loser??? Did she not see the way her boy toy reacted after he got DQ’D. Seriously?????

GO ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like Peter, and I can feel a bit of pity for his situation–but really, he crested the peak of power coordinating that Aneal save and lost any sway on the house soon after Tom/Liza left. His shield alliance with Alec was far too obvious, and the rest of his alliances were voted out on purpose or held together by very thin glue… in fact, who was loyal to Peter EXCEPT for Alec or Liza (both of which almost purposely made themselves despised enemies of the house)?

When you are associated with enemies you become one yourself. And phrases like “stupid people get put into power” and “I’m the best player to ever not win” don’t exactly make me feel pity for his situation any more. I want to keep liking you, Peter, but you don’t genuinely think you’re SO much smarter than everyone else… do you? This needs to be examined realistically: you made some clever moves in the beginning, but several bad ones after that. You can’t completely acknowledge one and not the other.

Peter’s only hope is that Emmett can persuade Jillian to keep him. Emmett knows that Peter’s a better chance for him to win than Talla is, so he wants Peter to stay over her. Jillian wants the opposite for similar reasons. So what will happen? Is Jill still in the palm of Emmett’s hand, or will she actually do what she wants to this time? It seems likely that Peter is going home, but Jill has already flip-flopped on the issue several times… so who knows?

Will Jillian change her mind again? And will Emmett get disqualified in a competition for the fourth time?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME, ON BIIIIIIG BROTHER!


They should really put this Peter kid on suicide watch…
listening to that is seriously disturbing…ah well guess he should have kept Topaz…


Let me preface this comment by saying Peter is a personal friend of mine. I can assure you that his whole hammock “pity party” (if that is what you would like to call it) was just venting, and there is no need to put him on suicide watch. Alec was the person in the house that he could vent to, so without him there, he is just verbalizing his frustrations to get out some of the obvious anger.

To be fair, he is overstating that his gameplay was flawless (as there were at least 3 major mistakes which could have tilted the game in his favor). However, he is dealing with the issue that Talla, arguably the biggest idiot to ever be showcased on television, is likely going to finish higher than him in a game of social, physical, and intellectual skill. Dealing with that would make most people more than a little rageful, and Peter, doubly so.

golden girl

I like that you’re sticking up for your friend and I must say that I do feel sorry for Peter at times. When he showed more of his “authentic” self, without the sense of entitlement, I found him much more likable, quite sweet. Venting is absolutely ok and understandable, he is making it hard to empathize though because of his belittling views and comments about other houseguests. That’s the one thing I respected about Alec, he owned up to his bad gameplay, accepted his responsibility.
Yes BB requires intelligence, but social and emotional intelligence is the most important thing to play a successful game, luck is also a big part of it. But believing others are stupid, while not engaging and recognizing what is going on around you shows a lack of intelligence. And to clarify: I am not talking about IQ, knowledge or education.

On a more general note:
Talla manages to stay under the radar, stay off the block and it is stupidity, sheer luck, annoying floating?
Peter manages to do the same and it is great gameplay? I beg to differ. Just because you say you have this great strategy and it doesn’t work out, does not make it good gameplay (Peter). And just because you don’t say ‘this was all strategy’ and it still works out, does not make it bad gameplay (Talla). Talla could have been like: my strategy is “be smart act dumb” and we might applaud her now.
It is exactley this false sense of entitlement of some players that will cost them the game, thinking you’re above having to deal with other houseguests, not playing the social game. The one credit you can give Talla is: she adapted. To people, changing situations, alliance members, etc. Yes she floated, but she was smart enough to make the side connection with Jillian before their f4 alliance which helps her now. She always socialized, even when she didn’t have to. This also helped her to gain trust with people. If you try to win comps and don’t succeed, this is the only way left to play.


Thanks for that, good to know. Peter was my Fav from day one until prob 2 episodes ago (I’m also from Van). He had interesting game and a plan. I think he carried himself well, showed little emotion and generally played the game to win. That was my opinion of him until Liza came into the picture. Love her or hate her she was the first mistake he made. She had absolutely zero interest in him and played on his geekness. Played him like a fiddle. Now Peter feels obliged to flash that cheap hair elastic and prove something to no-one. Nobody cares about Liza, and the fact Topaz wronged her. Get over it Pete! You are to Liza like that hair elastic was to her. Disposable. Peter should’ve kept Topaz instead of taking the game personally and avenge Liza.
I still like him, he’s smart kid but my money is on Andrew now.

Sir Peanut

I’ve always thought with these kind of shows you should have baseline goal. If you pass that goal then you start planning a path for the possible win. You don’t go into the game planning to win. There are too many variables in the game to think you will can have a set plan to the finales. Ask Tom and Alec and now it looks like Peter. Look at Gary. He wanted to promote his brand as a primary and if he wins it was a bonus. Suzette just wanted to make it to jury. She at least made it a few weeks.


UGH… Peter, I liked you for awhile, lost respect for your game play and now its game over. I really hope when Peter leaves BB, he will watch himself back and see where his arrogance warped his perspective and resulted in him being out of the game. He never orchestrated the Tom boot, Gary and Topaz did! And he never wanted Liza to leave, so he clearly didn’t orchestrate that book. He made the wrong choice in picking to vote out AJ over Andrew, and he couldn’t do anything to save his closest ally Alec. And then he didn’t even try to make a big move to get rid of Jillian or Andrew when he won POV and could have taken Topaz off the block. And now, he tried to campaign and couldn’t even win that over Talla!!! The only reason he would be saved tomorrow is if Emmett convinces Jillian to keep him. That is not because of Peter’s game play, but because Emmett has good game play and he knows its in his best interest to keep Peter over Talla. I really don’t know what moves exactly Peter has actually made in this game that resulted in someone being evicted. He’s played a classic UTR game – exactly like Talla!! Stay low, remain friends with everyone, and don’t make yourself a target by winning to many competitions or making big moves. Well congrats Peter, your game is pretty much equal to Talla’s, but she is actually going to beat you (I think) because her social game (with Jillian as HOH) is actually going to be better than yours (you lying to Jillian about what Talla said and then threatening not to vote for Jillian in the end if she votes you out). Peter – have some humility and I hope when you leave you will learn some things about yourself. You’re not a bad guy when you are not being arrogant.


i loved it when peter threw the shield sign and said stay tuned. It is funny though how people hate the ones on the block. Jumpers


This is your brain……and this is your brain on nuggets and fries. The smartest person to ‘never win’ = ‘to lose’ is what is more precise. Legend in his own mind.

The Shield

u talking about yourself right?


I wish everyone would just calm down and give Peter a break. I mean look at it in his view, he is in the final 5, he’s that close to the money and is being talked about going home, you all would be freaking out and acting like that too, I know I probably would. I agree him saying he is the best player of all time is over the top, but he did play a good game up to the last few weeks. In my opinion none of the players this season was that good. They all have done complete dumb thing, which rip them of being a great player. At this point I really don’t care who wins, but I would be happiest with Andrew or Peter.


I am sorry, but I don’t have a problem with Peter scheming etc, that is fine, everyone should do that. I don’t think people have a problem with that aspect. Sitting in a hammock finding no fault in your game and considering yourself among the greats? A little much. I think most people when they felt they were for sure going home would be upset, but probably be more mad at themselves and kicking themselves and accepting they screwed something up. Britany has always been my favourite for that, like how she defended Dan in jury house being like dude he played us! Topaz, Gary and AJ handled eviction very well imo. Alec and Peter just can’t get over themselves and I REALLY hope that when they watch it back they realize their mistakes. Alec has been able to at least admit the mistake re: AJ and Andrew if nothing else. Peter can’t admit to one wrong thing, hard to feel sorry for perfect people.


I agree, him saying he played a perfect game is way over the top, but I think the reason he said that is just over stress. That just might be the way he copes with stress, yeah it may not be right, but it might be how it works for him. I’m just coming from the point, Peter did play a good game up to this last week or two, so people need to at least give him that. I think a lot of the time people say someone played a terrible games, just because they don’t like them personally, and that’s even dumber than Peter saying he was a perfect player. In my opinion right now, no one deserves to win. They either floated their way to this point or carried each other along. But from the beginning I liked Pete and I think he played a better game than most in this season and I would like to see him win.

andrew for the win!

hahahaha you guys kill me!!! Dead on “Right before the lights go out.. the smartest human ever goes to sleep”. Simon/Dawg you rock!


If you guys haven’t watched Peter’s youtube videos his channel is called theparkerjakobowhitz. In one of his videos called Chao Nation goes to Raw him and his friends go watch wrestling live in Seattle and it is evident that his favourite wrestler is a guy named CM Punk, being somewhat of a wrestling fan myself I know that CM Punk’s gimmick is to be the Best In The World and is very full of himself….with that being said I think this is where Peter gets this whole persona of thinking hes the best comes from. Another Fun Fact……WRESTLING IS SCRIPTED,BIG BROTHER IS NOT SO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS PETE.


I find really funny is since day 1 talla has through a tamper tantrum pretty much every other episode and all i hear is poor talla, i understand why she is acting that way, she is a fire cracker and emmitt has one melt down and he is labeled tilla the hun. Don’t get me wrong i didn’t like emmitts freak out anymore then talla thinking she is entitled to not be on the block even though she won nothing. I just don’t get the double standards here i still prefers emmitt over talla i think he diserves to be there and she doesn’t. She is flying off the handel because he is campaigning for himself like for some reason in talla world he is suppose to lay down on a sword for her. Emmitts behaviour seems to be focus tonight so why isn’t talla’s?


talla freaks out and snaps all the time BUT there is a difference. Talla never cheated at anything, she never attacks people’s character, she just gets cranky…and honestly, she gives them fair warning but they pick on her a lot. Emmett, but the BIGGEST difference…if talla apologizes and feels bad for her freak outs, If Emmett freaked out and then was like sorry my bad I apologize etc, people wouldn’t but so annoyed and his tantrum was ridiculous and filled with conspiricy theory about production instead of owning up to something.

-Beast Coast Crumbling-

And then going into the DR and bad mouthing Andrew for not sticking up for him – sayin their alliance is over now because of that. Emmit is such a child. Jillian please please please drop him!!!! Jillian and Andrew to the end!!!


My favorite part of tonights episode when Emmetts tantrum. Jillian calling Pete out for being a sore loser was pathetic. I don’t think there is a difference between a sore loser and a poor winner. Jillian wins both. Just before that diary was taped, she proceded to have a complete meltdown because BB told her to change. I can’t stand her. It’s a game, the amount she lies, and how perfectly she does it, makes me think she’s probably not that good of a person in her real life.


I have never been a fan of Jillian but don’t forget that this is Big Brother and it brings out the worst in everyone… we all have a dark side and if all of the planets are aligned correctly then it will shine through. Big Brother makes their houseguests go a little loopy especially at the end… Luckily she didn’t have any real crazies in the house, could you imagine if she would have had an Evil Dick or a Mike “Boogie” in the house? I think she definitely would have self evicted.


ive heard jillian say that she does not associate with people she doesn’t like or ppl who talk bad about her. she just cuts them from her life. ive noticed she does this in the bb game too, but to her detriment. she’s friendly until someone wrongs her or loses her trust, and then she wins HOH and sends them packing (without any real confrontation, just cut), but these people have to vote for her to win 100K, unlike real life where she’ll probably never see the people she has cut out ever again… she’s only realize VERY recently that a lot of jury will hate her… emmett has of course known this all along…

The Shield

is that a Diamond power of veto on peter’s neck on the top photo?


Good observation; it certainly looks like one but it resembles the POV from BB US not Canada. Wouldn’t that be a shocker!


Simon, wait a minute. I just scrolled up. The Shield is correct. There IS a DPOV around Peter’s neck in the top pic!!!!!

I’m betting, let’s say, 100K, a new car, and a shopping spree at The Brick, that this is some more of that “Simon Diabolical BBCA Photoshop DPOV Tomfoolery?”

Please, come clean, our fearless leader!!! 🙂


Nope this one looks real. I think Peter found it in the backyard. He would have been at the perfect angle in the hammock during his “I’m the best player to ever not win” rant .. to see it hanging from the tree in the backyard. Looks like Peter’s going to pull a Powershift of his own..


I enjoyed the Wednesday show.. That said, if production gave Peter a DPOV ( found hanging in a tree LOL) then I won’t be happy. Peter playing the pity card in the DR and hammok was to try and swing the viewer not the HG to his side… Bad BBC production. This must mean the sponsors are not happy and perhaps the show won’t be back next year.. Too bad. It had it rough parts but showed promise.. Sad face..


I have to agree. Giving Peter the diamond POV would basically be cheating at this point, and even though I like Peter quite a lot as a player I would be VERY disappointed if this happened. There should be some resemblance of fairness to the game.

So I hope there’s another explanation for why we’re seeing a POV in that shot (just a necklace or whatever).


oh dawg…


Nawww the DPOV was photoshopped in, if you look at the home page and look at the same pic in the preview of the article pete doesnt have it. Had me going for a minute there !


Observations following BB Wednesday night show & action within the house: (warning in advance: This is a LONG ANALYSIS)


Has lied to everyone but Emmett; but give her time & Talla beside her at F3 & I think she might even turn on Emmett. Her DR session saying she was lying to Andrew’s face was typical of her season. I’m not sure how she expects to beat anyone at F2 but Talla which I tend to assume is her plan. Emmett can claim he puppeteer-ed her without getting blood on his hands & Andrew can claim playing a cleaner game.

Funny she makes all the derogatory comments about Peter being a poor sport but says nothing of Emmett’s disqualification AGAIN or her denial he helped her. (Typical). Since I’m not tied to any one player at this point I do find it humorous that she says Peter isn’t very smart at this game but chooses to ignore the fact Peter is the one who pointed out not putting Andrew on the block with her initial nominations could result in Emmett’s eviction.


Hard not to have a soft spot for Andrew after seeing how choked up he got seeing his twin brother in the house during the “FREEZE” challenge. His humor has been perhaps the only thing keeping us live feeders entertained this past week as my tolerance for Jemmett’s make out sessions & see saw conversations has gotten boring. Andrew’s paranoia has been at an all time high this week & I suspect it’s going to get worse after the JURY member walks back into the house. I’m not quite sure why Andrew believes that Jill would honor their deal for F3 let alone F2 after he’s seen first hand that she has lied to Aneal, Gary, Topaz, Alec, Peter & Talla (& I’m sure I’m missing someone else she lied to). Perhaps he is just playing the game & is being honest that he would take her b/c he knows he could argue she lied to everyone & did Emmett’s dirty work while he was loyal & pretty much played a clean game. I’m also confused on why he wouldn’t consider Peter’s offer more seriously; why not make Peter promise he’d take him to F2 if he saves him & work with him to break up the couple?

Moving forward I tend to think Andrew will be the most shook up tomorrow night when the Jury member comes back in the game & I’m not sure if that will help him with HOH/POV or hurt him. He’s tended to excel under pressure but this is a totally different kind of pressure.


He’s definitely earned the title of biggest BB cheater ever & I suspect we are in for a huge RAGE BLOW UP should things not go his way next week which I’m anxiously awaiting just for the drama. I’m literally excited for the prospect of Jill & Emm on the block together just so we finally get to see what happens when they are in trouble. The fact Jill has NEVER been on the block & Emm hasn’t since the initial BB noms is incredible so to see them up together (after POV) would be great.

The other big sign of trouble in paradise is Emmett is really pushing Jill to keep Peter likely for 2 reasons; 1) he knows Pete will take him to F2 & 2) he knows Pete will vote for him over Jill in jury.


I think someone mentioned this above (& I actually referenced it quite a while ago) but how crazy would it be if Talla does stay & somehow wins her way into a F2 position & then shocks the entire house by being a very intelligent well spoken individual whose strategy was to play a ditz until the very end. I honestly think if this happened not only would it make for great TV but she’d win in a landslide as even the Shield would be incredulous of this genius strategy. Of note; it’s unlikely unless she is also playing the ditz for all of us as well given her DR sessions & how she acts when voting.


Whether you like him or not; I actually do believe Peter played a pretty decent game. His references to controlling the game are based on his manipulation of Emmett who he would tell what to do & why & then lo & behold they would happen via Jill. He recognizes keeping Andrew was his HUGE mistake & is very upset about that in retrospect. I give Peter credit for pulling the right strings to still have Emmett lobbying for him to stay. If Peter did stay I believe he could beat either of the power couple.

If he faced Jill he would highlight her constant lies, manipulation via Emmett & the fact he was the true person manipulating her by telling Emmett what to do. The fact he was the only one of the 3 that understood putting Andrew on the block protected Emmett speaks to this point. And if he were to face Emmett he would reference his manipulation of Emmett, his game strategy, his honesty & his survival post Alec.

To that end, I believe Alec is the one who’ll return tomorrow night simply b/c when they showed the pics tonight of the jury they did them in order of eviction EXCEPT for Alec & in fact his pic was 1 of him looking menacing & devious.

My other thought is BB Can would stand to reap the benefits of Alec returning over anyone else especially if Peter stays b/c then you have representation of the East vs West coast house guests.

Finally, tomorrow is gearing up to the best night of the season since I suspect:

* Peter will continue to work Emmett to keep him or at the very least vote to keep him
* Emmett will continue to work Jill to keep Peter
* The DR will continue to work Emmett & Jill to keep Peter but if they suspect Jill will for the 1st time go against Emmett then they’ll let Alec walk in the door following the split vote & HE NOT JILL will cast the vote to keep Peter in the house.

That’s my prediction & I’m sticking by it simply b/c it affords us the best of all worlds; an all out panic of the Beast Coast, the opportunity to watch more than the Beast Coast to pat their own backs of how great they are, some all out wars in HOH & POV & not the very least: the opportunity I’ve been waiting for ALL season to see Emmett & Jill on the block together FINALLY.


Did Peter really say, “I’m the best player ever to not win BB?” That’s just *completely* over the top….

It sounds like, based on his hammock comments to himself, that Peter has struggling with life in general. He’s just not seeming to fit in. It’s like he “badly needed to validate his extreme brilliance to the world,” with a BB victory. Kinda sad, actually. Being logical can be a big a plus in life, Peter. But there’s more to it than that – you also need to learn to “play in the sandbox, and get along with the other kids.” Nobody likes a know-it-all. Being confident is fine. But being arrogant around others always rubs others the wrong way. Especially when Peter’s made numerous tactical errors in BB, directly resulting in his own eviction. Still – he’s in complete denial.

How come Peter hasn’t said to himself tonight, “You know, maybe I’m not as brilliant as I think I am? Why is it the other HGs fault, Peter? Right or wrong, all they’re doing is what they feel is best for their own game. That’s what they are supposed to do! Deep down, I do think Peter is basically a good guy. I truly hope he’ll grow from this unwanted slice of BB Humble Pie, and, for goodness sakes’, get off his high horse, and ratchet down his huge ego about 50 notches. If Peter can manage to do that, he’ll notice a major change in how other people interact with him. I wish him well.


Umm are you a psychotherapist?


Very well said.

I get Peters game play but when it came down to it his moves (when he got his chance to make moves) cost him the game. I don’t like how disrespectful he is to the other houseguests (always behind their backs) and you’re right I hope he can enjoy a big piece of humble pie.

But he probabaly won’t eat it :s

The Shield

but then a veto has been spooted at the hammock as well hummm

The Shield

unless is on his hand and he is playing with it


Talla is a narcissist. Unable to see anything from another point of view, the only thing that matters is herself. She has never met a mirror that she did not like and likes to watch herself in the nearest BB mirror whenever she is talking to someone. Even when forced to watch J/E making out, she is fixated on seeing herself included in any of the clips. Completely self-absorbed with her looks, her feelings, her moods, her likes and dislikes, her wants, her whims and impulses, she has to be the center of attention at all times. Her continuous hair-flicking, finger-pointing, arm-waving, legs-kicking, eyes-rolling, oinking, squealing, moaning, groaning, whining, shouting, screaming, yelling, jumping, twitching makes her one heck of an irritating person. I love how Andrew keeps reminding us of how she is going to make a man miserable one day. I agree with a previous person who wondered how she ever managed to get cast as a Big Brother contestant. As a contestant, she is completely incompetent which is how she has managed to slip through eviction after eviction. It’s going to be very interesting to see if anyone will carry her until the very end.


dont you kinda have to be to be on a reality tv show, (vlogger), politician. pretty much any role where strangers can judge you requires a bend in your personality.


Oh man… Peter needs to realize that this is just a game and that his performance in the game is not a reflection of who he is as person or his worth as a person. It’s sad to see him so hard on himself like that: /

With that being said, sometimes he does rub me the wrong way. His arrogance being one x.x

Completely agree with you Jim. He does need to take ownership for his actions. It’s clear that feels ostracized but it seems that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. He defiantly needs a huge slice of Humble Pie.


Oh man… Peter needs to realize that this is just a game and that his performance in the game is not a reflection of who he is as person or his worth as a person. It’s sad to see him so hard on himself like that: /

With that being said, sometimes he does rub me the wrong way. His arrogance being one x.x

Completely agree with you Jim. He does need to take ownership for his actions. It’s clear that feels ostracized but it seems that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. He defiantly needs a huge slice of Humble Pie.


sorry but in the preview pic for this post its the same shot of peter only minus any dpov – fail


If Peter had a DPOV I don’t know why he’d be wearing it around the house. If he uses it then I think he and not the HOH names the replacment. If he gets off the block. Jullian is HOH.. Talla is on the block..Andrew has a pov.. Only person left to nominate is Emmett. So is it possible the milkman could be blindsided after all his hard work on JIllian.. Could be another interesting lying cheating phoney baloney twist by the phantom HG (production)..


Can someone remind me I can’t seem to remember the 2nd time emmitt got disqualified I know the first was the bee hoh what was the second disqualification for him. Other than that and of today’s episode?


During the Iceberg competition. His arm dropped off the bar, he looked around to see if anyone noticed & quickly put it back on the bar but Big Brother called him on it. He tried to look innocent “What? Why are you calling me out?” but it was so obvious in the replay.

His freak outs when he gets caught or doesn’t win something he thinks should be handed to him or doesn’t get picked for Veto comps are quite intense. The only reason we haven’t seen more is because he’s been hitched to Jillian & when she wins, he wins.

Think it was telling in one of the eps where the families were interviewed & Emmett’s family were kind of picking words carefully in describing him – They obviously love him, no question, but their words conveyed that he does have a temper & does like to be in charge. He’s a contradiction really – growing up working on a farm has matured him in 1 way but emotionally, I do think he is perhaps younger than his years.

Being on view like this 24/7, I don’t think any of us would fare well – we all have sides to our personalities that in a situation like this can make us look bad. That said, signing up for a show like this, you’re basically inviting people to pick you apart & reality TV has been around so long now you can’t claim ignorance & shock that people can be so cruel in their words about your personality, right?


thanks for keeping me up to date from NZ! Team Stooges


p.s i think jill and emm are totes having sex why eles would jill be worried about not taking her pill?


Peter did nothing in this game, he had just as much getting people out as Talla did and that is voting them out.

That’s it. He didn’t persuade anyone to out anyone else on the block. I like Pete, but the dude is smoking something if he thinks he is a mastermind.


And Andrew was carried, Emmett? You were carried by your girlfriend lol


Peter said it would be a mockery if Andrew won… I don’t get that, why would it be?


If you look at the voting from the beginning, Gary has had the largest percentage by far. It is absolutely Gary who is coming back. I am seriously worried about Peter’s state of mind. At first I thought he was kidding that he is that good and so upset about life in general and he is so cold about his family but I am concerned that he might commit suicide. Emmet is so crasy to think he can beat Peter. Talla can be beaten and every person who is at the end should take her . Jillian can’t win no matter what. She burned Alex and Topaz in an unforgivable way and Gary won’t forget it. Andrew is mature and his age could help him to win it all but he is a threat as he is great at competitions and Emmet under estimate him. I hopr he wins it all as he is a nice man. He would win it all if he makes it to the end. I hope Gary goes with Andrew.


Peter is FAR from the best player, but he is definitely the most delusional player.
What has he done? And he says Andrew was carried? Lol wow
Production, accept that he lost and just let him go.


i think it will be a little funny when e/j watch back and realize that talla and andrew weren’t talking game most of the time they were together….they were just being stoogies!!! haha


OMG! The Peter Pity Party (The 3-P) is in full swing. Many times I just read Simon/Dawg’s recaps without viewing the video as they accurately summarize what’s happened but in this case, watching the video, Peter’s arrogance & self pity is so much worse in his own words. An argument could be made that his self esteem is fragile & causes him to try & puff himself up but I actually think it’s the opposite. His ego is so great that he does not see that it is that insufferable ego & contempt of others that fairly leaks out of him in his interactions with them that people react to.

I’m sure all of us know people like this in “real” life & they probably make you feel out of sorts after an interaction with them, at least, until you figure out why that is – that we’re reacting to their passive aggressive psych games. Once you figure them out, they are actually pretty easy to manipulate since they truly believe they are smarter than everyone else. Just blow smoke up their … ego as soon as you see them – “Wow, you actually tied your own shoe laces. No one else would have thought to do that so their shoes don’t fall off!” & they are putty in your hands. Good salesmen recognize these personalities quickly & know they can upsell these people by doing the same thing. “I see you are much more savvy than the average consumer so I’m not going to snow you.” & the shopper walks away spending much more $$$ on useless stuff because of it.

Peter is right about 1 thing – the players & the game itself are a microcosm of the world. He just doesn’t realize where he fits into in that analysis.


OMG PETER GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaa

funniest sh!t ever!! GO home you nerd!


watched a couple of peters youtube vids and the guy is actually pretty witty kinda like how Andrew is, don’t know why he didn’t play the game like he really is, would have been a hell of a lot more likeable.


we can only hope that the viewers get to see at least some of this pity party on Thursday’s show…although I would say that is doubtful because there is a lot going on and how peter is always protrayed as a bit of a mastermind even though he has not dan ‘mist’ powers…we shall see!!


Jillian: “I’m worried about going into the endurance against Talla”
Emmett: “You should be because that is the only one you are going to win”

Being a competitive female myself, this comment would piss me off beyond all reason! ESPECIALLY coming from my “boyfriend”! F*ck u Emmett! not that I’m a Jillian fan but she has won more than just endurance comps. She is very capable of winning any type of comp. I hate men that think women can’t compete with them. Drives me crazy. Emmett should watch what he says considering she might be his only hope in the final HOH considering he will *likely* cheat and get DQ’d anyway…


Who photoshopped the DPOV in on Peter’s neck?


That was Simon again last night.. up to no good..

Nana Jo

Emmett told Peter that the PoV was basically handed to Andrew after his disqualification! Where is Emmett’s head?! Andrew had finished first before him, and before BB even mentioned the DQ. Peter saying that Andrew is undeserving and has basically done nothing is crazy talk. He has done a lot more than Peter. Emmett’s massive ego grows hourly, and Peter is one of the most self-deluded players to ever play the game! He needs to learn that self-esteem and self-worth result from accepting responsibity for your actions, and knowing the truth of who you are.

Personally, I am over of the ‘power couple’. Emmett is a win at all costs jock and Jillian is basically his puppet. I was really bothered by the sour grapes, negative remarks she and Emmett made about Andrew celebrating his win … like they didn’t jump around boasting and carrying on after their wins!

At this point, I’m rooting for Andrew. He’s sincere, funny, and has a clear understanding of both the game and who he is as a person. As for Talla … words fail me! That girl is a twit … and not even an amusing one. She is the one poor cast choice the producer’s made. When it’s Talla time, my husband literally leaves the room. He can’t stand being in the same room as her for even a minute!


What 3 times was Emmett disqualified? Bumble bee and tooth brushing comps. What’s the third?


I believe they are counting the iceberg challenge, where he removed his hand from the rail and tried to put it back, hoping no one would notice.


Emmett has been carried by Jill, she got all the blood on her hands and he tries to make her do what he wants. He acts like he has won everything, but in reality he has been DQ’d 3 times and only won a couple of POVs and the quickie HOH. He has a bad temper when things don’t go his way, which hasn’t happened much. I want to see him on the block and melting down after tonight. He and Peter talking about Andrew not deserving to be there. What a joke! He has won 3 competitions on his own and one was thrown to him. He made big moves. Jillian only won 1 competition on her own, the other 2 were thrown to her and she hasn’t made a promise she kept except to Emmett. Andrew has a good social game, he outsmarted Alec, he took the glitter out and he is the only interesting person left in the house. Emmett needs to go. I want to see Jillian a blubbering mess.

The Knight

Best player not to win? Two words Danielle Reyes. Pete I was a fan I was excited to see how you’d do. You flopped. Made no moves except maybe the Danielle thing in the beginning which wasn’t only Pete it was him, Alec and Tom. Bye Petey boy.

Bill from Halifax

Peter mentioned in his Pity Party video that he finishes BB Canada the same position that he finished the other reality show = 5th place.

Internet Sleuths: Anyone know what the other reality show was?


If anyone’s curious I found what seems to be a self-made imdb page of Peter (I think someone was asking about it?)


It’s funny b/c he really has no one to blame about making dumb moves or not thinking in the game but himself… for one, getting rid of AJ over Andrew against Topaz was the biggest.. i will never say that enough… dumbest thing ever done and they think they are so smart but obviously not.. and two.. then again he did not save Topaz when he could have and gotten rid of one of those guys… DUMB DUMB DUMB!!! He is a fool for that move b/c he would ahve been guaranteed at least another wk b/c they would have tried to get her out this wk. THAT.. my friend.. was such a foolish move and that secured his place right now. So i dont feel sorry for him, i just wish i could rub it in his egotistical face at the lack of common sense he has. As for stupid ppl being put in power, then maybe he should have won a HOH instead of throwing them all! Narcissistic to think he deserves and knows the game (including Alec) more than anyone else…. how would he even know when he barely talks much less tries to get to know anyone else. *breathe* Ok .. done my rant for now.