Peter says girls don’t beat boys at the end, it just doesn’t happen! GIRLS DON’T BEAT BOYS!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  1250pm

12:50pm The live feeds come back. Peter is talking to Emmett in the bedroom. Peter says that he had a talk with Jillian and she says that I lied to her which is not true, I only ran scenario with her because that’s what I do. Peter tells Emmett that he told Jillian she would not get my vote in the jury. Peter says that Jillian thinks just because she won 3 HOH’s that she will win, and that’s not true .. you don’t need to win HOH’s to win the game. You only need to win to secure your safety. Frank learned that last year. Peter tells Emmett that he will win against anyone. I will make sure of that you have my vote and you have Alec’s vote. Peter says girls don’t beat boys at the end, it just doesn’t happen! Girls don’t beat boys! Peter tells Emmett not to give me a pity vote .. I don’t want to give her the satisfaction that she voted me out. You don’t need to vote for me, Andrew already told me he was’t voting for me. Peter tells Emmett that he hopes there is a twist tonight so that he can laugh at Jillian.

Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  1pm
Emmett hears Talla yelling in the bathroom. He goes to tell her to calm down. Emmett goes to the bathroom and tells Talla to be quiet. Jillian starts going off about how Peter lying. Emmett says that it’s big brother you’re allowed to lie! Talla keeps freaking out about what Peters doing. Emmett tells her then fine go in there and rip a strip off of Peter.. because it will be better for me if you do it. Talla leaves the room. Emmett tries calm Jillian down. He tells her that she needs to go and make up with Peter.
Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  111pm

1pm – 1:30pm Talla and Andrew are in the havenot room. Talla is still freaking out. Andrew is trying to calm her down. Emmett comes in and tells her to relax. He explains that Andrew is smart he is letting it go and not letting it get to him. Talla keeps going on and on about it. She doesn’t listen to Andrew and Emmett when they tell her that she is safe. Emmett then goes back to talk to Peter in the bedroom. Peter talks about how he will exit to be memorable. He says that maybe he will walk up the stair very slowly .. and then at the top of the stairs stop and say something very cryptic. Peter tells Emmett that he hopes he sees him on May 2 with the check. Emmett says that he can barely hang out with these people any more. Peter tells Emmett that he would rather vote for the coffee maker than anyone else but Emmett. Peter says that Jillian loses to everyone, even if she is up against Talla because people will wonder who the hell she did that. Peter says that he is definitely going to do the silence thing because that will be unique to me… and then I will stand at the top and say something .. that will be very cool. Emmett says yeah if you are going out .. go out with a bang.

1:30pm – 1:50pm Jillian comes in and asks to talk to Peter alone. Jillian tells Peter that she doesn’t think it’s fare that he is telling her that he wont vote for her because of the moves she made. She says that she played the game the best she can and has made moves to get herself further in the game. She says that she doesn’t know the game. She says that its a compliment that she wants to vote him out because he is a huge threat. Peter says that he will vote for the best person in the end and if you played the best game in the end then I will vote for you. I shouldn’t have said that Alec, Gary or Topaz won’t vote for you. I shouldn’t have spoken for them, that wasn’t right. Jillian says that she doesn’t care if Emmett or her win. Peter says thank you for the compliment. My favourite two players are Dan Gheesling and Will Kirby and they never had to win competitions. Peter tells her that he is more upset with himself than with her. Peter says that people left their homes to come in here .. I came in here to come home. Jillian tells Peter that’s sad. She feels bad that he loves this game so much and she is sending him home. Peter tells her again how he will listen to what each person says and then he will make his decision on who he will vote for. Alec and I think about this game very similar, so if you can convince one of us you can convince both of us. Jillian says that she is sorry she snapped .. I was under too much pressure and I think I was hungry.. Peter says the game doesn’t begin until jury house. Peter tells Jillian that he is going to do all his goodbye’s now .. I want everyone to be silent when I leave. Jillian says but what if there is a twist. Peter says I have told Emmett what I am going to do for my goodbye, no one has done it before and it will be good.
Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  130pm

Video is uploading:

2pm – 2:10pm In the bedroom: Peter tells Talla that he wants her to sit down and be quiet when he gets voted out. Talla is confused but says okay. Peter leaves the room. Talla asks Emmett about how Peter wants everyone to sit down. Talla says what if it is a trick? Emmett tells her its not and to relax.

2:13pm In the kitchen Peter tell Emmett when he does his vote… do this (Peter then held up the shield) and says you won’t understand it now, but you will when you watch it. Meanwhile in the havenot room: Talla tells Andrew about how Peter wants everyone to sit down in silence. Andrew complains about how they just want to be these memorable characters. Andrew leaves to go to the washroom. Talla says to herself imagine if I get blind sided.. I will tear a strip off someone! Andrew comes back. He says I just want to know what Peter is going to do .. if he says anything stupid I am going to.. !! Just accept your fate.

2:30pm – 2:40pm Jillian talks to Talla where she tells her about her conversation with Peter. Jillian tells Talla about how he said he doesn’t feel like he belongs in the real world. Talla thinks its sad.

2:50pm – 3:15pm Andrew, Peter, Emmett and Jillian are in the kitchen talking about random things. Peter and Emmett sit down at the kitchen table to play a game of puck ball. Meanwhile in the bathroom: Talla is putting on her face. Andrew joins her and says that Peter is probably just going to do something from wrestling. Andrew says that he is pissed that he hates me as a player. Talla says take it as a compliment. Talla says he was just trying to turn us all against each other and that’s what he did. Andrew leaves to go lay down again. Talla continues putting make up on. She says to herself that she feels bad now that she knows that about Peter. Jillian joins her and then talk about the fight earlier with Peter.

3:15pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

3:55pm Still Hush Hush .. it looks like the live feeds will be down till after (or back during) the live episode tonight. Who do you want to come back into the house? Who do you think will come back?

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I’m soooo over Jillian. Can’t stand her. Alpha female wannabe.

Sandra S.

I’m so over Peter!!! He’s creeping me out… GO TALLA!!!!!


1) Peter only wanted to see the shirts members of his family we holding.. What’s so important about his shirts. Could it be what was written on them.
2) The hammock/Dr confessions. Peter soliciting sympathy because he has issues.. Low self esteem. Tragic past. Come on. We are being played people.
Wasn’t it Peter who called Topaz down for thinking outloud. Said she was stupid.. (Q) So why would he do it..(A) Game…
3) A naked hungry orphan begging on the streets of a third world country has a rough life..
4) Peter is into the big brother game according to his perception of same..I think he is doing his best..
5) Talla is doing good..Everyone is terrified to upset her.
6) Both Peter and Talla play on others emotion. Want you to feel responsible for how they feel…
7) This it not a foot race.. Everyone is equal and deserves to win.


They didn’t show the whole conversations with their families and he had a reason for doing it


I so agree! Jillian has been annoying for weeks. Irritating, even. Especially now while she’s freaking out about Peter lying, and what has she spent most of the game doing? What a hypocrite.


Yea im over her as well.. However i must say, i am a fan of Emmet.
When you really think about it, everything he ever wanted to happen, happened.
He was sneaky at times but i feel overall, quite honest.


Intersting Jillian’s luxury item on this big day, her last HOH day, is an outfit all in the colour of blood.. Red.. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooohhhh


I agree i really don’t like jillian or her game play i agree with what peter said tonight i think emmitt should win he is really smart and knows the game well i am actually amazed at how far he has gotten. I think if he can get to the F2 he may win it becasue he is liked where the others aren’t andrew was so insulted when peter told him he didn’t respect his game. If it is gary coming back it could go either way. I have to say emmitt is may fav up till now with the exception of his freak out yesturday.


Not a fan of Jillian but she’s right, she’s playing the game, she did what she had to do. What sucks about jury is you never know who’ll vote personally and who’ll vote strategically.

We’ve seen instances where people that were ‘burned’ understood it was a game, but sadly in most case if you piss people off then they’ll screw you right back by not voting for you.

Andrew for the win.


I really do want emmitt to win i think he has played this game well and has played it from day 1 i wasn’t a fan of his melt down but everyone is entitled to one i think talla has one every other day. I do find it funny that not one jury member wants emmitt out in fact both gary and alec said they wouldn’t have put him up not sure i believe alec but i definetly believe gary. I think andrew and jillian are in huge trouble if gary or alec comes back.


you couldn’t be more wrong about that.
She has several of the traits. . . . .

Alpha female:

Task focused. Single minded.
Athletic, more physical than other women.
She is determined, bold, and a competitive high achiever.
Career is part of their identity.
More aggressive. Actively pursues power and status. A risk taker.
Enjoys recognition but doesn’t need approval from peers.
Gets straight to the point without social chat

all traits expected in Alpha Males, but makes the Alpha female seem rude, abrupt, aggressive, arrogant, a bitch. . . . . . .

All the power to her, I for one admire her!


“Enjoys recognition but doesn’t need approval from peers.” – nope.


-Task focused. Single minded.
(I see no indication of this. She flip flops on her decisions regularly based on what Emmett tells her to do.)

-Athletic, more physical than other women. Determined, bold, and a competitive high achiever.
(As far as competitions go, yeah–she’s got that one)

-Career is part of their identity.
(Also no indication of this. She’s supposed to be a school teacher… I see none of that in how she plays the game)

-More aggressive. Actively pursues power and status. A risk taker.
(Everyone pursues power in this game. She happens to win competitions, yes, but I would say she’s successful–not AGGRESSIVE about it. Look at someone like Emmett, on the other hand… he really freaks out when he can’t play/and-or/is disqualified. Seems far more aggressive competing than Jill does).

-Enjoys recognition but doesn’t need approval from peers.
(…what? She hasn’t made a single decision without Emmett’s input. Sometimes he downright tells her EXACTLY what to say to other players, exactly what moves to make, exactly who to nominate, etc. …And she does it. He makes all her moves for her, and on the rare occasion that she wants to do something different than what he desires she still has to hear him verbally say “do what you want to” before she’ll actually do it. She relies HEAVILY on her peers).

Gets straight to the point without social chat
(Perhaps so. She does tend to be more direct when getting into game talk, even though half the time she’s lying)

tldr; Jillian is a strong competitor, but frankly she’s more like a tool than the one using a tool. She does all the hunting as a lioness while Emmett the lion sits back and waits for his food to be brought to him… I’d hardly call that “alpha.”


Go jillian! I know you can win! You played an exceptional game of bb.
Better than anyone else in the cast. That’s why Emmett stuck with her. He
saw early on (lumberjack) that she’s a strong girl and that’s what he was looking
for. Mark my words-he’s not that into her. She’s been part(most)of his strategy. Good
luck Jillian I hope you win $100,000 cause you probably won’t win Emmett!!


STFU Peter. Your game went downhill when you voted out AJ and not using the veto on Topaz. Buhbye

The Shield

Philip Sheppard should join BBUS this season.


Enough with that lunatic. LOL


I kinda feel bad for Peter, he obviously has issues outside of the house regarding his self worth, as a game player he kinda sucks so I’m not sad to see him leave, I am sad for how he feels about himself though, he comes across as somebody that has been bullied and an outsider in social scenes.
That being said, Jillian freaking out about people lying to her is pathetic, is she so high on herself that she thinks her and Emmett are the only people who can mess with others in the house by lying to their faces while shaking their hands? So over those two.
Andrew has gotten to where he is by being truthful and sticking with people he gave his word to, plus giving it his all in every competition. I respect his game and it would kill me to see him get eliminated, does anybody know if the big favourite to win is E/J??
I don’t have anything to say about Talla, I just hope she’s not really falling for Jillians bull.


I feel ad for him, but you can’t always be the victim. If he acts this way in real life, i can see how he wouldn’t fit in. Him and Alec said they read Dan’s book….but Dan’s book ( from what I have heard on it) talks about you have to be confident and like yourself outside of the game. Peter is playing too personal despite claiming he is not.


Reading through these comments for the past week, honestly majority of you just sound butt hurt that Emmett or Jillian are Probably going to win.


Are these house guest serious????? Complaining that Peter is campaigning/lying to try and stay in the game? Um, its BB, that’s the name of the game! I mean it is completely ridiculous, give him a break. Jillian has no room to talk about him lying (seeing as she has lied the most in this season). I actually hope the jury member returning twist saves Peter just so I can hear these house guest whine and cry all the more. I do agree that Peter didn’t play a great game, but he is more deserving than those who are left on this season.

Against the Shield

OMG I can’t stomach Peter anymore. After watching the other night’s narcissist “performance” on live feed, I found myself wanting to see him slither up that fake tree!


I wonder when they are planning to bring the jury member back into the house. Because that can make a huge diffrence for who is going home if they plan to bring them in before the elimination so they can vote. 🙁 I don’t want to see Talla go just yet the house is getting pretty boring


It’s almost Glitter Time! Yah!!


I hope BB Production chokes on the glitter koolaid they are all drinking!

Mississauga fan

Regardless of how your feel personally about either E/J, they both have shown they wanted to play the game. Like E said, this is big Brother, people lie! He take s it in stride and mostly moves on. They have both continually changes their strategies as the house evolved, which to me is impressive. Yes J is a bit annoying and E,is so competitive he tends to be too,aggressive and prone to cheating. t this stage of,the game the only three who deserve to win are E,J and A. I might not choose the eventual winner but can live with anyone of those three. Whoever is brought into the game at this late change should not be allowed to,stay. Sake things up …yes…stay no. Just my opinion.


I like Jillian despite one big factor….emmett. If she were there alone I would be rooting for her. Most of her annoying traits are amplified by him. She is a strong femal competitor though and I really like that…I do however think she should have watched more big brother…she had the potential to be a janellesque player, i think that is honestly her biggest mistake, doesnt mean she wont win, just means she couldve burned fewer bridges if she played the game differently.

The Shield

I think they rigged this season of Big Brother Canada.

1. The first Power shift supposedly “Canada saved Suzette” . According to the polls AJ was leading by a lot.
2. After the power shift Supposedly Emmet Cheated because if they did not say that It would not be a Power Shift would it ?
3. Double Eviction of Lisa and Tom and Alec and Topaz happened same night .It is funny because they both were on the block at different times but against each other
4. Topaz Rehearsed her speech on HOH . They knew it was gonna happen after all the cams were off for 3 days (enough times to rehearse)
5. They pull another Power Shift as soon as Alec leaves to save him and bring him back.

So I think Peter and Alec will be final two with Peter winning and Alec finishing second. Another thing Alec is supposed to be Dr.Will and Peter Mike Boogie.

The Shield

Another Thing do you see the House Guests all the time on the diary room they look down ? When they cannot remember their script? Emmett did that a lot yesterday’s episode. Rewind and you will see what i mean.


Its not scripted…. Just a lot of producer bull crap and terrible players, that’s all.


The entire show is edited to the MAX Yo. There’s been times in the US version where they portrayed events completely different than what really happened.

Canadian version hasn’t been all that bad with the editing.. I really only watch a bit of the TV show and a truck load of feeds so maybe not the best person to comment on this.


Hope the HELL Gary DOESNOT come back.


Amen to that!


Sorry peter, you played your game and crashed. Why didn’t you use the pov on topaz? Pls answer that question when you are in the jury house.


Personally all this sappy CR*P from Peter is irritating me. He doesn’t think he belongs in the real world ……. OHHHHHHHH please !!! If he really felt like that there is no way in H*LL BB would have let him in the house to begin with. Remember how he lied about Liza being the only girl that ever paid attention to him , well this is the same SOB story.
He and Alec deserved everything that they got handed to them for not evicting Andrew when they had the chance. To top it off Peter didn’t use the POV on Topaz the only alliance member he had left for sure. He is sadly mistaken that he has been the best player.
I am so excited to see who comes back into the house tonight. It’s like Christmas in April! LMAO
Jillian and Talla are going to have a complete meltdown …. lovin’ it !!!


Last night, after watching BB live feeds, I truly became concerned for Peter’s mental well-being. I sure hope that when every one is finally out of the house and the game is over, that he seeks professional help. He has admitted to being estranged from his family and could not have moved farther away from them, unless he moved out of the country. I hope Alec continues to be his friend outside of the house and I pray he gives him some positive feedback to build up his sense of being. I also hope the other Vancouverites also rally round and offer him support. It sucks to be that despondent over life.

As for Jillian and Emmett? Jillian is an extremely strong player and woman who are Alpha Females tend to be disliked by most people, and I agree if it is an Alpha Male every one is in awe, but when it is a woman, she is considered to be a bitch. Emmett can go milk a cow as far as I am concerned, he really has not put out that much in regards to the comps. All muscle and no strength


I disagree. Being an alpha female alone isn’t what people hate about Jill. Consider Rachel and Janelle from BBUS, both alpha women and both have very different fan bases. Personally, I loved Janelle, but couldn’t stand Rachel, just as I cannot stand Jill.

Against the Shield

Totally agree with you @Takeanumber & Jay.


I personally love Jillian. I think the reason why people doesn’t like her is because she does what Emmett wants her to do. I think if Jill wasn’t attached to Emmett she would gain more fans and even if she was attached to Andrew, she would still have more fans because I don’t think it’s Jill we hate. I think it’s Emmett. I also think the Emmett is the good guy, but I think he just needs to learn how to calm down a little bit.


Here’s my 2 cents:
Let me start by saying I am an Andrew fan.

I was not always an Andrew fan. I think that the show did not portray him in a very favourable light at first. Maybe they took him for the show assuming he would be a better looking Joe (from bb us), a floater who wouldn’t last too long. Another example of this is That they air tallas blow ups but what about Jillian’s epic blow up the other night at big brother? This is definitely because she is supposed to be seen as the smart, calm cool and collected one. Also..Peter would sit there for hours not saying a word on the feeds but on the show and in the diary room he acts like a star like he thinks he is.

And…I have lost a lot of respect for Emmett (my early favourite) because of his blow up for cheating the other night. He clearly did, and they caught him on camera going against what he was trying to defend. Then, because Andrew didn’t agree with him he got all upset because Andrew apparently didn’t have his back. Weak. What did he want him to say?

Talla: love her. Very entertaining. I don’t think she would win but fun to watch nonetheless.

Andrew: has been nothing but straightforward with everyone. There’s no beating around the bush with him. He tells it like it is and Jill would be way better off working with Andrew than Emmett bc Emmett is looking out for number one and that’s it. Trying to convince jill to take Peter instead of Talla is good only for his own game because he knows Talla would go with Jill over him. She must know that. I would be surprised if Andrew went back on his word about taking Jill based upon past events. (Unless of course something unfolds during the week) Andrew is the most entertaining and real out of everyone. This might ultimately be his downfall in the game but who knows.

I am starting to wonder about Peter. I don’t think he’s all there in the head.


I agree with everything you said except for the Talla part!


Well said, I agree with all of it including Talla. Andrew FTW!
Talla is comedy gold, Andrew very funny and them together… genuine comedic chemistry, you couldn’t write the stuff they come up with 🙂


I just have this uneasy feeling that production is going to change things up before the HG’s have a chance to evict Peter. They seem to like him too much. Although people seem to want Gary back in the house, I can’t help but think that we’ll see Alec come back instead, shaking things up and putting him and Peter in the driver’s seat.


I want the third stooge to come back.
But production has rigged it to be Gary.

The Watcher

Talla is BUSY!!! She cant be bothered and voted out!

SHE IS BUSY! Leave her alone! 🙂

Peter is just annoying at this point! He needs to get BUSY!

Being BUSY is the new thing!

Au revoir Peter, dont let the door hit your nose on your way out!

Ric Flair

And while they’re on tv being BUSY! and getting famous, you’re sitting at home most likely alone watching porn and posting on big brother threads, you should evict yourself from your basement and get BUSY! yourself and go find a job. You are proof that Talla’s fans are just as obnoxious as she is. ;)……WOOOO Score for Ric Flair


LOL WOOOOO haha loved Ric Flair

I’m a Talla fan to no need to be mean to us. If the Talla fans unite we will be a powerful force .. Maybe I should blow the horn of gondor and call forth the masses 😉


i agree with you simon … i love Talla .. she is so intertaining .. what a snooze fest if she were not around… mind you andrew does add to the mix nicely … hoping those two at the end .. and if andrew wins talla gets second and viewers fave… lmao now wouldnt that just tick Peter right under a rock … … and i mentioned earlier .. talla keeps talking about a twin … at the end she informs us she is the twin .. educated, (you would have to be to hold down the job she has) plus all her antics were an act.. Now can you see the mouths drop open after that being said .. and she then procedes to run down alot of the crap that was said and done … again one can wish .. would be for an interesting finish .. lol


The Watcher and Simon…I would give 100 thumbs up to both of your comments if I could. 🙂


i would love to see Peter evicted .. and as he is walking out the door Gary walks in and says .. I am back Biatches now wouldnt that just tick Peter off… will make me laugh myself off my seat … one can wish … .lol ..


ahh ash you forgot a few things about an alpha female. I noticed those that you left out are the bigges traits that she lacks as an alpha female and what irks people

primarily not interested in children, may never want them…..she is a teacher.
HIgh Sex drive can enjoy one night stands with no regrets….she latched onto Emmett and admits she is into long term relationships
Fiercely independent ..not looking for a man to take care of her she takes care of herself…One word Emmett
Doesn’t spend time in a mirror not vain..knows she looks good..Always in the mirror, always complaining about how she looks, always looking for compliments
she doesn’t care what people think of her…worries constantly what people think of her

Is she a alpha female not even close now lets look at traits of a beta woman

Passive Aggressive ..fits her to a tee
Insecure about their looks …….as mentioned above
Nervous about competing with other women.. This screams Danielle
Follows and listens to the alpha…One word Emmett

Can you tell I am bored..


emmett getting disqualified from every competition is such a fucking joke, especially for “helping” others, go rewatch every comp so far and you’ll see someone giving advice to others every single time. when they did the body part comp and jillian was the host, she was giving everyone she wanted to win help, yet that is somehow different? she was on the sidelines giving people help, just like emmett was on the sidelines telling her what to do.

giving advice in comps isn’t new to big brother, so it begs the question why they opt to only lay down the hammer on emmett when he does it..


Because they were blindfolded she was supposed to tell the competitors which parts they all had. In the veto comp, helping someone when they specifically said not to is cheating no matter what way u look at it.


Agreed. Jillian was the host of that competition, and the host’s duty is to narrate what is happening as well as making sure that it proceeds correctly… hence why she said things like “Andrew, you have two left legs right now” (letting him know that he had to return one and find the right leg) instead of “Andrew! There’s a body part floating just to the right of you! Get it!” One is narrative and the other is specifically helping them.

Aka: She didn’t cheat.


I would like there to be a comp between the evicted house guest (Peter) and the returning Juror. Whoever wins comes back in. That would be WAY better than just letting someone walk right back in to the game.

They would have to do it that way because it wouldnt be fair for Peter as he technically would be a juror and didnt get the chance to be voted back in.

Thoughts on that scenario?


its not fair for peter and its not fair for the remaining players who voted the person coming back out before. but thats big brother it is not a fair game. a lot of it is just good or bad luck and unpredictable circumstances.


That’s exactly how it was done in bbus


Oh and I do hope that Jillian sees the light and kicks Emmett to the curb as I stated before..he can go on about talla not winning comps..he has won how many and has cheated through most and uses Jillian but I still think he would rather be smooching with Talla and that is why he is so rude to her, calls her by the nickname he has given her, talks rudely about her to Jillian…Just saying signs are there. And. I would much rather see talla at the the way where in the rule book does it say as the houseguests seem to think its all about comps..Talla got where she is … to take from survivor…. outwitting them… honestly, if she stays till the end she deserves to win she is there because no one thought she was a threat, she never had to put anyone on the block, though she has been how many times now..her and AJ will go down as the pawn stars and she never lied straight faced to who played a better game Emmett..don’t think so…Jillian is playing to win comps but as we saw in the veto no way could have Talla won that even the houseguests knew talla didn’t have a chance in that one, Peter not a about talla having so many brain cells..I don’t know what happend to peters..Andrew yes..but that comes with maturity he is playing the best game of them all actually starting to like him. And I do hope Gary comes in to add some excitement…not to win wouldn’t seem right if he though I won’t change by nic I hope to see Andrew and Talla in the finals they are deserving


Talla has been on the block only twice recently (and one of those times was just as a replacement when Andrew took himself off) She’s HARDLY a pawn star like AJ was. And while I agree that if she gets to the end and somehow miraculously manages to win it would “technically” be well deserved because she managed to fly under everyone’s radar… but I just can’t imagine the jury voting for someone who never made a clever game move or won any competitions. Someone who got to the end solely because everyone else knew she’d be VERY easy to beat.

Possible? Yes. But unlikely. (And that’s one heck of a run-on sentence by the way).


what’s peter talking about… girls have won big brother… lisa, jun, maggie, jordan, rachel…. and if he means, between a girl and a guy, that has happened only once, with evel dick and his daughter…. so much for him being a big brother expert.


Yes, he meant no female has won against a male when they are both F2. (In BBUS.)

It didn’t happen w/Evel Dick and his daughter, because that’s the season Dick won (S8.)

Women, for some reason, only win against other women in BBUS F2.

(Lisa won against Danielle, Jun won against Allison, Maggie won against Ivette, Jordan won against Nathalie, and Rachel won against Portia.)

As a woman, I’d like that to change…but not this season, because I want Andrew to win. 😉


Name …….. this is why we love BBC they change it up. We can’t always say they did it this way or they did it that way so it should always be that way. How could BB know that Emmitt would be dq’ed AGAIN??? The rules were read before the comp and everyone followed them expect for Emmitt .. AGAIN. You are obviously a E/J fan. Isn’t it amazing by ready each post you can always tell who that person is rooting for. I am an Andrew fan thought I’d hate it after Gary left but of course we love to hate a player and we love to love one. I got over it and at first thought jeeze I like E/J but after the last few shows they rubbed me the wrong way. Jillian with being stressed out ……. crap she is HOH, wonder how she will fair being on the block. If I cannot watch another BB but one with her on the block I’d be happy. Emmitt is only there because he lacked on to Jill early in the game. Her best move would have been to evict Emmitt but players who play with their emotions usually get burnt. Dan said, to play BB you had to leave your emotions at the door. Peter’s biggest mistake was working on relationships in the house. I think his stragegy was to get into an alliance with all the “alfa males” and coast from their. I don’t think it was in his plan that every male would end up in a showmance. She should have developed a realationship with every one on those ladies. Saving Topez would have got him further, having a better relationship with Jillian would have helped and that thing with Liza was just too strange (leave your emotions at the door). This is where Andrew excells!!


All u guys who r falling for peters sob stories are incredibly gullible!!! He should consider acting as a profession! He knows hes on BBAD so hes playing it up to get pity votes for canadas fav player!!!Emmett is very immature and his lil hissy fits prove that !Yes Talla is annoying at times however very entertaining.Jillian is a whiny a%$ attention hoe , I would luv to see how she performs without Emmett. I think Andrew has played the best game by far and I hope he wins!!!!


I am surprised no one saw the HOH comp leak on cam 4 around the time emmet and peter were playing puckball. It flashed to the backyard quick and you could see production setting up the HOH comp with the HOH comp sign in the background and Trevor Boris the comp producer directing them. I wish there was a flashback feature on the viewer but there isn’t. If anyone has recorded please go look around that time and see if you can grab a pic. It looked like metal bars sticking up from the ground so maybe its another endurance?


Trevor is the comp producer as well as Marsha the moose, thats neat. Nice catch of the feeds!


Gah! That’s when I took my dog out for a walk.

I told my son to monitor the feeds for any kind of leak, but you know…kids. 😉

I’m bummed I missed it.


That would be one long video…and I would buy it…and watch it often.

No joke.


Against the Shield

I saw that too!!!!! I wasn’t sure what I was actually seeing when it panned that way. Now I want to see if the footage is out there somewhere.


I can’t wait until Gary Glitter comes back tonight and wins the HOH comp. #Grenade,GlitterGrenade


question, do u stream the episode live?

Mr. BiLL

This whole game is RIGGED !!!!! BOO ! BOOOO, BIG BROTHER. “YOU ARE EVICTED !”


They don’t even do a good job of rigging it either


Peter is not a guy who suffers from low self-esteem. Quite the opposite. He believes he has split the atom of this generation. His YouTube videos are very badly acted and scripted and not the material I would expect from someone who considers themselves so far above the rest of us. I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes without…. well, I just turned him off. Pretentious, arrogant, and “it’s- been- done before” comedy material make him more dislikeable, than he already comes across on Big Brother.


If Peter was his true self on youtube (egotistical, etc) no one would watch him. He covers material that speaks to the masses in order to make more money.


Someone should make a best of The stooges video. Funny moments and what not.


whats funny to me is that peter doesnt realize that talla (without knowing it herself lol) has played the perfect game so far according to his own definition. she didnt have to win competitions, hasn’t made herself a target, relied on her social game, hid her allience (she is not a floater btw.) and so on. yet he thinks she is less deserving than him to be there, what a joke. dont like the who deserves what crap anyways. everybody who is still there at this point of the game deserves it. doesnt matter how they got there. different players obviously need to rely on different strategies to stay in the game. diversity makes it interesting.

oh and what does peter mean by” you have to respect the game”? do you have to be a superfan and try to copy strategies of former players (without looking at what is actually happening around you and adapting to it), be a fake person focusing on the show aspects of the game and ignore the social part? respect the game my ass. maybe peter thought people should have respected his game and his imaginary brilliance of playing it more. when everybody was intelligent enough to see through his game he called them stupid lol.


Random question to Simon,Dawg, and everyone else involved in this site..
Have you guys ever considering casting for this show??


100% Dawg and Simon
Dawg went to the Vancouver casting


A few thoughts:
-Let me just say that it annoys the crap out of me when Peter says “My two favourite players are Will and Dan. They don’t win comps because they don’t have to” UM WHAT? – I would rephrase to “they don’t win comps unless they have to”
-Will and Dan threw comps because they wanted to appear WEAK AND because they had core alliances and good social games
-In BB7, for the first time Will NEEDED to win a comp (the veto) and tried to, but losing it is what costed him from going to final 3.
-In BB10, Dan threw comps, like Will, to APPEAR weak, but, when he needed to win them, he did
-I am a huge fan of the game and both Will and Dan but it annoys me to no end when Peter and Alec appear to be blindly using their strategy, but out of context. Peter, not so much – he has won stuff when he needed to but Alec throwing the veto for no reason whatsoever was utter stupidity. I liked him at first because he was a fan but not so much now – he’s on the same level as Jillian who, as she stated “doesn’t know how to play this game”
-Sadly over BBCAN, bring on BBUSA for some more structure and no stupid power shifts