Big Brother Spoilers Gary Back in the HOUSE Andrew: “We just did this week”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Talla and Andrew


11:34pm POOL Talla and Andrew

Andrew wanting to get Gary out this week.

Andrew: “We just did this week.. instead of Emmett it was jillian and instead of GAry it was Peter”

ANdrew: “Canada voted this week and GAry is back… I would probably have voted Gary back if I was Canada”

Andrew: “People are watching this writing about this.. BLOGS? who knows what what’s going on”

Andrew: ‘Imagine if GAry had won HOH you would be safe.. and I would be screwed with Emmett”

They both feel like crap.. being on have nots is wearing them out.

Andrew tells her they need to win POV get some sleep tonight. If Gary wins the POV one of them is going home.

Andrew: “The thing that sucks about Emmett and Jillian being HOH is they spend the entire day up in the HOH”

Talla: “Ahh i don’t want this to end”
Andrew: “You are crazy.. you don’t want to see your family”
Talla: “I can’t believe i’m still in this house playing the big brother game”



11:42pm HOH Milkmance

Emmett: “This week is just like last week” Emmett explains if he puts Talla and Gary up anmd Andrew wins POV he’ll take Talla down and Jillian will go up. Emmett wants to put Gary and Adnrew up. Jillian is tired doesn’t want to talk game.


11:47pm HOH Gary, Emmett and Jillian

Emmett: “You are going on thje block again Andrew you have to win Veto”
Gary: “Can he go home”
Emmett: “you need to win the VETO”
GAry: “Listen when I left I was rooting for you in the jury house.. why didn’t you guys come to me”
Emmett explains why they voted him out they found out he had an alliance with Topaz, Peter and Alec final 4 and a deal with Andrew.
Gary: “really.. I wasn’t in an alliance with them.. that was f***ing real I was with you guys”
Emmett: “You spent all your time with topaz”
Gary: “I played a honest game from the beginning and that is why I got voted back into the game.. My Image got me back”
Gary: “Alec hates you”
Emmett: “Who do you think got Alec out.. we did”

Gary swears that he’s got a final 3 with Emmett and Jillian for real and all of Canada knows it that is why he’s back. Jillian says that Alec told them everything Topaz told him when he was on the block 2 weeks ago. Gary calls Alec a liar says he’s always trusts the milkmance.. Gary: “The only people I trusted in the house is you guys and Topaz”

Gary calls Talla a f**** jumper, “She doesn’t deserve to be here at all.. but people are starting to respect her game a bit saying Jumping is a strategy” Gary adds that the jury house is all saying that Andrew is play a good game and he’s not someone you want to be in the final 2 with cause he’ll win the game.
Emmett: “We are the only people in the house that are happy you are here”

Jillian brings up breaking her word with topaz.. explains how it all went down.

Gary: “Why did you guys decide Pete.. I thought you were working with him on the side.. you guys with the 3 of us we can make final 3″
Jillian: ‘We are the only ones happy you are here”
Gary: “I don’t trust Talla.. Andrew put me up I’m sure he wants me gone.. a lot of time has past so i’m sure you guys have some sort of relationship with the people left in the house”
Gary: “Peter id s d1ck I didn’t want him in the house.. I would have voted for you guys if you made it to the final 2”
Emmett says there is a few people in this game that would vote for Talla
Gary: “Makes me sick I have to look at her face”

Gary keeps saying that he’s not playing this game very well… he thinks it’s Andrew’s week to go.

Emmett: “Look you gotta go up and Andrew is right beside you and I cannot stress enough how much we have to win this VETO.. you cannot take it easy”
Gary: “Of course I am you think I want not win the VETO”


Jillian leaves
Gary: “I just want to play with you guys for real and not be a motherf***er”

Alec kept Andrew in the game to get me out of the house..
Emmett: ‘Alec kepot Andrew in the house to get me out”

Gary: ‘Andrew wanted you in the house since day one.. he wanted you and and Tom out because he thought you were juiceheads.. “
Emmett :’Whatever.. you understand why you are going up.. this is a blessing“
Gary: ‘It’s a blessing you need to prove to your mom you like me”

Gary: ‘That motherF***er is kissing your a$$ I can see that now”

Emmett: ‘I’m telling you right now if I win POV i’m keeping you up there”
Gary: ”WHY! i’m going home”
Emmett: ‘How would you go home.. there’s only two votes

Emmett: “Seriously you have a brain in your head.. Christ man you are like a child.. stop saying that shit.. no offense I will take you to the final 2 because I think I can beat you”

Gary: “All I want is the 20 grand”

Emmett: “You just sat there I want that f***ing b1tch gone.. i don’t understand you man.. you are ridiculous”

Gary: “I could have met Talla.. I’m still a little bit angry at Jill”
Emmett: ‘Let that sh1t go you are lucky you got your a$$ back in the game”
Gary: “I just don’t think Talla deserve to be here”
Jillian comes back up
Gary: “They were called the three stooges.. Andrew Aj and Talla”
Emmett: “Ohh really.. she says that all the time.. she called him a stooge” (Andrew)

Emmett leaves
Gary tells her how they now have the numbers they have final 3. Jillian isn’t sure that Emmett putting him up is the best idea but wants him to know he needs to win the POV. Gary: “we have the numbers.. we’re on the same page.. etc etc”

Gary tells them that everyone in the Jury is Team Andrew.. (Great production lets sink Andrew’s game more cause Jillian and Emmett are hurting)

1:51AM HOH Emmett comes back up tells them he’s sure it’s double eviction this Thursday because next week is the final HOH
Jillian leaves, Emmett and Gary go back to playing chess.

Gary goes on and on about how he doesn’t care about the money, “I need camera time .. I want a career in front of the camera”
Emmett: “Good.. I don’t give a sh1t”
Gary: “I’m not playing good cause I’m talking a lot of sh1t right now”
Emmett: “Do me a favor.. stop talking about me and you .. do your own thing talk about Talla and Andrew”


They shake on it (this shake was more Gary wanting to shake final 3) .. Emmett says he’ll talk to Talla to throw the POV and all Gary needs to do is win the VETO.

(Videos coming it’s mega long)


1:12AM Milkmance

Emmett: “So for right now we keep the same thing with Andrew and Talla.. I told Gary straight up you he’s going up”
Jillian: “I’m glad pete went home”
Emmett: ‘he thinks I’m taking him to final 2” (Gary)
Jillian: “You are taking me to final 2 otherwise we won’t be friends”

Emmett: “If Andrew wins Veto we have to send Gary.. or do we keep Gary and get rid of Talla.. because Gary cannot beat yo in endurance and can’t beat me in physical”

Jillian: ‘Andrew is scared”
Emmet: ‘Why is he scared”
Jillian: “Because if Gary wins Veto either Andrew and Talla are going home.. it’s true”

(Videos coming it’s long)

1:30AM Gary roaming around the house. He starts dancing int he backyard. Emmett tells him to go to bed because tomorrow is probably the Have nots comp.

(Videos coming it’s long)

2:06AM I got a giant video of the milkmance slurping around.. it’s processing

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this is the first time i think that emmett is talking way too much…peter got to him….him calling out and getting mad at gary….he needs to cultivate that relationship…what is he thinking?????


I don’t agree. Emmett simply had a lot of “explaining/catching up to do” with Gary, that’s all. Tonight, Emmett’s had to give Gary a BB house status update. Because, short-term, Emmett does want to work with Gary. So, he first had to explain why they back-doored Gary two weeks ago. To try to re-establish some trust between the two of them. And why, even though Gary’s *not* his target this week, Emmett will be putting him on the block this week. Gary’s mind is clearly still in “Jury House Leisure Mode.” Emmett senses this. He’s trying to get Gary’s head right, ASAP, both about competing for the 100K again, and about what the current BBCA house dynamics are. It is essential for Gary to re-adapt/get up to speed quickly, or his “second chance” in the BBCA house won’t be for very long.


Wow, well I’m glad Peter’s gone, he should keep is alter ego for youtube only. He says Talla is useless, but so is he. He won two vetos which were both handed to him; one by Alec and the other production. It’s quite hilarious, he and Alec though they were the greatest players of all time. Their downfall=attempting to imitate past player. Bye, Bye Boys 🙂


I agree…..but during his “pity party,” he mentioned that he was evicted 5th on his last reality show appearance as well. Does anyone know what show that was?
Anyway, with last nights crazy tribal council on Survivor then tonights BB with Peter being evicted. Wow. Tw great nights of TV right there.


Found his youtube and imdb, doesn’t say the reality show I don’t think.


He was on a competition on The Score called Gilette Drafted. It’s a search for “Canada’s next sportscaster”
Coincidently, I think that season a girl won..but girls don’t beat boys according to him hah


He was also an a show called “Steroids Saved my Life”. It’s basically him on this show trying to gain weight….by taking steroids. It’s kinda dumb because if he just changed attempted to change his diet I think he’d be okay. I saw a bit of the show online and saw that he’s friends with a super annoying youtuber who goes by the name of Peter Chao on youtube.


The Emmett and Jillian rain continues and so will the haters, i love it.


…Reign (not rain)


lol yea


I think the twist was unfair , if they wanted to bring someone back they should have done it the first month not in the final 4 , that’s just ridiculous and it doesn’t even make sense , these guys fought hard to get this far and they bring someone back when it came down to 4 people , bbcan has the silliest twist in big brother history I mean after the first double eviction when JJ went out without even having a chance to play for the veto that was also low , so I am not surprised by this now.




It is a smart move on emmitt’s part putting both gary and andrew up is smart they are both strong players but i think his target is andrew he has wanted him out for a little while now it is more of the get him before he gets me. If andrew wasn’t on the block he could use it to save talla and himself because face it talla won’t win anything. If gary wins he can get andrew out if andrew wins then talla goes up and they either take talla out or gary but i have a feeling they might try and take talla out. Emmitt doesn’t like her and he respects her so called game even less so he might take her out and keep gary but it is a huge gamble because andrew will want gary out and he will know emmitt has made a deal with gary and will be gunning for him.


Production should have told Gary that he’s not allowed to talk about what went down in the jury house. It’s just like someone on the outside coming in the house & giving the houseguests info. Totally unfair!


So Gary should be the only player with that info? Fact is, no players should have that info. So if one does, they all should.


No one should have that info because no one should have been brought back into the house!


Production also didn’t let Topaz know her talking aloud during her HOH nominations was being broadcast to the other houseguests. That wasn’t fair either, and was likely the moment her chances for a win were ruined.
As they say, on Big Brother: “expect the unexpected”…


Totally Unfair!!! I am so upset with production, for doing this. All the jury members should have been sequestered….Indivigally.




I would LMAO if they put up Gary and Andrew and Talla won the veto and took Andrew off 🙂


everything in me wants that!!!! it would be amazeballs!!!!! but itll probably a cold day in hell….regardless i WANT IT!


Simon, if Talla did win the POV, what would she do? Emmett and Jillian will make it perfectly clear to Talla that her fellow Stooge is the target this week. They’re not gonna want her to use it. Talla, aka “The Jumper”, has always cooperated with the current HOH’s plan. I think Talla would oblige them again, and not use the veto. So, if Talla were smart (and that’s a *big* if), Talla will throw the comp, and not put herself in that awful-for-her, “Do I save Andrew and then make E/J furious, or respect the HOH’s wishes?” pickle!

When they calla Talla for the POV comp this week, I think she should just say, “Busy!”


maybe….but talla isnt compeltely clueless shes just never had power so we cant see what she would do….but she does not like emmett….but if she thinks she can trust gary and andrew….she might take her chances knowing that emmett cant compete in the hoh….then they get jillian out and its 3-0??? those are pretty good odds….


Gary and Talla have absolutely *despised* each other, for most of the season!!!!!!! They had an *epic* argument in the kitchen three weeks ago – it was the best one in the BBCA house! The chances of Talla and Gary ever teaming up are about as likely as the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs doing so: Zero!


if gary is serious about winning…doesnt matter


Gary just told Emmett that he’s *not* at all serious about winning. He said all that he wants is maximum camera time, to best help launch his career as a media celebrity, after BBCA. I know you need Gary to be “engaged” for your own desired BB scenario to come true. And I wish you luck with that. But I’m sad to report that Gary’s still all about “his brand”, and not thinking gameplay in the least right now.


And Canada voting him back in is only adding to his already inflated ego and career aspirations


I want Gary to be in and out, in this week out next week. Damn these endless twists.


I cannot express how awesome it would be if that happened and A/T took out Jill. It would be great for Andrew’s game if he were to somehow get to F3 with Lalla and Gary.


Agreed. It’s quite impressive what they’ve managed to do–but also QUITE annoying. I can’t really blame production for throwing in so many twists with the milkmance just smooching out in HoH and evicting whoever they want… that gets boring really quick. It’s like, “Gee. I wonder if everyone in the house is going to continue sucking up to the milkmance while arranging final 3 deals? We sure haven’t seen THAT before.”

Every time someone goes to make a final 3 deal with the milkmance I just want to punch them in the side of the head and say “they’re playing you all, you fools! TURN ON THEM.”


Yay, Glitter is back!!! Why does Hill appear to be fresking out and almost pleading her case to Gary? Lmao
With that said. Andrew/Talla… GO HOME! Lol


This is going to be interesting. Emmett is going to use Gary to get rid of Andrew, maybe Talla too. Jillian doesn’t trust Gary at all, will she work Andrew now? hmmm…


I would LMFAO if Emmett puts up Gary & Andrew. Talla wins the POV and takes Andrew off. Emmett has no choice but to put up Jillian and Andrew and Talla vote to evict Jillian that bitch. PRICELESS


I’m officially out! And no, not because Peter is gone, but because I just can’t stand this back to back power for E/J whether or not they deserve it. I just don’t find it interesting, entertaining, etc…

Will be back next season!


HAHAHAHA YES! Janelle’s comments about Peter made my night. Then to come on here and see Emmett won HOH. Awesome. Haters downvote all you want, but I’m a happy want. Jemmett F2!!!!!!! Alphas rule forever! hahahhaha


oops meant happy man. But nah really….It’s been fun hating on Peter. Regardless if it was his intent or not, he gave me someone to feel passionate about. So he plays the heel well. He had me watching (wanting him evicted) so he did his job. I loved Janelle’s comments though.
Although if they ever brought Peter back, and he toned down his persona, I may be a fan. These S1 Houseguests will be remembered for a long time.


It’s brutal to see Andrew face a do or die situation on the veto comp when he was sitting pretty for f3 before production effed up a good game with favoritism for a meatball this close to the end. Obviously yes it’s all about ratings but at what point is the integrity of the game abolished by all this favoritism . Disappointed to say the least. Have to watch season 2us again to watch a master ( dr will) play game the way it was spose to be played. An episode of Curb Your Enthousiasm is less scripted


bah humbug! to this whole show.


Jillian is funny because keeping gary is not good for her game but she will do as emmitt wants just like he did but i though it was funny how jillian try to drop a seed of doubt to gary about emmitt saying i don’t know why he is putting you up she trying to pull the same con on gary she did on andrew that in the end she will get a F2 deal reguardless only problem is gary is not biting emmitt putting gary up makes sense and regardless of wether talla or andrew vote the outcome will be the same emmitt will get the final vote.I knew before gary game in he would most definetly go back to emmitt and i honestly think emmitt likes gary and would prefer him to andrew and especially talla he has wanted her out for awhile.


Hallie, many OBBers continue to claim Jillian does whatever Emmett tells her to do. No, she doesn’t!!!!!! Emmett was *all* over Jillian to keep Peter this week, and evict Talla. On a major, late-game decision, Jillian refused to give in to Emmett. She told Emmett the truth – that she realized keeping Peter was best for Emmett, but not her, and vice versa. Emmett knew that Jillian was correct. Emmett didn’t get mad about it. He just said to Jillian, “Hey, you’re the HOH – do whatever you want!” And she did just that. Emmett’s choice to stay (Peter) is gone. And Jillian’s choice to stay (Talla) is still here. And, to E/J’s credit, they both dealt with it honestly, like grown ups, and didn’t turn on each other.

I admit, Jillian is far from perfect. But, in my opinion, one thing Jillian has proven *not* to be is Emmett’s puppet in the BBCA game.


wow, I’m impressed with Jillian and Emmett’s game, they really have gone on an HOH winning streak… but they really can’t keep winning them until the end, there will be that one time that they will lose and one of them will exit the game. But I do think at least one of them will probably get to final 2. I agree that Gary’s return is unfair… but all the other powershifts were unfair too!! This game has nothing to do with being fair, let’s be real. There is an element of strategy, and element of winning competitions and an element of LUCK. And then there are times when production will do things to favor one competitor over another. I am happy that Gary is back, but I would be surprised if he gets to the final two and actually wins. I’m glad this week is going to be interesting!


He cheated again!!!


Why does Peter keep saying that Andrew doesn’t deserve to be there???


Because he’s jealous of Andrew…lol


i hope talla wins veto takes andrew off and puts up jillian, double eviction next week jilian then emmett cannot play hoh next week andrew wins and puts up gary and emmett out goes emmett…yahoo talla and andrew to the final.


I have a feeling gary is going to win the pov tomorrow it just seems that him coming in and then leaving in week doesn’t seem to be where production wants this to go so i am guessing that andrew could be in a lot of trouble.


Sooooo over the Jemmett hoh reign! if productions fixin the outcomes of the competitions then they really need to do something about Jemmet! Makes for extermly boring tv! As much as Gary annoys me I think he might add some interest to the house .Maybe he can knock them off their high horse !!


Gary coming back just secures Emmett’s win even more. Unless they really shake it up and have a fashion/alcohol based HoH competition so Talla can win.


i was secretely hoping that production was going to favour talla and make it an endurance hoh so she would win and then who knows!!! my guess would be she would put up the milkmance or emmett and gary despite what other people think, talla feels safe with jill it just depends on whether she wants to risk jill taking emmett off what she would do….what if….a viewer can dream…im just sooooooooo bored of this! i really am hoping that gary is just playin e/j….hoppppppppping…..theyre seriously morphing the truth and i hope he was lying about how much he talked to topaz and he believes topaz over them…..and somehow magically can help change the outcome of the game….am i hoping for too much????

Mr and Mrs Glitter (Gary and Topaz)

I vote to evict Gary .

While Gary returned to the house a legend left the house . Peter will be remembered for Generations to come .

The Shield will be known as the first ever real alliance in Big Brother Canada . It’s Legacy will not be forgotten

Rest in Peace The Shield.


May the Shield rest in broken, shattered pieces reflective of the brittle mirror those guys saw only themselves in.


I sense sarcasm here. Right?


Not sure if it’s just photoshop but on twitter people are saying Em cheated again, there’s a pic of him looking at the white side of the puzzle piece and they were told that the coloured side must always be facing them…anybody else hear anything about that? It would be AMAZING if he got disqualified again


thatd be a mockery!!!! i doubt it…but emmett would be known as that kid who always cheated for the rest of his life….he probably already is…but another DQ would seal it


it IS all over twitter….i just went to look, im not sure I believe it (although I really want to and do believe he cant follow directions to save his life)…could be photoshopped though…heres the pic for reference


Looking at the wrong side is different than PLACING it on the wrong side, though (it’s against the rules to place it backwards, but they didn’t say anything about just looking at the back). But it was find it funny when the announcer stated the rules, specifically asked Emmett if he understood them… and then a few seconds later we see him flip over a piece anyway. XD

That kid.


And just for clarity, Talla does the same thing from the footage we can see. Both times the players do this: “hold piece up, does it fi—oh wait, wrong side. Flips over, continues trying to solve puzzle.


Yuck, anyone else not surprised Topaz and Alec smooching in the jury house. She’s going to feel like a complete idiot after watching all he’s said about her.
My predication is that Andrew wins the HOH, takes himself off Talla goes in his place. Andrew and Jill vote to evict Gary.


When Peter comes in the JH ALec is going to ditch her for his soulmate Peter. The two of them can spend the rest of their days talking about how they are the best thing to ever happen to big brother.


Wow…Gary coming back gives him a huge advantage because he knows how the jury is going to vote. He can use this information to convey others and he kind of knows who to take in the final two. He might win this.

Side note: It would have been better if they had a comp between Gary and Peter and the winner get to return to the house. However the results would have been the same.

It would be hilarious if Jill goes home this week. Hoping for Talla to win the veto.


I loved it when Emmett and Jillian were talking tonight about the final two. And Emmett, tongue-in-cheek, was pondering to himself, about who he’d be taking with him. Jillian says, “Emmett, you’ll be taking me to the final two, or we won’t be ‘friends’ anymore!” (As I think about their many after-dark, under the blankets escapades.) I honestly half expected to hear BB come on the mic and say “Jillian, stop talking in code!” 🙂


Does anybody know why Peter didn’t use the diamond power of veto he found??
Did he think he was THAT good??


Because he didn’t find one. The guys who run this site photoshopped it in for fun.


The puzzle pieces had to be colour side out , once they are stuck to the board, looking at the white side doesn’t matter, the pieces look the same on both sides lol




that would be….but i dont think they look similar enough


They already swapped out twins in a previous season, and Andrew looks different enough from his brother Pete that I’m pretty sure the houseguests would recognize the difference. So I think it’s unlikely.


Emmett is already a freaking cheater and will always be known as one *hint hint* Jillian, YOUR BOYFRIEND IS A CHEATER!!! Jesus his parents must be so freaking proud.


As much as I like the stooges, Talla won’t use the veto if one. Andrew will tell her to use it, but the other three will say not too abd she’ll go with the majority because that’s how she rolls.

Goddammit, this not the news I wanted this morning!!!


*one = won


Emmett winning ruined my brain.


i hope there is a have/have not competition and jillian becomes a have not and a punishment is she is not allowed to step foot in the hoh room or sleep in the same bed as emmett


OK, whoever Em puts up, he cheats in the POV and in a mondo banana twist Big Brother evicts him!
That’s entertainment.


“Gary tells them that everyone in the Jury is Team Andrew.”… “They were called the three stooges.. Andrew Aj and Talla” this is BS, emmett is getting so jury information!!! please please let gary NOT win the veto. please jillian don’t keep gary, i know talla won’t vote to keep him. so if it’s andrew and gary nominated, andrew or anyone else (but gary) win veto, hopefully gary goes home!


im not sure if there is a canada’s player, but if there is, and andrew ends up out i REALLY hope he wins it. The viewers have kind of screwed him over. I think had peter already left the house, alec might be the one back in (even though I hate him and did not want him to win), but people thought gary would take out jemmett. I voted for him thinking he would have a clear mind about it (and I honestly am still hoping he is playing jemmett but can’t atm because theyre in power….HOPING)

I despised the shield, but I despise people powerhousing too…it just isn’t entertaining. there is a reason you take out showmances!!! I think it was a particularly difficult challenge this year though because there were 3 going on, that makes it really hard for players like aneal (who i really wish had stayed longer) and andrew etc to get a true shot at things. i think the mistake that houseguests made was taking out the couples in double evictions…take out one, leave the other for later. They are forced to regroup and change their game, sometimes it helps them, but take out one early on and then see how the next couple weeks go. The numbers were in their favour, they should have taken out emmett in week 1 (I have no idea why you wouldn’t jump on that opportunity – i would look at him and say cant beat him at physical, hes on the block, why not get rid of him vs kat who might have been a social player, but those players aren’t threats for the first bit of the game, getting them out in the middle before the complex competitions is usually the best). i understand why they wanted liza out BUT, the girls should have jumped on that bandwagon (think janelle style). Also, once jilian won that first endurance comp…someone should have wanted her out, unless emmett was already gone. Getting out topaz, well, that was mostly peter’s doing, but she wasn’t a threat to anyone except j/e, part of me wishes andrew hadnt been so loyal to them, but i understand that was part of his gameplay. Alec or peter should have left the game sooner than they did however.

i cant remember which bb us houseguest said it (i want to say dan or ian) but they mentioned that big brother is an underdog game and that people like to see underdogs win it.

that is partially why i think there is such a hate for jemmett….they have their faults for sure, but the most annoying one is they havent had to claw their way out of situations (not to discredit their wins which is a huge achievement of itself). They always talk about people’s reactions…but if jemmett were on the block i dont think they would be so mature about it.

if gary doesnt target them….weve kind of screwed andrew out of winning which SUCKS!!! I just hope he wins pov!!!

The truth

I am from Canada and I did not want some loser pixy dust spreading goof back in the house. I cannot stand any of these houseguests and if anyone other then Andrew wins its going to be just plain awful.

Gary wants to be famous? Give me a break I have seen numerous gay people just like him. dime a dozen personality.



Jillian- FAT LYING HOE!!

Andrew- Angel who has descended from the clouds into our lives!




BB motto should not be expect the unexpected, it should be expect the predetermined.