Big Brother Canada: Talla says why don’t I just do it in my bra and p@nties!

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Garry Suzette
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian

Big Brother Canada March 9 2013 255m

2:40pm – 2:55pm While Talla is looking in the fridge, Aneal steals Mr. Jones the monkey and hides him. Talla notices the monkey is missing and starts freaking out. She says he is 2″1′, 64 pounds… handsome with a wedding band. Peter says that he can find him, what do I get. Talla says I will walk on your back. The other say oh great walk on him like a piece of sh*t. Talla says okay I will give you a 10 minute massage. Peter starts investigating and tells Talla – Aneal is the first suspect. Tom gets called to the diary room. The others say oh.. its starting! A minute later Peter comes back with Mr. Jones. Peter tells Talla that he will collect his massage later and that she has to be in her bikini. Talla says why don’t I just do it in my bra and panties.

Peter solved the case of the missing Mr. Jones..
Big Brother Canada March 9 2013 3pm

3:10pm The live feeds switch to the hush hush screen…

4:50pm Big Brother is still keeping the power of veto competition a secret..

5:50pm Live Feeds are still being blocked..

6:25pm More of the same..
7:00pm More of the same..Hush Hush
7:25pm Shhhhhhhhhh..Hush Hush
7:50pm More of the same.. BTW time change tonight
8:27pm Shhhhhhhhhh..Hush Hush
9:05pm More of the same..Hush Hush

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Mr. Jones…always smiling, sociable, everyone’s friend, great listener, doesn’t wear clothes…
At this point, I want the monkee to win!


Monkey? That’s no monkey he’s a Gorilla! :) :)

Closely taken from the movie Trading Places. Not a word for word quote from a character played by Jim Balucci.



Presuming the 3rd week evictee is either Gary or Suzette that leaves 12 in the house. Now might be a good time to start looking at vote counting. This gets alot more interesting at 10 left but lets have some fun!

So lets say Quatro stays solid. That 4 votes plus add Jillian in atleast temporarily. Liza needs the rest to make a move to evict Tom or another of the core boys. Well that isn’t entirely true. Liza or her pawn is HOH. Leaves 11 left. 2 guys go up lets say Tom and Emmit. That leaves 9 votes. Could be 9-0 to evict Tom as long as Liza pulls the strings. Presumes Peter and Alex would rather move forward with Emmit than Tom. So even this early Tom can go next week. The problem is simple though. Liza or Gary must win HOH and have the guts to pull the trigger. Gary would but I’m not sure Liza would.

So Senario 2 at 12 has the boys going after Liza early. Quatro wins HOH and puts up 2 of the following. Gary, Liza, Aneal with the 3rd as renom. Quotro has 3 votes but here is what’s interesting. Jillian may vote to save Liza. I think Talla would also. If Gary isn’t a nom he votes to save Liza and send Aneal packing. Again this is tricky as nominating Andrew or AJ, who should be less reliable makes sense rather than Aneal but you burn 2 bridges. Ok back to my foolishness. We are 3:3 the 2 noms and HOH no vote. That leaves Andrew, AJ and Topaz. Now here is the fun bit. As early as 12 Andrew and AJ can effectively become the swing votes in most situations that don’t point to 9-0, 8-0 ect thanks to the house dynamic.

Thus I suggest next week is not the week to target Tom or Liza, Gary or anyone else. But strategically get rid of AJ or Andrew. Then at 11 the other guy left. This is especially true for Quatro IMHO. Unless they can count both AJ and Andrew as 100% votes they gotta go. There better working on Topaz and Jillian for the votes needed at 10 than AJ and Andrew. Maybe even Gary comes around to voting with them if they stop putting him up as a pawn. Plus they have Aneal potentially as a vote. Leave AJ and Andrew around Liza may work some magic on the “fab 4”!


Interesting indeed. “Guts” is a key word STAN7777. Totally agree Beefy could be done rare. Had Suz not followed her (intuitively?) good noms with Kat, but perhaps Alec, Doughboy might already be gone.

I am open to being surprised, but presently have no confidence Emmitts’ piilow is ready to play…or capable. Yes, she stabbed Gary and Aneal not in the back but straight in the eye and was handed the potty-mouthed pixie, but Jill did so with confidence she was safe in majority arms. So far it’s been a holiday for her.

Agree with Ann about Talla. I am sadly disappointed with the ladies. With most of the HGs.

To the potential swing votes you mention – Andrew, AJ – I’d add others, depending on which half of Quatro is on the move, but I am afraid that the essentially dominant trends have already been established.

I wish Kat had been more cautious and Dani more aware, but…

Too many weren’t paying attention or playing with intention right from inception so they’re doomed to less-than-honourable mention.


I love how some of the houseguests talk about 3,4, 5 weeks down the road and think they have it all planned out. Have they never seen BB? Things can change so fast. I can’t wait to see alliances turn on each other. I think Peter and Alec will stay together but I think Emmett will turn on Tom to save himself and I’m not sure if Emmett will be able cut Jillian as easily as he says he will.

And how soon before Liza throws Tom away and starts to get with Peter? Liza can be a dangerous player in this game.


I agree..but Liza is also annoying me how she is playing every side. She reminds me of James Rhine but he was more entertaining and actually won stuff.


Definitely agree with you. I look forward to when Liza is exposed. If she can keep it together though, she could go pretty far. As for the other girls, I think Jillian has some brains but is completely swayed by Emmett and poor Topaz just wants a nap. And then there is Talla. There is nothing to say there. lol

Big Brother Fan

I agree with you Ann…I think Liza is playing a strong floating game like James Rhine and Shelly Moore. She could potentially become a female Dan Gheesling. Peter, I think, is playing the best game. A very strong player…


Big Brother fan, Liza’s in a tough spot here. As usual, the girls are all being evicted first, (And it looks like Suzette is gonna go next, so make the fairer sex “down three.”) Therefore, Liza’s fervent “Girl Power, Since Day 1” campaign, has been a total flop. It still hasn’t seen as much as a *single* male go out the door yet. To me, if Liza now holds any real hope to win BBCA, she needs to ditch this plan immediately. (Let’s face it, in Liza’s best case scenario, how strong of a BB alliance is her teaming up with Jillian, Topaz, Talla and Gary gonna end up being? Can you say “The Powerpuff Girls!) Still, I just don’t see Liza giving her plan up, despite its epic fail to date. Because Liza’s a feminist, with *every* fiber of her being – it’s just who she is. And trust me – when it suits another BB female, to disclose Liza’s “true BB agenda” to the guys (which will surely be happening soon), Liza will finally be exposed as the #1 threat to the guys, that she’s been all along, and she’ll be toast. She’s been safe so far, only due to her and Tom, and because the house is now focusing on other targets.

Now, BB fan, to me, Liza is clearly the smartest girl in the house. And she’s also smart enough to know that her switching over to a “Plan B,” with Liza trying to co-opt with the boys, never works out well for the BB girls, either. The truth? I see no pathway to BBCA success for Liza here. At all. I do think, in the end, that once exposed, Liza will “go out” with her head held high, while staying true to both herself and her own beliefs, like every other feminist I’ve ever known. And I will respect her for that. But I see Liza’s behavior as being a *million* miles away from being that of a “floater.” To me, she’s anything but! Liza is vocal, she speaks her mind, and she’s plays the game hard. Dan Gheesling? The exact opposite. He never told *anybody* else in BB what he was really thinking – ever! Not even to his closest BB allies. And to me, the first and only time, in all of the BB13 game, that we *ever* got to see or hear an honest, non-diary room glimpse of the true Shelly Moore, was when she cast the deciding vote to evict Jeff, on a double eviction night. You think Liza is just like *those* two? Hmm…

BB fan, you also said that you agreed with Ann. But I didn’t think Ann was saying what you were saying at all, unless I’m confused. (Which happens all the time. In that case, never mind, my friend! :)