Big Brother Canada: Talla becomes one with the couch..

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: TOm & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 245pm

2:45pm Emmett, Aj, Peter, Tom and Jillian are in the backyard. Emmett is kicking the ball around the backyard. He hears someone under someone working on the set under the floor of the backyard. He gets down onto the ground and starts yelling: Hey, Hey, What day is it? What time is it? What Year is it? Tom goes over and talks to Aj by the pool and explains how he told Liza he needs to separate himself from her in the game, it’s not personal. Tom says that on a personal level he likes her, but her game sucks. Tom tells Aj that he hopes he and Andrew will vote for him. Tom says that he read through the rule book and says that it says If any one seriously offends another house guest.. Tom says I don’t think I seriously offended him. Aj says offend is suck a broad term. Tom says that if that is the case then Suzette calling me a racial slur about being a redneck could seriously offend me. Aj agrees. Tom talks about how he hasn’t been called into the diary room since the POV ceremony. Aj says that he thinks that is weird. Tom says I don’t even think Alec was exposed but he feels like he was. Tom says that he apologized to Alec and he said everything was fine.

3pm – 3:15pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to Emmett and Gary in the HOH bathroom. Emmett tells Gary that if he hears things in the future don’t tell me.. Emmett tells Gary to act and pretend like we don’t have anything. Emmett tells Gary that he can clear his conscience now after the way he acted. Gary says that if people were on the fence before they definitely aren’t now. Emmett explains to Gary that he might give Tom a friend vote so that they can remain friends after. Gary says well that would be in your goodbye message saying that Gary told me I had no choice but to vote you out. Emmett asks Gary who he thinks wants him gone. Gary says Liza if she stays .. and Aj. Gary talks about how Emmett needs to trust him more. Emmett is worried Gary might tell others what he tells him. Gary says I won’t, you can trust me. Emmett tells Gary to talk to him first if you hear something. Emmett tells Gary not to tell Topaz everything. Gary says that he wants Talla gone after Liza, she talks too much. Emmett goes to leave and tells Gary he has the messiest room. Gary says he knows were everything is. Gary tells Emmett to tell Jillian to actually trust me. I feel it she doesn’t trust me. Emmett tells Gary to approach Jillian.

Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 341pm
3:15pm – 3:35pm Emmett heads down to the kitchen. Jillian, Liza, Suzette and Peter are talking about how much smaller and defined Emmett is now that he is on slop. Emmett comments that he wanted to come in and get bigger, not smaller. Jillian and Liza both comment on how meat heads aren’t their type.

Video of Alec, Peter and Emmett’s Game talk will be posted here:

Meanwhile in the backyard.. Emmett, Alec and Peter talk game. Alec says that Emmett has the deal with Gary and we will keep it till final 4. Alec says that he was fine with Tom until he started talking game immediately after… I am a person and I have feels. They discuss getting Tom out this week. Emmett warns Peter about not getting too close with Liza .. you see what she did to Tom. The guys continue to work out.

3:45pm Talla becomes one with the couch.. Big Brother wakes her up with the alarm. Tom calls her Topaz (Because that’s all Topaz does is sleep.)

Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 342pm

3:50pm – 4pm Liza tells Tom that she is fine with not talking to him because she knows they will hang out after the game. Tom says that he is not okay with it. Tom says that he just can’t lay in the hammock with her and sleep in the same bed together. Talla talks to Liza and says that she feels like she lost a friend. Liza says that she thought things were fine. You were my best friend for 3 weeks and then you left me.

Meanwhile Gary has finished getting ready..
Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 4pm

4:30pm Liza and Tom play a game at the table. When they finish they talk about how they want to hang out but can’t. Liza says that she broke down in the bedroom. She says that this is cruel and unusual punishment. Tom says that the only person that makes me feel good is you and I can’t even hang out with you. He says that they don’t even want to hang out with me. Liza says that she cannot comprehend why they had to take these last few days away from us.

4:45pm – 5pm Aj and Talla have a talk out in the hot tub room. Aj says if he wins HOH he will put up Suzette after what he heard her say today. Aj tells her that Suzette was talking about going on a website where you cheat on your spouse. Talla and Aj head back to the house. Liza and Tom talk on the backyard couch and then he heads to bed. Gary and Talla are in the kitchen. Gary’s new Jamaica personality “Claudette” has come out.
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lick my NUTZ

toms a idiot …. that is all

Boo Hoo

What the heck! Why is everyone afraid of Gary? As I see it Peter, Emmett, Andrew, AJ, Alec (Strong players) have an excellent opportunity to win HOH. Gary has no Power left. Why do they feel that the have to prove something or please Gary? What! All the guys got castrated and now have vaginas, and Gary is the Head Vagina?

Boo Hoo

Sorry Tom, unfortunately I believe that you will only have Emmett’s vote. People try their best to please the house and the HOH, and at least Emmett owned up and explained why he is voting against the house. I find that it is a very classy move, even though it is used to save ………………………… TOM.


i don’t see why they have to be so mean. Its very childish.


Tom and Liza are adults if they want to hang out they can. They are manipulative and its obvious and its a threat and they need to go so if the house votes that way so be it.


why is aj even on this show??

one thing i don’t like about this big brother is that all the contestants know what’s going on. like the diamond power of veto, etc and they’re anticipating all of it. I wish bb would change it up so they can’t really plan anything so easily, for example, for double eviction week, the person on the block who survived eviction is made the new HOH and has to nominate 2 people. something like that


how does a double eviction work?


1) Someone goes home
2) HOH played
3) Nominations
4) POV is played
5) POV Ceremony
6) Someone goes home
7) Usually the HOH is played later in the night.. not sure how BBCAN will do it


Oh thanks so much for explaining that


Everyone loves it whenever people get together and share thoughts.
Great website, continue the good work!