Big Brother Canada Bar stories “T!t*y pictures from hot Couges” sums it up

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


12:15AM Hot tub Emmett and Tom

Emmett is coaching Tom about what to say to Alec. Emmett wants Tom to pull Alec aside and say that he’s truly sorry for what happened. Emmett adds that Tom has to really be sorry he cannot fake it or over act it, “Tell him you feel ashamed and you are embarrassed for yourself.. and it’s got to be really sincere man.. Don’t use any excuses like you use to do it with your buddies because it’s different .. there was no cameras there”

Tom understands..

Emmett: “and Tom.. you got to drop the whole Topaz thing.. “
Tom: ‘I can’t even talk to her man.. she’s sleeping”
Emmett: “You can’t show any animosity.. you need to act like friends and be like.. topaz it was anger.. Liza was telling me the whole time that Topaz was coming after me.. tell her you can’t say sorry enough“
Emmett stresses for him to leave it at that.

Tom says Liza knows what she is doing.. she planned all this deception she was putting things in our heads 3 levels deep. Tom lists off some of the lies Liza was spreading essentially she was trying to get them all fighting each other.

AJ, Suzette and Tall join them

Tom starts telling them bar stories.. “T!tty pictures from hot Couges” sums it up.. lol. Tom explains that he met this older women at the bar and she phoned him up the next day inviting him over between 12-4pm. “The kids are at school and her husband was sleeping” Tom didn’t go over he thought it was too dangerous because Edmonton is the murder capital in Canada. Tom continues that they went out the next night and he “did her” in his truck.. mostly bar chit chat..

Tom says he’s worked in the bar industry on and off for the last 5 years. He says that door guys get offered the craziest things by girls to gain access, Bl*w j*bs, pizza, coffee…


1:01PM Topaz and Alec Big Brother is buzzing the players because Topaz is sleeping. The buzzer goes off for a couple minutes. Alec tells her to stop sleeping because the buzzer is really annoying everyone else. Topaz swears she’s not sleeping she’s doing her nails. Topaz is getting pissed at the production because she feels they are “picking” on her. Alec: “It’s not a personal thing it’s a directive.. someone is told to buzz us if they see anyone sleeping”

They argue the point…
Alec: “It’s like standing in front a fridge being angry because the fridge isn’t working”

Topaz doesn’t care about production she is tired and she wants to sleep. Alec suggests that maybe she should go to bed earlier (Instead of 4-5am) Topaz: “This is me I’m not going to change.. ” Alec: “We’ll be prepared to be buzzed every day”

Alec tells her there is game going on throughout the day he thinks it’s a good idea for her to adjust her sleep. Topaz says if she went to bed at a regular time she would toss and turn in her bed all night. Alec explains that after a couple days her body will adjust and she will have a normal sleep pattern like the rest of the house.


1:13pm Tom and Talla

Tom: “She played me like a fu*** flute man.. she’s the one that put me in this situation” He wants Talla to go talk to Liza and tell her he can’t be around her during the day, he’s hurt from the break in trust. He can still talk to her late at night when people are sleeping.

Tom doesn’t know what was real or what was fake with Liza. He points out last week the entire house hated Suzette and now look at them, “Next week everyone will forget this all that is why it’s so important for me to stay”

Tom points out that Alec and Emmett control Gary right now they will most likley be able to control the next HOH. Talla chimes in that they can’t control her.

Tom: “If you remove the game She’s (Liza) is a beautiful person.. I told her I want a relationship outside this house but inside the house I don’t know who she is“

Talla: “You need to stay”
Tom: “I need to stay”
You hear Suzette plunge into the pool.. Tom: “is it warm” Suzette: “It’s nice”

Tom counts his vote. he’s got Talla, AJ and Emmett he just needs 2 more votes.


1:40pm Tom reads the rules about HOH


1:55pm Tom and Liza Tom says he doesn’t care what people say he’s going to spend time with liza for the rest of the week. Tom: “I feel like I broke up with a girlfriend.. I’m not going to sit there and not talk to you and ignore you” Tom tells her that he knows she said some shifty things but he still thinks she’s a beautiful person. Tom: “with that said I’m still sleeping in my own bed”
Tom and Liza agree that Alec played the wiener incident up a bit.

Liza says the order that people came up to me AJ, Andrew Jillian, Suzette and Emmett, “Not Peter no Talla” Liza calls Topaz a hood rat “As soon as Hood rat stopped screaming.. He’s not faking it” people started to come to her.

Liza: “How safe so you feel going into next Thursday”
Tom: “as safe as Suzette felt”

Tom: “Topaz inadvertently just threw everyone under the bus”
Liza: “She just threw the lid off and exposed everybody.. individually”

They both agree that Peter doesn’t care too much about his alliances otherwise he would have saved one of them.
Liza says that Alec is being a big PU$$y about the shower thing. They both agree why come on the show parade around 1/2 naked and making out with a girl at night then get upset when your wiener is exposed. Liza points out that Peter and Alec have swapped places Alec is the nerdy insecure guys and Peter is more the real man.

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…”they went out the next night and he “did her” in his truck” Stay classy Tom.


Emmett should become a life coach or something. That is exactly how people should apologize. Sadly, I don’t think Tom will be able to do it, especially in the BB house. He doesn’t know how to not say stupid things. Why would you tell everyone and someone like Suzette, who is a married woman, that you had sex with a married woman?? Especially when people are hating on you?? I wonder if Tom will ever be able to change post Big Brother house, or whether he’ll just remain an oppressive asshole his whole life.


Agreed on the Emmett thing, sometimes when I’m watching the live feeds he says some pretty enlightening things. He seems to be a much more intelligent/complex person than you would think.


tom better come to realize that the only people he need in this game are the ones who need him in this game …..even when he have nothing else to offer but himself …..i respect what emmett represents in this game so far … the first to help tom up are the ones who know how it feels to fall down .. i just hope tom realize the one who trust him (emmett) trying to save him even though there are a hundred reasons to give up he has found one reason to hold onto him …

team tom


That’s right Liza, Topaz is a hoodrat- that’s why you were talking about punching her in her fce. Like, b!tch please, you’re just mad ’cause Topaz handed your lunch to you (which happened to be crow) and you had no choice but to sit there and eat it! Horsefaced woman needs to go… but not until Mr. Perv aka Tom leaves the house. Topaz and Alec FTW!


Liza is not much of a person I grant you that. But Topaz is definately a hoodrat! She and Gary are talking about getting Alec out all this week The skank finishes plans to evict Alec and then goes and sucks face with him. That simply is the definition of a hoodrat! A skank 2 faced lieing backstaber.


and liza is doing something completely different with tom/andrew/peter. is topaz is hoodrat, liza’s trailer trash.


I’ll take you seriously if you knew how to spell… lying! LOL, as lieing is not a word


this aint all star season and so many dimwit players, feeble minded players like TOPAZ better yet alec tell her keep sleeping , sucking your face because when she wakes up again she’ll be out the door ..


Damn! How’ are you liking your haterade?


Finally Team Tom, lets get rid of Topaz. What does she bring to the game the most excitement so far was her trailer trash explosion on Liza. Believe me I am not a Liza fan but I can take an open back stabber to Topaz’s high and mighty crap. And Alec give it up already, what’s done is done and if you are concerned about your reputation that much and such a big fan you shouldn’t have come on this show for one and also hook up on the first day to the first girl who talked to you.


The second they say that it’s a double eviction, a lot of people will switch to evicting Tom.


Do you think they will tell them its a double eviction before they do the first one? I can’t remember if they tell them that right away.


No, the house guests will be told it is a double eviction immediately after whoever wins this weeks HOH. They will be told it is a double eviction and have to immediately nominate two house guests.


Cool. Thanks Dawg. You know, you are just as elusive as AJ! We hear about you and know that you are around somewhere but never actually get a sighting. And just when we think Simon is referring to his imaginary friend…BAM! There you are!



They can’t switch to evicting Tom. Tom is already going 1st thing on Thursday. The best Tom can hope for is 2 votes to stay. I put it 8-1 to evict Tom myself. The 2nd eviction will be the trick. That will depend largely on who wins HOH.


Wow, I really hope that BB shows Liza calling Topaz a “hood rat” in the edited episode. How do you go from threatening to punch Topaz in the face, and then turning around and calling someone a hood rat for actually confronting you about it? Topaz is pretty impressive, she is standing on her two feet and navigating this game and going toe to toe, with the guys, which is not easy in this game because women who play the game as aggressively as men do, usually get labelled pretty quickly. Of course, this means she has a pretty big target on her back, but its not any bigger than folks like Emmett, Alec or Peter. This is why, IF she can make it to the end, she actually has a shot a winning. If she continued to lay low, she would have been labelled the “sleeper” and people would have argued that she rode on Alec’s coat tails. She is clearly not riding coat tails anymore! I think this is also why Tom is having such a hard time with Topaz. He feels insecure with her, because she has as much power as his quattro alliance members.


Nah! Big brother will not shot Liza saying the hoodrat thing- they have to keep things PC you know.
By the way, agree with everything you just said, Topaz FTW and all the haters can keep on hating! ;)




OK I am willing to go with Topaz if she talks Gary into saving Tom and they get rid of Liza. Everything she says about Liza is true.


is there a video of topaz’s blow out on liza? i missed it and really want to see liza’s reaction lool


It is extremely offensive for Liza to call Topaz “hood rat”. She is oh saying this b/c Topaz is Black. She would. It be use this description if it had ben another houseguest blowing up at her. Topaz has proven herself to be quite classy & intelligent. Furthermore, the term “hood-rat” has both classist and racist overtones –not unlike the term ” redneck”, which Liza & Tom found to be so offensive.


Sorry for the typos. I mean Liza wouldn’t use the term for another houseguest. Just directing term towards Topaz b/c she is Black.


Tom is already faking his apology if he has to be told how to apologize…why doesn’t Emmett just hold his hand while he does it.