Big Brother Canada: Andrew says we are in the heavy petting days, intercour$e comes soon..

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: TOm & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

5pm Gary and Talla are talking in the kitchen. Gary comment how he wants both Tom and Liza out of the house. Talla says it will be one or the other this week. Gary says unless its a double eviction week. Gary explains how Big Brother Canada so far is more like Big Brother UK. Gary tells Talla in the UK one if you were sleeping all day and weren’t listening to them, they would just put you on slop. Talla says I hopes they don’t do that.

5:15pm – 5:25pm The camera switch to Emmett, Peter and Alec out in the hot tub. Emmett asks Alec what the order of eviction should be after this week. Alec says Liza, Talla, Suzette. Alec says that next week we should take everyone except Liza into the HOH and discuss how to get rid of her. Peter says that he thinks Suzette needs to go before Talla. Emmett says that he doesn’t agree. Alec thinks they should bring Topaz into their conversations more. Emmett says that he thinks Topaz talks too much. They discuss bringing it up to Jillian and Topaz that Tom keeps talking about the “quattro” and say that Tom is making it up just to expose it before Tom does. Emmett says that he will talk to Tom and ask him to leave with some class. Alec says maybe right before we should tell him that he is going because Liza told everyone about the quattro and that gained the houses favor for her. That way maybe he won’t try and expose it when he is evicted. Peter tells them that Tom told him if he won HOH next week he would put up Topaz and Alec. Peter says that we can do damage control if Tom leaves and he exposes us. Alec says that Tom is crazy and will expose us. Alec tells Emmett to just keep being Toms friend so that he doesn’t expose us. They finish up and head back to the house. Alec races to the hallway to see if anyone is spying on them.

Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 530pm
5:30pm Gary got the HOH camera. He tells all the girls that he wants to do their makeup. He lines them up in chairs and starts doing all their makeup. He is getting them all ready to do a photo shoot with them.
Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 539pm
5:45pm Alec talks to Andrew about getting Tom out this week. Andrew says that he wants to stay out of the drama but that he still wants to get people out of the house. Alec tells Andrew that he thinks Emmett will vote to keep Tom but he isn’t campaigning to keep him. Andrew says that is fine all we need are 5 votes and we’ve got that. Andrew talks about how his patients are running very thin with Gary. Alec says that he can’t go against Gary because Gary is Topaz’s best friend. Andrew says we are in the heavy petting days, intercour$e comes soon.. then divorce and separation.

Video of Andrew and Alec’s conversation is being uploaded:

Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 540pm

6:10pm – 7:15pm Gary is setting up the pool area for the photo shoot. The guys are all sitting around waiting for the shoot to begin. Gary finishes getting the girls ready. Peter “the photographer” gets the girls placed into position. Suzette asks are we doing any smiling. Gary says no its fierce! When they finish, Suzette says she wants a photo of her all over Peter. Peter doesn’t want to but goes to dress up. He comes back and they all crowd around him. Next they do a group photo with all the house guests. A serious, sexy and silly photo.
Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 711pm

Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 710pm

7:30pm – 8:15pm Emmett tells Jillian to trust Gary. Jillian then goes to talk to Gary.

8:15pm – 8:25pm Liza is laying in the hammock watching Tom workout. Meanwhile: Alec, Andrew, Topaz, Peter, Gary, Aj, Emmett and Jillian are all sitting in the living room talking about god. Andrew has his arm around Gary. They then try and play the silent game to see who talks first. Big Brother lets it go for a few minutes and then switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

Big Brother Canada March 19 2013 817pm
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The longer gary stays,the more dangerous he becomes.Topaz is with gary and they can get the votes and turn against alec,peter and emmet. if these guys are to make it far,gary has to go.alec’s fall is topaz he trusts her 100% and she doesnt trust him 100% anymore.gary and topaz are unto alec already and very close.


Wtf?! Can someone explain to me why andrew is even in this show?! I dont even understand half he things he saws…


I don’t know… could be that he aced his audition? I used to like Andrew (being that I am an identical twin) but the more he opens his mouth, the more I’m left scratching my head


Of course Alec thinks they should bring Topaz into their conversations….Open your eyes guys. Andrew may turn out to be the smartest one yet. Can’t wait for Separation and Divorce.


Thank you guys for doing these spoiler updates, it means that I can leave the live feeds I don’t miss a minute of BB. Even when I’m only gone for an hour and think I can’t have missed much your updates keep me in the loop. You guys are awesome!


Thanks Helen! Glad you like out spoilers


The world according to Alec – first Tom, then Liza, Talla, Suzette….presumably AJ….
If I was Emmett I don’t think I’d take that as gospel.
But even if I did –
Peter, Alec, Topaz, Gary, Andrew,……………………………….Emmett, Jillian


I want to see the long knives come out for The Man Who Would Be PHD and BatBoy.

Maybe, as it seems Tom is doomed, Emmett will get his coldblooded cut-throat on.


Wow, Emmett is really demonstrating all of those great qualities his parents spoke of in his letter! Apparently his word means shit! :(


Turning into GETTO house!!!!


The last time there was a person on the feeds that annoyed me more than Liza she had red hair and claimed to be “VEGAS”

Still I want Liza to stay in the house and go to war with Topaz!


Yes it is about time to bring in Jerry Springer so they can work things out.


Who is in the best spot right now?

I’m going to say Peter..


Good choice, but I think Andrew is in a better spot. Everyone seems to like him and is so far not a threat to anyone so they will keep him around awhile….Everyone knows peter and Alec are tight and the guys know Liza and Peter were close….With Tom out of the house, Liza will turn to Peter, and he may fall for that.


Why are they turning the house into a pig sty – Gary is a complete lazy slob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gotto go back to is own slum.


GOOD GRIEF – alec – grow some – you are pathetic and put a shirt on, I am sick of having to look at your sickly body, wear some undies under your sweats too!! You’re pathetic!


Why is everyone tip toeing around the minorites, they are turning this show into a joke – being p.c. has gone to far – no matter what Liza or anyone else said, that little black girl called her a WHORE in front of everyone, according to the rules, isn’t that reason enough to send her back to whereever she comes from?


Liz called ‘that little black girl’ a c u n t many times and said she would rather punch her and get booted than get evicted. Just because mrs. Ed did not have the stones to say that to her face does not excuse what she said.


yeah, cause the majority have been great upstanding people. give me a break. and since when did this turn into a race thing? from what i’ve read in the comments, all the cast members are getting their share of criticism. not sure how everyone is “tip-toeing” around the minorities.


teamno1 – there are several comments on f.b. regarding little black girls laziness and bbc letting her sleep thru alarms w/o doing anything about it and she IS a black girl, what is racist about that – bleeding heart?

Sakun – black girl didn’t say it to Lizas face, she screamed it like a natural banshee from inside the house, Liza and tom were outside – and she talks real how do you say, tough, as one person said, she is a hood rat, , so get a life!


We think topaz took a spot in the bb house that shud have gone to someone who wouldn’t sleep 20 hrs. a day – wht’s wrong with her – bb shud haul her ass out the door – waste of space – if she moved any slower, she’d be in yesterday!!!!hahahaaaah


Myah, you’re an idiot. And you’re racist. You’re talking out of your ass. And FYI, this is coming from a little white girl.
The reason Topaz tries to sleep all day is because she stays up until 4 am or 5 am talking strategy with Gary. Obviously she would then be exhausted and want to sleep all day. But Big Brother wakes them all up at 8 am – 9 am. So she is constantly trying to catch up on sleep.