Big Brother Canada: Emmett says that Suzette’s game talk consists of “Hey Boys!”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week

Big Brother Canada March 25 2013 9pm

8:45pm – 9:15pm Emmett and Alec are out in the hot tub talking about his hurt foot. Alec tells Emmett that his foot is not broken. Emmett says that if it was he wouldn’t get a cast put on it ..he says if he did he definitely couldn’t win Big Brother. He says that he is just going to take ibuprofen. Gary joins them. The conversation turns to talking about $trippers and $trip clubs. Gary says that his girlfriend is a good $tripper she even uses a condom when she gives bl*w j*bs. Topaz joins them and says that she just had an awkward conversation with Suzette. Topaz says that Suzette told her that everyone hates her. Topaz says that she told her that no one hates you. She says that she tried to explain it to her that the house just wanted her to know that she doesn’t need to bring up her family and how hard she has it all the time. Topaz says we all left people and things at home. Emmett says that he was just trying to be nice to her and try and help her. Gary brings up how Suzette says money is so tight but then says she make 2 grand for an appearance. Gary says that Suzette says she isn’t a threat .. but that she has beat most of us in the last few competitions. Emmett says that Suzette’s game talk consists of “Hey Boys!” Gary and Topaz head back to the pool. Alec talks about how in the POV ceremony Suzette’s speech was Canada had the good grace to save me so I hope you would do the same. Emmett says that he wasn’t trying to be mean, I earned that right to talk to her about why I wouldn’t use it and I just commented on her game. Alec says that she just excludes herself. Emmett says at least now I don’t have to listen to it any more.

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9:15pm – 9:30pm Alec and Emmett continue to talk in the pool. Alec talks about his relationship with Topaz. He says that he doesn’t know what’s going on.. it’s strange but that it seems like its getting better and that he wants it to get back the way it was. Alec says maybe I could just end it at the eviction like with you and Tom and just give her a vote. Alec comments on last night and says that he and her were under the blankets and says that they will probably portray it like we were doing it. They talk about how Tom never really felt bad for exposing Alec’s d!ck in the shower. Emmett and Alec talk about how they didn’t like how Tom told them what to do rather than discuss with them what to do. Alec starts going over the possible targets next week depending on who wins HOH. Alec says that if it was Gary on the block he would rather keep Andrew. Emmett is worried about Talla being in the house much longer. Alec thinks its best to get Talla out because she isn’t really a target of anyone .. so there will still be other targets that people will go after before coming after us. Alec and Emmett talk about how its good to keep Jillian because they don’t need to tell her anything and she asks what she should do. Emmett says he wants to keep Andrew around and maybe throw him an HOH so that he can do the dirty work. Alec tells Emmett that if it got down to me, you and Peter … I will take him to the finals because I promised him I would. Emmett tells Alec that he has no problem with that and says he understands. Alec says and if I start going crazy like Tom .. then get rid of me. They decide to head back to the house. Alec asks how his foot is. Emmett says it hurts but hopefully it will be fine by Thursday.

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Big Brother Canada March 25 2013 940pm
9:35pm – 9:55pm Talla is in the kitchen putting dishes away and cleaning up. A knife drops and almost stabs her foot. She starts screaming and swearing. Talla keeps going out to the backyard telling them each time she cleans something. She is pissed that no one cleans up after themselves. Topaz starts laughing and Talla freaks out. Talla goes back inside and takes off Topaz’s shirt. She says I don’t want to have anything to do with her. Talla goes back to the kitchen. Meanwhile out in the backyard they are talking about how crazy Talla is. Topaz laughs at something Gary does. Talla hears them laughing and comes out screaming at them telling them if they have something to say to say it to her face. Topaz gets up and goes to the kitchen and screams to her that they weren’t even talking about her. Talla apologizes. Talla and Topaz go out to the hot tub room. Talla is worried that people will nominate her and want her out because of her outbursts. Topaz apologizes for teasing her. Topaz tells Talla that no one is going to nominate you because you have outbursts.. in the beginning yes .. but now people know you. Topaz says she is sorry it was the wrong time to tease my Talla. Talla says thanks for talking to me. Jillian and Talla then have a short conversation out in the hot tub room. Talla tells Jillian that she can’t talk to Gary any more because she heard that Gary is trying to get her out next week. Jillian says she that she doesn’t trust Gary either. Jillian says that Emmett trusts Gary. Talla says that she doesn’t understand why he trusts him. Jillian tells her to be careful what she says to Gary. Talla says that she wants to win HOH to put up Gary and says that she already has her speech planned. Jillian says Emmett won’t go after Talla because he knows her and Talla are close. Jillian then bashes her head on the post and they laugh about it.

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10:20pm – 10:30pm Alec, Andrew and Gary are by the pool talking about “their brands”. Gary says that he is a brand and that right now he is working. Andrew tells Gary that he doesn’t need all the make-up he puts on. Andrew makes an analogy about a Weiner and Gary’s face. He says that putting on make-up is like taping a weiner to your d!ck. Gary tells him that it was a really mean comment to make and tells him to apologize. Gary says that he just compared his face to a weiner. Andrew says that it wasn’t meant to be mean. Gary tells him to admit that it was mean. Andrew says that he won’t because it wasn’t meaning it to be mean. Andrew heads inside the house.
Big Brother Canada March 25 2013 1045pm
10:45pm Emmett and Gary are showering. Emmett tells Gary that he should come to Nova Scotia for the Gay Pride Parade. Gary says that he would like that.
Big Brother Canada March 25 2013 1120pm
11pm – 11:20pm In the kitchen Andrew does the booty dance. Talla and Topaz start acting silly. The conversation turns to talking about Aj starts talking about how he once almost drowned from going down on a girl when she squirted. Andrew doesn’t like the conversation so they change the subject. Suzette joins them.

11:30pm – 12:05am Emmett, Jillian and Peter have gone to bed. Aj is in the bathroom pretending to be upset that Talla doesn’t like him the same way that he likes her. The others are trying to make Talla feel bad by saying he is really upset. Aj walks through the kitchen to go have a smoke in hot tub room. Talla asks him if he wants to talk. Aj says no. Talla tells the others in the kitchen that you can’t force your self to like someone. She laughs and spits out her pop. Alec is sad that Topaz isn’t sleeping with him tonight. He complains that now that they have a room she isn’t sleeping there. He asks what if I am havenot next week. She says well I will sleep in there with you if there’s room. Alec heads to bed. Aj and Talla head up to tuck him into bed. Alec talks about how he’s upset that Topaz isn’t sleeping up there with him and that he doesn’t understand why. He says that ever since the ipod thing she has been acting weird. Talla says so now there is a disconnect between you two. Alec says yeah, we have slept in the same bed since day three. He says that now it just feels like I am following her around and before it wasn’t like that before. (lol that’s how it’s always been) Topaz comes up and Talla and Aj leave. Alec asks Topaz when she is being mean. Topaz says I’m not being mean, nothings wrong. She kisses him and says see kisses. Gary comes up to tell Topaz to sleep up in the HOH with Alec. Gary tells Alec to go talk to her while she is in the shower.

Video of Alec being super clingy and worried that Topaz is acting weird since big brother took his ipod away because of her: (Video is uploading)
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OMG ! I officially hate Alec more than peter now !
Now you like Topaz again ? Now you want it to be like before .. you mean before you threw her under the bus and made her a target ? .. he acts like a 5 year old boy.
I think Alec is just book smart because he is really lacking in basic common sense … Emmett will always have Jillian behind him because he does not throw her under the bus and he is trying to keep him safe .. but Alec wants someone else ( not himself because he could have done it this week) to put up Gary/Topaz when they are loyal to him.

The 3 stooges are running around like wild geese with no loyalty to him and he hasn’t even considering putting them up .. if Alec had half the brain Gary does I would probably believe he was a PHD student.


Emmett throwing an HOH to Andrew might piss Andrew off he doesn’t want any handouts and certainly doesn’t wanna do somebody’s dirty work for them.
How funny it would be if Emmett throws it, then Andrew realizes this (just like with the HOH Alec gave him) and puts him up, lol.


I don’t see andrew turning on emmitt i think he thinks with tom gone emmitt will get him far in this game. Also emmitt isn’t stupid if he does throw andrew the hoh comp he won’t know he is throwing it similar to how peter has played all season.


Anything’s possible. I mean look it was Emmett that kinda told Gary it was okay to put up Tom, thereby putting him in harm’s way. Of course he had his reasons (Liza) but it resulted in the demise of Tom. Gary would probably still have put Tom up regardless but Emmett made it easy for him to.
If Emmett could do that to an ally then Andrew could do the same thing to him for his own reasons. People’s strategies change throughout the game.

So I’m not ruling another betrayal out.


Sounds like everyone is getting on everyone’s nerves lol
It’s about time


looks like Emmett is not going to be such a threat in comps with that toe being damaged. Probably broken. And he’s a big man!. He won’t get a cast!

Well, Em hate to tell you but they never put a cast on a broken toe. And it hurts like a bugger. I’ve broke my toe twice so i know.

This is indeed an interesting turn of events. And could be a very good strategy in future BB’s. Engage the powerhouse in a game that could potentially injure him, then ram into him. And just apologize after. Mwah hahaha


So Gary says he has a “girlfriend”… Does he mean he has a friend who is a female or does he date women.. Is he gay or a cross-dresser or both.. ??? …Is Gary playing them/us.. Is Gary normally a guy and the Gary in the house is the guy/gal with his game face on… ??? I like him.. He needs to win the next HOH and put up Andrew and Emment.. This would shake things up and split all the alliances. He should tell Emment is he wins and takes himself off the block then he’ll put up Jillian.. Tell Andrew and Alex and Peter if Andrew wins he’ll put up one of them.


Peter’s eating disorder –
will cause his brain to deteriorate
increasingly cause him ill health as he ages
will cost him his sex drive
but he’ll still hate people
so –
he’ll be middle-aged, bitter, friendless, crazy and dying.
He’ll committ mass murder.
Famous at last.
You’ve been warned.


You need to see a shrink….and soon cuz something ain’t right with you boy!


I want Peter to seek psychiatric help just as soon as he’s evicted.


None of that rhymed BTW


I know.
Lack of effort on my part.


Whats his disorder? Whats wrong with his eating?


So Peter doesn’t want to win competitions..
Alex only if cash is involved. Alex tell Emment he has a final two with Peter and Emment understands? Newsflash Peter thinks this info is a big secret. Also reason to send Sue packing.
Topaz shows up for events in her housecoat. Busy sleeping most of the time… When awake likes to gossip as if at a teenage slumber party..
Andrew, AJ and Talla are into the more adult party part of the program.
Jillian is just doing whatever whenever with no focus or plan.. She does try at challenges…. but social game is only about sex with the farmer.
Gary and Sue want to play but not together. And not realy with anyone else…Most important is how they look to the viewer..
Some one needs to knock on the glass and say “Hey, PLAY THE GAME.”


I feel like you just took a bunch of BBCAN haikus and just jammed them together here.


Tom blocked the sites twitter account.. weird..


Tom who? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Does this perhaps mean that Tom is the “twist” and coming back into the house? I hope so.


Tom is out in the wilds of Toronto I doubt he’ll be coming back. There’s a storm brewing in the house once Suzette leaves someone is going to get backstabbed


Alec is too much..first he’s throwing topaz under the bus working to get her evicted then he wants things back to normal then he wants her with him all within 24hrs?? This boy needs to get back on slop, real food is fucking with him.


Can someone explain to me how Topaz got Alec’s ipod taken away?


BB has been sounding a very annoying alarm when the HGs sleep when they should be awake (performing for us). It drives the ppl in house crazy.

Topaz, as you know, sleeps too much. She continues to sleep even tho there is a chance that BB will sound the alarm (thereby annoying the whole house). She fell asleep with Alec’s HOH ipod on. BB couldn’t get her to get up. BB got mad and punished her big time by taking away the ipod. (since the alarm wasn’t enough to keep topaz from sleeping)


Apparently Topaz closed her eyes while listening to the iPod. Big Brother assumed she was sleeping and buzzed her a few times. After her non compliance they confiscated it.


Is he going to guilt this girl into spending the week with him and then get her evicted the following week on national TV?! I know we didn’t get to see his balls but clearly they are huge.


He needs to keep his cover. That’s why he doesn’t want to be involved when Peter tries (with a capital T) to convince the next HoH (they are hoping Talla) to vote her out. If he doesnt make up with her it would be obvious. plus hes paranoid and he fears that she’ll rally people against him.
The relationship isn’t real for either of them…its all for the game


Man the people in this house are dumb if they think Suzette is a threat. Emmett is a threat, Alec is a threat and Peter is a threat. I think Peter will win big brother canada I hope peter doesn’t win he annoys me big time.