Big Brother Canada Alec: “I’m the Vladimir of Poutine”

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


12:08pm Alec and Peter

Trying to figure out what the head of household is, they think it might be a crapshoot
Alec About Liza “I don’t know what she’s running”
Peter: “Me either”
Alec: “2 people maybe 3 I don’t want to win it Liza, Aneal and talla”
Alec:” If it’s not Aneal or Liza going this week it’s going to suck”
Peter: “Yup”
Alec: “I wonder do I tell Emmett that information”
Petrer: “We’ll I guess so… .”
Alec: “I don’t see why not”

AJ joins them and talks moves to Poutine, Slop and Beaver tails
Alec: “I’m the Vladimir of Poutine”
Andrew joins them.. chit chat about the correct name of the President of Russia.


12:15pm The last couple hours all Jillian and Emmett have been doing is rubbing each other and kissing

12:20pm Hot Tub room AJ and Tom

Tom tells him they have kicked him out of the HOH room early today. They start speculating about the Head of Household competition. Tom doesn’t think Jillian will winning the HOH if it’s puzzle. Tom thinks out of the girls it’ll be Liza winning mental and Jillian winning Physiucal. Out of the guys he thinks it’ll be Andrew, AJ or Gary. They both are unsure if they want Talla to win because she is so unpredictable. Aj isn’t worried about Emmett and Jillian winning the HOH. Tom says there’s nothing to worry about because they will put up Aneal and Gary.


12:25pm Backyard Aj, Peter Emmet and Tom the player formally known as King Tom.
Aj is telling him the only person they really have to look out for winning the HOH is Gary, “biggest wild card here he can go after anybody”. Tom says if AJ puts up GAry and Aneal and Gary wins Power of Veto AJ has to put someone up, “You got to be very careful putting someone up against Aneal” AJ: “Why” Tom: “for floater reasons.. that’s why i would put up… ” (Tom gestures to the corner of the backyard.. Pretty sure it’s the hammock where Topaz is sleeping)


12:38pm Big Brother tells them to Close the “Red Doors” they are going into indoor lockdown.
Most of the houseguests are in their beds chatting or trying to sleep.


12:46pm Have Nots Room Topaz OH MY GOD Topaz is not sleeping this is the find of the season!!!

1:35pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH
2:00pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH
2:30pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH
2:41pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH
3:48pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH
4:40pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH
5:35pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH
7pm Feeds down HUSH HUSH

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I am reading posts about people voting to keep Suzette. Why people??? By keeping Suzette in the house you are just giving them another easy vote for next week. At least if she was gone, things could start to get more interesting.

But if she stays, we will just see a repeat of this week of Suzette being nominated, everyone ignoring her and her awkwardly trying to fit herself in to conversations and alliances. Just let her go and get on with the game.

The name of the twist is PowerShift. What in gods name can Suzette contribute to any Powershift??? Shift to what?? No side wants her on their team! Both sides would vote her out. The only person who even talks to her is Gary and he would put her up in a second.

I will say it again. Big waste of a move BB production!


Agreed. Too early. Waste of a move by Production.


When she stays this week, I don’t think that people are going to come after her again, right away. Tom can not play for HOH and he is the only one that really wanted her out. People were against her this week because they were just trying to please the HOH. After this, the game will go on. The PowerShift will be that Tom is not in full control anymore. Tom will realize that he is not “The Shit ” and that Canada is not on his side. Canada hates him and I can’t wait ’till he and the rest of the house guests know!!


Tom won’t realize anything because we are not given the option of leaving things the same. Had they been able to say to Tom that we (the viewers) were given the option of changing one or leaving them the same and we still decided to change them, then yes Tom would know that we purposely went against him but this was dumb. We weren’t given the option to leave it the same.

Whatevs. It is what it is. It won’t dramatically change the game for the worse or the better. Just seems pointless.


I like your thinking Simon. It will be interesting to see if Tom puts up Andrew. Now THAT would be a bold move! I wonder if they will give him any time to strategize or if they will just spring this on him just before voting begins. Or maybe they are doing it right now with the Hush Hush screens up.


Wrong, as a voter and fan I see it as a move that can cause mass tension. For one, that means Tom must put someone else on the block and everyone will be scrambling. If it’s Gary that’s on the block…..let’s see who wins HOH and POV, gary has more friends than people think.

The game is too boring right now and will be for the next two weeks anyways, by keeping Suzette we have a chance at making Tom more of a villain than he already is. The way it’s going now, it would be suzette and then gary or aneal, but Tom promising Gary and then putting him on the block can cause a shift in power, especially with the new HOH being decided tonight.


Is this at all a possible scenario tonight? BB to houseguests: The power to evict this week has been shifted to the viewers. You will not be voting on a houseguest to be evicted. Houseguests, viewers have chosen to evict ________.

Houseguests don’t do any voting tonight and Tom does not select another houseguest for the empty eviction seat. After “our” eviction choice leaves, they carry on with a new HOH competition.

Personally, I would prefer this to be the case…wishful thinking on my part? I suppose.


Those were my thoughts exactly!! If Tom has the option to put someone else on the block that would mean 4 people on the block this week doesn’t make any sense. Plus the person being put up doesn’t stand a chance and that’s not fair.

Canada chooses ________to stay
Therefore ___________ you have been evicted from the big brother house

Play HOH and move on!!!!


This seems to be a very real possibility and I believe it would be much more fair than awarding a Veto to a nominee while no other houseguest has a chance to win it for themselves.

My only concern is that I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing. Overall, I like how BBCAN has incorporated different aspects from both BBUS and BBUK (and probably others) but the thing that makes BBUS the best is that the house guests vote to evict each other. There is far less gameplay when the fans vote for evictions (see: BBUS Season1).


Looks like it actually is a 2nd Veto….


If there was a possibility of an alternate nominee production would have had most of the houseguests pack their bags… as far as I know this has not been the case. Canada is voting, I choose to keep Suzette, why keep them the same that would be boring! It’s only a game


Maybe Alec and Emmett will try and convince Tom to put up Aneal..either way I think it all depends on how much time (if any) they give the houseguests to talk


I voted 18 times for Suzette to stay ;D LOOOOOOL


This power shift thing is the dumbest thing ever…. Not to mention. RANDOM? What’s the point of saving either AJ or Suzette? Neither have been too interesting at all….. i hate when they let Canada/America interfere


Totally agree with you KMS!

George BBUS 1-14 fan

oh but the look on Toms face would be priceless. It would make watching the episode epic.already tried of King Dictator Tom running house . Tired of his lil tyrants & hate ons.


Whatever the outcome – next HOH – Gary!
With glitter power, he makes it scary,
noming Peter and Emmett,
then watches, wary.
When POV saves one
he waves his hand airy
and backdoors Liza!
Is she surprised? Very!

Whoever is next HOH, I hope they are clever enough to lie straightfaced, cheat, connive, manipulate, backstab and deal.
C’mon Houseguests – let your inner inner psychopath out!


Tom thinks he is loved by everyone and Canada, preaching about karma and big threats. This is just to make Tom not feel loved and him get even more whine-y.

Either way, I want a big move in this game and I hate how everyone in here is talking like they know the game (especially Peter and Liza) and doing nothing. All talk. They need to get one of the big boys out before it becomes the Bros show.


Simon – is it normal to have the feeds down so long during eviction day? Or do you think they are telling the houseguests about the PowerShift?


That would blow and defeat the purpose of this stupid stunt.


I agree. I think it would be much better if it was a suprise.


The voting closed at 2pm and the feeds have been off since pretty much the same time. BB may have had a Veto ceremony this afternoon and are giving the nominees the opportunity to campaign….I personally don’t like it but it may explain the extended outage of the live feeds.

Hey Simon/Dawg,

I have your US live feeds bookmarked and I went to check on them today and it says the channel was deleted. Do you have a new url for the live feeds for the US viewers?


Is it wise Topaz hides in her slumber,
laying so low, or is it dumber;
arrogant, thinking Shield’s her umbrella
all the while giving others her number?

Mancing with Alec – lucky or smart?
Spinning Tom – well done on her part!
Mistrusting Liza – all that’s a start
but things change quick as a fart.
Will she regret not throwing more darts?

I haven’t decided if she can handle the heat yet.


As much as i don’t like suzette i wouldn’t say she will be on the block it all depends on who wins hoh and as of now it might be tom or liza.

George BBUS 1-14 fan

Cant be Tom as he is out going HOH they cant play week following being HOH


I dislike when they let the fans decide, it is a well known fact fans are the worse judges of what we want. In this case Suzette makes enough drama that I am not gravely disappointed. But she was one of the less interesting players and will keep her mouth quiet until she is gone. The house would have got more interesting if she was gone and aneal was still around. the fans gave us chicken george, seriously, chiecken george would not win any other season. Just let the people play, whatever happens happens