Morning in the BBCAN house The Kings Reign is over “Ewww it looks like your boob is leaking”

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


9:43am Topaz and AJ

Topaz is saying that she hates slop. Aj makes fun of her because all she does is sleep. Alec joins them and asks if AJ will help him cut his beard. Alec decides to get Andrews help. Topaz talking in the microphone “Beaver Tails please.. Beaver Tails” Alec heads to the Bathroom with Andrew to shave. Aj tags along and they joke about Andrew and Aj being twins.

Andrew starts shaving with a wet shaver and complains that it hurts, “How do people do this every day” Andrew: “Ahh the life of an academic wake up and worry about the patches on your tweed jacket” Andrew tells him to leave the Soul patch because it’s working for him.



10:00am Hot tub Room Andrew and AJ

Andrew thinks that the girls hate each other. Aj doesn’t think Jillian and LIza get along, He’s also sure Topaz doesn’t like Jillian and Liza. Andrew Agrees says that Jillian “Fake” likes Liza. They both agree that they have to get Talla on their side after they win HOH. Andrew says if all these people win HOH they will be saying “Ohh i want to do what the house wants.. What the fuck are you doing here” Andrew plans on doing what he wants to do.

Andrew says now is the time to make a big before the twists come. He thinks they have to try to and get Tom then Jillian Aj says it’ll be impossible to do that they have a chance at gettign one of them.

Andrew “Jillian is always saying I love everyone in the house.. Shut the f*** up.. It’s like teachers in school There’s always one moron in the corner you want to beat with a stick”

Andrew adds that Jillian is in a showmance with the strongest guy in the house and all she does is sit in the corner.. she’s got to go.


10:16AM The King is up Emmett is beside him on the kitchen couch
They both wish Tim Hortons was sponsoring the the show because the coffee tastes like crap. Emmett about Tim Hortons “They’re owned by Americans now”

Tom: “it’s been two weeks since I’ve slept in the main bedroom.. ”

(Standard morning.. a lot of useless side conversations.. )

10:41am King and Liza backyard
Tom doesn’t think it’s a good idea if they stay holed up in the head of household room for another week. Liza agrees says if she wins she’ll have a different person spend the night in HOH every day.

Liza: “I can’t have Alec, Topaz or Gary win”
Tom: “WHY.. Gary is a shoe in for us.. he’s not going to put you up”

Liza and Tom agree that Topaz has no chance to win the HOH. Liza thinks Alec isn’t going to win it either. Tom says it’s obvious to him that Topaz and Peter are throwing all the comps except for Have Nots. He’s been watching people compete in the Have nots to see how competitive they are, “Nobody wants to be a have nots so everyone is trying to win it”

Liza says her spray tan tank top is stained. Tom: “Ewww it looks like your boob is leaking”


11:00AM AJ and Liza Aj is saying that According to Tom and the other big players Talla is pretty low on the chopping block. Aj: “Talla is right there on the Chopping block.. if we want to make a big move .. I’ll talk to Andrew.. Have you talked to talla?” liza: “No” AJ: ‘Keep her in the dark for now”

(no idea what they are talking about)



11:10AM Random morning chit chat.. Emmett is grabbing/rubbing Jillian’s Breasts


11:32AM Gary and Jillian Bathroom Gary says that Aneal is blaming him for the Danielle thing. Jillian doesn’t understand why, she adds that Aneal is pissed at her because she was HOH and nominated him. After the conversations GAry proceeds to dance around the house (Video is coming)

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Simon who do you think Tom will put up tonight?


I am confused! Why is tom putting andrew up i thought the nom were set

Phil S.

Man, I am getting so tired of Suzette. Pulling for Peter to win it!


I hate Suzzette’s voice…BUT would love to see her stay…and have Tom leave before HER…love to see look at that guys face !!


Hey….kinda a stupid question I guess. But every time I watch the feeds I never see aneal I only hear people talking about putting him up! And at night topaz and Alec are on the cot and jillian and Emmett on the circle bed. Where is that guy?


“Gerald” has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen on Big Brother. Ever. I hope Gary is around for a looonnng time.


Gary killllss me too.. Friggin hilarious! Not a single shit is given by that kid, which is so refreshing..


I heard that Garry can’t be put up since the POV was used on him. Is that true or is there a chance that Gary could be put up?


I don’t like anyone in this house!! still I keep watching . Addicting. LOL