Big Brother Canada Power of Veto Results Suzette: ‘I’ll be the token native on every show they need me”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?


12:35AM Feeds come back..
Bathroom Gary, Emmett, Suzette, Peter and Jillian.

Chatting about the Power of Veto Competition. Doesn’t sound like Suzette won it.. Emmet sure seems in a good mood. Suzette mentions how good Jillian did at the competition.

12:50AM Bedroom Talla and Andrew

Andrew says he wishes he could have played in the Power of Veto. Andrew points out that in competition like that there is no way they could ever beat Emmett, “But thats OK for now” Talla agrees.


1:00AM Bedroom Suzette and Andrew

Suzette saying she did really good at the competitions she could have won the leprechaun because she works in the record industry. Andrew asks her if she threw it, “Gary won it didn’t he”. Suzette didn’t throw it but could have probably gone further. She lists off a few more comps that she came 3rd or 4th in. Andrew: ‘You were never a have not.. thats a good thing”
Suzette adds that she did well in the last HOH competition. Andrew: “You were 1 minute away from 10 thousands”
Suzette says that she knows her community and she knows how to use her time in the Big Brother House that will propel her. Andrew tries to make her feel better by playing down his contributions to the game. They chat about their casting experiences.. Big Brother warns them to not talk about casting.

All in all Suzette is happy with how she played the game and how she represented herself. She talks a bit about respect.. she respects people in the house, respects the show, Respects the crew and she knows they respect her. She feels she played a respectful game that deserves a high level of respect itself.

Suzette: ‘I’ll be the token native on every show they need me.. my whole goal is to push Native people into the mainstream”

Suzette: “I’m busting open doors by being an aboriginal person on Television” Suzette talks about hopefully someone on Slice will cast her for a show. Suzette jokes that she wants to be on teh real housewives of Vancouver.
Andrew: “ya ya you’re on your way.. you’re positive good for you” (Andrew says Good for you about as many times as Suzette says respect)

1:21AM Kitchen

Most the houseguests milling around making a giant meal. Emmett mentions something about winning a “Have Nots Pass” he gets one week free from being a have not.


1:25AM Andrew and Gary bathroom

Andrew pointing out how much of a beast Emmett is. Gary whispers “It’s good when the beast is on your side” Andrew says that for weeks Liza was telling him that Emmett wanted him out, it was all lies. Gary mentions that not everything Liza said was bullshit.
Andrew: “Tommy wanted my a$$ out big time.. “
Gary: “Ya”

Andrew says that the first sight of the Power of Veto challenge he knew that there was no chance Suzette was going to win. Gary mentions that AJ has never really done anything in the comps, he asks Andrew “How is AJ planning on winning this game on his social” Gary laughs. Andrew points out that there are plenty of players still in the house that have not won anything, Talla and Topaz.


2:16AM Kitchen Emmett, AJ, Andrew, Alec, Peter

Chatting about this and that.. Emmett mentions that he got a burn on his shoulders from the short period of time he was in the hot tub room. Peter still holding the elastic band that Liza gave him on her way out the door.

Topaz tells a joke she made up herself
Topaz: “how do you clean poo.. ”
Aj: “How”
Topaz: “you wash-shit”


2:34AM BAckyard Peter and Alec
Alec: “What do we do next week just chill”
Peter: “I might try to win one”
Alec: “It’s weird being HOH.. I don’t like it”

Peter wants to win a veto but doesn’t plan on using it.

Peter: “If Emmett wins HOH next week it’ll be great”
Alec: “Watch that Talla and Emmett bond in the next couple weeks”

They joke about AJ being the most successful pawn in the Big Brother Game. Alec’s ideal will be for them to take out Talla or Gary next week. Peter agrees, says if Talla wins he can get her to put whoever up, “We can say put who we say up and you are safe next week then next week she goes home”

Alec: “You gotta watch out for Emmett and Gary.. as a pair”
Peter: “Gary has to go soon.. he’s a lost puppy”

Peter says they need to back door Gary next week. Alec: “We’ll need to convince Emmett that.. I Haven’t talked game with Emmett for weeks”

They both agree that Emmett trusts them and he really has no reason not to .


2:48AM Kitchen Alec, Jillian, Topaz, AJ, Andrew, Emmett, Peter
The screencapture shows Aj telling Topaz that her feet are not her best quality. Jillian asks them if the HOH can put themselves on the block.. Everyone around the table lays out the rules saying the HOH cannot be nominate themselves (LOL OMG).
Alec wonders if anyone left Big Brother because they mentally could not handle it. They start talking about he players that have been removed, Willie and Chima are brought up. Peter goes in depth about the Chima eviction.

They start chatting about Jeff.. Jillian really liked him. Peter says that Jeff was disliked off camera but loved on camera. Goes on to explain that Jeff said some pretty messed up things. .


3:00am Andrew and Emmett playing pass with the football. Aj joins them.

They are chatting about how the fans perceive them. Andrew says that Emmett must have a lot of TV time.

Andrew jokes about Emmett using the Power of Veto on Suzette so they can “Get this f**-*- out” (Aj)

They head into the hot tub and start talking about Topaz pissing off production from being so slow in getting ready.

Alec joins them.. They start chatting about Suzette. Andrew rehashes his conversation with Suzette.
Andrew mentioned to Suzette that she is going to bigger and better things
Andrew jokes to Aj “You are going back to your desperate lonely basement”
Emmett You might be the milk man on a friggen BuildBoard for Milk and Alec is
going back to school

Alec says Suzette is a nice person she might not be right for this game. He thinks Suzette will do some important things after this show.
Emmett says the one thing he does not like that Suzette does is she tries to make you feel sorry for her, “she tried to guilt you all the time, It was just guilt guilt guilt” The other guys agree.

They bring up Suzette’s outbursts, they all agree that it was not shown on the TV show because she was then voted to stay in the house. Emmett points out that there was too many swear words it would not have been aired.

They talk about who Suzette had in the beginning, She had Aneal, Gary and Talla
Andrew: “we’ll there’s a army right there army of darkness”

Emmett says that people who work for the native community get paid a lot of money. Mentions the scandal of the Canadian chief who was paying himself 1 million dollars and was accused of embezzling another million.. Feeds cut..

3:50am – 4:55am Alec, Emmett and Andrew continue their talk in the hot tub. Alec mentions being scared about being disqualified from competitions again. Alec asks Emmett and Andrew who they want gone next week. They discuss whether Gary or Talla would be the next target. Andrew wonders if I win HOH and I put up Gary .. who should I put up against him. Alec suggests Aj as a pawn. Andrew says that he can’t do that. He says that he can’t put up Aj because it pisses Talla off, and I can’t put up Talla because it pisses Aj off. Andrew wonders if he should put up Topaz. Alec says that he understands why Andrew would do that and I would not come after you even if Topaz said lets get Andrew out. Andrew says that Aj is my Topaz. I just said that on TV! They all laugh. Alec says that he would not put Peter up as a pawn, we get one black ball, that’s mine. Andrew says here we are talking about never never land, I might not win next week. Emmett might win. Emmett jokingly says if I win, put you two up. Big moves! They head inside to go to bed. Andrew and Alec talk in the kitchen. Andrew then talks to Emmett in the bathroom. Emmett then talks to Alec in the kitchen. Alec asks you don’t mind me talking to Andrew about things do you? I don’t think we have anything to worry about from him. Emmett comments that Andrew a good guy to keep around. Alec says its good for us that he would taking the heat on taking out Topaz. Emmett says yeah it good to keep those people around. Emmett heads to bed to make out with Jillian. Andrew showers and heads to bed. Alec heads up to the HOH room to go to bed with Topaz.

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I advise strongly to view at your own discretion: Kid Craig interviews both Liza and Tom on March 23. Liza states that they are a power couple. She asserts that they are both extremely good-looking and intelligent. I live in the city with this and have NEVER met anybody so UTTERLY unattractive – physically and otherwise. I’m suspecting some sociopathic tendencies or SOMETHING…..

The Watcher

The house guests are effing hilarious tonight lmao @ them making fun of Topaz with Topaz. She is a good sport. I like a girl who can make fun of herself XD


What exactly is Peter’s “game”? He flies so under the radar and gets away with it. He just seems creepy now and I’m just imagining him thinking, “These morons are so beneath me”, and things along that line. He doesn’t DO or SAY anything interesting, intelligent, or even remotely valuable to the game. Am I missing something?


That is his game. To fly under the radar not make too many waves and have other people do his dirty work. That’s what Alec is trying to do too but he doesn’t have topazs full trust so he had to win some challenges to prove to her he’s not throwing comps.


It’s funny, when Gary and Andrew were talking about floaters, they mentioned Talla, AJ, and Topaz haven’t won anything. Peter is a major floater but he sure is under the radar.


I do like Peter, but I’m surprised that people haven’t considered putting him up yet! I guess as long as all eyes are on Alec, Emmett, and Gary, he’s in a pretty good spot. He should probably win something soon to gain some sort of credibility though.


Maybe your missing all of the conversations he’s having with Alec talking about how to maneuver through the game?
You just described his “game”. Fly under the radar and get away with it.
Looking from the outside I would have targeted him first…he’s a very dangerous player


One thing that could definitely perk me up for next week would be an AJ HoH Administration. It would be like watching my nephew try to multiply fractions.




Aj or Talla as HOH would be hilarious….I would love to see that. :)


Alec and Peter are so cocky! They think they run the house. Well, they kinda do I guess. I wish someone would put them both up though.


Simon, do you think the feeds are live right now? The only reason I ask is because there are so many people up and about. This is way too late for everyone to be up. I know they had a late POV, but typically there would still be more people in bed by now, I think. Besides Gary and Topaz, there don’t seem to be any night owls.


Yeah. I’m not saying it isn’t live, but with all the feed shenanigans the last couple days, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t.


As per Peter not necessary to emphasize ‘night’. Owls are naturally nocturnal.


Tell Peter we have certain colloquialisms here in America (especially in the South). It wouldn’t make sense if you just referred to someone as an owl. In fact, and you can tell Peter this, one might get punched for lack of specificity.


thumbs up for good spelling!


I’ve been thinking, and it would be interesting to see Talla win an HoH. I doubt she would put up AJ or Andrew. I hope she wouldn’t go after Gary though.. if not Talla, than I want Gary or Topaz to win the next HoH. I hate that Peter is no one’s target.. him and his game-play are getting annoying pretty fast. Having him and Alec up on the block against each other would be fun to watch. :)


Sweet dream –
Gary HOH
Noms Peter and …AJ!
Topaz wins POV…saves AJ!
Alec up and evicted unanimously!
The house gives Peter more reasons to “hate people” all week, then he goes next.
Much hilarity ensues.

The Watcher


Did someone complained to however is in charge of the Live Feeds about the Ramada commercial randomly making your ears bleed?

Because I havent seen the crawling man-cat on the table in a while….


Btw why is Alec still talking about Glitter as in thinking about putting him on the block sooner than later? Wasnt him all over the Glitter Warrior last week?

Oh! Yah! I forgot he is HOH….eurgh!

He better keep it short and cute and remember the 4Geez!!!!!


I am really starting to get so sick of everything Topaz does and says. Since the onset, she glued herself immediately to someone (game, of course) – someone who other people liked (Alec), so she was protected. She is either sitting on him, lying on him, eating off him, etc. etc. and thus avoids being a target. Then after feeling the safety, starts talking alittle more loudly and abrasively. He will protect her to a certain extent. What does she really bring to the table? I know it may not be popular opinion, but she is annoying the f**k out of me.


kayla – I will 2nd that -she makes me feel pukey!!


I will 3rd that comment i can’t stand Topaz. I really don’t want her to win any time soon since I think she will target Emmett and Jillian. As Andrew mentions maybe he will put her up. I would like to see who she turns on if she goes up. Alec talks like he will let her go but I am sure he would try to save her. I think Peter will be ok with letting her go.


Great hot tub conversation…it’s clear that Alec’s inability to win HOH next week will come in handy if anyone other than talla or gary wins. He will get someone to do his work for him and send Gary packing.

What I don’t like is, he is so afraid to get blood on his hands. I understood the whole nudity issue, but I think the emotions were because he was on slop for 3 weeks. WE remember the best players because they aren’t so mentally weak….and honestly, u put someone like Janelle in this game……she would eat Alec up and spit him back out.

He is so certain he’s safe…..that’s usually when u get sent home packin….I wouldn’t be surprised if Gary glitter just put him and peter up on the block and joined forces with andrew and the 3 stooges. Eliminates comp threat and if Alec and Gary were the final 2, Alec would totally beat him in the jury vote.


It has been awhile since the red phone has been used. The last time was when Andrew had to make that horrific meal and then they got pizza and beer. Has anyone also noticed that the alcohol consumption has decreased as well? I wonder why BBCAN had decided to give alcohol so often to the houseguests but BBUSA rarely gave it to them…..


at this point, i’m team anyone but Emmett (and Jillian by association).
I don’t know why I dislike him so much the same way I disliked Jeff and Frank.
I guessI just hate muscles :D


Jessie just read your post, noticed that he was excluded from the muscle club, and immediately hung himself with a belt.


Emmett should use the Power of veto and get alec to nominate Gary
Topaz is all talk and no game… That way, she’ll turn against Alec and make the show better


It doesn’t really matter.
Suz will go. There’s too much agreement.
Em might as well not use it.
Alec gets a “safe” HOH.
Hopes for drama and big moves lies with next HOH.


It would be great if someone would shake things up and either Emmett, Alec or Peter be put up, otherwise things will be boring. I really would rather AJ be voted out Suzette. At least people (both in and outside the BB house) have strong feelings about Suzette whereas most people just think AJ is useless and a pawn (inside and outside the house). Plus, I wish people would stop saying that Suzette is getting these “advantages”. Yes, she got lucky with a couple of things (i.e. powershift), she’s also got disadvantages compared to many of the other houseguests. If anything, this game is rigged to ensure that a younger, fit, single person wins it, since they always outnumber the older people. There is really nothing about Big Brother that’s fair, really. Although at least they have some rules around competitions and are enforcing them.


They are going to need to bring back tom later in the game to stir shit up, seriously the house is so boring. Peter is the worse player, if he makes finale he will lose because he hasn’t done shit. Before you say he’s done xyz behind the scenes, irrelvent, house guess won’t see that. Right now of players remaining only a few can win if they make it to finale

Talla, Topaz, Jiallian and peter. With peter doing the least of any house guest. Not a single big move. all he does is talk to people, but the people he talks to are already doing the move he agrees with and he hasn’t won shit


Silly Peter. All he does is talk to people. Dumbest move to make in a social game.


I would love to see Tom come back. I think at this point he is the only one who can break Alec’s alliances. I think Tom would target Alec if he were to return. It would only seem fair since if canada hadn’t saved Tom he would still be in control until the Alec and Peter alliance back stabbed him. But at least now he would hopefully not trust anyone except maybe Emmett. I also think Emmett has a good chance of winning the whole thing since he has not openly targetted anyone.


I used to be team Alec/Topaz but they are starting to annoy me. I am now totally team Andrew, I think he is hilarious and I love watching him on the live feeds.


Go team Andrew. Emmet will not use the veto if alec doesn’t want him to or he risks Jillian going up as a replacement. I really don’t want AJ to go home so I hope he doesn’t use it and that Suzette does go home.