Big Brother Canada Power Of Veto Ceremony SPOILER RESULTS!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 505pm

5:05pm When the live feeds return we learn that Andrew used the Power of Veto during the Veto Ceremony to remove himself from the block and Jillian as the Head Of Household nominated Talla as the replacement nominee.

Talla and Andrew are in the kitchen. Talla says that she is annoyed and is going to bed. Talla tells Jillian that she is really annoyed by Peter’s speech. Andrew says that Peter and Alec just want to be characters on a TV show, they want to be memorable instead of being themselves. He says that Peter referenced the Chaos Theory in his speech. Andrew says that the Chaos Theory was said in the Jurassic Park movie. Chaos Theory “Chaos theory is the study of nonlinear dynamics, in which seemingly random events are actually predictable from simple deterministic equations.” Andrew explains that when there is a certain amount of chaos different result come from it. The house guests are wondering when the havenots can end the 72 hours of service. They agree that Big Brother will let them know when it ends. Talla says as soon as it’s dark out I am going to bed because I am having a sloppy day. Andrew tells Talla that at least we don’t have to wake up early and watch that god forsaken video.

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 510pm

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 548pm
5:35pm Jillian says that because you and Andrew did so well at serving us for 72 hours, they should take you off slop right now. Talla says that she is in such a bad mood and just wants to sit in the corner. Jillian heads to the bedroom to climb in bed with Emmett. Emmett asks what Andrew was all worked up about? Jillian says his (Peter) speech. Emmett asks why? Jillian says that he was just annoyed that they (Alec/Peter) aren’t being themselves. Emmett says he called Andrew out .. saying that he is a believer in the chaos theory and not afraid to shake things up. He says that it was a jab at Andrew to say that Andrew wasn’t brave enough to use the veto on him (Peter). Emmett says its just funny. I like Peter. Emmett asks what Andrew really mad. Jillian says that he wasn’t mad, he just doesn’t like how they are playing characters than being themselves. Emmett says who cares. Jillian starts talking about a guy she dated. Emmett asks how many people have you dated. Jillian says that was only in a relationship with 3 people and went on dates with 6, 7, ..8 people.. Emmett laughs and says that a lot of her conversations go back to talking about people she’s dated. Jillian says I haven’t dated that many people, I am not a skank! Jillian says that she would rather go to the final three with him and Andrew rather than Talla .. she would probably win the endurance HOH. She is so small she could win that. Jillian says and still either one of us could and take the other. Emmett says that he doesn’t think Andrew would take him. I tried to sell it to him today but I don’t know. Emmett says that he was throwing the line out there to see if he would bite. Jillian says you could win HOH or not it doesn’t matter as long as one of us wins the veto. Emmett says Talla just can’t win the veto. Emmett and Jillian start studying the events of the house.

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 6pm

6pm – 6:50pm Andrew and Talla head out to the hot tub room. Andrew and Talla discuss being on slop and about how much weight they’ve lost. Talla says she hopes they get a reward for serving the haves for 72 hours. Andrew says our reward is not having to wipe their a$$es any more. Andrew and Talla start playing puck ball in the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the bedroom: Emmett and Jillian are talking about past events of the house. Jillian says that she will be able to defend all of her actions in the house to the jury. Jillian asks Emmett do you think the jury would pick you over Andrew? Emmett says yes. Emmett asks do you want to take that chance with Talla? The only reason she is around right now is because every one wants to take her. Emmett says your excuse to get rid of Talla could be that she is a threat in endurance. Andrew and Talla join them. Andrew jokingly says hey do you guys think we should get rid of Talla this week? She won’t even know its coming. Talla says shut up. Andrew asks them what they thought of Peters speech. Emmett says that it was a witty comment to call you out and making fun of you. Andrew is called to the diary room. Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub room to play cards. Peter joins them in their card game.

6:55pm Emmett, Jillian and Peter playing cards in the hot tub room. Talla is up in the HOH room listening to Jillian’s music.

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 645pm

7pm – 7:25pm Andrew and Jillian are talking game in the kitchen. Jillian says that Emmett has been distancing himself from her a bit lately. Andrew says that well that’s why we have our deal. Andrew and Jillian are worried about Talla winning the next HOH. Andrew says its one thing for her to win HOH but all we need to do is make sure we win the Veto. Andrew talks about how Emmett is 2 years younger than she is and he isn’t as mature as she is. He says that he is a little cocky and doesn’t treat you like a lady like I would. Jillian says well maybe we should ditch our partners and go together. Emmett comes out of the diary room and they run out to the hot tub room to quickly finish their game before Peter gets called in. Meanwhile Andrew goes up the stairs to the front door and scares Talla when she comes out of the diary room. He says that he went up there to see his twin brother Pete’s perspective when he came in.
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I am so sick of tallas temper tauntrums i almost wish jill and emmitt would get rid of talla. I get why emmitt doesn’t like her was she mad because of peter’s speach or was she so self absored she thought jill would put emmitt on the block?


I agree – she sure is acting like a spoiled little rich girl.. while I get that it is hard to be in there all this time.. she just needs to suck it up and move on.. Who does she think she is??? Her ego is just as bad as Peter and Alec’s!!! She did not take this week well… especially considering Andrew was in a similar situation regarding slop and being a servant and he did the tasks with class and no complaining! …


I’m so over Talla. She’s an absolute self absorbed entitled princess. Coming in second multiple times gives you no credit nor are hii valuable. Yet she seems to think that her sh!t don’t stink and doesn’t deserve to be up on the block. For a few episodes she’s been whining about having to be put up. What is her complaint???? That she doesn’t deserve it?. How can you feel entitled when you have don’t jack all to improve the game for your self or your alliance. She b!tched about the double evict when Emmet threw her up. Who else did she think could go. Even after giving her his reasons her reasons for what could have happened doesnt even make sense. Then again,most things she says doesn’t. Jillian,Andrew and Emmett have all shown their strength in comps and have been targets. She’s floated her way to the top and now needs to be scraped off and thrown out. How she even thinks she could ever win this game is beyond me. Its hilarious to hear her say things along the lines of almost winning comps and self entitlement to not be on the block. Who else does she think is going at this point? When did she think they would turn on another. I say get her out this week. She’s useless,doesn’t deserve the spot she has and is a nuisance to all.

Has she ever even been on slop? What’s the big deal for the week. Must be on her period permanently because every day she’s a demon to deal with.

golden girl

“You’re the two dumbest smart people I ever met…. you’re out of the game” lol! Gotta love Andrew for these comments, they are spot on.


In that picture of Talla on the memory wall, does anyone else notice the discolouration of the metal square tubing? With all the money spent building the first Canadian BB house you would think someone would have noticed the welding wasn’t clean and painted it. Leaving it like that detracts from the nice surroundings and makes me think that the work was done quickly and not too carefully. Not a good representation of Canada’s venture into the Reality TV world. If the work was sloppy, what does that say about how the show is run? Makes me wonder and agree with a lot of people that have been posting comments here.


Good point. I hadn’t noticed that…but then, I’ve been too focused on how horrible that curtain is around the HoH toilet. 😉


Didn’t Rona build the house? Shouldn’t you be blaming them? And yes, there’s been all kinds of structural problems not to mention most of the house looks like they were just cleaning out old, ugly inventory.


Andrew just mentioned my favourite movie, its as simple as that, im rooting for Andrew now!

golden girl

and if it’s true that peters reference was supposed to be a jab at andrew not making a brave move and remove his fellow nominee from the block instead of himself, excuse me? in which parallel universe would this be a smart or brave move for anyone?? especially coming from the guy who was brave enough NOT to use the veto on topaz, well played and well spoken peter (sarcasm end). 😉


Ok hang on, we don’t know what he said HOWEVER based on what Andrew said he referenced The Chaos Theory in his speech. Andrew took offense b/c he feels Alec & Peter are playing characters & not being real. Emmett just thought it was funny & Jillian & Talla were clueless. SHOCKER.

We won’t know for sure until we see the live footage but please consider the following:

Chaos theory relies on the UNCERTAINTY INHERENT IN MEASUREMENTS, THE PRECISION OF PREDICTIONS, and the non-linear behavior of seemingly linear systems. We use it when referring to the behavior of certain systems of motion like: weather, migration, etc

The name “chaos theory” comes from the fact that the systems that the theory describes are apparently disordered, but CHAOS THEORY IS REALLY ABOUT FINDING THE UNDERLYING ORDER IN APPARENTLY RANDOM DATA. Ultimately these systems/conditions are SENSITIVE TO ANY MINOR CHANGE & WILL RESULT IN DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT OUTCOMES. (sounds an awful lot like the Big Brother Game; right?)

Andrew used the example from Jurassic Park when the Dr. played by Jeff Goldblum discusses only FEMALE dinosaurs were in the park for the visitors safety (controlled or fixed element) so the thinking was no mating would occur & hence no need to demonstrate dominance (fights, wooing, mothers birthing/protecting babies) but he goes on to discuss the Theory of Chaos & basically says LIFE WILL FIND A WAY.

So, from my perspective (& I’m basing this only on what I’ve heard the house guests reference since no one has seen the live footage yet) Peter is actually making fun of himself to an extent. He is saying he tried to look at BB from an analytical, mathematical perspective, adjust to the variables & foretell the outcome but as in life there were BB variables (like the different personalities, people having skills in certain areas leading to winning comps, people lying, have not effects, show-mances etc) that were far & beyond his manipulation or control.

As for Andrew, I do think he has played a very good game, I like him as an individual but he has not been the greatest strategist in the game. He is great at the social & competition aspects however his strategizing is not as strong. Ironically, Andrew is calling Peter out for being fake yet he has demonstrated the same fake-ness at times. He will go on rants about …well actually I’ve heard him have a go at everyone who is left in the house at some point; however to their face is sweet, funny & kind. He was incensed over Alec winning the $10K & felt he should be evicted right away for it but now that he has won $10K of merchandise do you think he still feels the same? He uses his humor to deflect yet he can’t accept someone like Peter using a different quality such as HIS sense of humor or intelligence to do the same.

In fact Andrew went on a rant over Emmett putting up Talla & Topaz & putting him at jeopardy when Peter won but didn’t use the veto (although it did come out Peter wanted to but felt since Em was so dead set against it he had no choice if he wanted to get to the end; he needed to trust someone). Why then is it not ok for someone who basically has one foot out the door to fight with whatever methods they want for their opportunity to convince their house guests to keep him in the game?

The reality is most power house people are isolated and sent packing early or they face an uphill battle. Just ask Frank, James Rhine or Janelle. And generally speaking power house couplings of show-mances or bro-mances are immediately broken up so in essence Peter opting to lie low early was a better strategic plan.

The Beast Coast is ALL suffering from having power for too long & they all lack empathy at this point; & they likely will right up until the moment they find themselves in Peter’s position.

I think Peter is basically saying just b/c he is well versed on the game & knows all the possible variables it still can’t keep him in game, let alone get him to F2. He is admitting he took a shot at predicting what he thought would occur & reacted with his best action BUT then Big Brother/The Chaos Theory happened.

As much as I’ve been annoyed by Peter’s actions or lack thereof I have to say I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing this speech b/c I love the analytical side of the game & for me THIS was the most interesting comment to date.


Peter: Andrew isn’t brave enough to use the veto on me. (paraphrasing, I don’t know what was actually said)

No, he’s not stupid enough to leave himself on the block…he will get sent home. Integer.




I never did hear why they say integer. What does it even mean the way they use it?


Will the jury member be coming back before or after the eviction this week?


I still feel like it will be Alec returning over Gary. They have to bring in someone who will go after the milkmance (targeting anyone else is not really shaking up the house). I’m convinced that Gary would try to target Andrew first, whereas Alec would go after Jemmett.


No matter who comes in it will shake up the house and andrew is just as big a threat as jemmett maybe more it all depends on who canada voted but i highly doubt it will be alec more then likely it will be gary. He more then likely will target andrew but to be honest emmitt will take the returning player better then andrew will when he thought tom was coming back a few weeks ago he almost had a melt down imagine how he will take this. It should be interesting


Her name is Topaz


I’d TRULY enjoy seeing her walk in b/c SHE GOT SCREWED BY EVERYONE but Gary; her showmance, her alliance, people she fought to keep in the house and worst of all BB Production.

Like Gary, Topaz will have NO PROBLEM putting up anyone BUT Talla, though I suspect she would put up the Milk-mance just so they couldn’t save each other & she would tell Jill she was NOT the target but still let her sweat while serving her first visit to the block.

She’d convince Andrew she wouldn’t put him up as long as he promised not to use veto if he won & she would hope Jill, Talla or her would win Veto so she could put up Andrew as a replacement & then discuss with Talla who they wanted out the most.

I’d be so satisfied if she came back on so many levels:

* The Shield having to see her get picked over one of their own
* Her showmance knowing she was more liked
* Seeing The Beast Coast (but ESPECIALLY JILL) go white upon her re-entry

But alas it’s likely to be either Alec or Gary & I think it will depend on whether Gary’s following is as big as the West Coast following of the Shield. Hey it’s likely all about ratings & popularity. At this point I’d say it’s safe to assume Alec, Topaz, Gary & AJ have all had their vents & spilled their guts so any of them will be fine breaking up the milk-mance/Beast Coast.

Yeah, I’d love to see Topaz come back but honestly I really don’t care who comes back as long as they win & put up Jill & Emmett initially just so they can get reacquainted with their empathy.

I know many don’t like the twists but I have to say it’s kept me intrigued & since I love this game I prefer excitement right down to the bitter end. Hey, if they weren’t doing this twist then Talla would leave next week followed by Andrew (barring a stroke of luck) & we’d be in for 2 to 3 weeks of yawning.


I don’t see how bb screwed her it was her choice to step down the double eviction only made it quick even if it wasn’t the out come would have been the same. The only person who lied to her was jill she gave her word talla, emmitt and andrew never had an allience with her or made her any promises so i don’t get your comment. Topez biggest problem in the game is she didn’t play the game until after gary left she should have spent less time sleeping and more time socializing with jill, emmitt and andrew maybe then the outcome would have been different. Her wanting her cake and eat it to was a huge mistake jill and her had no alliences up to that point so why would you trust her.


I’m referring to when Production aired her comments for everyone to hear in the living room. We can tell from the edited version Arisa encouraged her to speak by asking her questions & she felt she was safe just like she would had she been in the HOH room speaking on a Thursday night like previous HOH’s have.

This has NEVER happened in BB in the US or in England or at least no one has brought up that it’s every occurred & it was completely unfair to Topaz.

As for her sleeping through the game the reason I’ve enjoyed Topaz is b/c in the initial weeks it was her & Gary talking til the wee hours of the morning (which is why she was tired… she was getting 2 hours sleep). IMO she was playing the game & had a much better read on the house than Alec specifically & Peter to a lesser extent.

She questioned Alec’s motives right out of the gate (first week in the house) but felt she was locked in the flirt-mance so she just hoped she could trust Alec. PLUS she was the ONLY one to see how big of a threat Andrew was but the Shield turned on her & they basically will both leave b/c they didn’t vote out Andrew.

Anyway; hope that clears it up for you what I was referencing.


I think it is safe to say topez is not the most popular juror so it will be either alec or gary. If gary comes back he will team back up with emmitt, alec not sure with peter out his game plan would change but although getting one of the strong players might happen ( they would still have to win hoh) they would have to think about there game the following week and i think gary would have the best advantage emmitt might want to keep him over andrew but andrew will defenitly lose it regardless of whi comes back.


You mean hoodrat right? And for the record I think it’s Emerald and Topaz is her nickname. But hoodrat is who she is!


Can you tell us what a “hoodrat” is . You seem so knowledgeable on the subject. I guess it takes one to know one.


My interpretetion of a hoodrat and my usage is based on a woman with “loose” moral standards. Thus that is why I call her a hoodrat.

By the way she is lower than nobody in our poll here of who should brought back. Apparently alot of people find certain aspects of her time in the house offensive not just be.

Lastly for the record you definately don’t need “to be one” to know one. I’m not a cat but I know one when I see one. I’m not a woman but I know a hoodrat when I see one. Getting the idea.


what loose moral standard does Topaz have. Did she get drunk and pass out that BB had to cut the feeds, did she have sex in the house knowing that thousnds of viewers are watching. i guess Talla and Jillian are hoodrats. Your analogy makes no sense.


So would Jillian jerking off Emmett, showering nude with him, letting him have foreplay with her in bed, etc constitute her being a hood rat as well?

Just curious.


I love Big Brother just as much as the next girl, but I don’t understand how you or anyone else could hate so vehemently on a complete stranger. Time and time again house guests talk about how the game is so unpredictable. How they act different than they normally would have in the real world. I didn’t respect Dan’s game play both times, but I would never call him a Judas or any despicable name because that’s how the game is played.


Yes…. it is… good job…


I’d love it if the guest came before eviction and there was a reset! Just to stir it up and make things more exciting.


I don’t think there is enough time for that. They would have to do 2 double evictions or 2 fast forward weeks, just to get down to the final players for the finale. The more likely scenario is first someone leaves Thursday and then someone comes back (they still have to do a double eviction or fast forward to compensate for bringing that someone back).


Unless the jury member (likely Gary) wins HOH he’s setting himself up to walk right back out the door.
I can’t imagine anyone would choose to keep him, except maybe Talla.


Don’t be so sure if anyone has a shot i would say gary does i think emmitt may want to keep him especially after andrew failed his test and emmitt is getting nervous about him. I definetly think there are cracks in there allience and emmitt would easily turn on him



They actually did this a couple times on BB US through different twists: Kaysar was voted to come back, Brandon fought Luwan to come back in the same night Luwan was evicted so the house’s number of people was status quo. And last season Frank’s ass was saved by the reset; no one came back but all the judges (4 of them) were added into the game as players.

How great would that be to see Peter get up to leave, walk up the steps & as he goes to open the door; Arisa says FREEZE & then the selected jury member walks in & says RESET.

I would be SO HAPPY. They have to do something b/c no matter who comes back now they need someone to work with & once Peter goes it would just be a pack animal mentality from the Beast Coast to get them out until they once again returned to eating their own. BBCan cannot afford to only have East Coasters in the house (although I like them all) b/c I’m sure the ratings would plummet. This would resolve all those issues.

So fingers crossed that’s what BB does & when Jill starts whining about how unfair it is Gary/Alec can turn to her & say “Tough Tittie” LMAO

There is still time to do this b/c the eviction on April 25th would then bring it back to 5 players, they would do another dbl eviction or do what they did in US last couple years where it was a Fast Forward & another player would leave on Tuesday to take them to 4 followed by another on Thursday which would then get the house down to 3 & still on schedule for a full week to complete the 3 part Final Competition & a May 2nd finale (think that’s the date I heard).


I think the returning player will cause enough drama to stir the house andrew and talla won’t take it well jemmett will be more causious and i think not having the eviction would be way to much and would be more as a cheating stunt because they don’t like how things developed then an actual twist.


I just want to snuggles Andrew. Poor thing has a crush on Jill who is already taken.

I can’t wait until they get out of the house and see the premier episode where it clearly shows that Andrew and Jill were supposed to be paired up. (Andrew: I’m looking for my Sandra Bullock, Jill: I get told I look like Sandra Bullock all the time.)


Emmett: “Have you ever been handcuffed before?”. Jillian: “Not by a police officer”



Is it just me or does it seem like Andrew has a HUGE crush on Jillian? I would pick Emmett over Andrew any day! Go Jemmett!!!


No, it is not just you andrew has been trying to throw emmitt under the bus and convince jill to pick him over emmitt for weeks. Lets see emmitt’s hot andrew isn’t, emmitt is her age andrew 11yrs older jemmett cute (in moderation) andrew and jill gross.


Mostly correct except it was Jillian who approach Andrew about an F2 deal a few weeks ago. He may have a crush or be trying to solidify his F2 with her it doesn’t matter. Jillbot takes Emmit or Talla before him. The deal just gives Jillbot another option if Andrew wins the final comp.


I had the feeling Jillian approached Andrew and has been telling him she has been distancing herself from Emmet as a game ploy. Am I wrong? Emmet and Jillian have talked about it.


Peter apparently made reference to the Chaos Theory (which reflects the unpredictability of human behavior) in his speech to encourage Andrew to give the POV to him.. Interesting how Peter uses the suggestion that he has some sort of superior intelligence to intimidate both the HG and viewers..A sort of Pinky and the brain take over the world approach to the game.. Well it is better than watching the milkmance. I miss AJ our pawn-pond-porn star.. I miss glitter and associates…


I am slowly losing respect for andrew it was bad enough he actual believe’s jillian would take him over emmitt but his constant throwing himself at jill and belittling emmitt is discusting. First off he is wayyy to old for her 11 yrs is extreme (unless you are in hollywood), did you miss the video’s of jemma how do you not see that you are being played her saying that emmitt is pulling away from her is a ploy. Saying emmitt is immuture compared to her really they are two years apart i highly doubt her parents are rooting for andrew every time he hits on her i think that is gross.


You must be a child if you think 11 years is extreme. Of married couples I know I would say 8-10 years is pretty average.


Jillian continues to make the comment, “I am not a dumb girl” and quite frankly I agree with her. Topez told her about the quotro alliance so she knows keeping peter in the games isn’t good for her because he will take Emmitt to F2. So good move on her part. She also during her HOH didn’t play with her emotions and do what she promised because she knew it wasn’t good for her game. If she would have kept Topez and Alec she would have been in trouble. Her playing up to Andrew is a good move too. If Andrew wins HOH and can see him putting up J/E. He is there for the money and I think he knows they are more than likely to take each other. I remember earlier in the game he made it a point not to answer who he would put up if he won HOH. To many of the houseguests said who their target would be before winning which got them voted out. Andrew is one smart and may I say lucky guest. The smartest thing to do now is keep Talla, everyone will win against her. It’s the end of the game and its down to who you want to sit next to you in the final. Emmitt and Jillian played an excellent game. Remember when Gary had his trantrum because he was on slop, it was J/E who ran to him the bathroom and tried to console him. It’s these kind of relationships that get you far in the game. Peter is definately no Dan. Dan made it a point to speak to everyone on a personal level, sit back and watch and make those moves that Peter couldn’t do or would never do. I really don’t know why Peter thinks he is more entitled than Talla? What did he do? It’s been awhile since I had a clear favorite but now it Andrew. He had to make several relationships, win and get lucky to be where he is. Jillian may pay for all the lying, even in the beginning when she didn’t have to. Emmitt it could be agured that he was every part of Jillian’s decisions and if it weren’t for all her wins he may have been out sooner. Yep, GO ANDREW!!!


Oh I just thought of another way Peter could stay….

Peter goes to Emmett & Jill & says look can Emmett just give me the pity vote. I know I’m leaving & I know you’ll break the tie Jill but it will make good TV & I’d really appreciate the one vote since I did do what you asked me by not using the veto AND I was the one who pointed out you could have ended up on the block Emmett. You can tell Andrew/Talla what you are doing & it’s just to make the show more exciting.

Then the DR really get on Jemmett saying how much Peter did for them & if Andrew wins his way to F2 how do they think they can ever beat him b/c they NEVER do what they say. Why wouldn’t you two at least split the vote for Pete so it doesn’t look so bad.

So then Emmett agrees thinking he’ll look good to the jury & bury Jill further. He votes to evict Talla, Andrew votes to evict Peter AND THEN as Arisa tells them it’s a split she tells them but hang on there is one more vote…. IN WALKS Alec (or even Gary/Topaz I don’t care as long as Peter stays so the incoming person has a wing man).

He votes to evict Talla & the house blows up.

It’s so much fun just coming up with these silly schemes; but seriously I hope that happens b/c then we are guaranteed a GREAT WEEK OF DRAMA!

BB Gandalf

Best idea ever!

What a twist that would be!
American versions would be chomping at the bit to do something that insane!