Talla says she is upset and that Andrew isn’t going to get Talla 10, he is going to get Talla 0!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 749pm

7:30pm – 8:15pm Talla asks Andrew to read the card of what she is allowed to eat. Andrew reads: Water, Salsa, Ketchup, Mustard, Coffee, Tea, Syrup, Salt & Pepper, Sugar, Slop, and Supplements. He says why don’t we put all that in a bowl and SELF-EVICT! Peter and Talla head out to the hot tub room. Talla says that last week they didn’t do a “Canada’s Vote” maybe this week they will? Peter says it’s doubtful. Emmett and Jillian join them to finish their card game. Andrew finishes making his slop chips. He brings them out with salsa to the hot tub room for him and Talla. They finish eating them and Andrew says that he is heading back inside. Talla asks what he is going to do? Andrew says I am going to listen to Taylor Swift and cry. Their card game continues. Talla then heads inside. They finish their card game and Emmett teases her. She says that she has never been talked to like the way he talks to her. Peter comments thats Andrew is looking for a new lady. They all head inside.

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 810pm

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 755m

8:30pm – 9:10pm Andrew is annoyed that they still have to serve the haves even though its been longer than 72 hours. Andrew checks on Talla who is sleeping in the havenot room. Big Brother then buzzes Talla for sleeping. Andrew, Peter, Jillian and Emmett are in the living room. Jillian is super hyper and doing jumping jacks on the the couch. She then yells OH MY GOD someone’s coming into the house!! It’s Andrews brother!! She says just kidding! Andrew looks up and says that she freaked him out. Talla is pissed off and annoyed. She says they won’t let her sleep and she already took her face off. Andrew comments to the others that Talla is psycho. Andrew apologizes to her family and says that she isn’t psycho. Talla is still walking around complaining about how pissed off she is that she is on slop.

Out in the backyard: Talla says that she wants to hangout with Andrew but that she is upset and that he is not going to get Talla 10 .. he is going to get Talla 0. Talla asks are you excited? Andrew says no, why would I want to hangout with Talla 0! Andrew asks you aren’t mad at me are you? Talla says no. Talla says that if they don’t get a reward for being the servants to the haves by tomorrow then she will continue to be upset and Talla 0. Jillian and Emmett are working out. Andrew is in the pool. Talla continues to talk about how she isn’t going to talk but continues to talk.

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 803pm
Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 8pm

9:15pm – 9:35pm Andrew and Talla are out in the hot tub room. Talla is still talking about being in a bad mood. She says that she is at a 3 now. Andrew says what about that video of your sister that you watched yesterday .. do you think your family wants to see you like this? Talla talks about not want to hold a grudge with her friends when she is mad but that she will still be mean. She says okay maybe I am at a 5 now. Andrew asks Talla.. what if Big Brother gave us a meal because of how well we served the others.. what would you want?

Talla says that she would want: For my drink I want a Gin Martini 3 times the dirty, stuffed mushroom caps or calamari, Steak medium well,.. Andrew tells her to walk him through it and how it tastes we have a lot of time to kill. Talla says with my tenderloin I am having a nice 9oz glass of $30 wine. Andrew says why not a bottle? I am here! They continue to talk about her meal. At the end she says she is so pissed off. Andrew says hey I just did all that to cheer you up!

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 910pm

9:50pm – 10pm Talla and Peter are playing puck ball on the kitchen table. Andrew is making a slop drink in the kitchen. Jillian and Emmett are out in the backyard talking about random things like biking. In the kitchen Peter tells Talla that he as asked her to make out with him more times than he has ever asked anyone and she has always responded with BUSY!

9:05pm Big Brother tells the havenots that they are no longer servants for the haves. They still must eat slop and sleep in the havenot room for the remainder of the week. Talla says Thank God .. 90 hours later!! Andrew, Talla and Emmett are in the kitchen talking about random things. Emmett demonstrates how Gary slammed his fists on kitchen table when he was pissed at Talla. Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub room. Andrew tells Talla.. you know you aren’t going home .. so many be you should cool out! He says Peter is going home and you are cranky. Peter comes into the kitchen and Andrew says if you want something.. go get it yourself! Andrew tells Talla that she has the mouth of a sailor and the mind of a turnip. Peter says and the body of a stripper.

Peter’s gruesome leg from the last havenot competition “Rub A Dub Dub 2 House Guests in a Tub”:
Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 1030pm
10:45pm – 11:10pm Talla gets mad at Andrew for continually making jokes about her. He tells her that he is just trying to live in this house. Andrew says I don’t give a shit. Talla says yeah you have had such a bad attitude the last few days. Andrew says I have? Yeah and you have been a peach. Andrew and Talla get into it. Andrew gets up and says he will just walk away. He heads out into the backyard. He says you are such a fu*king waste. She is an idiot! Talla tells Peter that she will never hesitate to speak her mind. Andrew continues to talk about Talla off camera. Peter tells Talla that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and that’s what she likes about him. She says that she is pissed off about being on slop and for what happened in the diary room. Peter and Talla head out to the hot tub room where Jillian are still playing cards. Andrew heads back inside and up to the HOH room to listen to Jillian’s music.

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 1045pm

Big Brother Canada April 15 2013 1046pm

Video of Andrew & Talla’s blow up will be posted here:

11:25pm – 11:45pm Peter and Talla decide to head to bed. Emmett and Jillian head in to grab some more wine. Andrew, Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub. Andrew asks if Talla talked about their blowup. Jillian says no but I could tell something was worng. Andrew says that he does so much for her .. like making her slop chips and she blew up on him. She is so selfish.. she is an idiot! Andrew says that she wanted to go ask for booze.. he says we are havenot’s you idiot! We’re lucky we aren’t wiping their a$$es! Jillian says you know what it is .. its like you and her are married and she’s on her period. Andrew says that he isn’t going to apologize to her first. He says you know I might just reminder her that I have to vote this week so she might want to be a bit nicer! Andrew worries that he hopes she didn’t persuade them to not give us a reward for being servants. Emmett says it was probably why they made it last longer. Andrew says he is going to bed …

11:45pm – 12am Talla and Andrew make up in the havenot room. Talla says I know you don’t hate me. Andrew says I do hate you. Talla asks do you? Andrew says no. Andrew says its hard I had to spend all day with you. Talla says you crossed the line.. well no you didn’t really. Talla says its just because I am on slop. Andrew talks about telling Jillian and Emmett. Andrew jokes that he came into the room with a pillow to suffocate her. Andrew and Talla make up and laugh about their fight.

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I know this ain’t the best place to comment asking this, but I didn’t know where to look for yalls email. It’s killing me so I have to ask! Are you guys still going to do the BB spoilers for the U.S. too? Again, sorry if you have already addressed this.


If you want to contact them, I’d try the “contact us” on the bottom of this page 😉


Ugh Peter is going to leave and Gary is going to come back… Nobody I even remotely like is left… I guess I will wait to see if Gary comes back or production messes with the vote and someone I like comes back.


I sure hope so. I don’t know what I will do if Peter is gone. Production PLEASE SAVE PETER!!!


I like him too and definitely don’t want to see him leave–but we need to be fair, here. Peter has made several large errors and is only where he is now due to his OWN mistakes and lack of competition skill. It would not be fair to the other players who have made better decisions and won more comps if production arbitrarily decided to save Peter merely for popularity’s sake.

Heck, it was bad enough when they saved Suzette when everyone wanted her gone, or when they showed Topaz’s nomination thought process. And eventually they’ll be bringing Gary or Alec back, too! No more twists. This game needs to at least TRY to resemble fairness in some regard.

Peter had his chances, and he lasted this long regardless of the poor decisions he’s made. It was a good run, but if he goes he goes.


Hey Simon,

Out of curiosity, where would you place Dawg at the moment? Dawg 7? Dawg4?


dunno.. it’s his birthday today so he should be at a 7-8?


Well then, Happy Birthday Dawg! And thanks for all the work you and Simon do for us. Even logging the feeds on your birthday….


Happy Birthday!

woof….. woof woof



Happy Birthday 🙂 i love what you guys do and check this site several times a day, it’s actually my homepage.


Happy Birthday Dawg…Hope it was a good one!


Is there a reason why they only play cards in the hot tub room? It seems like that’s the only place they play cards. Thanks!


I can’t believe they still have to be servants way after the 72hour point….Not cool!


What does Dawg, Simon and Kim Il-sung have in common?


For yours and Dawg’s sakes I hope it’s not the looks or the height xD


give up? .. we were all born on the same day


Then happy B-Day to both of you!
Or are Dawg and Simon 2 personalities within 1 same crazy mind?

My conspiration theory thinking would let me to assume both Dawg and Simon ARE IN FACT KIM JONG-IL, but… he’s dead…


Is he?!?



Oops – Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, wha’eva! :s


I agree Tammy, just goes to show, one more example of production incompetence or their mean desire to screw with the HGs
Sometimes I wonder if there are ANY grown ups behind those walls.


I kinda hope that Emmett and Andrew are just like “F*ck the game” and get rid of Talla, even though she’d be the best final 2 person to take.
She’s just been so poisonous this week. I really hope they show a lot of this in the show cause they’ve been too nice with her edits so far.


If anyone/someone knows and could give an example of ‘talking in code’. How is it even possible unless you established a language before entering? I’ve never heard them speak in code so why does BB say ‘stop talking in code’? Examples, if you can think of them. Thank you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWG.


Early on they tried to give people nicknames, but BB told them to stop (as it would be code, although “Lala” has stuck). One time a few of them were talking about casting, BB told them to stop, so then Peter started talking about Youtube and BB told them to stop talking in code (thinking that Peter was trying to continue the story but I think he was actually talking about something else). Thats all I can think of.


Klassy … dido. Was thinking maybe they should screen for the show like they do on Dog Eat Dog … have all competative players making it a more even playing field.

Jazzy J

First of all happy birthday Dawg and Simon! Secondly anyone notice that Peters injury looks like the nike symbol… Big Brother Just Do It!


in general i really like andrew….but i dont really blame talla…she is a bit firey…but thats just who she is…thing is she in general has a great sense of humour about herself…but people say some pretty mean things to her and I cant blame her, sometimes a girl just snaps…if i spent 24hrs a day with him as much as id know he was sort of joking…she also doesnt know him outside of the house and people constantly ragging on you when you are already cranky is not fun….i think she can be a lot and explosive…but i also dont blame her for her emotions…she doesnt necessarily need to blow up like she does but she DOES have emotions!


Happy Birthday Dawg!!!!


I have to disagree everyone is responsible for their own actions and she isn’t the only one in the house and everyone else can act like an adult. Talla is a spoiled intitled brat end of story. Alot of people have been on slop alec was on for three or four weeks it is what you signed up for. The she has emotions and is firy is a cop out for her bad behaviour. Talla stopped being fun to watch awhile ago she is like a two year old who didn’t get a toy. To be hinest i would rather she go then peter.


who are you disagreeing with? If it is me, I think you missed the point where I said she didn’t have to blow up like that…. I don’t like people on here constantly talking about her being a spoiled brat (and yes it is spoiled not spoilt), when I don’t think anyone really knows whether that is true….I actually kind of think the opposite of talla…i think she is probably fiercely independent and self-aware and probably with enough outside stimulation you guys would stop drinking haterade on her! Sometimes people are annoying, but she has never said anything disrespectful about other people. I think it would be hard to be in there so we need to cut them some slack….don’t cut people making ignorant and hateful comments slack, because that is never ok, but for all talla’s blow ups she has never once attacked a persons character and I really like that about her


Happy birthday to both of you!


Happy Birthday to you both!

The Real Iron Sheik

Anybody talk bad about my niece I put you in camel clutch make you humble, she crazy just like sheiky baby and it ok. She’ll put all people in house in camel clutch, break their back. Follow sheiky on twitter or I break your back and go f**k yourself forever. Peter do good in wrestling he be great heel just like Iron Sheik, he the real god bless #sheikybaby


HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF! There’s no way I just read that, that probs isn’t the real Iron Sheik but that’s the funniest thing ive read all day lolol


You’d have to be a fan of(WWF) in the 80’s to know the Iron Shiek folks. A heel is a bad guy. Shieky was a great heal. A camel clutch is getting a wrestler face down on the mat, sitting on his back and locking both hands around your opponents chin. Then pull up causing maximum pain. Saw him wrestle live in the Halifax Forum in the 80’s. Peter wasn’t born yet. He only thinks he knows wrestling. He’ll never be a manager as one criteria is you must be short in stature like Jimmy Hart. It puffs(makes) the wrestler up making him appear bigger. The Shiek wrestled under the Iranian flag not Turkey often partnering with a Russian heel. Some really good matches versus the Hart Foundation in the day.. I forgot his actual ancestory.

The Real Iron Sheik

Thanks bubba you know who the real is, I verse the jabroni Hulk Hogan lots, make him humble with my camel and he cry like baby make him s**t blood. Love you forever come by to Sheikys house with 6 pack beer and we be friends bubba, god bless


I understand it is hard to be in the house but at the same time Talla does throw an unreasonable amount of temper tantrums :S


To: The Real Iron Sheik .. can you say that in English please lol


or French lol I don’t understand bullshit


I am writing this just because you like to get things right on your updates and it really doesn’t matter…didn’t the comp that Peter got his injury from come from the Have Not comp (not POV as you showed)? Do not be offended guys, this is not meant to be critical of your reporting…this continues to be the BEST site for updates and spoilers.


We don’t take offense about that at all, we make mistake and are glad people correct us 🙂 I’m not sure when it happened, Dawg would need to chime in with confirmation.