Liza’s reasons for the POWERSHIFT “She’s heavy, a mom, just had a baby, Older.. the only person liked less is AJ”

POV Holder: Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: EMMETT Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


12:18AM Hot Tub Room Gary, Talla and Suzette

Suzette is super happy, she’s bouncing around acting bubbly. Her and Gary are taking Canada’s vote as an indication that everyone loves them.

Suzette says she was prepared to leave with a clear conscious, “I didn’t have anything against anybody” Gary: “Canada Loves us”

Suzette mentions that Peter really freaked out after the show he was saying “I can’t believe this.. it’s bullshit.. it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Suzette adds that she was right beside him when Peter went on the rant.


12:30AM Backyard collection of houseguests Suzette is happy


12:32AM Bathroom Tom and Emmett
Emmett comes in says Tom looks depressed, They both chuckle.
Tom wonders what his family was thinking when he had to make that decision, “With Suzette getting off.. My family was probably like F*CK F*CK.. they know obviously they watch”
Emmett: ”maybe they never showed what she said about you.. maybe they bleeped it out”
Tom: “F*ck what a sh!tty decision.. they knew I was going after her”
Tom warns him that suzette is going to be coming after them again. Emmett proposes they talk to her a bit. Tom doesn’t think that will help things. Emmett: “She won’t have the balls to try it again”
Tom: “Look at who she’s talking to, Liza, Talla, Gary.. who do they have.. gotta protect Alec, Topaz, Peter, you Jillian and me.. Thats the house ”
Tom: “do we want suzette and gary in the Jury house.. lets not forget this shit”
Emmett: “We ain’t going to the Jury house”

(Prior to this conversation Tom was talking to Andrew in the bedroom. He said that in teh next couple days Emmett is going to call a meeting. He thinks Suzette and Gary are going to end up going up right now it seems like the best plan #Powershift)


12:45AM Tom and Liza

Tom tells her that he knew Andrew was a bigger target than Aneal but he made a promise to Andrew and his heart told him not to do it. Tom noticed that during the HOH comp Andrew become very happy once Emmett won.
Tom: “Canada is a big giant D1ck.. does Canada hate me.. I don’t know”
Tom and Liza are trying to figure out how they are portraying Him and Suzette.
Liza: “She’s heavy, a mom, just had a baby, Older, Native community.. the only person liked less is AJ”
Tom cannot understand what just happened he says that it really sucks.
Tom: “She called me a redneck she called me a racist Homophob .. she called all the girls sl*ts said all they were doing is s*cking d!ck”
Tom is confused that Canada would keep her in the house after saying all those things, He’s convinced Canada doesn’t like him. Tom says if another Powershift happens he’s walking out of the game.

Liza: “Doesn’t matter it’ll all come out in the end” Tom and Liza both mention that all that is coming out of Suzette’s mouth is how much Canada likes her.

Talla joins them they start talking about what Emmett’s play will be. Tom says there are 2 people still in the house they need to get out. He hints that Suzette will be backdoored. Talla brings up the 9 Alliance.. Tom tells her the 9 Alliance is no more they have no idea what will happen next for all they know it’s Canada’s vote every week.

Talla tells them to not be so down they still can get their 6 to the end. Tom: “Whose the final 6” Talla says Jillian, Emmett, Liza, Tom, Herself and ? She asks them who the guy should be. Liza says Peter over Alec. Liza says that Andrew is going to self destruct. Tom and Liza start complaining that the rest of the house is a bunch of puppets. They say that Topaz and Jillian do whatever there guy does. Tom: “Words don’t mean sh!t in the case of a twist.. you hold on for dear life don’t make a deal” (Next endurance comp)



12:45AM HOH Showmancing


1:47AM Emmett and Jillian

Jillian has gotten to the point where she would rather be a good person in the game and not win than be a bad person and win. Emmett: “Ohh it’s hot in here” Jillian: ‘I’m fine.. ” They start to kiss. She tells him to watch out for her forehead. Emmett gives her advice in how to treat her forehead wound she needs to “Keep it Moist and not let it scab over”. Jillian says she needs to get some sleep for the Have Nots competition tomorrow.


1:55AM Bathroom Alec, Jillian, Topaz and Gary
Topaz saying she could have pushed it harder. She pointed out that during the HOH competition Andrew, Jillian, LIza and Talla were trying really hard. She mentioned that Andrew was sweating like crazy. Gary kept up with them but he admits he could have done better, “I didn’t push that hard and I was THAT close.. imagine that if i pushed”. Topaz: “Talla was going crazy.. same with Liza” Alec and Jilling enter the room. Gary sounds like he was unclear about the rules of the Head of House hold. Jillian: “They Were’t very clear about the rules in the beginning” Topaz and Alec agree

2:23AM Sleeping

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bb cananda lost a tooooooooooooon of credability in one fucking night

first this stupid ass twist. what a load of crap.

then the god damn host basically fills all the house guests with what is going on in the game. did anyone else notice this. what a horrible job.

then the second straight hoh comp in a row where there is cheating.

and then to top it all off. emmets hoh letter apparently has a bunch of hints and clues and gives emmet a sense of what their seeing.

wooooooooooooooooow. just horrible. i thought grodner was bad trying to save a houseguest once in a while.

this was ludacris.


jd said, “then the god damn host basically fills all the house guests with what is going on in the game. did anyone else notice this. what a horrible job”


I know it’s the first year for BBCanada, and I’m willing to ignore a few things here and there to allow them room to grow and get better, and I know it’s Arisa’s first year as host, but she really needs to be more careful about what she’s saying to the HG’s…and, work on her patter.


I know it is the first season in Canada but they should have done a better search for a Host. The crossing the legs thing needs to stop and she does give out to much info. It also would have been nice to see how Emmett won bad camera


“then the god damn host basically fills all the house guests with what is going on in the game. did anyone else notice this. what a horrible job”

Did i miss something? How did she fill the guests in???


and alec >>>>> peter at this point

there was alot of peter love early … and i was one of those people

but alec is easily the best player in the game.

if he can get emmett to get rid of liaa this week, he’s gone sail right to the final 6


No ‘portraying’ necessary for you Liza..we all see you for who you are


Idk if this is bothering anyone but:

-The stupid twist (but I love Suzette)
-Emmett’s cheating in the HoH comp & apparently there were hints in his letter from family
-Tom thinking he’s still HoH and dictating what Emmett should do
-They claim the shows are live when they’re not (can someone explain??)

help me x_x they say all the shows Canada has done their own version of, has failed, but I didn’t see that being true for BB Canada! I see it going down that path now though :(


I agree with you that BB Canada could end up being another failure.. I didn’t like or get the first show. So much Canadian idol style music and noise from the audience. It was hard to hear anything the host said.. The telephone HOH was lame. Sue didn’t earn HOH. There should have been a competition. The get-to-know-you handcuff skit had no reward at the end.. Didn’t really make sense….
Then second and third show things started to improve and get interesting.. I had hope… And ….bingo… the public veto of the HOH nominations not giving the instant new nominee a chance to fight.. He was a lamb to the slaughter …So now the game lacks an assumed structure… The houseguests may think Canada likes Suezette and dislike Tom.. That will change the way they play the game..I suggest many voted for her to piss off Tom.. To backstab trusting AJ… This to create more drama in the house for there own viewing pleasure…So are the house guests playing against each other, or production or Canada.. ??? Confusing.. Maybe they’d be better off staying home and buying a lottery ticket. LOL.


I and others believe giving Canadian viewers power to veto one of the HOH nominations gives unfair advantage to some players. It is just wrong. I was worried BB Canada would end up being too much on the wacky side and less about the game.. The USA game has some basic rules one can rely on. The game is abut the players/contestants and their game play. Not prduction versus the gamers.. Even the unexpected should have some sort of structure… I mean what’s next. Spin a wheel to decide who goes home next.. If I were Tom I would have walked out.. … I do agree with input from viewers such as American’s player.. Or extra food to eat while on slop.. But there it should end…. And the telephone crap.. Boring.. The handcuff skit… Boring.. Com_on.. This the BB game not Corner Gas…..


Have you watched the us version because the us does this all the time from sending a evicted player back in to jeffs getting the power to switch nom and of course america’s player this is the game expect the unexpective. I think emmitt is smarter then we give him credit he totally read liza and tricked her into hanging herself with if his back door plan works it will be a brilliant move.


This Power Shift seems to be the worst idea since Guido shooting first. Congrats, BBCAN.





“Tom: “She called me a redneck she called me a racist Homophob .. she called all the girls sl*ts said all they were doing is s*cking d!ck”
Tom is confused that Canada would keep her in the house after saying all those things,”

Welcome to Canada, where a minority calls a white man a racial slur, then a racist, and gets rewarded.


Lmao redneck isn’t a racial slur it describes ones geographical location & political views. Avoid conspiracy theories at all costs!!! The Jews are coming!!! I Have family in Edmonton, you don’t see me crying. If anyone deserves to be called a redneck it’s Tom, he keeps talking about cumming on women, he’s already stated he hates “flamboyant” gays. I applaud Suzette, the funniest part about it is your reaction & the house guests reaction because both of you are so pathetic you buy into his bulls***. The big difference is you got angry because she’s a Native chick & they were in aw because he was in power. Quoted from yahoo answers: “I wouldn’t say it’s a racial slur. Since the word redneck is used based on ones actions and beliefs, not ethnicity. I’m guessing you thought it was a racial slur because it’s a term that’s generally use against a Caucasian subculture. Naw, it’s just another derogatory term depending on where it’s used. “Cracker” would be the racial slur you’re looking for.”


I know we have a lower budget than the American BB but we still do better than this. Production really slacks off a lot and don’t seem to know what they’re doing while recording even when an episode is “live” they have screw ups. Arisa is a pretty bad host and I’m sick of her long ass dramatic pauses “and the…. power… shift…. goes….. to……………………”

The competitions are horrible too. Definitely not enough space in that backyard.


Sorry, I meant “but we could still do better than this.”


I’m very disappointed in BBCAN after last night..totally stupid.


Em & Jill = Ken & Barbie

Tom & Liza = Boris & Natasha
Alec & Peter = Mister Peabody & Sherman
Andrew = Dudley Do-Right
AJ = Bullwinkle?
Gary = Rocky The Flying Squirrel?

Just a thought…anyway…
If all the women are evicted early, won’t TV ratings drop? Expect more interference from production to prevent that?


I have to agree with you, as much as I like Suzette, they should have just done it the simple way the first time around. They’re trying to push too many boundaries by pushing each house guest to their breaking point. Their perception of the game(producers) is kind of similar to mine regarding America, but this is starting to turn into a Japanese game show minus order.


I have to agree the “POWERSHIFT” did nothing. The producers gave Canada the vote they voted for Suzette which is fine adds to drama and AJ should have gone home more drama for Tom and Andrew would have gone crazy. They fact that Aneal got voted out he didn’t have a chance to do anything was really poor sportsmanship. BBC has shown they are not looking to have a game that is fair for everyone the HOH competition is another prime example that the producers don’t know what they are doing. This is one of many fans who will not be watching any further.


Though I found this weeks twist pretty useless I don’t feel like production planned this move to save Suzette in particular because really, who cares. From what I am hearing this may just be a part of the Canadian big brother game, after all this is the first time it is being played and I try not to compare it to the American version. Maybe how much Canada likes or dislikes each housguest plays a bigger part in this game than the American one, more like the uk version where depending on how the public feels about you determines your fate in the game. I think this is something furture BBCan houseguest may have to factor into their strategy when enetering the house. I’m not sure if I like this twist or not but I know we haven’t seen the last of it. Expect another PowerShift within the next 3-4 weeks. Hopefully next time it actually has an impact on the game.


Shitty twists don’t happen just in BB Canada… Did everybody forget about the twist that brought Brendon back into the game and evicted Lawon??


Awarding 1st HOH by phone was a bad start.
Suzette has had WAY too much influence on the game by accident & circumstance.
If she wanted power bros out & ladies in, why backdoor Kat ?
Sure, she had reasons, but stupid ones.
I’m not saying Tom & Emm were bad choices to evict, or Tom’s vendetta was smart, but so much has evolved from that phone call giving a stupid player HOH.
And now major interference keeps her in.
I really hope the HGs defy Production & “Canada” and get her out before she makes it to Jury.
Imagine a Final 3 of Suzette, Gary and Tom! Mindblowing…


The twist wasn’t that bad…could it of been better, yes.  I think most of Canada only voted for Suzette to see Tom’s face NOT because we “love” her.   I have nothing against her, but I would of preferred to save a “game player” when we the audience have a chance to do so. I voted once for AJ and did not use any extra points to vote again kind of pointless, really.

I think the houseguest have forgotten one golden rule of Big Brother “Expect the Unexpected”
Most of them are playing a week in advance and half of them think its smooth sailing till the final. Eh? Really? This is only the start of week 4 with 12 house guests still in the house. BBCan was just giving them a little reminder that Big Brother can do what he wants…his house, his hamsters.

BBCan is filmed in front of a “live” audience unlike Sunday and Wednesday shows.  Play on words, yes…lie not really. Honestly, I don’t know why people really care that much about it.


I totally agree with you sparks. I do admit that my vote to Suzette was just to see Tom’s face!!! She is definitely not my favorite & I don’t believe that Canada love her that much. It is just a game a fan are taking it way too seriously. This is the 1st Canadian version that I actually like. Keep it up BBC


I love that the people in Canada saved Suzette. Right from the start Tom has been an arrogant, controlling, mean spirited self centered jerk. Suzette is the only one married, the only one with children, the only one that is obese and the only native person. She does not have a chance so she needed this break.


The twist obviously made no difference and it sucked for Aneal and I felt really bad for him but I don’t really see this as unfair to the hoh? Tom has been talking all week about how bad he wants Andrew out. He was given the perfect opportunity and he pulled the weakest move possible. Toms nominations being Suzette AJ and Aneal…… Really. Tom and Liza got to go! And if production has pre planned these power shifts they should give the audience the weeks theses PowerShift will happen in advance before hoh or nominations just to prove there is no foul play. I can’t see production just doing this to save Suzette but maybe they were worried Gary wouldn’t get off the block.. Who knows but I really hope bbc doesn’t turn into bb us with blanten attempts to make sure certain people have an advantage… I still am loving this season..I defiantly can’t wait to see what happens when it gets down to 8 or 9.


I don’t think there’s any great issues with giving Canada a PoV (yes it interferes with HG plans, etc), but BB missed the general PoV rule that it doesn’t necessarily need to be played. They should’ve just left an option to keep Tom’s nominations as-if instead of automatically having to save one of the noms. Maybe it’s something they can work into their next PowerShift.


Is there a clip of E’s letter from home?


So basically Liza thinks that Suzette is liked less because she’s a woman, a mother, older, overweight, and a native.

Liza, you’re a Grade A C*NT with your legs wrapped around a First Class Tool!

And they wonder why Canada hates Tom.

Yes, Tom, Canada hates YOU!