POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: ? Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?

9:30pm When the live feeds get turned back on: Aj and Alec are in the bedroom talking. They discuss how they are glad Tom and Liza are gone. They talk about getting Suzette put put on the block and out next. Aj says that its about who you want in the jury house and she has a family so we are doing her a favor. And they talk about Talla being a loose cannon how she just lost a couple of her friends and they need keep close to her to keep her on their side. Aj and Alec says that they don’t trust Talla with information. Aj talks about wanting to get out E/J (Emmett & Jillian). Alec says that they shouldn’t talk to much about it because it all depends on who wins HOH and we don’t want to be caught talking. They leave the bedroom. Alec comments that he is on cloud 9 after Tom and Liza being evicted. Meanwhile out in the kitchen, Jillian, Gary, Topaz, and Aj discuss how tomorrow they will have another HOH competition. Topza says that the person that wins HOH tomorrow is guaranteed a spot in the jury house. Andrew wonders if they will give him the HOH room for the night. Talla wonders if she will be called into the diary room. Aj says they will probably just call in Suzette because she was on the block and the veto players. They talk about how Topaz was also called into the diary room because she got into a screaming match with Liza.

Big Brother Canada March 21 2013 940pm

9:40pm – 10pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen again..

10:40pm The live feeds are still showing the hush, hush screen.

11:15pm Still HUSH HUSH..
11:30pm Still HUSH HUSH..
11:46pm Still HUSH HUSH..
11:55pm Still HUSH HUSH..
12am Still HUSH HUSH..
12:20am Still Hush Hush..
12:45am Still Hush Hush..
1:17am Still Hush Hush..
2:00am Still Hush Hush..
2:36am Still Hush Hush..
3:00am Still Hush Hush..
4:00am Still Hush Hush..
7:00am Still Hush Hush..
9:00am Still Hush Hush..
10:20am Still Hush Hush..
12:00pm Still Hush Hush..
1:00pm Still Hush Hush.. The live feeds will be down until later tonight. (Big Brother has said this before and the feeds have come back on earlier so we will keep watching and waiting..)


3:10pm Still Hush Hush..
4:25pm Still Hush Hush..
5:30pm Still Hush Hush..
6:10pm Still Hush Hush..
7:10pm Still Hush Hush..
9:10pm March 22 Still Hush Hush..
10:23pm Still Hush Hush..
11:32pm Still Hush Hush..
12:14am Still Hush Hush.. a worlds record for blocked feeds?
1:00am Still Hush Hush..

While we wait for the live feeds to be turned back on here is the Big Brother After Dark episode from March 22, 2013. This is the After Dark Episode after the Double Eviction. None of this aired on the live feeds as they were showing the “Hush, Hush” screen. At the 1 hour 57 minutes and 3 second mark Andrew gives Gary a kiss on the lips.
Big Brother Canada March 22 2013 Andrew kisses Gary
Short Video Clip of Andrew KISSING Gary:

Almost the Full episode of After Dark (2hr 17 minute):
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i hate to say this but alec and topaz looking good because they have alliances with aj ,, andrew ,,gary ,,, emmette and jillian…. these suckers are sitting good in this game unless someone shakes up things depending on who wins tomorrow i hope emmette wins hoh


I hope one of the girls wins HOH except Jillian. She’s aligned with Emmett and will take out Gary or Topaz.
So Topaz, Suzette even Talla I don’t mind.


I am hating the “live” audience. They keep laughing and making comments. It’s just not cool, BB needs to be more strict with the audience and not make them behave this way. I seriously HATE Peter now, he wants to use his one-liners to be like Dan but he’s got less game than Dan’s pinky. Maybe he will calm down after tonight now that Liza is gone…


Are you nuts? the Live audience are freaking AWESOME!!!


I wonder though, when they gasp and such when a vote is cast if the HGs hear it, or is Arisa/production fast enough to make sure that doesn’t happen?


on BBCanAD last night Andrew asked what are they doing to make the audience laugh. When they were casting their votes yesterday, they heard audience laugh. Andrew said “aren’t we just supposed to vote?” Then he repeated what Alec had said when voting “i vote to evict peter..i mean tom” (i guess alec told him)

I always found it annoying (or just wrong) that the HGs chit chat during live eviction on their way in and out of DR.

And what was Topaz doing asking if she could say something when voting? Arisa told her we just need your vote.

Bad HGs. BB, get them in line. They get too much feedback from audience (soon they will will start to make judgements about it. I honestly don’t know why they haven’t yet). And they talk when they should be listening, or voting or whatever.

Also on BBCanAD: Alec said he was afraid of being disqualified (i am guessing in a comp that was going on during double eviction show) because he was talking, he wasn’t really listening. But then everyone was talking and he thought “well they can’t disqualify everyone”


why andrew,why put suzette and liza upp, ugh get the bys out


The plan was to get liza out and anyone who didn’t then the whole house would turn on them and andrew really had no reason to save her when it would come back and bite him this week all bets are off.


What is wrong with these players aj talking game with alec to go after E/J how is it he hasn’t figured out the E/A/P alliece yet i can see why he wants emmitt gone aj couldn’t win anything unless bb handed to him. I have to say between the three boys they have almost all the house on their side. It looks like emmitt, jill and peter are teaming up with andrew and aj isn’t part of this.


Sooo done with BBC unless there is a powershift and Tom comes back I am done. Production just made this one boring house!


YES!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! :D


I agree to be quite honest, the full cast was not exactly exciting other, I miss the way the old BB casts used to be, there was never a hard a$$ alliance rolling through the house, when that happens, then there is a problem. There needs to be some sort of power struggle, a fight. Do I really want to see Alec, Peter and Emett dominating this house week by week? No. I want people to mess up the Allied powers, I want to see a strong war, a fight for this money. Within the last few BB US Seasons and this BB Canada season, I personally feel like Big Brother has lost its flame. Something needs to change, stop bringing in twists which fudge up the game, and bring strong players, not people like Suzette. Come on Mr/Mrs Casting Manager, do your job properly or find the person who recruited Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 Season 6, Season 8, Season 9, Season 10 casts. I don’t need a romance to watch Big Brother, I do not need a Youtuber to watch Big Brother (WIL & PETER) I do not need people with Tattoos to watch big brother. I need people who can think and people who are physical, real strategy and not coat-tailing and free-made-up-POVs.


Thank you Big Brother Canada for jumping the gun, again, and doing the double eviction so… early in the game and getting rid of A-hole Tom and horseface Liza!!! Can’t wait for Alec to win the next HoH comp! Alec and Topaz FTW!!!


i hope they have it were we vote for someone to come back if soo id vote for liza to come back


I would vote for someone like Kat who didn’t really get a chance to play.


Kat totally looked like Natalie from BB11, kinda acted like her too!


I would vote for Tom to come back since I think that from all the people who have left to date he would be the only one who could separate those left in the house. Plus this would make up for Canada giving Suzette the Veto when he was HOH. If that didn’t happen the 4 would still be running the house so they needed the shake up, now they need another shakeup.


I don’t understand the question that won Andrew the HOH. Did Alec hand the HOH to Andrew? He told him the answer.


One day I want Alec to throw a crucial HOH and then get nominated.


same here


Everyone should have thrown this HOH competition since they all knew Liza was going home. I would have answered wrong right away just so I could definitely compete in the next competition and keep the room longer. Looking back I think Andrew was just as shocked as me that Alec handed him the HOH. His is probably kicking himself in the ass now. Should have given it to Alec. Alec looked like an idiot handing the HOH to Andrew like he was big man on campus.


Yes, this is precisely the case. He handed it to Andrew for several reasons
1. This was a short HOH, you nominate someone, you play veto, and then eviction all in under 2 hours. You lose your HOH within 2 hours of winning it and you do not get the HOH room and you cannot play in the HOH that will air on Sunday.
2. Everyone wanted Liza out so it’d be a waste to win
3. Most importantly there was no reason to win. Alex had been wheeling Andrew in for several weeks now, he is basically his second closest man after AJ.
4. Alec and Peter are throwing the competitions on purpose, they don’t want to win because it will attract scrutiny on them. Like it did for Tom. Smat players try not to win toomuch too early or play the game too fast.
5. BBCA production clearly has their agenda of who they want to win. They ensure Tom and Liza go in the double eviction they last minute makeup bullshit canada votes veto,they eliminate the 3 most interesting house guess to save suzette, gary, and kneegrow topaz


“kneegrow topaz”

Really? I mean….REALLY????

Shakira Stan

You’re fucking retarded! Watch that “negro” Topaz along with Alec, Peter and Glitter going in final 4!! You’ll survive, I swear!


Why do people hate Tom? Do you not realize with him gone the house will be incredibly boring?


Gary is dramatic. So is topaz. They will have to go on the block at some point.

It will be interesting, especially if Talla wins.


How is Topaz dramatic? Blowing up on Tom because he humillitated someone she cares about is not dramatic.

Gary is dramatic, I will give you that but Topaz has been entirely quiet the whole game, in fact they call her sleeping beauty because all she does is sleep. Because she has had one blow up doesn’t make her dramatic.

ANd also, the WHOLE POINT OF BB IS TO FIND DRAMATIC PEOPLE. so at the end of the day, even if you feel like you are making a point; why on God’s green earth are you wathcing the show if you don’t care for the drama? Because of the drama..thats why people watch my dear….So maybe its time you find another show.


Peter was my favorite but after the good bye message to Tom I am so disappointed. I used to think his immaturity was cute but now it is so irritating. Grow up Peter. I would like to see Peter with Alec gone.


Team Suzette & Gary Glitter! Suzette did so well in that HoH! I’m proud of her ;) & the audience made it so much better by cheering whenever she got it right. But if Suzette doesn’t start making some deals, she will be nominated every week as a pawn.


I’ll admit I like Suzette and want her to go far in the game. Sue me.


I could literally not disagree with you more.


It’s definitely a wide open game now. Of the players I think can win (Alec, Emmett, Andrew, Peter, maybe Gary), I’ll be cool with anyone winning besides Peter. What a ham wallet.


Besides the POWERSHIFT (which I secretly love–don’t tell anybody), my biggest complaint about BBCAN is the unexplained long stretches when the feeds are down. I guess I shouldn’t complain b/c they’re free, but I definitely think it’s something they can learn from for next time. You have to breed as many die hard fans as you can to grow the show for future seasons.

Overall, I think BBCAN is great, and I’m excited for future seasons.



Sorry, Simon. I was refreshing, and it kept putting my comments as a reply instead of posting a new one at the bottom.






I like Suzette, but i don’t think anyone really has her back. Gary is more with Topez now. Suzette really needs get in close with some people soon or she will be going home in the next few weeks.


Liza put something in the back of Peter’s shirt when she hugged him good-bye. Any ideas folks?


Maybe she gave him her number or that she knew about quattro…maybe she told someone else in the house about it before she left.


I read tonight that it was just her hairband.


I think what Liza gave Peter was his own elastic which was the luxury item that he brought into the house. A day or two earlier he had given it to Liza, presumably because he knew Tom was going and she was staying. After the double eviction, when she was hugging Peter she gave it back to him by putting it down the back of his shirt.


wanna see Topez gone..she is full of herself, along with Gary!


o shut up! She’s hot.

Shakira Stan

Haters always hating for pure jealousy! Queen Topaz is here to STAY and Glitter isn’t going anywhere honey. You’ll survive when they win this game.


It’s my opinion.. If you don’t like, you will survive my dear.


I’m hoping Alec wins this HOH just for the sake of him getting to eat something else but slop. I think the most interesting HOH would be Talla, since she seems like the number one target for this week.


Andrew has been gunning for Gary since the beginning….bye-bye Glitter.


I vote to evict Arisa.

Tom – no b*llsh*t hugs, no outburst – not a bad exit all things considered.
Liza – warning folks about being on BB LOL!

Pretty classless goodbye messages mostly. Boo. Hiss.

Peter you gutless twerp, I want to see you ground into a snivelling puddle of neurotic humiliation, begging for one more week in the house.
Alec, eat slop forever. I hope you end up teaching elementary school in Tuktoyaktuk.

Talla – BreHaHa’s comment from an earlier thread – “just one big jumbly twitch” LOL. Servo-mechanisms malfunctioning?
AJ – Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau or something. Kung Fu Bumbler.

I’m going to do a 2 Minute Hate voodoo visualisation to encourage the HG’s to get savage.


A little disjointed but spot on. The goodbye messages for Tom were basically a disgrace. Peter is PURE trash. He’s the sort of elitest moron that needs to be gone. He couldn’t hold Dan’s jock strap that little twerp!! I sincirely hope Alec goes by Topazes backstabing hand. It would be poetic justice. Then have Topaz backstabbed by Gary! I only can wish for the impossible!

Shakira Stan

Bye girl, bye! You HAVE LOST IT!! #Death


Alec needs to go after what I saw on BBC tonight when Tom opened the shower door. Alec are you two years old crying like a baby the way you did. What did Liza put down Peter’s shirt? BB should have called Alec on giving the HOH the way he did, he should not be able to play in the next one.


If it was you (I assume you’re a girl), would you post the same statement? Violation. You and only you get to choose when to show your private bits, honey.


What a terrible analysis of sexual harassment. So sad for you.


Get a clue about what sexual harassment is…
It was a case of bad judgement. Tom rolls with dudes that don’t get so bent out of shape about that stuff.
Tom said it was no big deal to him. Once he saw what big deal it was to Alec he felt horrible. Personally to me it is no big deal and do think Alec has taken it way too hard. IMHO Alec is being a baby about it. Harassment can only apply if it was repeated. Alec had no respect for Tom being uncomfortable during the foot massage and he asked him nicely to stop doing certain things Alec didn’t that was actually way worse and more disrespectful Tom was joking CRASS yes but joking Alec is a baby…


However any of us define the incident, however much it affected him in truth, he did not overlook the opportunity to use it to his advantage.
He’s playing to win, trying to keep it impersonal, but he’s human.
He knows enough to use not just others but his own emotional responses.

Tom was a complete victim of his own emotionality, (much of it suppressed, IMO).

I can’t decide if Topaz might be his vulnerability.
I think neither Alec or Topaz has had to confront the issue of game versus cuddlemance yet.
If and when they do, HOW they do it could have a huge impact on the game.


Very True! I think he milked it…
Alec is smart
21 thumbs down? brutal what is this world coming to…
Alec showed no remorse for abusing Toms feelings. He even kept doing what TOM didn’t like and had asked to be stopped during pedicures
I get it everyone on here seems to have their favs
that just means their favs can do whatever and the people they don’t like are demons for breathing the nerve of some people using air…


Gary did say Tom was gay (when Topaz was telling him what had happened to Alec)


Now that is what you call a double eviction!!!!! You can always play the game, but the rule is that you never get caught while playing and never under-estimate a player……I am glad to see Tom and Liza walk out the door tonight…..Tom was too full of himself and Liza played too hard too fast!

It’s going to be interesting to see who wins the next HOH as I am positive that it will be an endurance competition


Do your thing and book at the Ramada.




BBCA Production has been far from perfect, but I think their best work, by far, is in who they selected as the HGs. I give them much credit. Normally losing two strong personalities, like Tom and Liza, would create a huge “conflict void” in the house. And, short term. it will be *far* calmer in there. But, aside from Talla and Suzette, I think the house is still *full* of HGs who can compete, strategize, and play the social game. Say AJ is the “third weakest” BBCA HG (or did I mean to say “third person?”, as the eyebrows move up and down.) AJ’s game is still 1000 times stronger than US BB14’s “#3 weakest” (ahead of Jenn City and Ashley), Chef Joe Arvin (with all due respect to you, Simon – I know you loved “Eagle Eye FTW” last summer!)

To me, Andrew and Peter proved they were both thinking with the right “head”, by evicting Liza tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to see Andrew put up “the girl he grew his beard for”. Andrew quickly and correctly surmised that Liza’s perception in the house had been damaged *way* beyond repair. As for Peter, you could see it really tore him up, to vote to evict Liza. But he did. By doing so, Peter gained respect in the house, by making that vote unanimous. He also improved his own overall game, *especially* in Alec’s eyes, by him voting out who Alec thought was Peter’s one “worrisome game distraction.” Alec is feeling *much* better about the state of his “Shield” alliance tonight.

The house drama will “heat up again” soon. New primary targets always pop up – it’s the nature of BB. I’m thinking the house sees Gary as the top threat now. He has a solid social game, increased his alliances (admittedly, some are kinda shaky, like with Emmett), he’s good at competitions, and is a solid strategist, who can think for himself. He’s more than just “glitter” and “his brand.” Finally, I think Topaz has a *ton* of BB game, and has been vastly underrated throughout. I’m certain she’ll be the last BBCA girl standing, by a mile, over Jillian (whose greatest game asset is Emmett. He goes – she’s toast.) I do agree with a previous poster, however, who thought that Jillian and Emmett would be the only showmance to truly continue after the show. I think they are real. (I’m not buying into Tom and Liza for a second, post BB.) Overall, it was a great night of TV. Thanks, BBCA!


Andrew did NOT grow his beard for Liza. Liza made that up because she is full of herself!


I am so giddy with anticipation – who’s gonna be sleeping in the HOH room with Andrew?


AJ will….They are like a married couple! LOL


We all know he wants Gary up in his room. LOL


Simon do you think HOH is happening right now?? Is that why the feeds have been down for so long?


I think so


HOH plus HaveNot comp. The HGs were talking about the Havenot comp being today and those “whiners” (emmett) can eat again. They talked about it on BBCanAD


Mama bear oughtta give Peter a cuddle
but he’d be so scared he’d leave a puddle.
Anyway, he prefers grapefruit, hollowed and filled
with KY Jelly and for extra thrills
with a ping pong bat gives his bottom a paddle
as he imagines a wrestler riding him like a saddle.
Evict this willydiddle beetleboy scuttler!
Send him back to the basement and back issues of Hustler,
this batboy in darkness undersheet rustler
this nutless wonder so full of bluster!!!

Awkward Adolescent

Mom, stop posting your erotic poems online again!


That poem is worse than what Tom did to Alec


I am going to die of laughter if Gary wins HOH


On BBCanAD: peter and alec were saying they should throw HOH to gary and let him get all the ppl out.

Random Guy

Hey simon just curious. Did either you or dawg bother to audition for BBcan?


I didn’t I think Dawg and his lady friend did


Simon, what’s going on man. I appreciate the updates so much that I decided to support the cause and purchase the iphone app. I saw it a few weeks ago for 0.99 I think. So I search for it in the app store and nothing. Then I click the iphone app link at the top of this page and it’s telling me its not available in my country. What happened? Why’d it get pulled from the US store and is there anyway I can still get it?


It’s not working right now. I’m troubleshooting with the developer to fix it. We’re sorry it’s down hopefully we’ll have it running soon.


Since figuring out which X-Men character Andrew is supposed to be, anyone want to clue me in on who the rest are? On a more serious note, did anyone else want to see Alec get nominated/evicted after throwing the HOH. If it blew up in his face, this would have been the dumbest mistake next to Marcellus.

The Watcher

We all knew Tom was going to be evicted however I didnt expected Lillo to fallow his lead this early! LAWD HAVE MERCY!

Like I said before a good player is known by the actions he takes after being nominated. In Tom case he auto destructed himself instead of going low key he ended up showing everyone why he should be voted out. He got better and less in your face during the last day but it was too late.

As far as Liza she acted like she knew the game better than others and knew how to win it. Watching Big Brother and playing Big Brother is not the same. Even acting as a floater for the first week or 2 is perhaps the best thing to do. Smile and pretend you are dumb…..Just say yes to everything lol

Some people say Glitter cant be trusted after what he did to Tom! But my question is what would you do in his ( Glitter ) place?

Think about it.

Someone put you on the block and then ask you for a few favors in order to take you out of the block.
Man or Girl I would tell them everything they want to hear….Sure Ill take you to the final 2 and ask the jury to vote for you…..Sure I will never nominate you ever ever EVER…..Ill give you a foot massage every 2 hrs and cook n clean for you…..Sure I will make everything possible to have my only alliance evicted just for you….

But as soon as I am save and in power…..Ill act like any President….forget the promises I made lmao

Welcome to Big Brother….

….More drama to come…..

The Watcher

Say what? My comment was denied?

I didnt even use one bad word like most of the BBCanada house guests do left n right!

Who nominated my post and voted it out? lol

The Watcher

NVM……must be my lack of sleep lmao


God, I’m cool. Just refreshing my computer at 3:24 AM ET to see who wins HOH when I have to be up for work at 9. Tomorrow, I think I might have to shut the blinds to my office and take a POWERNAP.


Funny how no feeds but big brother after dark is on…..

Anyway…..there seems to be a calm, peaceful air about the house right now. Makes it hard to get a feel on who might be the next targets for eviction now that Tom and Liza are gone. I found it so predictable of Liza when she left the House and asked for Tom… if being without him for 30 minutes she couldn’t survive. I predict by finale night their showmance is just a thing of the past.

I was extremely surprised at Peter when he evicted Liza……maybe he wasn’t falling for her smooth talking like I thought he was. He just might go far in the house after all.


I have been tirelessly and unsuccessfully trying to find out the answer to this question: Why is this called a game? It is YOU going into a house with 14 strangers as your roommates to see if you will be liked? I’m not sure exactly what I’m asking ’cause I’m confused why people say “so-and-so played a good game”, or in the “real world”…etc. That is your real world. I mean, is it like taking an acting gig for three months? Do you pretend to be someone else? You are still you wherever you go. Someone please explain. I get the goal – to win the money.


The entire structure and layout of the show is based upon the Game of “Big Brother”. The show highlights key points and occurrences throughout the Game and gives first hand feedback from the house guests. The show does a great job but definitely does not capture the entire game that is going on inside the house.

Competitions such as HOH and Veto present a physical aspect to the overall game while the majority of BB is played both mentally and socially. Every situation and every conversation can have repercussions towards your own personal result. Creating the correct alliances, targets, votes, etc are all part of strategic gameplay. You can certainly go in their and be yourself but usually you need to be much more guarded towards your true feelings and emotions. If you do or say something to the wrong person you can quickly make enemies and get a target on your back. Everything you do in that house needs to be thought of from a strategic standpoint, that is what make this a game…and a great one at that!

The Watcher

Its a game because :

You take strangers put them in a house with 24/7 cam fallowing them every moves.

You tell them if they are the last 2 man standing one of them could win big money.

In order to win the money you tell them they have to win competitions inside the house.

HOH (Head of Household) a competition done once a week to determine who will be in charge of the house He or She gets a special big room with perks and a letter from his or her family he or she then decide who will be up for elimination.

A ceremony is done where he nominates 2 person.

From that moment the game starts because obviously you dont want to be nominated then be voted out by the house guests

See where the game starts happening? Why they call it a game?

After comes the POV ( Power Of Veto) A few select of people get to play into the game, the HOH, the 2 nominees and 3 more people selected by random draw ( the HOH and the 2 nominees pick a name each from a bag)

Obviously you want to win the POV to be able to take yourself out of the block you dont want to HOH to win it because he probably will leave the nomination the same and often time you would rather choke on a hot dog than to have any other random house guests win it and not use it as well

See where the game really start taking shape?

In between all of this you have to form some sort of alliance, or play a low key game or be all in your face. It all depends what works for you.

Sometimes you can get the HOH to use the POV on you in exchange of not putting him on the block next week in case you are one of the 2 staying in the house.

The HOH doesnt get to play for the HOH the week fallowing his reign making him very vulnerable for nomination if he pissed the house or he could have played a good game have a strong alliance and not be nominated regardless…

Put in the mix being a Have or Have Not meaning you either get to eat what you want for a week or be part of the rest of the house that gets to eat Slop ( a very disgusting mix) for a week

Plus there is a lot of twist in turn, Powershift, Canada voting to safe so n so or Canada voting on what the have not should eat or do.

After a certain amount of house guests have been voted out of the house, the rest being voted out will go to a jury house and become the jury just like survivor they will vote for who they want to win out of the 2 standing at the end.

And there is more added with the drama in the house, the bromance, showmance, lies, sometimes fight…..

If this is not what you call a game then….I dont know

This is not like the MTV Real World with stranger just living in a house , drinking and having s$x


…and don’t forget the psychological aspect. Being locked up with a bunch of strangers, no outside contact, no other distractions. Only the “game” and the HGs. That is what they mean when they reference “the real world”. In the real world you could vent to family/friends, take a break and be alone, regroup. But in the house it is not stop. Game, plan, prepare, socialize accordingly. Do what BB says and when. While a whole bunch of strangers watch your every move (well maybe not every move. The feeds are down to often for that :)


hink the Procuders are making a mockery out of the game, and changing it day by day. I think they wanted Tom and Lisa out of the house, and they made sure it happened. I think at the beginning of the season, the Procuers should POSTY what the competitions are, and WHEN the double evictions take place,or WHEN Canada votes, or viewers can INFLUENCE the game, with date, week 1, or 2, etc., to hold the show accountable. Obvisouly you cant change the bahviour of house guests, but it is a game, and they are there to scheme and do what it takes, to stay. Credibility of the show is at its lowest, and its just a new chow for Canada! I used to like Gary, and found him humourous, and you need a character to stir up the pot, but really, he is now so boring to watch, and so predictable. I hope this guy does NOT win!


So happy! Now Tom & Liza can hook up for the rest of their lives and have many little Toza or Lito babies (the naming depends on who wears the pants).


I am watching religiously but seriously there is NOBODY I really like in this house. haha Which actually makes me way less stressed compared to BB US where I would stress for JEJO to win. Jillian is beautiful and I am sure outside the house she is great, but in the house, MEH
She reminds me of a young Gloria Estefan <3

My best friends like Emm and the other loves Alec so I guess I am rooting for them? not really? so confused.
As long as I don't have to see Tom and horse face again, it's all good.


How can you like BBUS Houseguests more than Canada’s? At least these people have watched BB seasons and aren’t complete morons who are aspiring actresses or something. BBUS has been very disappointing.. it’s either people from previous seasons or people who audition for a different reality show and land on BB where they don’t know what it is.

This season is great! A great combination of cast members.


Um….Liza and Peter were talking about getting book deals. Danielle was an ‘actress’. Topaz flashed her private bits (I’m sure to land press), Jillian claims to be like Sandra Bullock, Gary want to promote his “styling” career. I could go on…..


so liza will sell her life story. Hmmm. “The life of the tanning salon lady!” Don’t think so. Peter might be able to read his book to YT viewers but who is really gonna see it. Danielle might be able to do a before and after on Jenny Craig commercial (i lost 36lbs on jenny). Topaz … uh… porn? Apparently when she was very young, before her first above-table job she did something out of a van. So maybe. Jillian, generic brunette. No one would recognize her as anything or anybody. Gary is just a freak :) but the next stylist to the stars? No. The Glitter never goes away, they would be vacuuming into eternity.



Topaz and a van? What is that story?


I missed that part when they were talking about jobs they had had. But topaz was talking about a job at a food court and there was a bdrm in the back. married boss used it with young gf. and there was porn in the vcr. And talla worked at a place where the owners son put a camera in change room.

After that AJ was making fun (but he understood the gravity of those situations) and said something about Topaz working out of van ( i got the impression she was selling something. it was still sketchy but not dirty. i was just making fun)


I think this was the conversation where HG were talking about jobs they have had in the past, and Topaz was telling the group how her first job was selling chocolate bars when she was like 13 or so. Some guy would pick up a group of teens in his van take them to a neighbourhood and drop them off, they would sell the bars and then he would pick them up a few hours later and take them home and give them their share of the proceeds. Other(s) said “ya ya I did that too”


PS: I can’t stand PETER!!!!!!!!! OMG SHUT UP!!!!!!


Oh my god, I can’t believe no one else wanted to piss themselves laughing from Peter’s good bye message to Tom! Liza obviously is not interested in Peter, but that must was pissed Tom off so much. Perfect double eviction for me!


THEY HELD HANDS FOR A SECOND! C’MON, THERE MUST BE SOME SPARKS/CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THEM. But in all seriousness, I’d always thought there was sexual tension between Peter and Liza. Well mostly from Liza cuz she’s really horny, and Peter is just genuinely attracted to her.


Wow, the feeds have been down all night! I enjoyed last night’s episode. I had missed Wednesday’s show and it was even funnier watching Tom knowing he was gone and Liza too. I loved the curling competition, one of the best so far! LOL at Gary and Suzette! I was thrilled that Andrew got to be HOH for 15 minutes, I am team Andrew! I am also loving Topaz! I would like to see Peter sweat for a change. I want to see him make moves instead of hiding behind Alec and the others all the time. Maybe Suzette will win HOH and put Peter and Emmett up. That would be fun.


I want whoever wins this HOH to put up Alec and Peter,hopefully these two doesn’t win it and Peter getting evicted.


I hope that they bring BACKKKK us a waste to see him gone……………………………………..


I wish production would at least tweet out when the feeds come back so Dawg and I could get some rest..


So in watching BBAD last night I realized why I am annoyed with Jilllian. I think she is a nice person and have absolutely nothing against her but she has these little mannerisms that I find so annoying:

Has anyone else noticed that anytime someone in the house shares a story or detail about themselves with Jillian she immediately comes back with her own personal situation or story? That drives me nuts when people do that! Instead of actually being engaged with the other person and ask them questions about their story she immediately comes back with a sentence starting with “I” and goes off about herself.

Also her deer in the headlights stare is super annoying. She did this last night too. Someone could be in a conversation with her or ask her a question and instead of answering or actually engaging she just stares at them like she is trying to remember how to speak! I would be like “hello”??? “Is anyone in there”??

She was smart to team up with Emmett though but she has given in to him totally. When she says “Emmett tell me what to do” I wanna smack her! Come on girl! You are 27 years old. Put your big girl panties on and play your own game! You managed to live 27 years without Emmett making your decisions I’m sure you can still do it!


I have had a sneaking suspicion that Jill and Emmett knew each other prior to BB.


Do you have a problem with that?

Mike Piff

@BigBrotherCA on twitter: It’s a busy day in the #BBCAN house and as a result feeds will remain off until tonight.


According to their twitter, no feeds til tonight. Though they said that before and the feeds returned earlier than expected.


Yup.. all i take from that tweet is the feeds are down right now and they will be back somtime in the future.. LOL

last time they came back hours earlier than stated.


Maybe they are swapping out the cast and replacing them with new people.


Alec is such a crybaby. I laughed the entire time he was crying. Dont feel sorry for him at all, he knew what he signed up for.

The Watcher

You sign up for cameras fallowing you 24/7 , being in a house with strangers, doing competitions and hopefully with big money at the end.

Being seen naked is not what makes Big Brother – Big Brother! You can choose to get naked in front of all the cameras, Tom did it often because he said he was comfortable with it.

However you dont have to get naked or be comfortable being seen naked.

There is NO cameras inside any of the showers or the toilette they are all outside.

One would have to , like I said, get naked in the middle of the house to be seen butt naked, open the door of the shower or the toilette to be seen naked or have a jerk take your towel off, open the door of the shower or toilette, pull ur pants down, take your shirt off….and so on…. with out you being ok with it. And that doesnt make it ok.

You obviously agree to have strangers invade your special bubble to some extend as in, doing competition, trying to know things about you, talk crap about you….but never do you sign up for anyone being physical with you or putting your life in danger or job.

I bet if this would have been Tom randomly pulling down the pants of a girl who wasnt wearing undies or him opening the door of the shower while one of the girls was inside butt naked EVERYONE including you would have been mad and not laughing.

I even think production would have evicted Tom on the spot.

I guess this is a double standard but in general you dont do this.

Tom excuses saying he didnt know Alec would have been mad because he is always shirtless is very dumb, then I suppose if a girl wears a short short skirt and a tank top she is asked for Tom to undress her in front of everyone……


I am so sick and tired of hear about Alec and from Alec. Did anyone even see anything? I don’t think so. They didn’t post anything and from what I could tell Tom was between him and the camera, but I highly doubt that Tom saw anything anyway.


It does not matter if anyone saw anything. What Tom did was wrong, and there was no excuse for it



i agree…people watching the show calling alex a crybaby and just reinforcing a double standard. come on canada, haven’t we evolved a little to not apply obvious double standard when it comes to one’s privacy?


Alec is a complete wus to scared to take hoh to put liza out instead passing it on to Andrew, then sinking deep into the corner of the couch when both tom and liza were getting voted out.


I think Alec mainly threw it so he can compete for the next hoh so that he’s guaranteed not be a havenot for another week


Aj and Andrew should have their own talk show, holy sh*t can those boys tell stories!


Maybe the cast is protesting the lack of protein and terrible slop.


Ya whatever. Alec walks around 1/2 naked all the time and makes out with topaz on camera. For some reason he doesnt care about what his family will think of that. Anyway thats such BS and like i said I dont feel sorry for him at all. Hope he goes home soon.


That annoys me too. He didnt want naked pics of him on internet (and there don’t seem to be any anyways) because of his career (future career) but he had no trouble announcing to (live feeders and ) HGs that he is breaking rules during comps. Topaz made sure that he clarified by saying “bend the rules”. And he said he will continue to bend the rules until he gets caught. I guess lazy morals wont affect his future career as much as nakedness would.


Gary back as HOH!! He is so entertaining! King of GLITTER “b*tches”!!! Hahaha!