Big Brother Canada Live Feeds Are Back New HOH is…..

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?


1:25AM HOH Room Alec is the new HOH he’s chatting it up with the other players.


Andrew and Emmett Andrew calls Alec a pussy says he thinks, “Now watch Aj goes home.. I wanted you to win.. HOH” Andrew is pissed that he never got a thing for his HOH not even a note from his brother. Andrew seems pretty confident that he’s not going up. Andrew really wants to make Suzette the target but is worried AJ could go home but he’s acting a bit crazy (i’m hearing a bit of slurred speech he may be tipsy). Emmett is seems to be on the same page as Andrew. He cannot believe that they would do that, mentions that even Ian got something last year.

(Video coming)


1:43AM Backyard ANdrew and AJ They want Suzette out. AJ mentions that there is no way Gary deserves to leave before Suzette. He adds “Gary deserves to make it to Jury he’s earned it”.
Andrew: “I’m good with Alec… but i’m paranoid like a fuc**ing stoner”. There’s some talk about Suzette being Suzette being Canada’s Player. Aj thinks Topaz can separate game and her friends ship with Gary.
Andrew: “I don;t think Topaz will pick Alec over GAry”
AJ: “That is what we have to get into his head”
Andrew warns AJ that Peter talks more game than anyone else in teh house. Points out that Peter has been up in HOH since Alec got it.

(Video coming)




2:05AM HOH Andrew, Peter, Emmett and Alec Alec is saying that the plan is to put up AJ and Suzette. Alec feels that whoever goes up against Talla and Suzette is safe and AJ is the most safe out of everyone. Andrew asks if Aj wins POV and takes himself down who will Alec put up.. Andrew thinks Talla would be a good pick. Alec: “Yup that is what i’m planning”. Emmett jokes that the worst thing they would do to someone is have them be the second jury member when Suzette is the first.

Emmett explains his vote to Tom, He knew Tom was going but he was still buddies with him. Emmett says Alec would do the same thing with Peter and vice versa.

Alec wants to bring the entire house up minus Gary and Suzette and tell Aj that he is the pawn. He wants AJ to be able to count the votes and be OK about the nomination.


2:00AM Downstairs Topaz give Alec a update about Susette Alec wants to bring the house upstairs so they can talk about the nominations.


2:20AM HOH There’s a party starting in the HOH room.. Unfortunately Suzette wants joins them..


Suzette comes in and the party stops..


2:33AM HOH Everyone but Topaz and Gary Random conversations everywhere.
Emmett thinks Power of Veto is tomorrow, Nominations have not been done but AJ and Suzette will go up. They have six beer Alec and Andrew are drinking one each. I think they had drinks before.


Everyone waiting for Suzette to leave..


2:42AM HOH Topaz comes up and tell Suzette that Gary wants to talk to her.. Suzette Leaves with Topaz.

Emmett does think they should tell suzette right now that she’s going home. Talla thinks that maybe they shouldn’t even tell her. Alec: “I don’t know what the advantages and disadvantages to telling her. Emmett thinks it should be just Alec that tells her, “If we are up here and we talla her it will be hard on her” Andrew: “She may have a clue”

Alec goes outside to talk to Topaz, Alec wants Topaz to be with him when he tells AJ. Thinks that maybe they should tell them that Gary is the replacement nomination because Talla is in the HOH. They doubt Suzette will win the POV so there really isn’t anything to worry about. Alec just wants to make sure word doesn’t go back to Gary he wants her to talk to him about it.

Topaz and Alec head back to the HOH.
Alec: “Suzette is going up and is going home”
Jillian: ‘Unless there is another canada vote”

Alec: “A pawn is needed.”
AJ: “I’ve already done that..”
Alec: “Would you be against that… I would give you my word you would not go home”
Aj: “Personally yes I have a problem”

The house pretty much tells AJ they will give him their word that they will not use the POV there’s no chance of him going home.
Peter: ‘It will be a clean sweep” They go around and promise him they will not use the POV if they win it.
AJ: ‘fair enough”

Alec wonders if they he should go tell Suzette. everyone thinks tonight is not the right time.


3:05AM Smoke hole Talla, Andrew AJ Andrew says maybe if he wins POV he’ll use it to save AJ force Alec to put up Gary. Talla: “you going to do that?”
Andrew: “I don’t know I would have to think about it”
Andrew explains to them on one side of the house you Have Emmett and Jillian two power players. On the other side you have Gary, Alec, Peter and Topaz. “Then there is us the 3 stooges” Andrew explains they should think about getting allied with the powershouses (And pull some POWERSHIFTS)
Talla tells them she will keep them in the loop.. they head inside to go to bed. (The 3 stooges alliance is formed.. kinda)


3:23AM AJ, talla, Alec

AJ asks them is there a chance Gary will win it and use it on Suzette. Alec: “No.. The entire house will be after him if he does” Alec: “This entire house swore to yo they would use the veto.. I’m telling them all to “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” for POV (Alec is sounding a bit like Tom right now) Alec: “If anyone breaks their word this fuc*** cast is a bunch of liar”

Talla thinks POV Is tomorrow. Peter disagrees says it’ll be Sunday, Tomorrow will be nominations. Topaz briefly joins them reassures Aj he’s safe.


4:32AM Alec and Topaz kissing

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The Watcher

YAY! Another sleepless night watching strangers talk lol ( A Life is what I need …) XD

Good for Alec he can now feast all he want!

I see Sue is the target this week…. what a waste tho!

Keep the good job OBB guys :)


THE FEEDS!!!!! Plus alcohol!! I’m pretty sure they read this site. They should hire us as producers, Simon.



topez needs to go


She is going to be there for a long… Time, buddy! Alec and Topaz FTW!!! Lol


Yeah Alec, finally off that slop! He’s basically won three competitions in a row, hopefully he doesn’t get a big target on his back.


Hoping he becomes a target and goes home coz I’m not a big fan of the Trio alliance, Alec, Peter and Emmett.


the same people i want gone they are in power gee.


as a mans man i cannot respect Alec after all his peepee drama. Really, does he have a va jj or something? Topez definitely wares the pants in that relationship.


the same people i want gone they are in power gee.


I know right. Then next week Emmett wins HOH and takes out Gary. Well Gary better win coz who has he got? If Suzette is gone then he’s pretty much toast if anyone else wins, other than Topaz.


Emmett is not going to take out Gary at this point. He shot down Jillian’s idea to target Gary when she was deciding who to put up for noms in the case she wins HOH before the competition. Emmett knows that Gary is on his side, and Emmett needs him to be as insulated as he is going further into the game. He seems to want Talla/Suzette/AJ or even Topaz out before Gary.

Alec and Peter are so cocky about their game without any reason to be. The Shield needs to be taken down a few pegs. Neither are the masterminds they believe themselves to be. I hope to laugh myself sick if anyone has the guts to shake it up and go after them. Even if someone put up Topaz and Peter together then Alec can go up as a replacement nom. I doubt this will ever happen, but it would be so fun to watch these guys scramble and get out from under the radar.


is it legal that peepee problems told andrew answer to hoh on thursday? andrew got nothing for hoh Bb did not even give him his letter


No, it’s not. You must’ve missed the update from earlier. Mounties are riding in from Halifax as we speak to take Alec to Canadian prison. But in a surprise twist, Alec is going to receive a POWERSHIFT from the Canadian prime minister (president? I’m American) whereby he arrests the Mounties and locks them in the have-not room with Talla while she tells them about her movie.

Shakira Stan

He should stop whining already, he’ll get his letter at some point! Last year when Ian won his one hour HoH power during the live eviction, he received a letter as well as his basket of candy and stuff from his family after the regular HoH.


Well based on the info in this post it looks like Alec has chosen an ultra safe nomination(s). I think Mr. Wonderful will not be happy. Topaz for 1 will leak it to Gary Suzette is the target. I don’t think Alec gets it. Gary will be PO’d and win POV, take Suzette off the block and next HOH will be a free for all. Alternatively could Gary muster enough votes if he doesn’t win POV to save Suzette?
This might be where Emit becomes very important. Lets say Topaz votes to save Suzette with Gary. They would need 2 more votes. Any chance those could be Emmit and Jillian? We know Peter and Andrew are sure sure AJ saves as should Talla vote to save AJ. If kinf Gary sees Suzette go his going to go nucleur!! This is the last eviction before the jury so it’s important the house gets it right.
But I’m a cynic and figure the production will step in and save Suz if Gary cannot. Something like a special veto or turn back the clock power perhaps. They’ll dream up something IMHO. Alec likely feels that Suzette is a safe target. Wait til Gary gets in his ear. If Topaz tells Gary before the nomination ceremony it would be great TV to listen to Gary and Alec talking. Who does Gary switch to as the target Alec should go after? I guess he could suggest Andrew and AJ up. He would offer a mutual safety deal for sure. Ask Tom how much Gary’s word is worth. Sweet F A is the answer. Wonder if Topaz will try to switch Alec off of Suzette prenomination ceremony. Alec would have to do some serious thinking about Topazes motives. Could be a fun weekend if the feeds stay up


BB will rig the pov so gary wins


As I predicted, Alec is gonna do really well in this game as long as he remains relatively cool. He’s definitely my fave now

Shakira Stan

People that are most likely to end up on the block are Talla, AJ, Suzette and maybe Andrew. Hopefully, one of the nominees will win the POV so that Alec could backdoor Emmett. He’s a beast, he’s got to go which will weaken and make Jillian miserable. It’s a win-win situation! I’m so impressed by Alec, he’s won 3 challenges so far! I wasn’t expecting him to be that good in this game! I’m pretty sure that he’ll get blindsided by Emmett or Jillian next week since he’s obviously a physical and mental threat. Sending Suzette or AJ home is such a waste of HoH, he better use his HoH reign wisely!

I’m so excited right now! It’s another week in the house for Glitter and Topaz!

By the way, am I the only one who’s getting sick of Peter? Who the fuck he thinks he is? His goodbye message directed to Tom wasn’t necessary nor even funny, he’s gotten so cocky over the last few days, I can’t deal with him. Just like Aneal said on the interview, Peter has always been “the other guy” in real life and he was overshadowed by Tom in the house. He’ll never have the guts to say what he said in the message in front of Tom’s face. He thought that he could finally rekindle the fire he had with Liza, but poor thing, she got sent next to her boyfriend the same night.


You’re not alone in not liking Peter.
Watch his “guarding” postures.
Alec particularly must see them.
I was thinking Alec would cut Pete when time was right.
Now I think Alec would like it to be nerd vs nerd at the end and sees himself victorious.

Thunderdome – 2 men enter, one man leaves.
I’d rather Topaz as the Tina Turner character rig the game, LOL.


Apparently from watching After Dark the HOH competition was like a maze …where each house guest had to run through it one at a time and find things and come back and then go back in again until they had found all of the things … Alec obviously did it the fastest and won HOH… and jillian was a close second. Alec also won $10,000. Emmett, Jillian, Talla and Alec also are no longer havenot are during after dark they were STUFFING their faces.


King Tom played the game too hard too soon, badmouthed other HGs, but thought he was both brilliant and popular in the house. Where is he now? Gone

LIE-za played the game too hard too soon, badmouthed other HGs, but thought she was both brilliant and popular in the house. Where is she now? Gone.

Andrew plays the game pretty hard. He often badmouths other HGs. He thinks he is both smart and popular in the house. Where is he? Still here – for now. I do like the house’s thinking, to send Suzette home next, the last HG before jury, for a number of reasons. Mainly to get her back to her family, if she’s not gonna win 100K. I just think that Andrew throwing powerful HGs, like Alec, under the bus routinely, for no real reason, is just not smart. Word gets around. Especially with less HGs now. Alec is powerful in the house. The house is now re-evaluating – both itself, and its eviction priorities. I think It’s a great time for the HGs to be laying low.

I see Alec/Topaz//Peter/Emmett not going after each other, for at least the next 3-4 weeks. I think Gary has the house a bit more comfortable with him now. But he’s a very strong player. If Alec senses Topaz wouldn’t freak out, I think Gary would be Alec’s first choice to evict this week, but I’m not sure. We’ll see. I truly think Emmett is both liked and respected in the house, so they won’t go for Jillian either, short term, for that reason alone. Talla and AJ? No danger there, so no rush to remove either. That leaves Andrew. The poll has him *last choice” to leave next right now. I agree. He’s not next. But I think he’ll be one of the next three leaving. Having AJ as your “#1 BB bro” isn’t exactly a “titanium” level of game protection!


Talla also quit and was disqualified from the competition. She says that it was terrifying and really frustrating.


Jillian said during the competition Gary scared her when he went nuts swearing and screaming and that he would not be a havenot.


Sue is the target?!!! really!!
gonna be one boring week


We can blame POWERSHIFT for saving Suzette
or Tom/Emmett for putting up Aneal
or most of them for voting out Aneal
or Tom for emphasizing Jury house
or Production for the phone call that gave Sue a free HOH that put up Tom that led to etc etc
or casting that let goobers thru the filters
or Production pre-game scenarios that envisioned ratings-pull scenarios that Casting simply tried to fulfill.

I think they saw the playing out of RELATIONSHIPS among pairs (not necessarily romancy-type ones) as a driver of conflict, storylines, tension and ratings.
Couples in conflict, couple vs couple, partner switching – there were a LOT of options to start.
They partly got their wish.
But 3 women are gone, soon to be 4, plus 1 gay, 1 brawn, so I don’t think they’re done interfering with events.


I guess they should just let her win the whole game then. Production already gave her HOH and POV she didn’t win…then you complain when people get tired of it. She’s gotta go sometime, may as well make it before jury.


Prod. can’t save Sue anymore w/out making the show a total joke.
But they’ll get their dirty fingers in somehow, for someone.
I have no idea who really.
Except I don’t think it’s Talla!


Actually the show had already become a joke when they let canadians to vote for Suzette to stay. It was just like watching the copycat “Glass House” show. See where the glass house ended up? So this show will probably end up like the glass house if they let the canadians to vote again, and again, and again, sigh~~~

Shakira Stan

This week will be one boring week that’s why Gary needs to win that POV and take Suzette off the block to shake thing up a bit!


For me, that would be the best case scenario. I’m Team Suzette & Gary Glitter all the way!


Alec is definitely sounding a little like Tom (which is a death knell; the best HOHs are typically pretty chill). I feel confident now that Peter is going to win this game because this first season really sets the tone, and BB wants a face of the franchise going forward. None of the others have that All-American (Canadian) hero/villain (it has to be one or the other) look/feel. I’m disappointed by this because Peter is a gigantic douche nozzle, but douche nozzles = ratings = money. See: All Reality TV Ever.


Really disagree with your assessment of Peter as the winner. I could be dead wrong but I think Gary will flip when Alec noms Suz. Lets say for arguement Suz goes home. Gary wins next HOH. He puts up Alec but Topaz talks him out of that and Peter goes up as payback. Gary HOH for now means Emmit is safe. Peter could actually be 1st in the Jury house. Please remember he thinks he’s Dan junior. He’s dilusional and has drunk the koolaid!!
Also remember Topaz has triangulated Alec and Gary perfectly. She isn’t letting either leave that early.


It’s interesting seeing how they arrange themselves around the foot of the stairs when someone leaves.
Who stands apart.
Who’s closest to the bottom step.
Where Peter stood in relation to the others when Liza left.
Where Emmett was when Tom left.


How many redneck remarks is Suzette gonna say when she goes up on the block? Lol


Alec has lost me! What a douchebag! Poor Andrew! Nothing for his HOH and now AJ will be the pawn. Thanks, Alec! Why don’t you put up Peter if the pawn is safe? Not that I like AJ that much, but he’s already been up and he is Andrew’s closest friend. I bet Andrew wishes he hadn’t taken the last HOH. I really want to see Peter and Alec on the block together. I am team Newfie all the way, I hope Andrew and Topaz go far, the rest I really don’t care about.


Alec –
“It’s the life of Academe for me!
Then tenure, after my PhD!
When I have students, like girls from Glee
I’ll tell them I starred on good ole BB
and show them my abs on the DVD
and promise them A’s if they’ll do me!


By nominating Suzette and AJ Alec proves he’s nothing but a big OLD COWARD which was also evident when he turned into a big old suck earlier this week with the unmanly crying sessions that were a bit much. A smart guy should have much more control over his emotions. So now he really looks like a girly man by putting such a inconsequential pair as Sue and AJ on the block. I was starting to like him but he will lose me if he puts them up. He needs to grow a pair and make a move he can present to the jury as signifigant. Gary has the biggest cojones in this house which is earning him much respect something Alec is losing by the minute.


Alec: “If anyone breaks their word this fuc*** cast is a bunch of liar”. NEWS FLASH I think they have already proven that this is the case. Alec reminds me of a shy little kid who got his pants pulled down with the crying and stuff, then did anyone see him sitting on the couch in AFTER DARK last night holding the pool noodle as his DONG. This guy has a real DONG complex. Grow up Alec, you can’t call Tom immature in one breath then act like a child in the next breath.


WTF… why are they going for Suzette! Production, find a way to make her win PoV! :)


Simple answer is Alec thinks it’s safe. I also think these guys are dilusional. On BBAD last night Alecsuggested Gary wouldn’t use the POV on Suz. These donkies have also drank the koolaid.. Gary would save save Suz in a heartbeat.


For me Talla is the one to take out but right after it’s Suzette, if we think in a Jury House way. It’s safe, and who wants somebody who doesn’t uderstand the game to be voting at the end?


Oh No not cry baby Alec as HOH. He said he grow up with Dr. Will being his hero well Dr. Will never won a comp on BBUSA. Alec has not got half the brain that Dr. Will has. Topaz is playing Alec to stay in the game she does not really care about him. She would protect Gary over him. Alec , Peter and Topaz all need to go. BBC you should be a shame of your self not giving Andrew anything when he won HOH ( even when cry baby handed it to him)


Well as any BBusa fan knows they handle this with a basket and a letter on double evictions. Perhaps this is production penalizing Andrew for cheating with Alec. Except Alec got no penalty. Cannot rationalize Andrew not getting a crate and a letter. Funny how arbitrary BBcan is. Emmit “cheats” and loses HOH. Andrew and Alec cheat very next week and production does absolutely nothing. Can’t wait to see what they dream up to save Suzette again. They may do the old hidden veto trick. ….. Suzette please go to the diary room. There’s a box sitting on a table! LOL Production: Suzette there is a secret veto hidden in the house. Tom didn’t find it last week! LOL Tom wasn’t called to the DR. hehehe. Suzette: I better get going and find it. Suz starts to leave the DR. Production: Excuse me what about checking the box with the words “secret veto” on it. Might be a good idea!
It’s going to be a very bad show if production saves her again. She is just not interesting. I will add this though. Suzette had alot more class than most of the guests when Tom was going through his eviction week. Don’t see her as a bad person just not entertaining for me.


I would love to see Alec and Topaz both gone however it would be interesting to see her loyalty if Alec was up on the block against Gary. Lets hope for next week. I definitely think Gary would save Suzette and Talla would go up.


It’s interesting that viewers are upset/bored with Suzette an AJ being the noms with the idea that Suzette goes home. From Alec’s point of view this is the best move to make at this point of the game (aside from Talla). Putting anyone else up would alienate Alec from the rest of the players and it’s too early in HIS game play to do that.
For all those who say that Gary had the most eventful HOH – yes that is true but it was relatively easy for him to target Tom and Liza because of T & L’s own actions – they had the whole house (except for Emmett in Tom’s eviction) against them and so far this season there have been 2 people who vote differently to what they say would vote.
For those who want Suzette to stay – well sure; but she hasn’t won anything except have production hand everything to her. Even the “Canada’s vote” we don’t actually know the true poll\s of people in Canada – simply because you could vote multiple times for the same person. If she wins POV and saves herself then of course she stays but for Gary to save her is not a smart move for him if he is thinking about his own long term game.


I can understand why they want Suzette to go home this week.

As the HoH crew said last night (I think it was Emmett, Peter, Alec and AJ), “Can you imagine her being the first one in jury? Every guy walking in the jury house will be greeted by “Heeeeeeyyyyyy Boooooyyyyyysssss!!!”

Yeah, I’d want her out this week too. ;)


I would put up Gary and Topaz, if Gary wins pov than put up AJ and topaz is Gone….Please have Tom come back in this game…….i think they are reliaze that Tom was not that of a bad guy…………….PLEASE HAVE TOM COME BACK IN THE GAME……………..


Just heard alec say “liza had tom rapped around her little finger” – what does topaz have alec rapped around? does he have to ask her permission to pee?