Big Brother Canada: Jillian says she would rather throw the HOH than be a havenot again.

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

2:50pm Andrew, Aj and Alec are out in the hot tub room talking about what they will do when they finish the season. They all think Emmett would be good as a milk model. Aj says that he would go back to his old jobs of business to business sales. Alec says that he was asked to do a speech after about his experience. They start talking about Jillian. Andrew says she is not unattractive. Alec comments how Topaz’s napping is starting to get on people’s nerves, that’s not why we are here. Aj says that he admires someone that can sleep with all the noise around here. Alec says that he likes that she isn’t a clingy person.

Meanwhile, Liza and Tom are laying in the hammock talking about doing some traveling together after they leave the house. Tom says there is really only one person that hates me… that’s if I win HOH. Tom comments that he doesn’t think he could satisfy Liza. Liza says she thinks he could, it’s only one part of the muffin. Tom says well I don’t have sex before marriage. Tom talks about not wanting to ever get married.
big brother canada march 20 2013 313pm

big brother canada march 20 2013 314pm

3:10pm – 3:30pm Aj, Andrew, Topaz, Suzette and Jillian are out on the backyard couches. Jillian comments how she doesn’t know what she will do if she is on slop again. Andrew says that he doesn’t want to be around her if she is again. Jillian says that she would rather throw the HOH than be a havenot again. The conversation turns to talking about how small Emmett is getting. Andrew says that pretty soon Peter is going to be bigger than Emmett.. with Emmett only drinking one slop drink every 3 days. Jillian comments that she was joking about that yesterday.

big brother canada march 20 2013 327pm

3:35pm – 3:45pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen.. When the live feeds come back Emmett and Andrew are tossing the football back and forth. Emmett is in the pool and Andrew is laying on a lounger. They are wondering what the HOH competition will be like. They think it could be an endurance or physical task since they have done a couple question competitions already. Andrew wonders if it might be a competition where they each have their own lanes and have to run back and forth on something slippery. Andrew says thankfully you can compete in this one. He says that he is really going to try for this one.
big brother canada march 20 2013 343pm
3:50pm – 4:10pm Big Brother tells the house guests that the inside of the house is off limits. They are on an outdoor lock down. Andrew and Emmett talk game over by the pool. Andrew tells Emmett that his ship with Tom has sailed ..he needs to start building relationships with others. Andrew says that the ultimate floater is Topaz. Emmett says that he wants to be the one to take Liza out. Andrew says that he wants to be the one to take her out too for that comment about him. Andrew says that he is going to try and beat Emmett to win the HOH. Andrew says his goal first is to get to jury and then go from there. Andrew says that if he was on the block with Emmett he wouldn’t campaign against him.. I would campaign for you if anything. Emmett asks why? Andrew says that he wouldn’t freak out if he was voted out… I would leave with some class. Emmett says he would too. Andrew says that he trusts Jillian. Emmett says that he does too and says that she doesn’t really have anyone else. Emmett comments how Liza was spreading lies saying Jillian didn’t like gay people which isn’t true. Andrew and Emmett talk about how Aj isn’t a threat for them if he wins. They talk about how if Talla wins she will probably put Emmett up because she was with Liza pretty tight and is brainwashed. Andrew comments that he doesn’t like that it seems like Peter isn’t going to try and win anything.. and he is friends with everyone. Emmett says that he thinks we can trust him right now, he’s a good guy. Andrew says that he is fearful that he will just float.

4:15pm – 4:30pm Aj, Talla, Topaz, Alec and Jillian are sitting on the backyard couch talking about past relationships. Alec starts to get up saying that he can’t listen to this anymore (Topaz talk about her ex-boyfriends).. and then sits back down and say maybe I’ll stay.

big brother canada march 20 2013 415pm

4:55pm Suzette and Gary are laying in the hammock talking. Suzette is talking about her son and family. Gary talks about his mom dating guys his age. The conversation turns to talking about slop. Gary says that these rich people are complaining about slop.. slop in the ghetto is like soufflé. Suzette agrees that being on slop wouldn’t be all that bad. Tom comes over and lay over top of them on the hammock. When he leaves Gary says that Tom is a$$ kissing too much .. my a$$ hurts.

big brother canada march 20 2013 451pm

5pm – 5:30pm Alec and Peter are up by the entrance door creating a new game called Space Disk Ball – AKA Frisbee. Alec tells Peter that he was thinking they could tell Tom last minute, I mean last might ..right before that Gary flipped and wants him out. That way the anger is flipped to Gary. Alec says that they can talk to Emmett about it first. Alec says that it would be a pretty amoral thing to do. Downstairs Tom has cut up his shirt to make a head band and decides to cut the rest of it to make a cape. Alec and Peter continue to talk about how Suzette has to go.. she is too nosy. They finish up making the space disk ball and comment how it looks like a sting ray. They head out into the backyard to try it out.

5:30pm – 5:50pm Aj and Tom are in the bedroom talking. Tom tells Aj that he feels 95% certain he is staying. Tom says he isn’t sure what to say in his speech. Aj tells Tom that he should always give his speech like he is leaving, because you never know. Aj tells Tom that Andrew said he is voting to keep him (Tom). Tom says and Jillian and Emmett both said they would vote for me to stay too. Aj says that’s what he did even though he know he was super safe. Aj talks about how Peter is playing both sides. Tom says that Peter is the male version of Liza. Tom says there are two more people leaving before jury.. we need Topaz, Gary and Suzette out. Tom says that if its endurance and its him, you, and Talla up there I will probably drop. Tom says that he is also scared Talla might do something crazy like Emmett & Alec. Aj says we just really need to be in her ear to put up Suzette and Gary. They continue to talk about different scenarios. Tom says that he just isn’t sure how Peter will vote .. he is crazy about Liza. They both talk about how Liza is a great person but that she really fu*ked up her game. Tom says that what she did the worst was playing me and Andrew against each other. Andrew joins them and the conversation ends.

Video of Aj and Andrews conversation is uploading:

6pm – 6:15pm Andrew and Aj talk in the bathroom about this weeks vote. Aj says that he honestly thinks they are better off keeping Tom than Liza. They are worried about being the only ones voting to keep Tom and then they become the targets. Aj tells Andrew to talk to Emmett/Jillian to find out for sure they are voting to keep Tom like Tom said they were.
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LOL AJ said his porn name is anus spermman, now alec said bj spermman. Andrew is Dick Swingin LOL


The powershift should have been used this week instead of last week. Bad timing


Andrew says Topaz is the ultimate floater. No, she’s not, he just thinks she is. He doesn’t know she’s got Gary and Suzette and Alec.
Plus she’s playing a good game she’s able to think strategically and isn’t letting her cuddlemance with Alec cloud her judgement.

From what I’ve seen , she doesn’t look like the type to have her decisions be influenced by someone else. It’s the other way round. Look how she convinced Tom that Suzette was his biggest threat when her secret intentions were to protect Gary.

Right now do I think there’s a floater? I don’t know, I’m not sure who AJ is aligned with, and I think Suzette is with Gary and Topaz though it’s not really an alliance but they are on the same side.


Floater…..AJ for sure and am getting tired of him talking about himself as a third person


Why the hell is that idiot Emmet so obsessed with Liza, take Liza out ur next.


Um! Seriously, the ultimate floater is Topaz? Andrew can’t be serious…..although that was quite funny!


What did Liza say about Andrew that has him wanting to be the one who sends her home? I probably read it since I read every word but the old age is creeping in and I can’t remember. Thanks.


Liza called andrew an alcoholic


In a nushell she sais Andrew was an alcoholic. Yeah smearing someone on national TV will get you a little unwanted attention!


Topaz isn’t a floater at all. She’ s a leech. Along with Suzette, she’s easily my least favorite person in the house, which sucks b/c Topaz will end up in the final 4 or 5.


I could see Topaz going home..
Liza wins HOH on Thursday puts Topaz and Gary up.
Gary wins POV she puts Suzette up.
Suzette wins Canada’s Veto
Alec goes up in her place
Topaz goes home..






Ok, so I’ve heard a lot of the HGs mention that Liza supposedly told Gary that Jillian hates gay people…Do you guys know if this conversation actually happened? I know Liza campaigned hard to everybody to get Alec and Emmett out, but i didn’t think she had actually turned on Jillian, but i do tend to tune out some of her conversations…


I never heard it side but a couple houseguests have commented on it

Mr. BiLL

Tom has a crush on A-J


I don’t get this: If Tom is supposed be evicted why does Alec think it is necessary to set Gary up for Tom’s anger. Tom is not going to jury he will just be out of the game. Tom will have no more influence. It hardly matters. I can’t understand these HGs sometimes


Alec, Peter, and Emmett don’t want Tom exposing how close they are after he’s voted out. They assume it’ll be a 6-3 vote, Emmett will still vote for Liza to go (Talla and AJ likely being the other two votes), and the others will assume that if they were in an alliance (Quattro) why would Alec and Peter turn on him. I believe it was Gary and Talla talking about it the other day in the HOH, saying exactly that “why would there be a boys alliance if Alec, Peter and Andrew vote Tom out”. They’re trying to remain covert, and it seems to be working.


OK maybe this is a stupid question or maybe it is Tom just BS again. He commented he doesn’t have sex before marriage…..sooooo is he a virgin???? Or did I just misunderstand the comment?


Tom has told too many stories about “Banging” Cougars to be a virgin


Thank you Simon. I didnt think I was going crazy on that comment. The guy is such a bulls****r. I am still confused on who exactly is leaving tomorrow but will have tho wait and see.


I think Tom is going.. unless something big happens tonight.