Suzette: “I don’t see myself getting angry and having blow ups that’s not the kind of person I am”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: TOm & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


11:40AM Emmett talking about creatine


11:45AM Kitchen Table Tom and Liza
Tom: “I want to take a dump on your chest”
Liza: “Gross”
Tom: “That’s how I feel when you are popping my zits or talking about your period”
Tom goes to rest his head on her lap and she pushes his face towards her crotch
Liza: “It’s taken 30 years to get this number”
Tom: “What number”
Liza: “My Number”

Tom: “You got my number?”
Liza: “Yup.. umm I don’t remember the area code”
Tom: “I’m from the 780”
Liza: “Oh then I have the rest”

Liza: “ Anything can happen you never know”
Liza tells him she has no idea what is happening tomorrow. Tom doesn’t know either. (Peter told Liza yesterday that it’s going to be 9-0 for Tom to leave..)
Tom: “Yup.. maybe Canada likes us maybe we both are kept”
They both agree they need to win HOH if they stay.. Tom says that Emmett told him if he stays to lay low.. “I don’t like Topaz.. If I win I’ll put their asses up”


11:51AM working out Suzette and Alec
Suzette says she could handle Slop no problem. Alec points out that you never really know what it’s like until you are on it. Alec: “I thought I would breeze through it.. I’ve been on slop for 6 days straight.. the past week we have beavertails and poutine which was alright”
Suzette: “I don’t see myself getting angry and having blow ups that’s not the kind of person I am”
Suzette: “I skip meals.. I end only 1 or 2 meals a day”
AJ joins them they start to work out together


12:10PM Allotta this going on


12:10PM Tom gets something in his eye.. this is the extend of the excitement today


12:13pm Bathroom Liza and Tom
Liza is picking zits off Tom’s back, they are hurting him. Liza says that the next one is a small one and it won’t hurt.
Tom: “Don’t you lie to me”
Liza: “I would never” (LOL)
TOM: “OUCH it hurts you lied to me”
liza wraps her arms around him jokes that this will be their engagement photo. Tom jumps away they both laugh. Liza mentions that staying next to Tom makes her feel like she has a awesome tan.
Tom says he’s been manscaping for only 15 minutes, “it’s nice being a bRO” He jumps in the shower.. Liza jokes about opening the door and exposing him like He did to Alec. Tom: ”i don’t care… (Feeds Cut)

(Video uploading)

1:12PM Kitchen Suzette, Tom, Liza, Jillian

Suzette starts talking about production and how some of them told her they had never met a native person before. She has a responsibility to represent herself and her people in a way that looks positive. Suzette: “I come from a conservative family they wouldn’t understand it’s just a game.. And I have kids watching my own children. “

Suzette clears out the kitchen because everyone has heard say this at least 6 times.

1:16pm Working out.. Tom, AJ, Alec and Andrew

They are doing knuckle push ups.


1:20pm Bathroom Peter and Liza
LIza says that Emmett tells Tom everything, and he said that Tom is going home and Liza is going the following week.
Peter says it’s very important she does not know that she’s staying.
Liza: “I keep telling Tom that I’m going”

Liza says that Jillian that told her that she’s staying and that Gary has requested the final say in the eviction this week. Apparently Gary told Tom if he stays he needs to lay low.

Liza: “AJ/Andrew look at me like i’m dead.. they are being gentlemen about it they are not ostracising me“

Liza is pissed because she cannot “sync” with Peter. Peter agrees wishes they didn’t have to be so secretive.


1:30pm Liza and TOm

Tom: “alright Big Brother this is going to be juicy so zoom in”
Liza: “I strongly dislike you”
Tom: “really?”
Liza: “I want to make out with your mouth”
Liza: “This is so awkward.. so unnatural.. “
Tom: ‘Would you rather be on the hammock”
Liza: “You cannot tell anybody”
Tom: ‘I feel like I have 15 faces staring at me”
Liza: “Nobody talks to me nobody looks at me .. you are staying”
Liza starts talking about her friend that gives “Foot J*b” she advertises online and makes 60 dollars a pop..
***Feeds cut***


Gary, Topaz, Emmett, and talla have essentially been sleeping all morning. As a result Big Brother starts buzzing them to get everyone up. You can hear Jillian screaming to them all to wake up.

1:45pm Hammock Liza and Tom Liza is telling him about her life.. Lots of stories about death, Skin cancer, Lung cancer.. etc etc..
Feeds cut in and out a lot ..

(Video Uploading)

2:15pm Backyard Talla, Emmett, Jillian, Peter, Alec, Topaz Random chit chat :( :(


2:28pm Storage Room Jillian and Andrew Andrew says Tom is going home tomorrow but Aj and Talla don’t know yet. Andrew says he’s cool with that. Jillian agrees. Jillian points out how divided the house is becoming. Andrew says that he’s ready to join up with Emmett and Jillian becuase sooner or later people are going to be coming after the pairs. Jillian says that sounds good.. Emmett had mentioned that to her. Jillian gets called into the Diary Room

(Video Uploading)

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Welcome to BB’s House Of Illusions!
Bring your ego and self-delusion!
Then into them BB will make intrusions
and boot you out in a state of confusion!


Tom is like that mangey, flea-bitten mutt that wanders into your backyard so you take him in and kind of like him at first but he bites people so you have him put down.


LOL, that sounds more like Liza than Tom.


Skank-o-pathic and sleaze-a-licious,
as fun as a barrel of dead fishes,
a full menu of kink with hot and cold dishes,
as cold-blooded as any lizard,
a human jetstream snowjob blizzard,
a tongue-flicking pleasure-job biohazard,
Thing-In-The-Mist relation-disaster,
been there and done that – don’t think so? Just ask her!
As toxic as spit from a Komodo dragon
I wouldn’t pull her behind in a wagon!
But enough of this character assassination –
if she stays the game will gain fascination.


Tom deserves to go….last week he thought he was king of the castle and such a great player but now he’s just getting played by Liza. He could make deals and campaign against her, but instead he just complains and buys into her bs, I’m not a fan of Liza but I have to give her credit for keeping him under her thumb.


I am absolutely not a fan of liza-horseface but I agree with you on the fact that Tom got played! One has to give credit where credit is due that’s for sure!


A Double-Eviction Mystery Surprise!

At the critical moment, in the Diary Room
five shadows cast votes to spell someones doom.
In private and secret and thinking of lies
and unknown to each other they create a surprise.

you have voted………………………………………….
five to four………………………………………………..
to evict…………………………………………………….
Liza and show her the door!”

See Peter the beady-eyed, beak-faced watcher
wither inside as she makes her departure!
See Gary’s eyes bug as he sweats beads of glitter
realising revenge is sometimes eaten bitter!
See Alec’s wiener? Oh no you don’t!
It retracted so far it’s in his throat!
See faces rigid and shifting eyes,
looking for who had enough of her lies
instead of the plan passed down from on high!
See Emmett unable to suppress a grin
as multiple options open to him!
Tom wins HOH and with thoughts one-dimension
plans glory and vengeance in the House of Suspicion!


This is freaking awesome!!!! Keep up the rhyming…..


Suzette would never have a blow up!?! What happened when is called Tom an effing redneck?
Lol. The hypocrisy.


Suzette meant she’d never have a blowup if she was on slop.


No liza love here… nope, don’t like her one bit


she is absolutely my favorite
and I strongly dislike Emmet for some reason
I don’t understand all the Liza hate!!!


I’m so ready for the blindside. It’s gonna be epic :D


Simon, I had really high hopes for her and for a woman to actually step up and play the game like so many of the guys do!! but she played too hard too fast and Oh my gosh she loves herself soooo much!!! I’m rooting for Alec now and for Topaz who might just end up being the woman I was looking for to play the game! It may look like she is sleeping all the time but she is good when she’s awake.


Alec and Topaz are the cutest showmance couple in BB history! LOL
Alec and Topaz FTW


How do you figure? Topaz is using Alec…. She is aligned with garry more then Alec


… And how do you figure Alec is not using Topaz, either? Last I checked Peter is Alec’s closest ally. Whatever the case, All I know is they (Alec and Topaz) both look super cute and protect each other :)))))


I’ve become a big Liza fan; I don’t fully understand the complete hatred for her?
Most of the houseguests seem love themselves a tad too much… I find her confidence and self assurance pretty darn sexy.
Personally hoping Jill and Peter end up holding an allegiance to her that really comes into play in the event they are all in the house for the next few weeks.

Team horseface Lizard! either until she leaves, or I come to see what the rest of the internet seems to.


oh man!!!. Tom want the money to buy his mom a car. he actually has a heart!!
now I feel bad :'(
why is Emmett “his best friend” not telling him he’s leaving?!!


Do you actually believe the sh*t Tom claims about his life? C’mon.


Hahaha Suzette is such a liar.. Saying that she is doing for the natives and such come on lady get the facts straight u are not doing them for them u are doing it cause u need the money.. I think this is really sucks to have a freaking native saying that she is has treated super bad cause of her background..hahaha who gets to go to school for FREE!? And who gets a nice juicy check everymonth because of her status? and to top it up who get tax break in gas, smokes and alcohol? so pls the ones in top of this country is not the natives is the other side… cause seems like we still paying for something we already paid for a long time… I am tired of hearing saying that they have it so bad… YOU HAVE IT BAD CAUSE U WANTED THAT WAY.. IF I COULD GO TO SCHOOL FOR FREE I BECOME SOMETHING LIKE A DR. OR A LAWYER INSTEAD U DRINK AND DRUG YOUR SELF OUT AND DO NOTHING MORE THEN COMPLAIN FOR MORE! i know i probably going to get a lot of hate for saying this. but is the truth.. and i know this cause i see it.. I have close friends who are native and they did something of them self other then feeling sorry for them self.


Yes your going to some hatred since so as you sew,so shall you reap. Your rant is all about spewing hatred, and painting an entire race of people with the same brush, which we all have become used from racist asshats like yourself. All you can do is stereotype, and put forth specious arguments against an oppressed people that the Euro-centric patriarchy have basically attempted genocide upon. I would love to turn dickheads like you aboriginal for a while, yank you away from your families, or yank away your kids from you and see how well you handle it…in short your rant made me throw up. I guess I should just take your grammar and spelling into account and realize your an ignorant redneck who doesn’t know any better and you were probably raised in a hate filled prejudiced home. It’s hate filled nonsense like your rant that makes me ashamed to be Canadian!!! Nice way to represent.


Coylee, you are so misinformed and repeating the many myths that exist regarding all the huge advantages of Canadian native/aboriginal peoples. Those who really study history look into their mistreatment since the arrival of the “white man” and come to understand that, in truth, they were subjected to a Canadian apartheid. The abuses they have suffered have been severe. The discrimination against them has been obscene. They have had their land taken away, along with all the accompanying resources–they have been constantly “ripped off” when treaties are ignored. In the past they experienced a concerted effort by government and religious groups to destroy their culture, humiliate and denigrate them. It is the great historical shame of Canada. It has been a well kept hidden secret, but Canadians are starting to be told the truth about what really happened and who is really in the wrong. It is very, very complicated which is why no government has truly been able to resolve the problems.

Now like the situation with different racial and ethnic groups represented in the house, we can’t judge all by just the few. To me Suzette has plenty of strengths and flaws just like anybody else in the house and I don’t care for her “personality”. But that doesn’t mean that all aboriginals are like her. As an Italian child imigrant of the early 1950’s (yes, I am a senior who loves Big Brother), I know first hand about the nasty names we were called. Good grief, we were just not white enough at the time. That was nothing compared to how other groups have been treated, but as the decades roll by we can only hope that it can get better for all.

I wish we could have a Tues. Thurs. Sun. Big Brother Show. The stretch from Sunday to Wed. is too long and it gets really boring in the house for the houseguests and for those who follow the show daily.


Well said Lucia!!! I was so angry after I read Coylee’s post….thank you for being more the voice of reason that I was. I work with survivors of the residential school system…such a shameful part of Canadian history so many of us are totally unaware of. I’m not a fan of Suzette either and likewise it has nothing to do with race. I’m really not impressed with Tom at all either. It’s all about how you carry yourself and treat others IMO.


I am not touching any of those comments above with a ten foot pole

But i suppose there is place for it because Suzette does bring attention to it, often


Whether you like Liza as a person or not you have to respect her game play. I am glad to see a woman actually playing the game who is not content to ride some guys coat tails. She is not going to win the game but if she can slow down the scheming and win a couple challenges she can go far.


She’ll ride everything else on him…..


Dumber than a rock = Suzette.