Big Brother Canada HOH/Eviction Farewell to the Boogermance


So Canada did you enjoy your HOH? We nominated Sabrina and Andrew AKA the boogermance. Jon won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it on either of the nominees. His excuse was that he felt if he used the veto he ran the risk of someone close to him going up, someone like Neda. This is because the assumption in the house is that Neda hasn’t been involved in much “Game Play” she will not be liked by Canada and would therefore have a lot of votes to be nominated. Andrew didn’t do much campaigning to stay, he stated that he loved Sabrina too much to do that.. groan. Kenny did more campaigning for Andrew than he did for himself. Sabrina did a bit of campaigning but again she said she loved Andrew too much to go against him and break their boogermance.

Tonight we’ll most likely see Andrew going home which will result in the house undergoing a power change. With the 1st5 having lost one of their stars it’s on the ropes but all can be saved if they win Head of Household. Don’t forget Canada unlocked productions veto so expect some trickery this week as production “hides” the veto or doles it out to whoever they deem most worthy.
(Please note any alliances I outline below are highly in flux)
Neda and Jon
These two are very popular with fans. They may stumble in their game play but they give great entertainment on the feeds.Their alliance is (Neda/Jon) + (Adel/Heather) + (Arlie/???Sarah???)

Sarah and Kenny
Kenny is very intelligent in the game but may not be building enough relationships with non 1st5 people. Sarah has positioned herself very nicely with Arlie, and 1st5 on one side and Jon’s crew on the other side.
Their Alliance as a couple (Sarah/Kenny) + (Sabrina/Rachelle) + (Allison) + (Arlie)
Sarah’s side alliances (Sarah/JOn/Arlie)

Sabrina and Rachelle
AKA the gremlins.. Alliances are (Sarah/Kenny) + (Sabrina/Racehlle) + (Allison) + (Arlie)

Allison is a Disaster.. I won’t bother ranting about it..

Arlie is playing all sides with perfection.. (Note that Arlie did say to Sarah he wants the outcast alliance to lose one member before they take out Sabrina/Allison and Rachelle)

Forever the underdog.. If his power is found to be fake and someone from his alliance goes home because of it he’s back in the sh*tter.. Adel’s final three (Arlie/Adel/Jon) Adel’s outcasts (Adel/Arlie/Jon/Heather/Neda) + Sarah

She’s smarter than you think.. trust me she is but still a bit of an oddball within the household social dynamic. She’s close to Adel/Arlie/Jon/Neda


My Predictions

Andrew goes home
Heather/Kenny win HOH

Social Media leaks

Andrew goes home by a vote of 7-2
Questions HOH Competition Kenny, Adel, Allison and Sabrina did not win
Next week is double eviction
Leak comes from @Hamsterwatch

Official Results

Arlie votes to evict Andrew
Kenny votes to evict Sabrina
Heather votes to evict Andrew
Neda votes to evict Andrew
Rachelle votes to evict Andrew
Jon votes to evict Andrew
Allison votes to evict Sabrina
Adel votes to evict Andrew
Sarah votes to evict Andrew

Andrew evicted from the Big Brother House

The HOH Competition true/False if you get it correct you get to eliminate a player.
Kenny eliminates Adel
Neda eliminates Kenny
Heather eliminates Sabrina
Jon eliminates Allison

HOH Winner unknown 🙁
Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 20-03-11-210

Heather wins HOH

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so who won HOH if Kenny, Adel, Allison didn’t or did the show end before finding out??

I really hope to God heather pulls it off:)


Neda knows Jon is in trouble. She maaaay try to win this one. Probably not, though.


But she has more than just Jon… and she doesn’t want to win.. or else she’ll be a threat,…I don’t think its the right times….


as long as Rachelle is remaining in the Q&A she will try for it, once she’s out Neda will throw it


Why Rachelle…?… that’s not even 1 or 2 on their target list… she’s like 4th…


Because Rachelle would put one or both of them up..


Spoken like a true strategist……………. following Helen from BB USA 15. She is going to the final doing nothing? You lost it big time. She and the rest of do nothing outsiders better do something now!!!

See you do not understand the full house dynamic. The lower the number of HGs gets with Arlie still theoretically in the middle better the chances he runs the house to the end. He’ll want 1 from this side then 1 from the other and so on. Neda will go as the right arm of Jon. Neda nor anyone else can afford to coast any longer. We have no true floater this season. Floater being an individual who goes back and forth usually as a swing vote and doing as the HOH wants.

Lets say Arlie is middle, god knows where, in the house. JoNeda, Adel and Heather versus Sarah/Kenny, Sab/Ratchet and Allison. The outsiders game relies on Arlie switching from 1/4+2. They are still in trouble without HOH. Arlie most definitely will drop out if only the outsiders are left. So gone are Kenny, Sabs and Allison from 1/4+2. Ratchet and Sarah left. T/F is a crap shot Ratchet could win and so could Sarah. Think Sarah really wants to win and expose to the outsiders she is still with the others? I say she tanks. But maybe the letter from home is enough to keep her trying tonight. This by the way explains why one person mentioned wanting Ratchet gone. She obviously won’t throw it. Lucky us we could still get another Sab HOH! 😛




Once again, so predictable! She’s gonna put up Sabrina and Rachelle. “Big moves” Yawn

heather will crush kenny and sabrina

im so happy

neda, jon, heather, adel, arlie all safe with heather winning hoh…together they have turned the tide

the key to that hoh was neda knocking out kenny…very crucial moment

very good news for my 3 favorite hilarious stooges, neda, jon and adel, where they can have a free week with no blood on their hands…we are guarenteed at least another 2 weeks of their awesome funny moments

this is awesome

but how will the hidden dpov change things? its important the 5 underdogs find it and also prevent kenny from winning veto so kenny cant save himself

heather will crush kenny and sabrina

actually its a double eviction next week, im hoping neda, jon and adel all survive it


Do you think that she may get bullied really bad and not put up those 2 because she’s be scared?


feeds up Heather new HOH!

look at Ratchet, Sab and Sarah’s faces. Karma is a Beotch!!

Nana Jo

Slobrina, Rachelle and Sarah are all now conspicuously absent from the HoH celebraters in the room. Kenny, who has barely ever acknowledged Heather’s existence, is now suddenly playing BFF! Allison is acting very friendly, too. Makes me laugh. I wish the feed would switch to the three sick puppies. Any bets for gow long before Slobrina asks Heather 1) Tell me the truth. Do you like me? and 2) Can I sleep in your HoH room?

heathers revenge

i want heather to say to sarah, sabrina and rachelle…

“get down on your knees and kiss my feet bitches”

sabrina(crying): “i love you heather and i would never put you up or vote you out, i swear on everything”

heather(laughing): “shut the f-ck up sabrina…if you could go ahead and get the hell outta my hoh room that’d be great, mkay? thanks a bunch”




Live feeds are back! Heather won! Wooh!


Would be suuuuuper interesting if Heather won HoH


Man its so funny seeing Rachelle on TV! I grew up with her and we were friends in high school. I honestly feel bad for her when she gets out – she is sooo high of herself shes not goign to be able to deal with the criticism. Also surprised how quiet she is being. normally, loud and obnoxious. Comes from tons of money… and really doesnt have many friends because she is so catty. Sadly, her brothers autism is the only thing that humbles her.


How much money does her family have? would the prize money make a difference for her? She does come across as one of those mean girl types.


Jewish.. Dad is a dentist and step dad owns multimillion dollar restaurant franchise in Rdmonton


That’s funny, besides Sabrina, Rachelle is the only houseguest I can not stand. She comes off soo stupid and I’m not surprised to hear she’s catty. She can get evicted ASAP


Hoping Jon or Heather wins HoH …Neda and Arlie would be good too.. but they are most likely to throw..


Heather is smarter than she lets on and could definitely win a questions HOH, I don’t think Arlie or Rachelle have what it takes though.


Thanks for the update! ….and thank God the Boogermance is done with.

I hope Heather wins HOH honestly….she does not like Sabrina and Rachelle so hopefully she will put them up if she does win.

If it is a double eviction next week…Allison better be gone because she is just …..I can’t even bring it to words.

No Nose Pickers

I just hope Sabrina doesn’t make it to Jury, no need for her in there manipulating the final vote.

Douche hater

How the hell is Sarah more liked than Heather
Wow Dumb Canucks … We should all be ashamed
That we like a bully more then Heather . I will now
Hang my head in shame 🙁

Reality check

100% agree with you .. This is why we have Teens
In our country who commit suicide due to bullying
Because obviously not enough people take it
Seriously … Ya ya it’s just a game …tell that to
The parents of these children . Bullying should not
Be tolerated especially by adults . Heather has
Said on the show that she has faced bullying and
Exclusion for a lot of her life and I’m sure
She can feel it in the house too . I don’t think
People should kiss her ass but they shouldn’t
Be saying they want to beat her in the face
Because of the sound of her voice . Just so
Sad 🙁


To equate the snarky and bitchy comments in this house to the bullying that leads to suicide seems way over the top. None of the bitching and whining I’ve heard even begins to compare to the behaviour of Amanda and Aaryn in BBUS last year–that, I’d agree, was completely disturbing. Those two were brutal.

By contrast, the people in BB Canada 2 are lightweights. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand the hyperbolic comments in these threads. To me, Andrew seems like an insecure twit, Sabrina and Rachelle seem entitled and immature, and Sarah and Kenny seem smug and cranky. Even Adel, Jon, and Neda, whom many people here refer to as the good side, have said terrible things about other people in the house. So has Arlie. But I don’t assume they’re all terrible people in real life.

Then again, I only watch the live feeds and not the actual shows, so I might be missing some of the stuff that gets discussed here. Still, it’s hard to imagine anyone taking any of these people seriously enough to feel bullied. Uncomfortable and annoyed maybe, but bullied? I think Heather deserves more credit. I’m sure she’d be more vocal in her own defence if she thought it wouldn’t hurt her in the game. Once Sabrina’s gone, she’ll probably become more vocal. Hopefully then we’ll get to see her come into her own.

Blah blah

I guess we know where your vote went .
When people let things slide because its easier
Than standing up for someone bad things happen .
That’s just the way it is … Whether the bullying is
In a game or not is not the point . Bullying should
Never be tolerated .


I didn’t vote for anyone. I watch the live feeds because of insomnia–I’m not actually emotionally invested in these people, so their actions don’t get my panties in a twist. By your logic though, I assume you don’t condone some of the hatred spewed in these threads, right? Because you’d consider that bullying too, right?


I don’t mind Heather, but she comes off as stupid. Sarah seems smart and nice (I don’t watch the feeds so maybe I’m missing something). I actually don’t hate Kenny or Sarah


I’m the opposite–I watch the live feeds and not the shows. I like Sarah and Kenny. I don’t think they’re perfect by any stretch–sometimes they’re just bitter and cranky–but I haven’t seen the bullying people keep talking about. It’s possible that I’ve missed people actually bullying other people though, because I didn’t start watching the live feeds until a few days in.


I don’t see how sarah is a bully but as for heather i would say because she is annoying and nobody really wants her to win


Oh double eviction!!!!
Please PLEASE go home Allison and take Kenny with you!
If for some reason Adel is the 2nd and joins jury, its only a matter of time until he is voted back in anyway.


There is one thing to be said about last year vs this years BBCan. Last year the guys were good looking! Emmett, Alec, Tom, Andrew, etc.


I thought they were all pretty attractive in their pilot uniforms in the last PoV competition! …Except Andrew (obviously).


Hoping Heather wins so they can get kenny the fuck out next week


Lol Janelle looks so much like Neda (almost identical nose and face shape). No wonder Jon likes Neda so much.


I thought the exact same thing! They look very much like each other.


Where are you guys seeing what Janelle looks like??


From tonights show. They did a segment from Jon’s house in NFLD with his family. They were having a kitchen party and had invited Kenny and Allisons parents. They interviewed Jon’s GF Janelle on that.

Nana Jo

I was just going to say the exact same thing! I was stunned to see how much Jon’s girlfriend looks like Neda! They could be twins. As you said, no wonder Jon is so drawn to her.

Nana Jo

Live feeds are up and Heather won HoH! Sabrina, Rachelle and Sarah all look like sick puppies. I’ve never seen Sabrina so quiet. It will be so good to see the mean girls sucking up to Heather this week. So happy! I think … and hope … that she puts up Kenny and Sabrina.


As much as I dislike Andrew, it was kinda sad seeing him getting booed because you can tell that he’s affected by the boos. He may have been a douche but his gameplay was alright and did not deserve to be booed. Sabrina on the other hand….


I think he had terrible game play. However I don’t think the answer to bullying is bullying. People giving him hate isn’t going to make him a better person. I don’t understand why a lot of his haters seem to have the same hateful attitude as Andrew does!!!!!


I think I might have heard some boos when Andrew came into the studio. Or was that just wishful thinking? Anybody else hear it?


ahh i guess JON plastic girls then


kenny and sarah needs to be nominated together


I can see alot of people putting up kenny but sarah seems to have positioned herself right now that i doubt she will go up there are way to many other people that will go up before her I would say that both sarah and arlie are pretty safe no matter who wins


Yes double eviction next week! 🙂


Simon who wins????


LOL what terrible production. Buzzer fails and they don’t even have enough time to let us watch the result of a very quick and simple competition. Pathetic.


Really??? Have you watched the show before tonight? Normally the HOH winner isn’t revealed til Sunday and the noms ceremony. Wednesday is POV and veto ceremony. Beheading is Thursday. Sometimes we do find out HOH before the episode ends but it is not a given. As Simon has mentioned we feeders will get it here as soon as feeds are back. It’s no big deal. plenty of time to talk about results.

Sarah is going with Kenny and thus 1/4+2. That means a Sarah HOH no shifting to the outsiders. Also a Ratchet(Sab) HOH no Arlie switch to outsiders. Frankly Arlie is tanking this comp hard again! Ratchet/Sarah versus Jon/Neda/Heather. I like most would enjoy seeing Heather win. Good feeds IMHO if she did. I don’t trust Neda to actually compete all the way through. I think jon knows he needs it very bad. Whether its Ratchet or Sarah I think Adel/Heather up with Jon the backdoor. Sarah will definitely pull the trigger if Kenny says to. Sab likely favours Adel out but I think Kenny convinces her and she just simply tells twit Ratchet what to do. We have seen this movie before.

You gotta love twitter(I don’t) but it has both Jon and Ratchet winning. ROFL Feeds aren’t back yet. Ratchet wins we’re back to the pre Canada HOH days with the talking outsiders doing nothing.

Johhny (the European one!)

lol – did Rachelle hit the buzzer the fastest, and it wasn’t validated? it IS really difficult for someone to win under those circumstances…
The buzzer worked just fine when Jon hit it for the next question…
Not saying I wish Rachelle won, just issuing “fair competition red flag” concerns. Never mind.


I missed it. Normally I’m all for fair play, but I don’t know if I can take another week of Wallpaper doing whatever Sabrina tells her to during HOH.


Rachelle won her HoH with a slack bungee chord so this was a karmic correction of that error 🙂


Agreed. I’d rather the people I’m rooting for to win fairly… With Canada’s HoH though, and the hidden veto coming up which I’m sure production will ensure goes to the “good guys” it doesn’t seem like this game is meant to be fair.


I thought Rachelle hit the buzzer well before she even heard 2 or 3 words of the question so maybe it didn’t count.

Speaking of not playing fair, when Andrew was playing for the PoV, when he was looking for the glasses, did he not reach into one pocket, partly pull out an X card, put it back in and then go to another seat? Lucky for Jon, he picked an X out of the next pocket. I was waiting for someone on production to step in and say something but no one did.


Rochelle.definitely hit her buzzer.first…i was in the middle of saying ” this one is going to be fixed because there is no buzzer.and no way to tell on our side.of screen who hits it.first unless camera is on them” and bingo she hits it first they show it and then there is a long ridiculous pause while everyone else hits theirs. Clearly they didnt want her to get it….then they say ” oh the buzzer didnt work so we have to do it again…Jon hits it and STILL no buzzer.but he is allowed to answer and eliminate Allison…..yet another moment when BB gets caught dicking around with comps.

Not sure if anyone noticed at the end when it was showing them waiting to continue game and Rochelle was standing there super mad she actually turned around and said ” F… You ” to camera….I dont blame her.

It was bad enough they took the game out of the house and let canada make hoh which goes against the whole premise of it being the players in house using their skill to decide who goes then they fix the bloody hoh and let the biggest floater in the house win.

Meanwhile Sabby last week lies and says Ika threatened her and tries to pull production into the lie gets away with it and still gets most of camera time AGAIN and the house misses out on doing a Will/Boogie worthy backdooring of Sabrina….that would have been good BB TV far better then watching them ( HG and supposed impartial exit interviewers ) take potshots at a guy who made mistakes but was genuine in the end…..then the hoh is fixed and floater queen is hoh not so BB T worthy Sabby is being favoured ( lets face it she is so unliked otherwise how could she still be there ) and I am betting that this was the last chance anyone is goin to get to get her gone!

And what was some of the best after dark footage of all the renditions of Oh Canada and it doesnt even make it on the show ? That made zero sense at all. I soooo do not want to watch Floater Queens reign this week!


It’s the same thing in Jeopardy. You have to wait for the question to be finished before buzzing in. Rachelle was buzzing in halfway through Arissa’s sentence.

Ihate sarah

I hope heather wins and puts up kenny and sarah!!!


I heard after the taping Rachelle buzzed in and got the answer wrong, that’s all I know right now.

Russ from Van

Kenny and Allison should be nominated. Kenny as the target, and Allison as a pawn as no one else would be upset with her being up.


OMG I hope Sarah or Rachelle don’t win HOH because they were the last ones left from the other side. Heather, Arlie or Neda need to take this!
Glad Allison, Kenny and Sabrina are out! I think Sarah might have a chance though because Arlie thinks she is cool and Jon might trust her too. OMG! The wait is tough!
Love you guys for the swift reply.

Russ from Van

I’d rather not see Jon win this one, so he can be ready to play next week for the double eviction, just incase its a physical one. Hopefully Neda or Heather can step up this week. I seriously hope Sarah doesn’t win. I don’t think Rachelle would win, because the remaining competitors would have gotten rid of her with a correct answer.


Soooooo sad to see Andrew go! I absolutely loved watching him, he may be a jerk but still love him as a player! I hope him and Alison last outside of the house I think they are adorable!


What a terrible competition full of production mistakes… the buzzer failed a lot of times. I think it’s unfair and they should just do another type of competition without errors. Oh well!!!


That was no production ” mistake ” there were no buzzers at any point but especially when Jon hit his in question after Rochelles yet he was allowed to answer and eliminate Allison….that was bb screwing around with comps again and then doing a spectacular crappy job of covering it up! Thats why at end of show when they show HG waiting to continue game you see Rochelle mad as hell and turn her head and look at other camera and say ” f… You” and who can blame was hers and they just moved on. No buzzers…..lame as hell. Poor form all round tonight as far as the professionals go just my opnion tho’


On twitter they are saying that Heather won 🙂
There is a God!


uh oh Karla won HOH


Who’s Karla?? 🙂


Oh ..good no ! 🙂 I’m curious to know who’s karla !




Perhaps We’ll find out lol. Stay tuned ..

I hate 1st 5

Oh can’t wait, hope its heather, Jon, or neda…..fingers crossed!

Ihate sarah

Lmao peter didnt even get one question right what a goof…they should put dan the superfan on next season hes a cutie!

Johhny (the European one!)

Getting to witness the usual huge discrepancy between Peter’s big TALK and him not delivering anything just made my day. 😉
What a loser. Who in their right mind would ever ask Peter of all people to talk about strategy in the house. Like he’s any good at it. Nuh-uh!


I bet Allison’s family got a kick out of her getting the axe from HOH by Jon, at Jon’s familie’s house LOL
Hopefully her and Kenny are put up.

Russ from Van

I’d say after the Canada HOH twist, and then the split in the house following, this was the most INTENSE HOH competition this season by far! This one especially highlights who people consider their enemies. Wish they played it out to the end for the hardcore fans like us, as we’ll find out through spoilers anyway, rather than to build suspense up for tv viewers.


Hate to be the one to break it to you but since you are hardcore fan surely you could see that that competition was poorly and obviously fixed had there been a buzzer at any point it might have been fair to skip over Rochelle hitting her button first and then the awkward 30+ sec while everyone else hit theirs and THEN they say oh buzzer didnt work we will have to move on and Jon hits his for next question buzzer STILL does.not go off but HE is allowed to answer and eliminate Allison….not intense….preplanned more like it!


Heather WON!!!!!


Scary that Rachelle and Sarah are still in the comp … i am hoping with enough of the other side of the house that they will be kick out of the comp.

Ihate sarah

Jon keeps touching his wiener because he has a yeast infection(itch itch)

No Nose Pickers

Jon and Arlie have got to stop the cheesy comments to Arisa! Hitting on the host of the show you’re on? C’Mon boys, know your place..

Russ from Van

I hope that scene on the Side Show put Peter’s ego in check.

I remember last year how he was ripping Topaz so much calling her an idiot for speak out loud in the HOH room, acting as if, she was SUPPOSED to know she was being broadcast to the houseguests down stairs, even though that was the first time that has ever been done.

Your not nearly half as cool as Ian Terry pal. Take it down a notch.


Peter’s insufferable. How can he act like he’s some kind of brilliant strategist, when he sucked in the game? And that whole thing with the shield gesture. Ugh. I can’t watch him.


Good Bye Adel !


Ppl are on crack tonight..
one says karla won
one sayes goodbye Adel !


I hope its HEATHER!!!!! and Adel is safe

Heather FTW


Jon won HOH


Simon, you make the most sense in all this speculation. 🙂


Heather won omg!!! she insta evicted Sabs!!!!


That’s the one Simon


according to wikipedia, Heather won HOH


My sister is actually in the studio audience and she said that on the question that the buzzer diDnt work it actually looked like Neda beat ot Rachelle barely. I texted to ask


Heather won


Feeds back in…Heather’s HOH!!

Johhny (the European one!)

feeds r back, Heather won HOH.




It’s HEATHER!! Yay Heather! So happy she got HOH. 🙂


OMG!!! Heather won it! Now lets see Sabrina suck up to her this week. *eyeroll*


Heather won! Live feeds on