Heather’s HOH Room “I’m so happy I still have a boyfriend that loves me”

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POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
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11:09pm Heathers HOH Room

Heather “I’m so happy I have a boyfriend that loves me”
Heather – “I love Sparkles”
She says her boyfriend William is getting her Master degree i Business, “He’s a smarty pants.. you guys can help yourself to some candy”

Sabrina is trying to tell them that this week is instant eviction. She thinks the TV is going to come on for Heather and play a part in the game.

Heather at one points tells them that her teddy bear has on all the trips she’s gone on.

Heather’s HOH Letter

I am actually getting into reality TV if you can believe it!!
As much as I miss you, I want nothing more than for you to succeed on Big Brother and show Canada what a smart, kind, and unbelievable person you truly are. This is a once in a lifetime journey that you are on, and really most people would never get the opportunity that has been presented to you. I want you to take full advantage ov the situation you are in, and don’t forget that the traits that have won me over, are also the traits that will win over all of Canada and the Big Brother household!
You are the best most genuine person I know, just keep being yourself and stick to what has gotten you this far in your life. There is a reason that I, and everyone else in your life are so ecited for you and want you to go as far as you can in the BB Household.
You’ve got what it takes .. the smarts, the looks.. the whole package! I cannot wait to see you when you are done with Big Brother, but let’s make that happen in a few months!!

I love you and have you on my mind always! XO
Hopefully they include this in the letter they gice you.. but jesus you look good on TV per usual .. much love xoxox

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11:14pm Storage room Adel and Jon

Adel – Everytime I see Arlie and Everytime I see you Final three final three”
Jon – WE’re going to start running some sh1t here”
Adel suggest they should all focus on outside their team to get votes.

Jon – Stay with HEather
Adel no outside our crew
Jon tells him Rachelle
Jon – OK i’ll f*** with her to

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11:22pm Bedroom Sabrina and Arlie

Sabrina is worried they have drifted apart, she loves them so much/
Arlie says he hasn’t felt that way at all he sees them not talking as a good thing cause it makes other people think they are not close.

Sabrina – I worked so hard for us to stick together. Sabrina tells her they need to stick with the four she wants Allison to go home if they have to choose someone.
Arlie – “It’s tearing me up that Andrew is gone”
Sabrina says what she said in the bathroom she meant “Arlie’s my man now”

Arlie tells her he trusts her 100%

Sabrina says Arlie is not going up she says Allison and Kenny are.
Arelis asks her how she knows jit.

Sabrina explains that Heather pulled her aside and told her she’s putting a strong guy and Strong Girl up. Heather told Sabrina she’s not putting Sabrina up even as a pawn.


11:40pm Sabrina and Rachelle

Sabrina is saying She’s scared she thinks tomorrow is instant eviction.

Sabrina is saying the other side is trying to see who they are trying to take out and are going to get their side fighting among each other. She says her and Rachelle are safe this week.

Sabrina retells what she said to Arlie about how Heather pulled her aside and told her a strong male and strong female are going up and one of the isn’t Sabrina. Sabrina asked Heather if her best friend is on the block then she has something to worry about but Heather assured her that Sabrina’s best friend isn’t going up.

Sabrina sdds Kenny told her he wants to try and get Allison and Rachelle up on the block.

Sabrina – “Heather is not going to put you up because for her she see you as a stupid girl that what’s she said in the beginning”

Sabrina says if Kenny and Rachelle go up there is no way Rachelle is going home. They have Arlie, Sabrina and Allison on their side.

Sabrina says she’s pretty sure Heather will put up Allison and Kenny or Sarah and Kenny. Sabrina thinks the connection that Sarah and Kenny has is dangerous.

11:40pm Gremlins
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OMG!!!… Heather won.. so happy… it could be bye Kenny this week… first five will all scatter this week and Sabrina is gonna start sucking up to Heather… I can’t wait for her to go like OMG Heather… I’m so sorry… I love you girl… like she will buy that… the first five is dead… if what Sabrina is saying is true.. it sounds like Heather will nominate Allison and Kenny…


That is surprising that she wouldn’t put rachelle up since rachelle put her up and voted against her when she was on the block the girls are the ones that wanted her out and rachelle in her speach told her she wanted her gone because if she won hoh then she would be on the block. If heather was going to put rachelle up why would she tell sabrina. I highly doubt she would put up sarah since she was the one who saved her and heather seemed grateful to her and she donesn’t trust subrina much so heather maybe lying to sabrina.


Super excited that Heather won. Hopefully Adel will get into her head to put up Kenny and Sabrina


no, kenny needs to be backdoored. she should put rachelle and allison up. if she’s unwilling to put allison up (i know they’ve talked game), then rachelle and sabrina, backdoor kenny.

Reality check

Way to go Team Underdogs …


I got a feeling Heather’s boyfriend has dump her and is banging some women it happens you can’t expected most men to wait there got get needs meet plus lets face Heather isn’t normal she is a weirdo who would want to be even a friend of her in the real world even on facebook or twitter.


Joe, are you related to Andrew? Maybe you’re his twin…Just saying.

Heather rocks and I think MOST of Canada is extremely happy she won HOH. This girl is not dumb. Don’t judge her on her voice or the fact she’s a bit weird quirky. Quirky is good, and hey, I’d rather be weird than ‘normal’.

dee v

how old are you?… immature much

Douche hater

Hey joe you must be related to Sarah ..
Or have you just joined The Heather Bashing
Club …. A privileged club for douche bags


Joe, you sound like a loser!


joe – crawl back into your hole, pervert!!!!


Hey ‘Joe Blow’s himself cause no one else will! Go crawl underneath the rock that you came out of!


Her boyfriend is one of my best friends. He’s clearly better at relationships then you are; he cares about her so much and would never think about cheating on her.


Lol..thanks for the amusement


I really hope that this comment was just to cause issues on the board because it has to be the dumbest comment i have ever heard she is gone three months not three years and if he truly is in love with her then that shouldn’t even be a factor and i am also sure they talked about it before she left for the show. Although heather isn’t one of the fav of the show she hasn’t done anything with anyone that would cause her boyfriend to question her committment to him and there relationship. I will go on a limb and say you are single and have never been in a relationship.

All i will say is grow up

The West is Best

Atta girl, Heather. Kick out that East coast scum.




YES Heather !! NOW let’s make some BIG moves Kenny and Allison and if one wins pov back door Sabrina or Sarah


Gawd! I hope Heather puts up Kenny and Slobrina! This hidden power of veto could change the balance of power in the house, Gawd I hope Adel, Jon, or Neda find the hidden power of veto. I’m thrilled that Heather won the HOH let the ass kissing begin. She should make Kenny, Roachelle, Slobrina and Sahra sweat a bit. This is poetic justice


I have to say that heather is a wild card I am not sure which way she will go it wasn’t that long ago the girls wanted to kick her out so i don’t see her just forgetting that. Rachelle has put the line in the sand with her and i would be surprised if rachelle didn’t go up she may go after kenny for stragety but she may also go after sabrina because in alot of ways she is more dangerous then kenny. I don’t know i don’t see her putting sarah up since she is the one that saved her and sabrine is the one who lied to her


yay! glad heather won , so we know adel is safe this week =)
im actually nervous for a double eviction coming up! i wonder if after the double eviction jury starts?
go underdogs!


What the hell is Arlie wearing? It looks like he stole Satan’s fancy pajamas.


There goes Sobs again…throwing Allison under the bus while picking her nose…then playing with Rachelle’s hair while she watches.


Wait…did Kenny just confirm that he is on slop??? Oh I hope so…please let him be on slop and on the block this week. What sweet karma that would be…


Her smartest move is Sarah and Kenny. I am glad to see she is not going to nominate Rachelle and Sabrina out of petty vengeance. I have to admit, I didn’t think a few weeks ago that Heather was going to be the first one to make a big move. Thumbs up to her.


Im glad she is putting up the big guys, it just piss me off that sabrina feel so secure! She doesn’t deserve to feel safe, she is already turning against Kenny and Sarah…. And Alison!


I doubt she would put sarah up


I’m so happy for Heather! I’m really starting to like her a lot!


Very happy for Heather. She has earned it.

ihate sarah

can anyone guess who heathers 3 new bffs are gonna be this week?
heres a hint…hairy asshole-skanky snake and oink oink


Wait…is it Kenny, Sarah and Rachelle on slop?? LOL…this is too good to be true! Kenny better watch out…he might find Rachelle sitting on the end of his bunk, staring at him in the middle of the night…


Sabrina ” I think when I get sad I get insecure”
So you’re sad all the time?? 🙂

Go Heather ..kick some butt!!


I just hope sabrina and kenny don’t get in her head and she does something stupid like rachelle did when she was HOH…..

I’m praying that its Arlie, Heather, Neda, Jon, Adel final 5 with sarah coming in 6 place.


No chance of that happening, Heather’s not an idiot like Rachelle. Heather just saved Adels game! Hopefully Adel gives it up with his power bullshit now. Go Heather and Adel!


I hope that cow Sabrina gets sent packing. She is such a two faced witch.

Ihate sarah

YES!!!!!kenny sarah and rachelle are have nots!!!..this is the best week ever!


It will be a teary week.


hi there IHateSarah

i really f-ckin hate her too

its good she is a have not, but she has a slop pass so doesnt have to be on slop

cant wait to see her get nommed

i will be cheering when she eventually leaves as i wont have to listen to her annoying voice and whining anymore


with arlie and all these little pocket deals i see arlie sitting in final 2 … everytime arlie talks to anyone he says we cant be seen talking too much lol i have to love his game play…. team adel though


Kenny sarah and ratchelle are have nots lol

Douche hater

Put up Kenny and Sarah !!!!!
Kenny would be screwed if Sarah went home.
Sarah needs to go . She has the ability to
Sneak her way through with Arlie and Jon .
Or better yet put up Kenny and Sabrina
And backdoor the Bully Sarah .


I think that is who Heather will put up. Kenny and Sarah.


The much maligned Heather actually knows what she is doing. She made Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle have nots. Perfect start to her HOH.


Sarah isn’t using her slop pass…I guess she doesn’t want to leave Kenny alone in have-not room with Rachelle all week. I wonder is Rachelle volunteered when Kenny was chosen…


Ugh…Sarah volunteered to be on slop. She is telling Sobs that it looked like she was going to be picked so Sarah volunteered instead…since she has a slop pass, but she will try to tough it out first. Sobs is thanking her. (rolls eyes) I would bet money that Kenny and Rachelle were already picked and she didn’t want to be left out of those night-time snuggles…


Grrrrrr…Sarah trying to guilt-trip/strong-arm Arlie into keeping Kenny if it is Rachelle and Kenny on the block. Arlie says he can’t because they want him and it would expose his game. She is actually trying to threaten him by saying along the lines of: “I could blow your game up if I wanted to…how am I supposed to trust you if you can do this one thing for me by keeping Kenny.” Arlie isn’t having it. And now she is back-peddling by saying she didn’t mean what she said exactly. Now she is trying to cry her way out of it. This is so awesome to watch. You have to put this video up. I love that Sarah can’t manipulate Arlie. I hope that this little attempt to get her way, forcefully, will convince Arlie into talking Heather into putting Sarah and Kenny up. Arlie has to realize that she is a liability to his game now and to ensure that Kenny goes home, she has to be up next to him.


I hope you are right Moon3K.

Nana Jo

Heather is way too smart to fall for Kenny’s BFF act. Give him a few days on slop and he’ll implode. Can’t wait to watch. I hope Heather puts up Kenny and Allison, and back doors Slobberina, if either wins veto. In my perfect world both Kenny and Slobs will go this week!

Also, did Arlie borrow that red satin number from Gary?

How long before Slobrina asks Heather if she can sleep in her HoH room?

Reality Check

Heather should definitely get rid of Sarah
Sarah might be able to slither her way in more
With Jon and we already know Arlie wants her on his
Side . Although I don’t know why ,he would
Be better off with all of his F5 people in the jury .
Sorry f4 Andrew gone . I think Neda might suggest
Kenny and Sarah as well .

Ihate sarah

WAIT A SECOND!!!!sarah has a slop pass…hmmmm i wonder why shes not using it?? HAHAHA anything to cuddle with kenny and make sure kenny and rachelle dont get to close(jealous much)this shit is to funny!

Reality Check

Sabrina is so willing to do anything I would keep
Her till no longer needed . Go after Kenny and Sarah


Did Heather chose the have not?


Omg I just heard Jon say he thinks that Allison won’t come after him cuz she would stick with the Newfies. Ugh! So stupid. Then when Neda tried to explain to him that Sabrina is not as dangerous as Allison. Jon honey be careful. I think it would great to see Allison and Kenny on the block or Sarah and Kenny.
Can’t believe Sarah is stupid enough to not use her slop pass just cause her ‘friend’ Kenny is on slop. Why is she so obsessed with Kenny. Does she not realise that with Kenny on her side, she would lose. This crush might just ruin her game.


Doesn’t seem like a crush to me–they seem more like brother and sister.


Really glad Heather won. Smart move would be Kenny against Sabrina/Rachelle/Sarah. Hopefully Allison would not be put up, as much as I am disappointed with Allison, she is a potential ally for heather especially next weeks double eviction. Comparing it to the other three girls, Allison can still be swayed in Heather’s favor.

Best thing that happened tonight for me was when Neda knocked Kenny off the competition, shows that she has guts to actually make a big move and go against the (perceived) competition beast and power player. She’s well aware that their alliance needs this weeks HOH. I think that she tried to win this week up to that point where only members of their alliance are left and then threw it off.

Adel is becoming annoying, his cockiness is starting to irritate me a little, still prefer him over the gremlins and 1s5 but I just wish he’ll tone it down specially since he hasn’t done anything well particularly in competitions.


I thought Ika shredded their letters?


Yayyyyyyyyyyy Heather!!! I am so happy for her she deserves this after so many of the HGs have been so disgusting to her since week 1. Seriously, who are Sarah, Slob, and Rachelle to be so cruel towards her, always commenting on her looks/weight when she looks better than all of them? It’s especially funny coming from Sabrina the fattest girl in the house. Jealous much? Let the ass kissing and fakery begin. Hahaha karma’s a bitch! I hope kenny and Sabrina botch manage to go home in next week’s double eviction, that would be so amazing!


Kenny’s mom is beautiful. Did you guys see her tonight on the show? Wow.
Adel needs to drop his lie NOW, the guy is super lucky and he needs to stop pushing his luck.

Play hard

Allison and Sabrina, wanna see you both gone. Allison. Ur game lacks anything. Sabrina, you thought you were wiser than anyone, Wrong!


I am really happy Heather won. I just hope they don’t get into her head and she puts up Adel or Jon. KENNY needs to know how it feels to be nominated!! He’s been sitting “pretty” since the start calling the shots. Now he needs to go up and sorry Sabrina needs to be beside him and if one of them win POV then Rachel is put up in their place. Now Sabrina and Kenny will kiss Heather’s butt for the next week, have they even talked to her since it all started??? God I hope she doesn’t fall for it.

another name

probably not going to be a very popular question / comment…but something just feels a little strange. i’ve never held the opinion that heather was a vapid fool. i am not making light of her achievement winning head of house this week. so, what felt strange? during the first part of the hoh competition when the buzzers failed. i was watching, and visually it appeared rachelle hit the buzzer first (i believe it was right before the question that jon answered correctly). the part of me that feels production has been quite heavy handed in it’s manipulations this season became a little skeptical about the head of household competition. since i don’t feel any bias toward one alliance over the other at all this season, and have made every attempt to only judge strategy and game maneuvers from each player on the good move or bad move point of view… i am not saying this from any sense of sour grapes. i honestly like and hate something about every player in the game, and refuse to base my judgement on personal opinion instead preferring logical analysis of game play only. maybe i would have kept this feeling to myself if peter and gary had not been quite so wink wink nudge nudge in their ‘prediction’ of the underdogs beginning a decimation of the otther side during the sideshow. seriously, it really felt less prediction and more assurance that production was making another move to assure the path the game would take. i know, probably unpopular view, but as i said, i’ve been feeling that production has been quite blatant in it’s game manipulation. sorry if this opinion / gut feeling assessment offends, but did anyone else feel the possible ‘fix’ was in?

another name

maybe i should explain why i’m thinking production is being too blatant in manipulating the game:
1) after paul was evicted instead of heather, during hoh competition that rachelle won, rachelle and other competitors commented that it didn’t look/feel like her bungee cord was tightening. she won.
1a) no one would have predicted that rachelle’s nominations would have swung so far due to the manipulation of sabrina. ika, a fan favorite went home.
2) canada steps in and announces canada as head of household.
2a) peter and gary blatantly say / mouth / suggested andrew and sabrina nominations.
2b) on the twistos twist canada’s hoh instruction page, the first image says who does canada want to evict (or something akin to that statement) with kenny’s face. next line says canada first name your nominees (paraphrasing again) with sabrina and andrew’s faces. the next line instruction has sarah and arlie’s face. after that was i believe jon and neda. in fact, each house guests face appears in the instructions…. except heather and adel and one other houseguest (possibly allison ?). love it or hate it, subliminal prompting does exist. while i’m sure everyone already had their nominees in mind, the exclusion of characters from those instructions is a form or prompting.
3) after the buzzworthy award to adel, the canada’s choice underdog adel production has become more and more blatant. sad music cues, wearing the flag in dr while talking about how canada hates bullies, to the soliloquey in the hoh bed surrounded by canada flag pillows while he says canada i may need your help. a little heavy handed. add the reverberation of adel singing the national anthem alone by the hot tub as the door closes after canada’s nominees are announced (the number of times houseguests have been asked to stop singing, and yet….)
4) power of veto unlocked…. who knows how that will be determined, but strangely coincides with the hoh bedroom soliloquey. feels a little bit strange, but until its awarded i’ll reserve judgement on this one….
5) sideshow comments by gary and peter have been very telling for the past three weeks. they are almost spoilers in themselves. with their prediction this week added to the explanation because no one wants to watch one side dominate the other throughout the game…. true, but canada wants to see how the players overcome their misfortune, not how production digs them out of their predicament.
i truly love watching the game to see how players make strategies and enact moves, then how those moves are met with a counter strategy, battle is joined and the best strategy and gameplay can be determined. i know i’m being a little too analytical and possibly reading too much into things… but as the non-player production twists to determine outcome keep on happening, i become less interested in the season. everyone loves an underdog story, but part of an underdog story is how that person digs deep and saves themselves to climb up and claim the prize. with this season, i’m trying to maintain optimism that someone will step up and fight for themselves instead of production fighting for them, but the cynical side of me is saying just write production on the cheque and be done with it.


How come they have their letters? I thought Ika shredded them


Hasn’t Heather always said she would put up Sabrina & Rachelle because they messed up her game in the beginning?