Big Brother Canada Have / Havenot Competition RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 5 2013 7pm
7pm When the Big Brother Canada live feeds come back we find that the house guests competed in a have/havenot competition. The house guests got pizza. They had to do stuff to earn to be haves for the week and they succeeded.

Emmett says that was basically a how bad do you want it. Talla says that was doing things that you wouldn’t want to do or ever think of doing. Jillian says what would they have done if someone had chose to answer all the phone calls? Big Brother tells them not to talk about production. Alec comes into the kitchen and asks what do we have to eat right now? Topaz and other say this. They congratulate each other on a great job. Andrew says I guess they are cleaning up the chum bath now eh? Jillian had to wear a pregnant suit. Andrew had to get his legs waxed and wear a maid outfit. Andrew complains that Talla did a horrible job waxing or shaving his legs. Talla tells Andrew and Jillian that they need to get back into their costumes.

Big Brother Canada April 5 2013 710pm


7:23pm Andrew and Emmett in the hallway
Andrew isn’t too happy about his outfit. Emmett says it’s funny.. everyone is going to think it’s hilarious.
Andrew: “Alec gets his chest licked and I get dressed like a french maid.. Give me some f*** jars man”


7:26pm HOH Emmett and Jillian

Talking about Peter not being able to eat a salad during the comp. Jillian: “He’s starving and still can’t eat it” Emmett: “He doesn’t like fresh food.. he likes processed stuff.. look at what he eats chicken nuggets and fries”

They laugh about Andrew. Jillian mentions how andrew’s costume is starting to rip apart “He’s just getting trashier and trashier looking.. “

Jillian: ‘Alec may have gotten a power.. didn’t he answer it twice”
Emmett doesn’t think so they wanted everyone to have a “crappy thing”

Jillian: “All Pete had to do is eat that freakin salad… I can’t believe he puked.”
Emmett :”Yup”

Here is some more information about what the houseguests had to do during the competition.
Topaz couldn’t speak english and apparently she chose not to speak. Emmett had to chug a ton of milk. He says that it was enough to make him puke. Alec had to take a chum bath (Like what Brendon had to do in BBUS). Some one had to lick Alec chest.

Emmett: “Nomination ceremonies in the morning.. POV in the afternoon”
Jillian: “Peter still hasn’t come talk to me.. maybe he will tonight”
Emmett: “I don’t know”
Jillian: ‘Basically I am in a tough spot”
Emmett: “Just tell him you made a deal with .. “ Jillian interrupts as she watches the HOH spy screen comments how andrew is rinsing the dishes again.

Emmett: “You need to talk to Andrew soon about this supposed deal.. just tell Pete you made a deal with Andrew that you wouldn’t put him up if he didn’t put you up… say that you are close to Talla and you are not putting me up.. “

Jillian: “So what I tell him I’m putting Alec and Peter up tonight.. or do I say I’m fluxing between Talla and Alec or Peter.. Topaz deserves to stay another week.. look at what she went through.. Alec and Peter jumped off right away “

Jillian: “If he brings up this final 4 shit”
Emmett: “Tell him honestly pete you never talk game to me until yesterday.. You just talk more game with Andrew and made a deal with him”

Jillian hopes that they didn’t give Alec a power like the Diamond Power of Veto. Emmett: “Than we just get rid of Peter”


7:50pm Stooges War room The last of the stooges smoking
Andrew: “That competition was not fair.. Topaz had to do nothing”
Talla: “Oh well whatever I know it sucks.. “
Andrew: “Look what I have to wear”
Talla: “Ya i know.. would have been funny if she got something .. cause she’s always complaining”
They both think Peter really struggled even though he didn’t have to do much.
Talla: “I’m really looking forward to what will happen tomorrow”
Andrew: “It won’t be you and I”
Talla: “I Know I just want to know that conversation she had with Alec” (Jillian”
Andrew: “She said he didn’t like what she had to say”
Talla: “Really”
Andrew doesn’t know if she told him he’s going up they’ll find out later..
Talla and Andrew both plan on going to bed early tonight since they

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When are nominations


tomorrow.. i have a post update almost ready that will explain


I emmitt is right just nominate and don’t worry if alec has the diamond veto i doubt he has it in all of bbus it has only been shown twice first time at the end of season 4 and in season 12 in pandor’s box. I have my doubts he has it he would have leveraged it.


Isn’t it a rule that you can’t mention the diamond POV if you have it, though?


I honestly can’t stand talla.


Jill was the one who had to lick Alec


Thanks for adding this we missed it on the feeds


The funniest thing – Talla thinking that she’s actually playing the game now.


Actually I think the funniest thing was when Emmett said to Jillian (re: Peter & Alec) they just treat me like I’m their “Shield” or something.



What is Alec bathing in and why?


he stinks due to the comp.. he’s bathing in tomato juice


Thanks Simon; on the kinda’ mean side – Alec stinks anyways (couldn’t help myself)


yeah he sure does.. he needs to win POV or he’s gone.

I secretly hope he does win just to keep things CRAZY 😉


For someone who talks a lot of smack, when given the chance (his HOH), he pulled out a big fat nothing. Ah, well – poor Shrivelmance.




Listening to Alec’s conversations last night & today I was thinking not since James Rhine (Season 6 & BB All Stars US) has someone completely crushed everyone in their own alliance chances. His lies & over playing, cockiness & need to make a fool out of Topaz has really back-fired on him. Can we all say it together: KARMA

Think of all the things he has done just in the past couple weeks that have killed not only The Shield but also the 4G’s & the reformulated Quatro:

He goes against Topaz to get out Andrew who is now FIRMLY aligned with Emm/Jill & Talla & now he wants Andrew out.

He was SO ADAMANT that Topaz go he didn’t bother to look at keeping Gary & Topaz out of harm’s way or keeping them more in the loop recognizing they would have stayed loyal & now finds himself in the minority (at his own hand) instead of firmly in the majority.

Instead of just hitting the wrong button in Andrew’s HOH he cockily shakes his hand to let everyone know he was giving it to Andrew.

He throws a bunch of comps but chooses to win when there is a $10,000 prize thus making the other house guests suspicious of him throwing comps.

He trashes & abandons Topaz after her HOH & didn’t even try to yell up to tell her she could be heard (only Gary did that). But as soon as he recognizes wait a minute I might need her he re-ignites their relationship. This hurt him (IMO) worse than anything else b/c it makes him look like an ass. If he can make out with someone for 40 days & turn his back as soon as they are in danger what won’t he do to people he isn’t that close with. Couple that with the fact he’s now firmly back on the Topaz wagon & he’s literally lost all respect in the house.

He gets too cocky & forgets to socially work the house & instead chooses to TELL people like Talla, Andrew, Topaz & Jill what they should do & he has conversations that spill too much information assuming he has won them over (Talla/Andrew) all while not remembering what hehas told to whom.

Topaz really doesn’t have anyone else to work with (but she would have, had she stayed up for HOH) other than Peter & Alec. In the case of Peter I actually feel for him because I don’t believe he is aware of all the things Alec has been doing or saying & how it has hurt his personal game via association. The only bright spot I believe (as long as Alec doesn’t win POV) is Peter could make final 4 with Emm/Jill & Andrew b/c Emmett still trusts Peter & he hasn’t operated like Alec to anyone’s face at least.

I wonder once Peter recognizes how the house views Alec how pissed he’ll be as he is a pretty smart guy & I don’t think he knew how much damage Alec had caused through his actions/words.

At some point this week I also anticipate either a drunk Talla or an angry Jill, Emm or Andrew will tell Topaz exactly how Alec has spoken about her & that he had NO INTENTION of ever taking her far let alone hanging out with her post BB. That’s when things could get really interesting b/c once he loses Topaz & possibly even Peter as he’ll need to distance himself to stay over Alec he’ll feel the isolation he specifically wanted Topaz to feel.

I don’t really have a personal favorite; I see things I like about each player & things I dislike but I try to look at them from a game perspective. I’ve definitely gained some respect for Emmett b/c he possesses a quality that only 2 players in the house have (Peter is the other) which is knowing when to shut up & listen & not commit any specific answers to.

For Peter to stay he’ll need Alec NOT to win POV or win it himself. For Alec to stay… well aside from him winning POV I can’t imagine anything as even if Topaz wins the POV that will be when she learns about what he has done & said about her & precisely when she’ll need to give him exactly the same respect he gave her which was NONE. Actually it could be even more dramatic than when Janey sent Will packing b/c Alec has been cruel in terms of how he has handled the situation.

I just always remember the one thing Dan said (his 1st time in the game at least): You have to remember in the house at the end of the day it’s how you treat people especially when they are feeling low or leaving the house. Your actions are what people will remember when they vote!


I appreciate everything you had to say. There is one big (HUGE) glaring fact that seems to have eluded a lot of people or they somehow just forgot or chose not to see because they favour someone – Topaz and Alec had a ‘pact’ in the storage room from day 1 or 2 (I believe) ‘We’re just using eachother and that’s understood’. No harm no foul. Neither is a victim of the other from my perspective. They have used it to manipulate viewers and houseguests, creating fights, make-ups, etc. Just the way I see it and have from the beginning. They both overestimated their ‘talent’ – Alec (self-perceived scholar of BB), and Topaz (self-perceived sexual/physical goddess with powers of persuasion. It’s just a game……


You should take milkmance and 3 stooges off the poll. Just use the current alliances and see how much The Shield gets smoked.


Just saw a flash on the live feed, that said A surprise Eviction is about to take place or something like that??????