Big Brother Canada Gary: “We’re losing Votes AJ is f**** stupid and Talla is 2 faced”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


12:00pm Bedroom Liza and Suzette

Liza is saying she really wants to meet her family. Suzette says her kids are so cute, she thinks her little girl running round the house would be fun. Suzette adds that production probably showed pictures of her family.
Liza “the mother’s aspect, involvement in the native community, Anti Bullying” (Liza listed off other reasons why she thought Suzette won Canada’s vote )
Suzette: ‘People can’t understand what I go through.. ‘
Liza: “Right you don’t have a Tom”
Liza: “Oh my god.. I feel like you were wearing x-ray glasses last week and you just gave them to me”
Suzette: “That’s why I want you to stay because you have the insight”


12:05pm Liza picking moles and pimples


12:12pm Backyard Jillian and Anderw Jillian is talking about how day one Liza was working everyone in the house trying to get them to turn on each other. They both agree it was way too early.
Jillian: “Emmett doesn’t want you out at a all.. I know 100% that Liza was GUNNING for you”
Andrew: “I know.. why”
Jillian adds that Liza

Jillian: “You should hear the things Lisa says about Emmett.. He’s a farm boy that tries to be a good guy but he’s really a conniving evil person. ” Jillian adds that Liza would tell her that she wants final 2 with her than she would go tell everyone else in the house that Jillian is the strongest female player.

Jillian brings up that Liza was telling everyone that he’s a alcoholic. Andrew says he likes to have a drink but if he was a alcoholic he wouldn’t be able to stay in the house.. Jillian agrees didn’t think that was appropriate of Liza to say. Andrew: “she was playing too hard”

Andrew says that both nominees are dangerous and have to go but right now the best thing is to get rid of Tom, “Blindside him right now”
Jillian: “I 100% agree”

Jillian mentions something that Liza was telling her. “Jillian your name is going all over the house.. don’t think you are good.. ” Jillian: “It was her (Liza) spreading my name around”

Andrew is sick of Tom, he says he’s seem a million Tom’s in his life and all he wants to do is tell Tom to shut his pie hole.
Andrew: “You know what pissed me off is during the pedicure.. Tom was so uncomfortable about Alec giving him a pedicure acting like it’s going to mean he’s gay.. He made Alec put on shirt”

Andrew mentions how Liza is able to still talk to people after they all knew the horrible things she’s said about them Jillian says Liza has already faced her and swore to Jillian that everything she told her wasn’t a lie.


12:40pm AJ and Talla

Aj warns her when Liza leaves Talla will be the girl associated with Tom. Aj says Emmett/Jillian are working Topaz/Alec. Aj says once Liza is gone him and Talla moves up a notch on Tom’s friends list.

Aj tells her they need to win the HOH and put up Emmett and Jillian. Aj is pissed that Suzette was pretty much walking out the door and now she’s become the important vote. Talla asks about Andrew. AJ assures her that Andrew will not put either of them on the block. Aj isn’t sure Andrew is even going to try for the HOH.


12:48PM A lot of the houseguests are sleeping Big Brother keeps blowing the alarm to get them to wake up.


12:50PM HOH Gary and Topaz they are talking about how Suzette and Tom are starting to get a lot closer. Topaz mentions how Talla is saying that since Liza is leaving this week she can hang out with her. Gary is worried says they are losing votes fast. Gary: “once the Veto happens Talla will go to Liza and Sue will go to Tom”

Gary: “AJ is f**** stupid to.. ” Gary laughs about Suzette, last week Tom was fighting to get her evicted and now she’s getting close to him, “It’s because she thinks Alec is the mastermind” Gary asks her if there is any chance of Alec using the veto. Topaz: “Zero chance”

Gary wonders if Liza does go home Tom isn’t coming after him he’s going after Topaz. Gary: “Talla is so f**** two face.. i don’t even want to talk to her” Topaz: “How can you even talk to Liza after all the things she’s said to you”


Gary isn’t worried about Andrew, he’ll vote Tom to go. Gary wants a zero vote for Tom to stay because it will show he has the control. Once the Veto is over he’s going to work on Talla. Gary is going to tell Talla if she doesn’t vote for Tom he doesn’t have her back anymore.

Gary says they can create a fake alliance with liza. He points out that Suzette is wasting all her time with Tom where she should be talking to Liza. Topaz says that Suzette isn’t very good at this game she’s a wildcard, best to have her floating around. Gary is worried if Liza wins HOH she’ll put Topaz and Alec up. If Suzette and him can get in good with Liza they might be able to prevent that.

Topaz points out how Liza and Jillian are always together. They both laugh that Alec thinks he’s got Suzette..

Gary says he wants to play honest because he wants a career in the public eye, “I hope they just edit it and twist it to make me look like I had to lie to her because she’s such a wild Card”

Gary says if Alec uses the POV it’s what Topaz has to win HOH. Topaz: If he uses the POV I’m putting Alec and LIza up”

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1:20pm Storage Room Jillian and Tom Tom campaigns to Jillian. Tom: “I wouldn’t hold it against you if you voted for Liza to stay.. cause she your girl.. ” Tom tells her there could be a twist on Thursday that takes the two nominees off the block and lets Tom nominate 2 new people, in That case he will nominate Topaz and Gary.

1:44pm HUSH HUSH


2:05PM Aj and Andrew Backyard AJ is saying that someone needs to break up the power couples. He thinks that Talla is fired up enough to do it. Aj: “Tom using the POV on Gary was the stupidest move in his life.. and Tom knows that was a stupid move”
Andrew says that Tom was walking around saying that Chevy Should give them all a car. Aj says that he was smarter than Tom was when he was Tom age. (Aj and Andrew calling Tom stupid for thinking Chevy should give them all a car.. Aj and Andrew think Chevy is owned by Daimler-Chrysler.. Chevy is owned by General motors. It was Chrysler that was owned by Daimler-Chrysler up until 2007 it is now it’s own company) Aj says that Peter is right in the middle of the game. Andrew cannot play the same way that Peter plays. AJ: “He’s playing the Game I wanted to play.. I got lucky all my enemies left early.. Kat threw me under the bus in a derogatory way”
Andrew: “What did she say.. you hated women”
AJ: “Ya she said I can’t believe I am with someone that is so disrespectful towards women” Aj says they have 5 people in their side Gary thinks he’s running the house but he’s not. Andrew says Aj needs to relax a bit and go have a smoke..


2:23PM Lounging around in anticipation for the POV Ceremony

2:40pm HUSH HUSH

2:50pm Talla Dancing in the Hoh

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Lol Tom you idiot even if there was that twist you couldn’t nominate Gary cause he is the hoh.

Anyways. As of right now is Tom going home? I’ve been out of the loop the past day or so. Unclear of who is gonna leave.


Good grief TOM TOM TOMMMM, i wonder why Tom cannot campaign for himself,i felt sorry for him when he said he’s mom has cancer and he was bringing home the bacon for his family and now he has let liza blindside him with showmance and he cant even campaign for himself but liza!!!why??and what is he really thinking a twist is coming and the nominees get to stay? so unfortunate


Topaz and Gary are REALLLLLY starting to bore me. I hope Tom stays.


i hope so too it will be more dramatic and gary is turning out to be a really nasty person too he was just waiting for the opportunity to really show his true identity like always refering to any girl he doesnt like as bitche,everything bitch,bitches,bitch,bitches so tired of him already


If Tom doesn’t leave, the rest of the season will be a recap of BBUS 12.
I cannot have that ..


Totally. Compared to Gary, Tom is actually nice. lol. Gary does nothing but bitch and talk sh@t anymore. I thought he was playing his HoH well, but now I think the power has gone to his head.


I hope Tom stays as well. I am tired of the Topaz Alec (Tolec, Alpaz)show


Gary is being an idiot. His drama queen crown is showing. He brought all the houseguests upstairs promising that everything they told him would be a secret and the idiots that believed him spilled the beans and now all you hear is people all talking about what everyone else supposedly told Gary in secret. And most of it is coming from Gary! He is a gossipy girl.

I like the quatro and would rather see Alpha males fighting it out than whiny floaters.


hell NO!!!. Down with the Alpha males


So we can watch a bunch of people, eating, sleeping, crying and complaining? No thanks. I will take testosterne fueled war over over a bunch of hens cluckin in the hen house any day.


I’d support the women if they deserved it.
Kat – we’ll never really know, but she did seem kind of Alpha.
Liza – compulsively manipulative lying doesn’t seem like a good longterm strategy when overdone.
The rest – blah. Topaz included. Briefly entertaining? Yes! Like the finale at a fireworks display. She might even make it near the end, but who knows?

Really – were Dani, Talla & Suzette cast as real competitors? I honestly doubt it.

I know many like the cast overall but I think casting sucked.

If only HOH had started with a comp. Poweshift was bogus. Bees Knees was so badly executed it should have been erased.
Speaking of knees – Andrew – those abrasions should never have been allowed to become infected.

Production had a chance to elevate the Game and make Canada’s version something better. They have failed.
But it’s “reality” TV, and no one can deny the success of the concept or of the worldwide Big Brother phenomenon.


I think it would be hilarious if Tom stayed and started working with Suzette! lol. I actually like Suzette. Yes, she’s a floater, but good floaters can win the game. Not everyone can be a power player.


i thumb up the above posters who wanted my baby tom to stay ……thats what i was saying from the break if tom stays drama because he can win competitions … . but if tom goes emmette is next.. i want gary gone ,gone ,gone ,gone with the wind fabulous lol… topaz gary alec i want them gone gary have 6 faces and 2 hearts i want him gone …. gary ungrateful little glitter bitch …..

The Watcher

Tom should use the energy he is wasting on being mad and doing the most into trying to get votes to keep his butt into the house.

I said it before ,even tho Tom was/is very arrogant I wanted to see Liza and Harry Potter (Peter) on the block.

But I have the feeling it wont happen any time soon and Tom will be voted out, thats fine but at least go home while trying to fight to stay in instead of being mad all the time.

Whats great about Glitter Power HOH is he turned the house upside down. Nothing will ever be the same. The sleepers are now playing hard and the hard ones are now trying to either lay low and be nice or going nuts!

Glitter Power 101 : Thats how you dont waste your HOH


Lol AJ is the Meg Griffin of the house…..He gets hated on by everyone in the house lol


I thought it was funny how talla and aj were going on about how they need to win hoh the only way thesd two will win is if everyone in the house gets band from playing lol talla gives new meaning to the word air head. I also found funny how aj is promising talla that andrew won’t put her up who knows who he will put up andrew is a wild card ever since he found out about liza lies i have no idea who he is really going after and he might want to make deals with some stronger players at least for awhile to cover himself the only reason talla wants emmitt or jillian is because she can’t win anything so the only way she can get to the end is if everyone else takes out each other which would suck if the horrible players won this game.