Big Brother Canada Gary tells Topaz that Talla is fu*king me hard to get me out next week!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 240pm

2:25pm Topaz is talking to Gary in the bedroom. Gary tells Topaz that Talla is fu*king me hard to get me out next week. These people are mother fu*kers, I trusted Talla! This could all be a test from Alec to see if he can trust me for next week. You know how he likes to test people and he is probably trying to see if I will go run and freak out on Talla. Gary says that he like that he can tell Topaz everything. Gary asks Topaz if she has heard anything. Topaz says that Alec keeps telling her that he is trying. She says that can’t trust Talla because she is never in the loop. Topaz says that she is going to have a talk with Alec today in the havenot room. Topaz tells Gary that she hasn’t thrown him under the bus at all. Gary says that he isn’t throwing her under the bus either ..I am just trying to plant some seeds for next week. Gary comments on how Alec is getting weaker ..this is when you need to man the fu*k up. Gary says that he is going to pretend that he didn’t hear that Talla is throwing him under the bus… I just don’t want her to slip through to the final 3. Gary says that he will just play the dumb middle man. He says that he will wait to see who wins HOH and then roll with them. Gary says I am still hoping for a coup d’etat. Topaz agrees and says that she hopes there is some kind of a twist that takes us off. Gary comments on how he knew Jillian was a fake b!tch, I saw signs of it in the beginning and I knew it would come out.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 311pm

2:50pm Up in the HOH room: Peter talks to Andrew about his conversations with Topaz and Gary. Peter says that Gary really thinks he is staying. Peter says that Gary wants to get out Emmett next week. He says that Topaz also wants to put up Emmett and Jillian. Gary says first things first we have to get out Gary this week. Peter says he is going to be shocked. Andrew comments on how him winning HOH was the last person Topaz wanted to win. Andrew sees Topaz on the spy screen and says that she has to know (that she is staying). He says that its got to be awkward how she used to always be making out with Alec and now not. Andrew says we have got to get the Gary out, he is a strong competitor.

3:15pm Topaz and Alec are in the kitchen talking. Topaz tells Alec that Talla did tell her that she was staying. Soon after Emmett comes into the kitchen and Topaz leaves. Alec tells Emmett that Talla lied she did tell Topaz after the blow up that she was staying. Emmett doesn’t say much.

3:20pm Topaz fills up a condom in the kitchen to get Emmett. She tries to throw it at him but it doesn’t pop. He grabs it and they wrestle and she pops it in her hands. He rubs the condom on her face. Emmett leaves. Alec asks Topaz where they left off. Alec says we are running out of people to work with in here, I feel like we have to trust Talla.

3:50pm Topaz and Alec have a conversation out in the hot tub. Alec tells her that he is working keeping her safe and that next week they can move forward. He says that he didn’t care that she went up on the block and even the next day he didn’t care. He says it was because of the locket. Alec and Topaz head inside.
Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 325pm

3:55pm Out in the backyard Topaz and Emmett chase each other. Emmett picks Topaz up and takes her over to the pool and throws her into the pool. She almost hits her head on the side of the pool as she falls because he tired hanging onto Emmett. Peter freaks out thinking her head was going to hit. While in the pool she tries to pull Emmett into the pool but can’t pull him in.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 355pm
Video of Emmett, Jillian and Topaz Game talk in the storage room AND Emmett throwing Topaz in the pool.

4:10pm – 5pm Emmett, Andrew, Peter, and Jillian are working out in the backyard. Meanwhile inside the house Gary is still getting dressed up as Zoe. Topaz and Talla are in the kitchen eating. Zoe finishes getting ready and goes out to greet the other house guests. Alec grabs Zoe’s breast. Zoe goes to the diary room. Talla and Topaz continue to eat and talk in the kitchen.

5pm – 5:45pm Zoe comes out of the diary room. Zoe, Talla and Topaz talk in the kitchen. Talla asks who Zoe is interested in. Zoe says that he was into Andrew before but not I’m into Emmett. Jillian, Talla and Topaz ask Zoe questions about drag. Emmett comes into the kitchen and Zoe starts flirting with him. Emmett stares at Zoes boobs. Zoe and Talla head out to the hot tub room to smoke. Talla and Zoe head back to the kitchen. Zoe continues to flirt with Emmett and Alec. Zoe asks Andrew if he missed her. Andrew says yes. Talla heads up to listen to Andrews music and “stink up his room”.
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Jillian is really starting to annoy me .. She has no personality and she acts a lot older than her age lol I’m going to be so sad when topaz leaves because then Gary won’t have anyone to really talk to and the live feeds are going to suck !

I thought I was probably imaging thing in my head yesterday but now that I read this post .. Doesn’t it seem like topaz and Emmett are getting more flirtatious with each other ? And Jillian is also flirting with Andrew ?
And why does Alec claim to dislike her and break off their showmance but is always asking to kiss her or hug her ? He’s so annoying


Actually, Gary is going to be evicted tomorrow, unless some kind of powershift happens- which is highly unlikely.
But yeah, I will also miss watching Gary and Topaz on the feeds


Just curious as to why you think Emmett and Topaz are flirting? If its the pool thing he did that to talla too (which was so cute because he calls her lala) if not then I’m really curious! Also, has anyone noticed Jill and emmett are like the parents of the house and talla is like the kid? Just rambling now….


Does Big Brother have live feeds of the jury house? After this week it will be mor entertaining to watch what’s going on in there.

And what’s the correct spelling of “Flonck”? I want to trademark it just in case it catches on


I hope Gary goes out this week for sure then Alec, Topez, peter, then talla…they are all useless people in the house. Andrew, Jillian, and Emmett are awesome and i hope Emmett wins he deserves it.


How does your logic work -_-
Alec, Topaz, Jillian, Gary and Andrew ( the one where Alec gave him the answer does not count) won one HOH
Talla and Emmett and Peter have won none .. Therefore they’re useless and should leave
Then Alec because he can only win when he somehow finds a way to cheat
Then topaz , Jillian and Andrew should leave ( what order is irrelevant)
Leaving Gary to win since he won an HOH , a veto and has been on the block so many times and survived .
I love Emmett but I don’t understand exactly how he would “deserve” to win more than anyone other than talla and Peter lol


Winning BB is not about who wins the most competitions. Winning is based on a number of factors and Emmett possess all of them:

Social Game – Emmett is having a great social game. He has a connection to everyone in the house, he is a threat without coming across as threatening. A smart quality to possess for this game

Strength – Emmett has physical strength and he did actually win an HOH which he was disqualified for when he carried a ball. Big whoop. He has also won POV’s which can be just as powerful as HOH’s in the right situation.

Peception – Emmett watches everything that goes on. He listens more than he talks and is actually quite bang on in his analysis of people.

Persuasiveness – He knows what to say and when to make people want to work with him and not see him as a threat.

Competitivness – He is there to win. Not to be famous but to simply win the game.

Gary is an emotional train wreck. He is fun to watch sometimes sure, but in the purest form of the “game” he just doesn’t have what it takes. And besides, Gary is only there to become famous. I think Mr Glitter is going to be in for quite the shock unfortunately. His glitter power will be yesterdays news a month after the show ends.


Gary has very good perception of most of situations and people in the game he also has competitiveness .. who cares if his main goal is fame .. he’s probably the only player who never threw a competition ( even Emmett has thrown competition) , his social game is as good as it gets he was a target from day one so he couldn’t develop his social game the way others were able to and and he is pretty strong …
I don’t think any of the plays left in the game are physically or mentally atrong enough to have survived this long with such a huge target
On their backs … Emmett should be a target but he was never really a target ,even when he was on the block the first week everyone wanted Suzette to put a target Gary.


Who’s Zoe? I swear the guy that came out was that dude in Powder. Gary Powder!


Seems Peter is sticking to his master plan to go to the end with Alex and Emmett. Guess Dan and Boogie are busy and turned him down. What he lacks in game play he makes for up with confidence in other people’s game methods….. Be it misguided or not…..
Alex finally figures out Andrew has switched.. Hummmm….. Should have voted him out when Topaz gave you the chance.. Seems Alex new plan is to take Topaz and Talla….
Emmett is taking Jillian and Peter or Talla… or not… Seems Emmett telling tales on Gary has lifted any mist around him..
The only person not part of anyones’ plan is Andrew.. Should have used the veto to makes a few deals… If Topaz was gone then you wouldn’t have to worry about Alex and her together … Shoulda coulda woulda..
Topaz and Talla join the (hate Jillian club) because they’ll be following some guy toward a better chance at a big pay day. It’s is called Girl game power play…
Bye Gary/Zoe.. Hope you find the fame and fortune you desire.. Maybe wish on a star tonight..
Ahh BB in action.. Love it…xoxoxoxo

Biff Tannen

Alec, not Alex 🙂


When Jillian talks it sounds like she is plugging her nose.