Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Alec and Topaz start making out..

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 550pm

5:50pm Talla is up in the HOH room listening to Andrew’s music and dancing. Andrew comes up and talks to Talla. Talla tells Andrew about her conversation with Emmett and Jillian. Andrew tells Talla that the other are talking to her just in case she wins HOH. Andrew says they aren’t talking to me because I have no power and can’t go for the next HOH. Talla tells Andrew that we needs a final four name. Andrew says what about the beauty and the beasts. Talla says no, I was thinking the buck chargers. Andrew asks the butt chargers? Talla says not the buck chargers because we are charging and we are bucks. It’s a good name! Andrew heads downstairs to go to the hot tub with Emmett. Talla continues dancing.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 551pm

6:15pm – 6:55pm Andrew, Emmett, Topaz and Gary are in the hot tub. Talla and Jillian join them. Talla says that she is really self conscious of her stomach and asks them all to turn around so she can remover her towel and get into the hot tub. Zoe comments that she doesn’t swallow. Talla says awkward! The conversation turns to talking about gay pride parades. Emmett comments on how there are a lot less bubbles today. Talla says I am adding more bubbles as we speak. Gary says its so hard being a girl. Topaz, Talla and Gary head inside. Talla and Gary get in the pool.

Meanwhile Alec is sleeping in the bedroom and gets woken up by the alarm. Alec and Topaz go into the bedroom and start making out. She is wet from the hot tub and gets his sweat pants wet. She says it looks like you pee’d your pants. Topaz tells him to blow dry his pants. He says they won’t let him you can only use it on hair. He tells her to put her head down there. Alec heads out to join the other at the hot tub.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 653

7pm – 7:15pm Topaz, Talla and Gary are in the pool. Topaz is doing a little dance. Andrew comes out and does a cannon ball into the pool. Gary dresses Andrew in his see through top. Andrew says he feels like he is priest .. I feel like I have been baptised. Emmett and Jillian come out from the hot tub room. Emmett does a cannon ball into the pool.

7:30pm – 8:10pm Peter and Alec talk about how he is the “Emperor of Doom”. Meanwhile Jillian, Emmett and Talla shower in the bathroom. Alec and Peter are in the kitchen. Alec tells Peter think its best to keep Andrew around to get rid of Topaz. Peter agrees. Alec asks do you think its better to put up Andrew and Jillian. Peter is whispering and its too hard to make out what he says. Alec says I don’t like that because what if Talla votes to keep Andrew. Peter says I think our and Topaz’s influence we could convince her not to. Alec wonders what if we put up Andrew and Talla. Peter asks what if Gary is saved by a twist who does Andrew put up? Alec says Talla at this point. Peter says I don’t think so.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 725pm

8:10pm – 8:35pm Alec talks to Talla out on the backyard couch. Alec tells Talla that he feels like we were tricked a little bit by Andrew and Jillian. Alec says that Emmett and Jillian can’t win tomorrow. Talla asks why Alec is worried about Andrew. Alec says that he is worried about the three of them (Emmett, Jillian and Andrew). Alec says that he is worried about them because they live 5 minutes away from each other. Alec says that he isn’t worried about her (Talla) because he has never done anything to ruin it with her. They head inside.

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FYI.. we received a email today that CBS will be supplying the feeds for Big Brother 15 instead of superpass/realnetworks.. Right now we know nothing other than that..

Basically the larger the corporation is the less I trust them to do something that supports the fans. Lets hope I’m wrong


Unfortunately, skepticism is my first reaction, too. One thing I can definitely guarantee with CBS running the feeds: there’s no way they’ll be free!


yeah they won’t be free.. Could be better losing the superpass bloated mess of a site will be welcomed by me. Not to say that CBS won’t create steaming pile.

They might not have flashback who knows.. right now all we know is CBS is delivering the feeds and they are sticking with the affiliate program so sites like ours will continue selling feeds.

BB around Fan

Do you think the feeds will be available to Canada cause we cant view the interviews or watch shows we might miss. last season we got message ” The video you have requested is not available in your geographical area” So I am thinking same will be with live feeds


I sure hope so.. CBS probably have enough subscribers to make it worth bringing to Canada.


Is tala truly loyal to Andrew? I hope so.

I hope Jillian is to.


Andrew better watch his back because he is going up next week. Alec or Peter is gonna win HOH. I can feel it. The only way he survives not going up is if Emmett ot Jillian wins. Talla is taking her wishy washy-ness to a whole new level. But I must admit, it makes her less of a threat and its working so far. Topaz disappoints me. I know its a game and she wants to stay, but the minute Alec told her she was staying I saw the Devil enter the room with a contract for her to sign, because she is selling her soul to Alec. She’s not a good decision maker at all.


*smdh* For once, I can actually say that I am in total agreement with you


I don’t understand how Emmett and Jillian aren’t really on anyone’s radar. Even Alec and Peter don’t seem to concerned. I think Emmett will be gone around final 4 and Jillian will win the game.


I could see that. Depending on who she’s up against (let’s just say Alec or Peter) she’ll have Emmett, Andrew, Talla and probably AJ. It would be a shame, though. She isn’t even playing her own game.


at this point, it is hard to see which alliance is in the best position. The person who wins HOH tomorrow will definetly set the tone for which alliance is going out the door. IF Alec or Peter don’t win tomorrow, they are most probably going home. Emmett seems to be in the best position because he is friends with everyone and is a huge physical player. Tom should of learned a thing or too from Emmett about how to stay under the radar but be really good at physical competitions.

I think Peter has game he just has been quiet because it draws less attention to him. Now that there are less people in the house, he needs to start winning and putting strong players up on the block otherwise he is not the player he is pretending to be in DR.


who is the beast coast?


milkmance + Andrew


The stooges best not split up.