Gary says I’m with you 100% Emmett! I want to do Tom and Liza but I’m scared cuz if this motha-fu*ker wins HOH he is coming after me!

POV Holder: Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

Big Brother Canada March 16 2013 910pm

8:45am – 9:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Gary and Topaz stayed up all night and went to bed at 7:30am talking about putting Tom and Liza up on the block as the nominations. They talked about how much they hate Liza and want her gone.

After Big Brother woke them up, all the house guests are getting ready and eating breakfast. Tom is out on the backyard couch eating breakfast. He comments that if you’re nominated you’re guaranteed to fight for the power of veto. Meanwhile up in the HOH room Gary and Emmett are talking. Tom says that he wishes they could tell Tom before but he is just too emotional. Gary tells Emmett that he is thinking of putting up Tom and Liza. Emmett tells Gary that that he is okay with Gary putting up Tom and Liza. Gary asks if Tom would come after him if he went that route. Emmett tells Gary to let him talk to Tom after. Emmett explains that he has tried to talk to Tom about Liza but that he doesn’t listen so he stopped talking to him about her. Emmett says that he told Tom two things about Liza, but stopped because he would just go back diddling with her. Gary says pu$$y power! Emmett says that Tom is like an etch a sketch, everything you tell him is gone. So I have stopped telling him things because he will then go tell her and she will tell more lies to try and justify what happened or turn it around on us. So I can’t tell him until she is gone. Gary says but what if he is the… like when I hear things its from him.. I know Liza tells lies but I’ve heard it before. Emmett tells Gary that if Tom doesn’t conform the way we want him to, then I can’t help him anymore and he is gone. Gary says Tom is like na-bro na-bro na-bro. Emmett says so then he will have to walk out that door. Gary says no he will have to win HOH. Gary says then he wins HOH. Emmett says if he wins. Gary says he is a personal player I have seen that with Suzette. Emmett says yeah I know. Gary says he will never play smart. Emmett says that Tom’s target is Suzette. Gary says no, not after I do this. Emmett says no not if you talk to him. Just tell him when you talk to him that everyone is sick of her (Liza’s) lies and you’re going to tell him including me right after. Gary says okay let me think about that and I will talk to you right before. Emmett says okay uh.. surprise me. Gary says no I’m not trying to surprise you. I didn’t even know you would be okay with that option, of Tom. Emmett says that last week I wouldn’t have been okay with that option but.. Gary says I am not trying to surprise you Emmett, I just don’t even know. Gary says I am with you 100%! I want to do Tom and Liza but I’m scared cuz if this motha-fu*ker wins HOH he is coming after me, you know what I mean? Big Brother cuts the live feeds…

Big Brother Canada March 16 2013 905pm

9:05am Big Brother blocks the live feeds…
9:50am Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
10:30am Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
11am Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
11:25am Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
12pm Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
12:45pm Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
1:30pm Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
2pm Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
2:40pm Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
3:30pm Still showing the HUSH HUSH screen..
4:10pm Over 7 hours of Hush Hush with no end in sight..
5pm Most likely the nomination ceremony happened this morning, then players were picked for the Power Of Veto Competition and they could be playing the POV competition right now which could explain the blocked feeds all day. That and I suspect Big Brother is building the hype for tomorrow nights TV Episode. Hopefully the live feeds will be turned back on soon as I and many others are going through BBCAN withdrawals..


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Good morning, OBB. :)

I have to hand it Gary Gitter…he’s doing a good job so far. He got a ton of information last night, and knows who everyone is wanting to target. Sure, some people lied to him (Liza, for one), but he still has a lot more info then he did 2 days ago. (I actually quite enjoyed watching “King Gary Glitter” hold court.)

Simon/Dawg…just one thing: You show Andrew as a Have-Not. Andrew confirmed with Gary last night that he is a have. Talla is the other Have-Not. :)

Also, since I’ve been able to watch the feeds (1st time), I have a whole new appreciated for what you guys do. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!! :D

I can not wait to see Sunday’s episode!


*appreciation (Still waiting for the coffee to kick in. Lol) ;)



By the way if those 2 go on the block I can’t wait for the Liza lie athon that’s coming. Sundays show on slice will be priceless as will POV show on Wednesday! Gonna be a fun week and the feeds could be epic. It’s awefully early for this sort of week but we’ll certainly have a chance to see if Tom has any real support. Peter for 1 will save Liza thus I think Quatro may just implode!


How the mighty have fallen!!! From HOH to Havenot. What did he say about Karma?? They thought Aneal was a threat their threat is in the HOH room wearing a six pink boa!!!! LMAO!!!



By the way if those 2 go on the block I can’t wait for the Liza lie-athon that’s coming. Sundays show on slice will be priceless as will POV show on Wednesday! Gonna be a fun week and the feeds could be epic. It’s awefully early for this sort of week but we’ll certainly have a chance to see if Tom has any real support. Peter for 1 will save Liza thus I think Quatro may just implode!

Sorry I posted this originally without my name on it. My appology folks.


Am somali and i live in somali still i watch BBC so far my fav is garey and alec ,,,,,,, i wana thank to simon and dwng witouth u guyz i ouldnt able 2 see all this fun staff sorry my poor grammer


Thanks Name!


I just have to heap more praise on the “greatness” of this, my favourite BB site (for years now, but I only started commenting this year!). You save me tons of time…I don’t worry about watching the feeds, even if they are free, because I can always count on getting the best, the juiciest info and video segments right here! Bravo, onlinebigbrother!


Thanks Lucia! glad you like the Spoilers


I agree Lucia. Simon and Dawg are fantastic.


Alec is on slop again? Poor thing. Loving Gary Glitter as HOH, can’t wait for nominations!


Cheating issues aside, I feel really bad for Alec.

Topaz was telling Gary during their all-night talk-fest about how Alec has very little money (due to putting himself through school, student loans, etc.) that he basically lives on beans and tuna. Now he’s in a house where a lot of good food is provided…and he winds up being a Have-Not for 3 weeks straight? Yeah, I’m human…I feel bad for the guy. :( He’s taking it really well, though.


Regardless of personal life, 3 weeks on slop has got to be tough. You can see it take a toll on players who are only on it for one week at a time, let alone 2.

Does anyone know, was he made a have not as a penalty from the first HOH comp or was there a Have-Not competition?


People, don’t forget …… This week is double eviction!!!!!!! Arisa announced it at the conclusion of the last episode. Gary is amazing!!


TP…dang it i must have missed it….see what happens when you take a bathroom break in between favorite shows…thanks for the update


If Gary does TOM/LIZA, then ssssssLieza the sssssLizard is gone.
Keep Liza – Talla, Peter, Andrew
Boot Liza – Topaz, Alec, Em, Jill, AJ, Suz
Anything more than 5/4 is gravy.

He can square with Tom -” I truly believed you were safe or I wouldn’t have put you up.”
– “I honored my deal. She was endangering you.”
– “I played with guts and honor, straight up, no backdoor. That’s the respect I have for you.”
Tom would accept that BS.

Tom wins POV, Gary still has nice options. Talla or AJ. Lisa still goes. Gary still snows Tom.
Or, Gary puts up, oh, maybe Peter! I think Liza still goes. If Peter goes, more fun!

Liza (or ally) wins POV, scarier, but Gary puts up a soft target. If the House boots Tom, well, fine.
Or Gary puts up a hard target, Peter again comes to mind!
If Tom OR Peter goes, Gary’s isolated Liza, heat’s still on her, and he needs to call in favors.

If Tom AND Liza end up staying, who would they rally to them for the next eviction, and would the target really be Gary?
Roll the dice Gary, you might as well!


**saying a prayer that the weather is good and satalite doesnt go out sunday**

I am glad that Gary was the new HOH. From what I had seen thursday during the show he was in the lead at the time when suddenly Emmitt was crowned new HOH. From what I have seen so far gary is doing a great job as HOH. Like most HOH that have been before him and with the BBUS version most HOH pick with a vendeta they have against others. Gary seems to be weighing all the options and trying to look ahead a few weeks as to what the consequences might be for his nominations. Everyone keeps saying Andrew will be the one to make the big move….I am shaking my head. Gary will be the one to make the big move. Congrats to Gary


Looking at the videos and live feeds….Suzette did not win the Powershift by alot…..she had 55% of the votes and AJ had 45%. So that 10 percent difference could have been due to the multiple votes for Suzanne. If you are allowed to vote only once the outcome might have been different.


It works both ways. Maybe both Suzette and AJ had multiple votes from people and Suzette still came out ahead. The 10% can’t be attributed to multiple votes for her only. People were also allowed to give him multiple votes.


This is when I love being able to watch the feeds..


gary so ungrateful he just got save by tom …… no one is going to trust gary


I agree with you. I don’t understand why you got so many thumbs down.


cut that bs. Tom only took gary off the block because he wanted it to be a 10-0 vote for Suzette to go home; he didnt do it for Gary. I honestly grew to like Tom over the past couple weeks, but the man DOES NOT know how to play the game. Every time i here him speak the name Suzette, i want to bang my head against the wall. Suzette posed and still poses absolutely no threat, yet TOM continued to talk about evicting her all of last week, and actually still talks about evicting her. His HOH was completely and utterly useless.

In my opinion, Liza, Peter, Alec, and NOW GARY are the only people who are playing the game. For those emmet fans; i would have added his name, but he is also not playing the game very well. He fails to realize that he has to get EVERYONE to love him, particularly those who will be in the Jury house. Instead of doing that, he alienates individuals like Liza, Talla, AJ, Andrew.

I am honestly routing for either Gary or Alec to win; i also wouldnt mind if Liza nd Peter take it home.

BTW, what the hell is wrong with the LIVE FEEDS.


also, for those who are really bashing and hating on Liza for being a deceitful, conniving, lying, ‘bit*ch*, please please, for the love of god shut up. This is big brother, the purpose of the game is to deceit and lie your way to the top. Take a look at Shane from bb14. the man got snaked because he was too stupid to realize that Dan was lying to him all along. Also, granted Dan lost for really going above and beyond what he had to do to ensure he remained in the house, but he only lost cause he got caught. I think liza is a gonner, but she is only a goner for doing what she is supposed to, but getting caught doing it. She talked to the wrong people, who went back to the members of the Quattro to snitch


seriously! who hasn’t lied on this show? people are so damn hypocritical. and i don’t understand why everyone wants liza gone this week, everyone knows about her lies so her power’s gone. If Gary’s smart, he’ll put up tom and emmett, that’s the biggest move in the house. if one of them wins pov, he’ll can put up peter as a “pawn” or however he wants to spin it.

he can take on the girls but it’ll be tough for him to beat the quattro since all the girls do whatever they say.


I don’t think andrew or peter would vote to keep her i emmit was right tallia is the only vote she will get. I wonder what happened at the hoh that the allience turned so badly clearly emmitt is mad and tom and jillian is mad at liza before that the gils were all schemeing now jillian doesn’t want anything to do with her. Andrew also told alec he would vote her out. Emmitt seems really mad at tom even with liza gone i don’t know if he will trust him.

The Watcher

??? You Do Your Thing And Leave The Rest To Us ???

Thats pretty much the motto in the house to Glitter Power however I think putting Tom on the block is not a good idea, better not burn any bridges this early. His best option would be Liza and Harry Potter (Peter). Tom might still be mad but at least Glitter can tell him he wasnt on the block and can still fight for the POV and safe Lillo however he could also tell Tom he will appreciate if he leaves the nomination the same…..I dont know anything but not putting Tom on the block right away….

But hopefully the house do have Glitter Power’s back no matter what!


The Sleeper has awakened!
The Spice must flow…or in this case, the glitter!
It’s so fun it’s these two.
Or is that four?
(Gary & his alter egos, Zo and the jock)…


If Gary wants to make a statement with his HOH then putting up Liza and Tom will definitely do that. He won’t have a problem with Tom. Emmett, Peter and Alec can fix that.

Liza on the other hand is going to go bat S%#t crazy! And I’m worried that if Peter plays in the Veto and wins it he may seriously consider taking her off the block which would destroy the Quatro for sure.

That’s a lot of what ifs though so for now let’s just enjoy the reign of Gary and hopefully he pulls the trigger today!


Man the feeds are down along time now maybe Gary noms are Tom and Liza and Tom punched out Gary.


I have to say Emmet sure looks fine in that towel…..damn that boy is hot!! If I was Garry I would be totally distracted. He has to put Tom off to avoid the possibility that Tom could win the POV and take Liza off the block. I’m a bit taken aback about how well Peter can bare faced lie to his friends and allies that he never talks game with Liza….what utter buillshit. Hard to believe Alec the Phd social pyschologist doesnt’ know Peter well enough to realize he’s lying or that he is completely whipped by Liza and totally under her spell. I can’t wait untill all the couples/pairs get broken up and folks start playing for themselves. I really enjoyed Garry’s interviews last night and watched the live feeds for the first time. Garry is ratings heaven and I could see his bullshit meter working hard. Could AJ possibly be more clueless about so much stuff. I thought it was so funny to hear him defend Tom who by putting AJ on the block in the firt place almost got AJ sent home. Garry is doing a great job as HOH and I can’t wait until he knocks the wind of Tom/Liza’s sails. As an more mature gay man (that has seen my fair share of homophobia over the years) it warms my heart to see his wonderful flamboyAnt self get so much respect and admiration both in the house and outside….I have one thing to say to him…..YOU GO GURL!!!!!


Wheee, I feel the exact same way about Gary :) It just warms my heart that he is wearing orange star glasses and an orange feather boa during his interviews with each house-guest, and of course sharing a porn star (the drink) with none other than Andrew. Hehehehe.



if gary wanted to make a staetment he should of nominated jillian who nominated him and liz and let emmet and tom decide who to save …. gary was crying like a bitch last week a friend reach out for his hand and touch his heart and save him….. ungrateful giltter bitch have all these people in his ears but only tom save him …..

The Watcher

Au contraire , You guys are talking as if Tom didnt put Glitter Power and his BFF Zet Zet on the block. Winning the POV wasnt a guarantee for Tom. Tom was lucky he won and was able to take Glitter off the hot seat however Glitter was in danger for a few days and if Tom didnt win the POV Glitter might have been gone given that Supapowershift! ( or maybe Canada would have saved him over Zet Zet? )

The point being there was a lot of what if, maybe, perhaps, we will see , on Glitter Power’s back.

Glitter could very well serve Tom with the same cold dish, put him and his BFF Lillo on the block and then tell him IF and only IF, Glitter wins the POV he will take Tom out of the hot seat!

(However I still think putting Tom is not a very good idea. I am all for Liza and Harry Potter ( Peter) to be up for nomination)

But on the funny side, how cool it is to have Tom and Liza sweating their butt off. From having everything figure it out to have their back against the wall.

One thing is for sure in the Big Brother house, nothing is a guarantee! EVER!


Emmett and Gary are so friggin cute together. They are like the most unlikely bromance ever! You can tell that Emmett is like the big brother ready to protect his little sister.

Emmett isn’t very articulate but I love how Gary interprets what he is trying to say and finishes his sentences. It’s hilarious

As for Liza and Tom. Liza could have actually done very well in this game. She had the beauty and the brains but she came in with this ego that consumed the room and she played way too hard, too fast. People have stopped drinking your kool aid Liza. Pack it up!

And poor Tom. For brief moments you can see a soft side of him but what he shows mostly in the the house is offensive and rude. His “king of the world” reign of HOH was brutal. His biggest mistake was letting Liza in his head and in his bed.


Emmett has a gay brother, maybe that’s a commonality they share which makes them trust one another. Understanding where he comes from and troubles. Idk, just thinking about it.


His brother did in fact tell him not to trust the gay guy, but in Emmits HoH letter it had something about liking Gary. So, I’m pretty sure that was some kind of clue to Emmit, cause now he’s all about working with Gary. I have to admitt I think he will be loyal for bit.


Oh yeah that’s right. Well whatever the reason, I hope they can keep it together. Would love to see the two of them team up and take the house.


Totally agree. They’d make a formidable team. A BBCAN Odd Couple.


If this is a double eviction week perhaps this might explain the feeds being down for so long. Maybe there doing POV a few hours after the nomination ceremony. I’d be really PO’d if I payed for the completely mismanaged feeds. We get Gary as HOH and it’s going to be a short week. Boy does productions timing on everything suck!


To be honest,
Gary shouldn’t put Tom on the block if he doesn’t want him to come after him. Like Tom said during his HoH, he didn’t care of he was put up as a pawn, if he was getting put up, he is coming after you. The only way it would be wise for him is if Tom walks out the door. Preferably, back-dooring Tom. But, Gary needs to be a little careful. I think he should nominate Jill and Liza, and then if Emmett, Tom, Jillian, or Liza win the POV, you put up the other ones showmance. It’s the perfect scenario. MAKE A BIG MOVE GARY! Favorite houseguest for sure. Please get Tom out of this house!

Oh and btw, I don’t know why the hell Tom keeps telling Gary to put Suzette up when they’re are like best friends? How dumb is he. For once, Suzette is going to have safety, and she deserves it.


I was with you right up until you said Suzette deserves safety. She absolutely doesn’t deserve it. No one deserves it. And if anyone does, it’s someone who has played the game, not someone who was basically appointed HoH, then threw a childish tantrum when things didn’t go her way after. It was basically the exact same scenario as Willie’s 1st HoH minus the sweet headbutt.


Not its not. Tom had a personal vendetta against Suzette & still does. He wanted to make things personal. Had he taken out Suzette, his HOH would have been a waste. She should be able to be safe this week. Everyone was so mean to her.


I somewhat agree with you. Tom has a screwed up personality, but he is not a liar and as manupulative as Liza. He is loyal to a fault. Liza is not going to show the same gratitude to Gary. I would probably nominate Peter or Alec to ensure that Liza goes home. Their tough competitors, but their social games are alot better, plus they have backing of Quantro. Putting up soft targets like Suzette, talla, aj, or andrew does not ensure Liza goes home: she would have the backing of Tom and Peter, possibly andrew. Peter could probably convince the house to elimanate the softer target.


The feeds are off more than they are on!!!


Feeds are uppppp!!!


It sounds like Gary is not putting Liza up :( Not sure who he is going to put up, but he keeps saying (to Emmet and Jillian) that he wants to keep her around to watch her implode.


OK, I retract that… I think noms are done, and Liza is up.


They must be doing the noms and have not comp. To air for tmrw. Can’t wait for noms!

Thank you Simon and Dawg for this site. I’ve been checking in with you for years. Love you guys








I think we may see the Noms first thing on Weds because the amount if stuff they have to show tomorrow.

Emmett getting his room
The planning to get Liza out
The first have not comp
The cheat ruling
The second HoH comp
Gerry getting his room.


Yeah I think you may be right. Tomorrow night is going to be a very busy show
so there might not be time to show nominations.


Gary should put up tom and emmett and if one them wins veto, then put up peter/liza/jillian otherwise it’ll be a waste of HOH. if gary wants to go far in the game, one of the quattro needs to go home this week, since he has no allies in the house except topaz/suzzette and it’s not like they can win comps.

Why bother with liza this week since everyone knows her lies and her “deals” with everyone, her power is gone since it’s all exposed. I hope gary doesn’t fall for emmett’s bs to take out liza and save tom, that’s only helping emmett and not gary.

if topaz/andrew/suzzette don’t win HOH (very likely) gary will be a huge target since the 4 guys+aj/talla/liza/jillian will put him and suzzette up since they are an easy vote.

I feel like peter/liza talk a good game, but if they ever won hoh, they’ll never do what they tell other people to do.

The Watcher

I was pissed when they blocked the live feeds yesterday and said it was going to be that way all day long ( with speculation of the shut down including the week end ) leaving us with the Hush Hush and the now infamous Ramada ” You do your thing and leave the rest to us”

(yah a spoiled brat complaining about a free service….because I am part of the I AM SO SPECIAL generation of the 2013 ) lol

But now I get it, if the live feeds are interesting ( specially this week with the cheating and the new HOH) the main show is going to be effing epic because you dont have to go back n forth with the different cam angles so you are not missing anything only getting Big Brother Canada concentrated juice (100% bio)

But the live feeds are hilarious tho, did anyone saw when Tom farted in the backyard and asked Andrew to take it all in to what Andrew ( after smelling Tom’s fart) said ” you might as well poop in your pants” LMAO

Or when when the camera was fallowing Tom in the big room with everyone getting dressed for the fashion show and Tom got butt naked with the cam still on him then he flashed his ding dong and suddenly the cam went from Lost signal to the Hush Hush LMAO

The live feeds are part of the Big Brother charm

Anyway, Team Glitter, hopefully the hot seat will host Liza and Harry Potter (Peter) butt ; )


I think Gary will put up AJ and Liza and if POV gets used he will backdoor Tom. I think this will be a great move on Gary’s part, he will not ruffle any feathers with the big players and it will benefit him in the long run.


Looks like a repeat of yesterday.. feeds off 20 hours out of the day.


Liza and Tom are going up for sure and if one of them wins POV…..Jillian is the next to go up. Gary has to guarantee someone in that alliance gets broken up

The only way I get any information from BB Canada, is via this site. I wish I knew what was going on too! I’ll check back in an hour. Hopefully things are back on. I am happy Gary got the HOH, and that BB Canada took Emmit’s HOH back since he cheated. It was becoming way too predictable. This happens on the American version a lot though too. Thanks Simon and Dawg!


Next year there will be a charge for the luxury of having the live feeds. Is this what we can expect?


I think there are two reasons for the feeds being cut for so long
a) POV and Nominations
b) production wants to make sure that everything runs smoothly so tehy are taking extra time for every event.
* OR Wildcard crazy rumor is someone went Willie

The Watcher

I was wondering the same but I think this sort of long extended shut down of the live feeds could work for them.

They could use that to advertise next year live feed ” No more Hush Hush Subscribe to Big Brother Canada Live Feeds 2014 ”

I never subscribed to the Big Brother USA Live Feeds but from what Iv heard they also have down times however the worst only lasted 3 hrs as opposed to Canada almost 20 hrs 2 days in a row !

Maybe we will get it back tonight like yesterday and I will again stay awake all night long watching people I dont know talk lol

*** yup yup get a life part 2



All you need to say about BB Canada. The live feeds have been down for 11 hours. Apparently production doesn’t want to have a show at all. We know there will be no BBAD again tonight. What are these donkies going to do? Go dark til Slice tomorrow night?
What these folks clearly do not understand is the feeds are hard core fans. The ones who actually drive ratings. See spoilers are live feeds will not keep us from watching the “network” shows. In fact I find it very interesting how the editing is done versus the live feeds myself. Production is making mistake after mistake. It’s like the gang that can’t shot straight.
Unless the police were called in to arrest an “axe murderer” there is no reason to have the feeds down. I know POV is today but that has to have happened by now. They are ruining Gary’s HOH. And that looked better than the rest combined based on the few hours we could watch.


there back on finally ;) !!! thanks for the updates Tom and Liza are nominated :) dont know bout veto yet?


The live feeds just came back up @ 11pm Atlantic time


alex won pov gary told him not to use it but we will see what happens





NOMINATIONS DONE….and I think POV is too……shit’s about to get crazy. Lot of Talla crying and laughing by gary and topaz…..check out the feeds, it’s awesome right now!


You have a point Simon, there may well be a good reason for the feeds starving us all for hours on end.
While I am here I just want to thank you and Dawg for your ongoing dedication.







wants liz gone but tom is going to be very angry if alec dont take him of the block knowing they have a alliance the hell with gary his job is done even if he told alec dont use the POV alec can still use it to show his alliance he sticking with the guys and showing support