Big Brother Canada Nominations and POV Results – Gary about Liza “She’s a sl*t”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom and Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


10:05 Havenots Room Emmett, Jillian and Gary.

They are talking about the nominations. Gary thinks that Tom is using Liza because she’s good at talking to people, Gary: “Tom gained my trust by taking me off the block”

Gary confirms that Alec won the POV and Tom/Liza are nominated. Gary says he’s done talking now he’s made the decisions he doesn’t want this week to be miserable. Gary says he’s telling everyone the target is Liza and provided Alec doesn’t use the POV Tom or Liza are going home this week.

Gary: “I want to make it clear that I want Tom gone Next week”

Gary says that the entire house would put up Liza “Everyone in this house wants her A$$ because she’s made deals with everyone.. I have two weeks to burn her because I have this week to tell everyone about her lies.. “

Gary lists off all the people that would put Liza up

Jillian: “Canada will probably vote her back in”
Gary: “Canada would keep Liza? She’s a sl*t.. She uses her T!t and A$$ to get the guys” (LOL)
Gary: “what would be enjoyable to me is her walking around this house and nobody trusts her.. “
Emmett: “She’s very cunning.. she has the ability to talk to people and persuade them..” Emmett points out that Gary told him that Liza was able to get inside his head even though Gary knew she was lying..
Jillian feels down for being duped by LIza.. Jillian really trusted her. Gary: “You were her target DAY ONE”
Suzette joins them and starts talking about how mean Liza was to her last week. Gary: “She’s a dirty player.. She’s evil.. Everyone knows they can trust that B!tch”
Gary tells Jillian after she watches the first weeks episodes she’s going to hate Liza. Gary mentions that Talla and Peter both want Liza gone now (Or so he thinks)


10:10pm Bedroom talla and Liza Liza is convinced she’s going home this week. She tells Talla to get out Topaz, Emmett and Alec. Talla asks her who she should team up with. Liza says Tom and Maybe AJ, “Get Alec and Emmett out do it for Tom and Do it for me” Talla cannot understand why womsone would “Shake” up the house so early she thinks Gary is making a mistake. Tom joins them, Liza says she had a chance to save herself and she lost it’s on her. Talla starts to cry saying things like everyone thinks she is stupid.. etc etc..


10:30 Have nots room Emmett and Peter Emmett thinks when Alec doesn’t use the POV on Tom he’ll leave the four alliance. Peter isn’t sure that will happen thinks it’ll be a dumb move for Tom. Emmett says Gary has made it pretty clear that he wants Tom gone. Peter says a lot can happen between now and Thursday.

Peter: ‘He’s (Tom) been acting outside the four for a long time.. “ Emmett asks what will Tom do if he stays.. Peter: “Tom needs to LAY LOW” Emmett: “Ya but can Tom Lay Low”

Peter brings up that now that Tom has no power all he’s doing is isolating himself. Emmett: “He should be out here making friends” Peter: “Even his HOH was isolating”
Emmett wants to keep Gary around for awhile because Gary likes them and he’s a competitor that deserves to be here.
Peter says right now he’s voting out Liza until Gary tells him to do otherwise.

They start working through the Positives and negative of keeping Tom. Peter: “The negatives if we keep him.. he’s going to be a wild animal he’ll be out of control” Peter says the positives of evicting Tom is they do not have to continually do damage control and it frees Emmett up a bit because the perception of the house is that Emmett is two pairs with Jillian and Tom.



10:53pm HOH room Gary, Alec and Peter
Gary confirms he wants Tom gone this week but he wants Liza to think she is going home. He explains to them that Liza has nobody in the house because all her lies are coming up and everyone knows she spreads poison.
Peter mentions that Tom leaving makes it easier for them to keep an eye on Liza.
Gary is worried that LIza may have enough time these next two weeks to “spread her poison”

Alec is worried about how Tom and how he’ll react when the POV isn’t used to save him. Alec is planning on Tom bullying him to use the POV than bully him for votes when the POV isn’t used. .
Gary: “you are not going to use it right”
Alec: “I gave you my word and I will NOT USE THE POV”
Gary mentions to Alec that he needs to take it slow with Suzette because Suzette was saying how fake Alec has been hugging her. Alec gets defensive and says “um I like top hug that is the type of person I am” gary: “Look you don’t need to get defensive when i’m trying to help you went from, zero to hugging her and it aroused her suspicions”
Gary: “Talla is broken.. it’s 100% confirmed.”

Gary forms an alliance with Topaz, Alec, Peter and himself he calls it “Fourgy” (Gary has been forming a lot of alliances lately)


11:00pm Hot Tub room AKA smoke hole Andrew, Talla and Aj Talla is sobbing because Liza/Tom’s game is F***** and she was behind them 100%.

Talla says that Liza knows that she is defeated and Talla feels bad for her. Talla says words hurt in this house. She mentions suzette calling Tom a redneck and all the girls sl*ts. Talla continues to sob says she’s been trying to play a clean game.


11:14pm Bedroom Tom and Peter Tom is pissed at Alec and Emmett because they knew he was going up and they never told him. Tom: “Alec probably won’t use the POV on me.. I thought we were in an alliance” Peter says he totally agrees they should have told him. Tom: “At this point if I win HOH Topaz and Gary are going up.. I’m just pissed off that Emmett and Alec knew all day and they never told me.. that’s low man.. that’s lower than low.. I’m still sticking to the four because after this the four better make it all the way.. if there is anymore hiccups I’m pulling out of the four”

Tom defends Liza saying all she’s doing is playing the game, :Ya she talked a little too much.. she was trying to help us out.. and to have Emmett and Alec to pull the reigns because Topaz feels threaten….” Tom: “Sounds like if I put Alec and Topaz up on the block it’s fair to me.. ”

Tom : “It’s ain’t right it ain’t tight.. I spin more rhymes that a lazy Suzanne.. I’m innocent until my guilt is proven .. Peace JRock (Tom’s Trailer Part boys reference just got him a fan.. OBB is now a Tom fansite.. lol )

11:26pm Tom peeing with the door open

11:56PM Back to the HUSH HUSH

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I hope they vote TOM out instead of Liza…. I mean Liza can’t win a competition!


You guys do an awesome job and your really quick with the uploads Thanks


Simon, you asked for a link to the feeds above. Here is a good one I have been using with no stupid pop ups or anything.

The Watcher

Woot! Woot! We are back in business!!!!

Tom and Liza are a bunch of cry babies! Always on the bed being mad because they dont have the power or any control.

I dont know who asked Liza this but her answer was of a mad cray cray

Anonymous house guest : Liza how you feel?


Tom : I am so frustrated I cant even sleep!

Couple of Sourpuss but I love every minute of this cry me a river drama!

Never NEVER underestimate the power of the GLITTER XD


I’m super happy with the nominations and the POV result. I’m torn about who I want gone though. I dislike them both, but think if Tom stays Gary will be in jeopardy. Liza is pretty useless in comps, so not as much a threat. Anyway with the double eviction, I guess we’ll know all soon enough!!


Why is Gary talking about TRUST!!!!! At least Tom kept his word and took him off the block!!


Why hasn’t Liza is sold out Peter. I want Tom to stay to see World War 3 next week. Sorry I kinda like Tom, and Emmett is a good guy because he will go against the house and vote for Tom to stay.

I hope Emmett tells Tom what is going down, Tom will have a lot of a$$es to kiss before eviction night.


The best move for Gary would be to evict Tom, keep Lizard. Aside from her scheming she seems to be a weak competitor. Seeing Liza gone might fuel Tom to win the HOH and end up evicting Gary. Simon and Dawg, you guys are lol, I’ve been reading this blog for years and can’t thank you enough for your hard work :)


I love Peter and his Chill Town esc alliance with Alec. I’m so pleased with this weeks noms but I’m torn about who should go. During All Stars Will and Boogie dragged Janelle since she was such a huge target, and this is a strategy Peter and Alec can adopt regardless who goes. I am leaning more towards Tom being the one to leave due to this week’s double eviction because he is so emotional and that is dangerous when he there isn’t a lot of time for strategy. Plus since Tom is such a douche he was never going to make it to jury any way.


I can’t wait to see Jill, Topez and Gary watch this season back and see that they did all the dirty work for the brigade 2.0. Hope Tom, Andrew or Talla win hoh.


I may be wrong but i dont think the Quattro is going to exist after this week. I think peter and Alec found a way better alliance; the 4gies or w/e. I hope alec and peter stick to their word and the 4gies alliance. I really want to see glitter go to the top and win it all. if not him, then Alec.


i dunno, alec is in a whole bunch of alliances, can’t seem to figure him out. he’s in the quattro, with topaz/gary, then he told andrew he’s “with him” a while back i think. he’s like liza except he’s doing it a lot better and more low key. and what’s with everyone playing for the jury house. annoying as f*ck


Then he needs to win HOH so we can see where his real loyalties lie. But then he might throw it so as to not be in that position where he has to ultimately decide who to go with.

He looks like he’s in a good position right now.


Well, i think he’s going to stick with the forgys because of Topaz. Topaz LOVES Gary, and although Alec is a good and strategic player, he’s prob going to keep the alliance with Gary because of Topaz. And besides gary is good at competitions, has control over Suzzette, and keeps the target on himself and off Alec and Peter. Remember, in the HOH Alec specifically told GARY that peter and him were going to distance themselves from Gary. That’s a good sign that he wants to maintain the alliance. Everyone in the house seems to know that there is a guys alliance between the 4 who tend to chill together alot, so that alliance is more or less dead.

The Watcher

Adios Quatro!

Hello 4-G ( FOUR-GIES , 4GEEZ) : Glitter, Topaz, Alec, Peter


Gary again using his gay pass to call a woman a bitch and slut when he doesn’t know her. Most annoying houseguest ever.


Without Gary this season would suck, so suck it. GLITTER FTW!


real talk gary had no right puting tom up on the block knowing tom just save him. gary told suzzett if he wins hoh he would of put up emmett and jillian …. i dont care how much thumbs down u give me . all emment had to do was give gary some sweet words which are easy to say sweet things that are easy to buy …. gary knows deep down if tom stays he’s coming for him


CREATES HIS OWN STORMS THEN GETS UPSET WHEN IT RAINS… IF SOMEONE SAVE U WHY NOMINATE THEM … if gary wanted to spilt up the house and make a big move like he said why not emmett or peter . why bite the hand that give u a second chance at this game …. why gary why one word UNGRATEFULNESS….. thanks for making my saturday suck even worst by nominating TOM atleast with tom,,,,,,, would u see is what u get … gary suppose to think for himself and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too. … learn to survive u have to play chess not checkers do u think these guys will save u next week if tom wins hoh he will nominate someone who is popular so that u could go home ……… nothing inspire forgiveness like revenge……… big sucker gary is an IQ of a peanut butter jam sandwhich

The Watcher

Your are missing the point.

Like I said earlier, TOM did put Glitter on the block and only saved him AFTER he won the POV but winning the POV WASNT A GUARANTEE!

And if you watched the live feeds when Tom was HOH he had all of the guys in the HOH room talking about saving Glitter for a week IF AND ONLY IF he wins the POV but voting him out next week or the week after.

Tom had this arrogant thing about him as in ” I HAVE EVERYTHING FIGURE IT OUT SO U ALL BETTER FALLOW ME”

However he didnt saw the Glitter storm coming his way XD

I guess now Tom can understand Zet Zet when she was bitching about everything because she was on the block….Now guess who is bitching on his bed? lol

Just saying.


Agree with Spicy. BTW where the heck is Emmett, he’s not on any of the feeds


I don’t completely agree but I like the rant!
And yes, Tom is a loyal soldier and for Those That Would Be King he’s cannon fodder.


if you watched the live feeds you would know that Tom wanted Suzette or Gary gone this week (that is when Emmet was HOH before it was taken away from him). Gary did the right move and I have the utmost respect for him. He saved his ass, because had he not put him up this week, Tom would have thrown his ass out next week. You have to realize that BIG BROTHER is a game where you have to ensure your one step ahead of everyone else (of course i dont mean up to the point of planning your jury speech like tom, but atleast to a point where you have a general idea of what’s being said, and who is your target). It’s also game where your self-interest is all that matters. Gary isnt there to play Tom’s game; He’s there to play his game, and its in his best interest to get TOM out now. He knows that, and so does everyone else in the house. It wasn’t like he was the only thinking about it; alec, peter, and andrew all understood that Tom had to go.

You’re clearly looking at this game in the wrong perspective; a moral one. This game has little to do with morals, and more to do with strategy, interest, and deception. And those who act like there ‘nice’ and ‘loyal’ are DOING so not because they are genuinely nice people or because they made a deal/pact, but are nice and loyal because that is what will get them to the END. A great example is Peter, the man clearly dislikes many people in the house with the way he speaks about them, but he puts on a nice guy persona cause he knows that’s taking him to the end; and although he has a pact with tom, he back-stabbed and masterminded the plan to get him out.

Also, DO NOT audition to be a contestant on BBC. You’ll prob get evicted on day 1 with the way you’ll play; no offence.

btw, thanks dawg and simon for these updates. I kind of get bored watching the feeds, so its nice to have the important and juicy details filtered from all the nonesense lol.


BBCA is about rigged. This show is rigged so shamelessly that Suzette is still there. She doesn’t need to win any contest. She doesn’t need any social game. Actually no technique was needed. I guess she knows someone in the production. She probably will be the final two. I hope Gary will win at last. But I’m afraid the producer wants Suzette to win. The production will try to save her again and again until she gets the prize.


I’ve said it before, and will do so again…Suzette is only there, because the Canadian voter’s were pis-ed with Tom’s arrogance! ( in other words, taught him a lesson. )


Are you serious? Suzette only answered a call and then became the first HOH of BBCA. It was just that easy. And then when karma came back to her, the producer just offered the so called Canadian Voters ( no one knows the votings were valid or rigged at this point, and we will never know thr truth ) to have the power to take Suzette off the board. How covenient? Yeah, I’m pissed with Tom too. I root for Gary. But it doesn’t make the show less rigged than the BBUS.


Honestly, I hate to say it, but if you take Tom and Liza out of the game (double eviction night) then this will be the MOST boring 8 weeks of Big Brother.


Part of me wants Tom gone but another part of me wants him to stay coz he’s my villain,as long as he doesn’t get rid of people I like. I’m just thrilled he’s not in power and therefore isn’t thinkiing he decides who goes every week.
If he goes I have nodody to dislike. In Big Brother it;s nice when the ‘bad’ guy is defeated but then when there’s no other villain there’s nothing to look forward to.


I understand the people upset about Gary nominating Tom, but I understand WHY he did it. If Tom had not been nominated and had won the POV, he would have used it on Liza. Gary had to nominate Tom to ensure – had Tom won POV – he would have needed to use it on himself and not saved Liza.


I don’t think anyone should be upset Gary. Yes Tom did use the POV on him, and that was his mistake, he had no one idea Gary was going after him. Gary shouldn’t be loyal. That isn’t big brother. He is looking out for himself in the long run. I give MAJOR props to Gary for pulling this off. He doesn’t care if people hate him. He is playing the game right. He put him straight up. He has guts.


So Alec has the crucial POV! :P Now things get interesting. If you hate Liza do not presume she’s gone. Tom could blow up and Quatro decides to much baggage and Tom goes. As it is I don’t buy Peter saying he’s saving Tom. I think he votes to evict Tom and Quatro my implode. Alec is in tough as Topaz seems to have 1 purpose in life. Watching Liza leave ASAP. Vote counting could get rough. Suzette would seem like a Tom vote. Peter votes Tom. Talla votes Tom. AJ and Andrew wild cards. Kinda think if Alec want to save Tom he better use the veto.


LOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Tom peeing with door opened.


the watcher

u missing the memo even if tom = arrogant mean selfish etc…. the point is he still save gary …. i see logic went out the window with u people long time ….. marinate on this even if it was a hundred reason’s to put tom up gary suppose to find that one reason to keep him safe because he extended a olive branch to him in a time of need

The Watcher

The thing is, this is Big Brother, Expect the Unexpected like the lovely Julie Chen would say ( I wish she was the host of Big Brother Canada as well )

After all of those years watching Big Brother, putting someone on the block is pretty much like cheating in a relationship, sure you can be sorry and take her to a fancy restaurant, chances are it will only go so far till she leaves you because she wont forget. (forgive maybe) or better yet she will cheat as well with your best friend.

Glitter was in danger and Tom was trying to backtrack to have Glitter be at his service like everyone else was. Even Zet Zet pointed out at some point the fact that everyone was giving Tom all the attention to the point of giving him free massages and all.

Glitter only did what he could to change the game, it is now way more interesting to watch. People who werent playing the game are now waking up. And the ones who started strong are slowly going crazy.

Thats a power move. U put them on the block and you dont look back or else it might hit you on the face on his way back into the game.


Comparing to BBCA, Julie Chen looks like a Saint and BBUS looks like a Food Network show. This canadian version is the worst of Big Brother ever.


Is it just me or are the feeds down again?


Thanks Simon for the reply. I also wish to thank you and Dawg for a terrific forum. Really enjoy my visits! :)


BBCanada is going to give Tom either the Golden Power of Veto, or the Diamond Power of Veto to allowed him to remove himself from the block.



who are your favourite

i cant sleep my baby nominated i hope he brush it of before they decide to evict him with peter leading the charge …… i cant believe they nominate my baby


I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY EVERYONE IS MAD AT GARY. Dan did the same thing in BB14. He wasn’t loyal to anyone but himself. Gary is doing what is best for him. Tom was being nice, yes, but Gary doesn’t have to do it back if he thinks it’s gonna jeopardize him. I give kudos to Gary. He’s the only one who has the guts to make a bug move. So everyone please stop hating, and look at it from his perspective. I think it’s funny though how Tom thinks Liza is going when it’s him, and he has no idea.


That is because Tom is so full of himself that he feels he knows who is getting voted out which week in the exact order…

This whole “group of 9” thing was the dumbest of plans… he was thinking way to big and way to far in the future. If you watch this game you know you stick 3 other people. and out of those three one is your true wingman. And from there, you go from week to week because things can change. He was planning his jury speech the other night saying he made big moves.

HIm and Liza are truly a good match for each other…


I have to agree with you. Tom was just telling everyone to put up Gary and/or Suzette, before the competition. The fact of the matter is he was not going to honor the deal regardless, he was just trying to save his ass for the following week. His game is wack, it’s as simple as that. Play the game or get played!


Grr we get like an hour and then they’re gone again. :(


Just a mere mic change..


Oh yeah you were right. But have they gone down again? Or is it just on mine?


I don’t want to see a new Quatro/4G of Alec/Peter/Topaz/Gary work on knocking out Emmett and then just picking off pigeons ’til F4.

Gary you bitch! YOU are one of the pigeons! Replaceable!

Damn. I want to see Alec stab Peter just before Topaz stabs him while LOYALTY and TRUST in the Face of Adversity takes Emmett, Tom, Gary and Jillian to F4.

Or something…

Seriously – Gary, Emmett – please work on knifing sssssLeazoid 1st. Wake Andrew up and you don’t need Alec or Peter.


I think the next few weeks will be great, all of a sudden people are playing the game… I have to give credit to Emmett, he is no longer playing the country bumpkin..

I just hope Peter is smart enough not to jump on the Liza bandwagon after Tom leaves… There is nothing “diabolical” about her, she is predictable and has this goddess complex.

And how she is constantly licking her lips reminds me of Jabba the Hutt..


Will Arisa tell them its a double eviction prior to the vote? I have vague memories of Julie chen telling the house guests in the past, Im sure they can get the votes to evict Tom anyways but if they are aware it is, that will also seal his fate.


Alec is so damn hot.. I would want him to jump my bones if I was in a showmance with him.. Not only is he very attractive in his physical looks, but he’s such a great, nice guy.. plus he’s super smart. Whoever he ends up with in life is gonna be really lucky.. I need to friend Topaz (she goes to my school) *crosses fingers* one day so I can meet him. Haha


Tom is dillusional he is saying that liza was helping them out how is trying to get emmitt or alec nominated helping them out. I can’t believe tom hasn’t figured out that peter was in on it. I think tom needs to wake up for a guy who keeps saying they are a non showmance he seems to be under her spell his statement about emmitt running three hoh is word for word from liza’s mouth. Which isn’t true jillian put up who she wanted to put up and tom didn’t put andrew up because he made a deal with him and in the store room it was tom who brought up aneal snd they wanted to test liza tom seems to have selective memeory.

The Watcher

LMAO @ Glitter listening to some music going up the stairs to his HOH room while dancing back n forth in between the steps taking him 4ever to get there!

Priceless!!!! Thats why I stay up late for the late night giggles!

U go Glitter! XD


How is Tom bad? I don’t get it. He is a bad guy for keeping his word to Gary and trying to kick out a girl who called him fucking redneck… Hmm had Tom called Suzette fucking pig or fucking savage I doubt he’d get all these fans. Tom is the most interesting player on big brother. If he is left by himself things get interesting, if Liza is left she will be irrelevent and the house will be boring. I want Tom to stay and raise WW3