ALL houseguests to the living room immediately.. please remain seated and await further word from Big Brother

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


12:30pm Pool Alec and Andrew

Very hard to hear what Alec is saying but I believe what he’s saying to Andrew about what went wrong with the original final four deal with Emmett and Jillian.

Alec says that Topaz is going up because Jillian is saying she is friends with Talla. Andrew says it’s not about friends.. friends have no place in this game.
Alec: “It’s all about trust”
Andrew :”trust is a word that doesn’t exist in this house”
Alec: “Trust means Everything.. “ Alec trusted Emmett but somewhere along the line Jillian got mixed up.

Andrew: “you do whatever it is you need to do all I can do is watch”

(Wish I could hear this conversation in full.. audio is really low. I’ve included the video maybe you have better ears than me)


Big Brother: “ALL houseguests to the living room immediately all ALL houseguests to the living room”
Every gathers up in the Living room.. Talla and Jillian are very nervous pacing around. Emmett: “I Think we’re going to be watching something on the TV”
Peter: “Yeah”
Emmett: “houseguests Canada has voted”

Jillian: “I hate it when people take forever to get here”
Toapz: “ANDREW ALEC!!!” (andrew and Alec were in the pool they are taking some time to make it to the living room)
Big Brother: “ALL houseguests to the living room immediately”
Peter: “I think Emmett is right it is going to be a video”
Topaz: “I’m going to sit closer”:

Alec comes in asks them if there is something going on in the HOH. Topaz: “Not the HOH cause Emmett was just there”

Big Brother: “Houseguests please remain seated and await further word from Big Brother.. “

And of course the feeds go to hush hush





1:08PM Feeds on HUSH HUSH

**** The feeds being blocked was a Completed task… they will be receiving a food prize later tonight alcohol and food. Peter did the task. ****

1:38pm Kitchen Peter and Alec

(Video uploading)


1:37pm HOH Emmett and Jillian

Jillian: “I’m mad at you.. you were rude to me”
Emmett: “What!”
Jillian: “In the diary room..”
Emmett: “you were rude to me you called me a buzz kill”
Emmett: “You told me Alec said he was coming after both of us.. you have to remember the details”
Jillian: ‘Yes he said if we broke our alliance he’s coming after us.. ya”
Emmett: “the positive side is it’s possible to get Alec out of the Game right now.. he’s a huge threat physically”
Emmett: “The negative side is Peter and Topaz would have a HUGE grudge against us..”
Jillian “Who do you think is the stronger player TOpaz or Alec”
Emmett: “Alec”
Jillian: “Maybe she’s (Topaz) is a bigger threat to me.. Ohh I Don’t know Emmett I don’t know what to do”

Emmett thinks that there will be an endurance competition that doesn’t benefit the girls.

Jillian: “This is really starting to stress me out.. we need to weigh the pros and cons and meet up later“
Emmett thinks they are going up on the block if Peter or Topaz win the HOH.

They are waffling around what to do about the eviction.

Emmett: “I was almost prepared for Tom to come so i’m a bit pissed off that he didn’t..” Emmett thinks Tom coming back would benefit them.

Emmett: “you want to make out.. “

(Video Uploading.. It’s long)

2:00AM Make out is over.. they go back to wondering if Alec and Peter can be trusted. Emmett: “I can’t see why they want us in the final 4.. ”

Emmett cannot understand why anyone will take them to the final 4 they cannot be beaten in physical or Mental

Emmett: “I think it’s a safer week next week if we send Topaz home”
Jillian: “The boys (Alec and Peter) now know we are not going against Andrew.. They see that we are more aligned with Andrew”

2:11PM Talla in HOH telling Emmett she thinks Topaz may be a better person going home. Talla thinks Topaz is stronger in competition. Emmett just tells her they have until Thursday to decide..

2:25pm HOH Emmett and Jillian
Jillian: “Petes going to team up with us if Alec goes.. he has no other choice”
Emmett: “We could go with Topaz”
Emmett knows that the “Boys” (Alec and Peter) are using him as a shield to deflect all the bullsh!t..
Jillian: “Who should we evict.. Alec or Topaz..”
Emmett: “Hopefully it’s a double and we can get rid of both of them this week”
Emmett: “She’s the ultimate floater”
Jillian: ‘you don;t trust her”
Emmett: “No she’ll go wherever the power is.. she doesn’t give a sh!t..”

Talla and the Monkey..

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I betcha they are going to do the comp where they find the hidden veto…(kinda like Ian’s comp). Then they are going to have the POV meeting afterwards…..Oh lord please don’t let Alec find that veto (or Topaz or Peter)….Yikes!!!


I sure hope it is that exactly.. How lame and boring would this BB house be if Alec left, followed by Topaz, and Peter. Alec is a douche and is shameless and I want him gone soon, but at this point, I’d like to see Beast Coast sweat some too.. May TOPAZ win that diamond POV!!!! Let’s see some ass-kissing begin!


Yeah, I agree. It’s time to see Jillmett feel the heat! I’m not a Shield fan, but I want the Beast Coast to fight it out, not coast through. I really want to see if Jillmett has what it takes to come out on top after being at a disadvantage. They have been safe for the whole game, maybe because they are great players, but somehow I’ll not be fully convinced until after they’ve succeeded in overcoming some serious obstacles.


maybe it’s ninjas!

Mike Piff

If Jemmett votes to keep Alec they are not winning SHI*


I can’t believe they are even contemplating it. This is their chance to take Alec (big physical competitor) out. If they don’t take this opportunity then they deserve to lose.

Mike Piff

I agree 100 percent …. No matter what they coming after Jemmett next week so atleast take out the biggest threat of winning C’MON MAN!!!! Alec was gonna slit your guys throat when he got the chance anyways don’t worry about next week, deal with it when it happens. You got the numbers morons don’t make the same mistake Alec did and overanalyze the situation and keep the wrong person it gonna bite you in the @SS


FEEDS BACK: Seems like it was Peters task to make it seem like Tom is coming back.. Haha good one BBCAN. But, now Peter knows how Em and Jill didnt tell the house about the monkey.. 😛 oh well.


Sounds like they are getting a fancy meal or alcohol or both for Peter completing his task – Alec/Andrew/Peter were talking about food and drinks in the kitchen

Antony G

I absolutely can’t stand needless stupidly. Watching those two losers insipidly kissing each other while being comprehensively played by Alec and Peter makes me MAD!


im just hoping that jemmet start using their east coast brains and not get guilable enough to believe that someone might keep them safe in another week…..the fact is theyre a couple and they win comps….theyd be a fool to think ppl wouldnt be gunning from them…if they vote topaz out theyre digging their own grave…and giving alec an even more inflated ego which canada CERTAINLY doesnt want to see….hes not as loveable as dan or evil enough as dick to ever be considered a great player even if he pulls this off


Emmett, Emmett, Emmett….What r u doing? Are you purposely messing with Jillian’s head? You now think its safer to keep Alec??? Wow.


i think that as much as some people don’t like peter and alec, or just one of them, you have to respect how hard they’re fighting to stay in the game… we’ve seen so many times this season the nominees just lying around the whole week (suzette, danielle, gary, etc.)


I don’t even understand what Emmett and Jillian are trying to consider here. If you keep Alec, he’s 100000% guaranteed to work with Peter. If they keep Topaz, yes she might work with Peter, but she might also be stranded because her and Peter don’t have the “bond” or “bromance” whatever you want to call it, that Peter/Alec have. Not to mention, Alec saying he’ll throw HOHs is dumb as hell, it really shows how dumb Emmett/Jillian are for even considering this, what the heck.


I can’t believe E/J are thinking of keeping Alec- what is wrong with them?!?! They actually believe that Alec will throw the HOH comp and not come after them?? seriously? the wool has been pulled over their eyes. They finally have it all set up to get rid of Alec and leave Peter to self destruct! Peter is playing a horrible game…funny how he makes it sound like he can win any challenge. Must be something is that nasty hair elastic that he has wrapped around his fingers 24/7. ew. i would vote him out purely for that reason.

Antony G

Andrew trying to de-brainwash Emmett. No chance. Too far gone.


Do people leave their commen sense at the door when they enter big brother. why do jillian and emmett even think about next week. …here is the approach go to topaz let her know alec wants her out and he wants to stay and what he was willing to do ..sit down during hoh competition and peter was backing him so they are going to vote alec out keep her so she will be another vote to get peter out get talla and andrew go to her as well tell her what they know about alec…she now knows that jillian is not going against her that she is safe with them next they target peter that should be what their game plan is..if they keep alec they will not make it to the final they will lose and it will be their own stupidity they are in the jury house with Topaz aj and gary


why does everything consider Topaz to have been screwed here???!!!! She went up there and said she was willing to vote Alec out too. Does Topaz REALLY strike you guys as something who would get played? She’s not exactly a delicate little flower. Nor does she deserve to win BBC. I have no problem with waiting to make the right moves; playing too hard too fast is never a good idea, but she seems to just not be good at the game. Maybe he lack of gameplay and smars will pay off, but i think that would be less strategy and more luck. I loved the seasons when people who really deserved to be at the end were there. Alec has been trying VERY hard in this game. Topaz has been sleeping… Jillian has been kind of a machine and Emmett has been coasting… I’m unsure of Peter, but I think Talla is just there for fun. ANDREW is the best and smartest in my opinion. He does what he needs to when he needs to. I think he deserves to win over everyone else in the game right now.


thank goodness for Andrew!!! He has his head on straight and I think people are highly underestimating him. He is the only one with his head clear that Alec is a bigger threat at this point in the game!!!


This is going to be a tough week, but I have faith that Alec will be the one voted out, unless there is some kind of twist that saves him (if that happens I am no longer watching Big Brother!!). I think that once Topaz is on the block, she will make moves to ensure her own safety. That’s when all the ways that Alec has thrown her under the bus will come out. Topaz needs to go to Jillian and make amends, but I actually like that she is waiting until after the POV ceremony. I think that Alec and Peter are fighting too hard too fast, and that will come and bite them in the ass, when Topaz starts to swap info with Jillian. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyways!

Antony G

You mean when Topaz starts to really play game to try and save herself and in doing so makes everyone realize how much of a gamer and a threat she really is.

Or they’ll just keep her quiet by telling her that Alec is definitely going – even though she is the real target.


So, what if Emmett and Jill really put on their best performance and, without TELLING anyone, start looking like they are no longer a couple, and if anyone asks, just say they have different views about how to proceed with the next moves (noms, etc). I will keep stating the fact that I am a newbie, so I may ask a seemingly ridiculous question at times so there is no need for sarcasm when you respond.


So, what if Emmett and Jill really put on their best performance and, without TELLING anyone, start looking like they are no longer a couple, and if anyone asks, just say they have different views about how to proceed with the next moves (noms, etc). I will keep stating the fact that I am a newbie, so I may ask a seemingly ridiculous question at times so there is no need for sarcasm when you respond.


Unfortunately no one will buy it and I highly doubt those two could keep their hands off each other long enough to pull it off. I think when all the smoke clears Alec will be walking out the door Thursday night and as long as Peter and Topaz dont win HOH or Veto, Topaz will be out the door right after (as it’s a double eviction night)

I would really like to see Emmett and Andrew in the end


that would be pretty hypocritcal of them – they called Alec sketchy for doing just that. Not to mention, they saw how that negatively affected Alec’s game. I don’t think they’re in danger right nor or for a few weeks.


Like I said – newbie (pressed submit twice) DOH!


Twists are making people paranoid and changing their minds on what to do. There’s rarely been any twists that didn’t screw over the alpha male, especially if “America” or “Canada” is involved.
If production was smart, to help their beloved Shield out, they should have had Jill lick the peanut butter off of Andrew’s chest. It could have caused some under the surface tension between him and Em. Andrew has hit on her a few times.
Simon or dawg, any world on the status of the iPhone app?


They will get rid of Alec, there is always some back and forth discussion about who to get rid of but they usually go with their initial plan.

Topaz should go SHILED FTW !


Okay, so first it was Alec they wanted gone, then Tom’s picture lights up and all the other crap happens in the house, now they are thinking of getting out Topaz. Didn’t they do this stuff on Big Brother US, making the other house guest second think their choice to vote out one person over the other. I figured they would find a way to keep Alec and Peter in that house. Or did Big Brother tell them to talk about getting Topaz out and not Alec? Just get Alec out this week and then Topaz next week. God, this show is getting boring.


What a bore it’d be to watch the Beast Coast as the final four, though.


So Peter completes his “find Tom” task and the reward is yet another drunken party.. Oh vay.. Well production did manage to make Peter look like he’s doing something. I know. He won a veto. But only, I suspect, because all the other players quit.. And Jillian has gone back to wanting to keep her perception of cool people and emotional gut game play. Keep Alex ….Really.. My hope Andrew will be able to sway Emmett to dump the players who are the biggest threats and not who Peter thinks doesn’t deserve to win. Talla and Topaz have as much right to win as anyone else.


Well, you gotta give him props for completing the competition……..


Well, if the reward does involve booze, I would hope that BBC is a little more responsible this time. Talla CANNOT drink responsibly and therefore it is the House/Host’s duty to ensure nothing happens. I do not enjoy watching Talla “Bam, Bam, Bam” all over the house, attempt kissing Topaz, and then puking and passing out!


Jillian used to be a man named Jules.. no wonder she does so good in endurance comps