Big Brother Canada: Emmett says Aj thinks he’s king sh*t, he needs to be more modest.

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian

10pm Andrew, Aj and Alec are in the bedroom talking about Tom. Andrew says that if he wins HOH next week he wants to get Tom out. Andrew says that he is a 38 year old man going crazy in this house and says that he can’t hide his feeling very well about not like Tom. Alec tells them that have to be cautious about going after Tom so soon because Tom hasn’t made a move after them. Alec says that Tom put you (Aj) up as the replacement because he didn’t think there would be any repercussion. AJ says I am probably quite low in Tom’s group. Alec and Aj talk about getting Aneal to join them and think they would be strong with him. Aj thinks he could convince him. Meanwhile Jillian is up in the HOH room giving Tom a massage while he continues to talk about how bad he wants to get Andrew out.
Big Brother Canada March 11 2013 10pm

10:40pm – 11pm Andrew and Emmett are out in the hot tub talking game. Emmett talks to Andrew about how Aj thinks he is the king sh*t, he needs to be more modest. Andrew says yeah like you. Emmett says that he knew coming into the game he would be a big target. Andrew wonders if they win if they should put up Aj and Aneal. They says if Aneal wins he will probably put up Jillian .. you would be upset wouldn’t you. Emmett says well yeah. Andrew says well you would be upset if anyone put her up. Emmett says yeah but at some point she is going to have to go. Emmett says that too many people are talking about the what if’s? Andrew talks about how he is glad he and Emmett can have this talk because Aj is annoying him. He says that at least Aj is letting me speak now. Andrew talks about his task yesterday and how happy he was to accomplish it to get the house the reward.

Big Brother Canada March 11 2013 1040pm

11:10pm In the bedroom Gary and Suzette are talking. Suzette knows she is going home and is telling Gary what he should do. She tells him who to stick with and who to go after in the house. Gary tells her that shes good at this game. Suzette says that Alec, Emmett, Peter and Andrew are good people.

11:10pm – 11:35pm Meanwhile out in the backyard: Tom talks to Peter and Alec about wanting to get Andrew out. Tom says that Andrew has it out for me because he has a huge crush on Liza and he sees me with her all day. Tom says that he has to take this next week off to lay low a bit. Tom says that he has a scenario planned out for who ever wins HOH this next week. Alec wonders if Tom is scared about the girls alliance. Tom says no, because behind everyone of them is one of us. Tom tells them that Liza told Andrew that her ex had a beard so now he is growing one. He is in love with her. Alec says that he told Tom about how Andrew was freaking out a bit and if we had just kept him in the loop a bit more I don’t think this would have happened. They talk about how Emmett isn’t making any game moves or talking game because he is just following Jillian around the house. Tom says that Topaz isn’t very game smart. Alec agrees. Tom says that the consensus is that she is just riding your coat tails. Alec agrees and says that she is just another number.

11:40pm – 12am Emmett and Tom toss the football around the yard. Tom tells Emmett that Liza is ready to make big moves she is going to put up Aj and Andrew if she wins HOH. Emmett wonders if it is better to take out Aj so that Andrew has no one and has to work with us. Tom says flip it the other way and take out a stronger player and keep a player (Aj) that can’t win anything and will do what we tell him. Tom says think of this what if we put up Andrew and Jillian on the block and then we vote out Andrew and say sorry bro I got to vote for Jillian. Tom brags that he has Liza that is in everyone’s ear. I am getting information from everyone from her. Emmett says just make sure she doesn’t play you, I don’t want to look back and say I told you so. Emmett says he has his (Jillian) and I can drop her like nothing. Emmett says that his ex broke up with him because I wouldn’t tell her I loved her. I don’t get emotionally attached to girls. Tom and Emmett talk about being in the final two together. Tom tells Emmett he better start winning competitions. Emmett says that he is going for this weeks HOH. Emmett says I think we are getting too comfortable and trusting too many people. Remember this is big brother and we can get back stabbed. Emmett says I made a deal with you day one and you are the only one I trust.

Big Brother Canada March 11 2013 1210am

12am – 12:15am Tom goes up to the HOH room to tell Liza about his conversations with Emmett and the other guys. Tom tells her that Alec told him about the final 5 deal you made with him. Liza says you better not talk about what we talk about. Tom says no. Tom brings up how Emmett doesn’t think I can trust you. Meanwhile Emmett, Alec and Peter are talking. Alec, Peter talk about how Tom was really campaigning hard for Andrew to be evicted. They say that they were just agreeing hoping that the idea will go away. Alec says they that they should put up Gary and Aneal. He says if it comes back that Gary hears he’s the target they backdoor Liza and deal with Tom after. Alec says that Tom will forgive them. Alec says that it’s not fair that Tom is making unilateral decisions that they have to deal with later. He says that Tom talks to Liza and makes a decision and then tells them what he’s doing. Alec says Liza is really running things through Tom so by proxy she is controlling us and making decision for us that will hurt us.

Big Brother Canada March 11 2013 1211am

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I am so sick if these 2 egomaniacs Emmett and Tom they are so sexiest and they think they have it in the bag. I want to throw up


Because I like Suzette, and for the entertainment, I want the houseguests to blindside Tom by evicting Aj. That will be fun to watch!


Looks like Tom is public enemy number one right now


It would be smart for the girls to keep Suzette. As annoying as she is they could bring her into the girls alliance..they need numbers.


My prediction for F3 that I’ll stick to: Peter, Jillian, Liza. Peter wins.


There’s no way Jillian will make it that far.


Sure she will. If not her, Topaz. Peter and Liza will bring one weak player with them to take to F2.