Big Brother Canada Alec warns Topaz “saying you want Tom out is like saying Voldemort’s name”

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


12:20AM Alec and Peter
Alec is happy about the idea to backdoor Tom, “F*** that guy” Peter says that Tom is going to be really hard to get out of the house. Alec and Peter propose that the new 4 be Alec, Peter, Emmett and Andrew. Peter says taking out Tom is a direct blow to liza then it’s only him she has to talk to. He thinks he can control Liza, “ I know I can.. if that changes I will tell you immediately.. control might be too strong of a word but I can keep her in check”
Alec: “OK as long as we get rid of Tom than Talla”
Peter: “Ya, we can model our entire game off what Will and Boogie did in season 7.. We will do the dirty work behind the scenes.”

Alec: “I love brining Andrew in”
Peter: “Me to I love the Andrew play.. Andrew has to win this week”
Alec: “I have to win, Andrew has to win or you have to win.. Emmett will have to be the swing vote”
Peter: “nothing is important until the Veto is played”
Peter’s plan is for them to get Tom on the block but say he’s the pawn then the Wednesday night before eviction they will gather the votes.


12:30AM Backyard Alec and Topaz

Alec had lost his mouthguard somewhere in the backyard while working out.

Alec is saying he’s talked to Emmett and Peter about Liza. Topaz asks him if Peter and Emmett trust LIza. Alec says Emmett doesn’t but Pete does. Alec: “Pete thinks he can talk Liza out of anything.. I don’t trust he can do that” Topaz: “I don’t either.. and that Emmett doesn’t trust her..” Alec thinks Pete is trying to get close to Liza because he’s nervous that Alec/Topaz and Emmett/Jillian are pairs and he doesn’t have anyone. Topaz: “But Liza has Tom.. She would choose Tom over Pete”

Alec mentions that Peter wants to bring in Andrew right now but Alec isn’t sure it’s a good plan. Topaz brings up that Gary was telling her right now they have the numbers so they should take out Talla, Jillian, Liza and Tom. Alec: “You can’t say that outloud” Topaz: “I know Gary just told me”
Alec: “Tell Gary to not say that anymore.. saying you want Tom out is like saying voldemort’s name”
Topaz knows she’s warned him about keeping his mouth shut.

Alec thinks they will sit down with Gary and talk about who to take out if Gary wins the Head of Household. Topaz is worried about Liza because she puts all this crazy Sh1t into his head. Topaz: “Emmett and Jillian seem like they are in another world.. Tom would be weak if Liza goes”

Topaz really wants LIza gone. Alec thinks that they need to get close to Jillian and Emmett because they are both couple and they get along.


12:45AM bathroom Alec and Topaz Topaz says that Aneal is going to be up all night. Alec tells her that it’s not that Pete is against them he’s just starting to realize that he needs to pull someone who he’s close to. Topaz: “Because he thought that you and Pete were the closest” Alec: “Ya” Topaz: “But when I came along at first he must of thought we were three players.. but now he’s getting worried” Alec wants Pete to find someone that he feels safe with so things do not become cut throat. Topaz: “We don’t want that to be Liza.. she’s playing this game hard.. her number one is Tom and she’ll use Peter” Alec: ‘At this point Pete is our biggest ally he tells me everything that he hears and I tell him everything I hear.. other than the things we talk about… I trust Pete 100%” Topaz: ‘I wonder what he tells Liza” Alec doesn’t think he tells her anything he just listens and gathers intel. Topaz says Tom has mentioned a final 4 deal to her, at first it was Emmett, Tom, Topaz and Alec then it became Liza, Tom, Topaz and Alec. Alec thinks Tom is going around telling that to everyone.



1:00AM Tom and Liza Tom is complaining that there are too many nuts in the house. He’s allergic to peanuts and nobody else in the house is respecting that. Tom brings up growing up and how hard it was because all the other kids would get chocolate treats with Peanuts in them .. Liza mentions that the other players get lactose free milk he should get be a given special foods. Tom now starts talking about having asthma and how in life he felt like he had to always fight and struggle. Tom says he’s gotta go get something to eat before she jumps his bones.


1:24AM Sleeping


1:34AM Tom and Liza Tom is talking about random shit.. Tom thinks that Emmett is worried that he will backstab him. Liza thinks that Emmett is threaten by her because she stands in his way.
Tom: “I need to have a pillow between my knees I Hate it when my knees touch”


1:47AM Everyone is now sleeping including this OBB’er

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I’m really happy that people are finally turning on Tom and I would be so happy to see him go before jury. I’m rooting for either Andrew or Gary to win HoH this Thursday. I just really hope Liza doesn’t influence any part of the next HoH reign.

Ps. Alec has a nice butt.


Thank god for your site Simon and Dawg. I have to come here just to hear about what that clown Liza is talking about because when she is on the live feeds I literally have to find another camera to watch. She truly believes she is the master of the house doesn’t she? When Tom’s ass gets booted out the door and Liza is laughing and waving at him, I want Emmett to be standing there saying “I told ya bro”.

She just irks me. So does Tom for sure though. Those two up in the HOH room is so pathetic! I not only want Tom and Liza on the block next week but I want them both on slop! Hero to Zero buddy!


Spot on Ann…Liza really gets on my nerves. Peter, I think, is the greatest threat in the house. He is very good player.


I didnt like tom at first but after hearing about his mom’s breast cancer i feel bad for him


Ok seriously. Is Emmett doing what I think he’s about to do in the shower then they cut the feeds??? Oh poor Emmett. lol


Can you imagine what the 4 boys would do if there was actually no jury house?! Are we just assuming that it follows the same format at BB USA?


I have two problem with alecs plan. The first problem is that when you turn on your allience this early it always come back to haunt you the second is his plan hinges on emmitt turning on tom and i don’t see him doing that at least not unless he does something major.


I hope the online vote doesn’t screw everything up and help save Tom or Liza!!

An American sitting in BBCA timeout.

I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t read anything written on this site about BBCA, because I just found this channel: and now I can watch all of the After Darks and nothing will be spoiled! YAY!!!


Am I crazy thinking Emmett could win this?

It seems like he’s at the pouring end of an Intel funnel.
Not actually having to do anything with it.
He bends with the winds.

Tom’s big F2 bud. Dump Tom, no prob. You want who – OK. Dump Jill, no prob.
Go with the flow, lay low, don’t show.

Winning HOH might be a very bad place for Em to be at this point.


I actually like watching Liza. She is completely full of herself, but she is actually controlling a lot of people (Tom especially), and I enjoy it. She is not as well liked and popular as she thinks, but people do listen to her, and she is somewhat of a puppeteer, but the master is clearly Peter. I know some people were hinting that Liza might be controlling Peter as well, but I honestly think that Peter tells her how good she is to stroke her ego, and she then games more to impress him, and I believe this will be her downfall since she’s trying to do too much. And i truly believe that Peter sees it. He’s setting her up for a fall.


Loving Alec right now. Hoping Peter won’t spill the beans to Liza.


I thought Alec and peter had a final 2 till the end but now he seems worried and he talks all they talk about to topaz?could it be that final 2 is with topaz now??its so confusing everyone has a final 2 somewhere somehow.


Alec has a final 2 deal with Peter, but also one with Topaz, although I don’t think it was ever said aloud. Peter has a final 2 deal with Alec, and one with Liza, so they’re both seeking side alliances. Peter does seem to be more loyal to Alec than Alec is to him though, as he is really falling under Topaz’s spell.


spot on Sylvie that makes alot of sense am now worried about peter am rooting for him to win but now that alec is more under topaz’s spell things might change soon