Big Brother Canada Day 22 Nomination Spoilers

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Before the feeds cut.

9:54pm Feeds cut for nomination ceremony

11:19pm Feeds still down

The Nominations are: Kelsey and Raul

11:36pm Mitch, Kelsey and Jared in the have nots.
Kelsey is crying. She’s shocked at being put up.
Jared says he’s “rattled”
Kelsey doesn’t understand why he didn’t put Dallas and Maddy up.
Kelsey – I’m a little f****g pissed..
Mitch reminds them the game can turn on a dime. Jared is trying to be positive says he can win the POV and use it on Kelsey.
Mitch leaves.
Kelsey – I don’t care I don’t want to campaign I don’t care.

Kelsey – I want to go out there and punch people in the face
Jared brings up her flirting with Phil upsets him.

11:51pm Kelsey, Tim, JAred
In the video Tim mentions throwing a bat and hitting someone in the head during the have nots competition.
Niki joins them.
Kelsey goes on and on about how much it sucks she’s nominated.
She’s hung up on the fact that she would talk to Joel all the time and made a effort being nice where Dallas never talked to Joel.

Kelsey – I’m not campaigning against Raul.

12:00am Kelsey and Raul
She says it was good against evil and Joel chose evil.
She’s also pissed because they yelled at Dallas now she feels like a idiot.
Kelsey says Jared it pissed at her for flirting with the brother again.

Phil joins them.
They talk about Loveita fake crying during the Nomination ceremony.
Kelsey says if either Raul or Jared leaves she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore.
Jared says everyone in the house knew what the nominations will be.
Kelsey – If I leave you’ll (jared) win
JAred says the house is fill with “not nice people” the only good people are the three of them.

12:20am Raul taking being nominated hard.

1:32am Jared and Kelsey BAthroom

The High Roller room is open for the house guests to use. (I have a feeling when the next jackpot lights go off whoever gets to the high roller room will get something.)

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sunny dee

i think it is kind of funny kelsey ‘wonders why’ joel didn’t put up Dallas and Maddy up.

Like really, why would he? they’ve never actually presented any valid arguments for D/M to be nominated/evicted, and their assurances or actual saying they have had his back is laughable really. i can’t see them putting themselves out there at any time really.


Hope to see Raul walk out that door


Kelsey lives in her own private delusional world. Quite the Princess.
** POOF !! ** You’re a bag of shit.


So does Cassandra


I am SO happy at these nominations. SO proud of Joel.
Now lets hope if either Raul or Kelsey wins VETO, the replacement nominee is Jared!


Jared might be the head of the alliance, but I’d much rather see him stay than Kelsey or Raul. Kelsey is rude, mean, and obnoxious, and Raul contributes absolutely nothing but a dour attitude about everything. At least Jared seems to be a nice enough person, even if he’s tied to two of the worst people in the house.

An Onymous

I agree, in the main showmances of the season the females ussually go farther in the game(e.g. Emmet and Jillian, Zach and Asheleigh, and Kevin and Pilar.) I’d like to see how a person like Jared would play if he wasn’t in a showmance.


Raul is in love with his make-up. What a Princess. He too lives in his own delusional world.
** POOF !! ** Raul – you there is no make-up on the planet that will make you beautiful on the inside.




So it’s basically Loveita’s HoH. Oi vey. I’m no fan of Kelsey, Jared or Raul and they need to go. But Joel could have gotten out Maddie or Dallas first and instead he drank the Loveita coolaid.


That comment was inappropriate and you know it, right?… “Loveita’s koolaid” Pffff….

get a grip my friend, you are not in your living room, your are in a forum, on a public setting….

Some people sometimes, smh….


i dont get it? what was inapp?


You realize that “drinking the kool-aid” is a reference to being in a cult, right?


no..didnt realize…i dont think…this guy did either
i think he just meant…that doing what Loveita really wants but didnt have the guts to do last week
i dont think joel is being influenced…he knows its a good move to rattle and break up that alliance
as koolaid…dunno…dont think he meant that but ya never know i guess


Did they really expect anything else, like really. They are justified in being upset, but THERE ARE NO GOOD PEOPLE AND BAD PEOPLE IN BIG BROTHER. It is not even over.


Kelsey is just mad because Joel isn’t kissing her ass. Can’t stand that girl.


Love these nominations!!


I agree, these noms are awesome! Good work Joel.


Yes!!! Finally some excitement! This has made me love Joel even more. If Jared is mad at Kelsey for flirting with Phil now, just wait until she starts flirting with everyone trying to get votes. Jared will snap.


Joel has handled these nominations like a boss so far. Hope Kelsey goes home this week


What bugs me is the fact that Loveita was saying that most of the house wants Kelsey and Raul up, when really people were telling her to do it last week and she was too much of a pussy to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely glad that someone finally nominated them, but her comments make me roll my eyes. So, good for Joel for actually making a move that she was too scared to do.


Loveita and Dallas = All talk, nothing more ….


Short history so far since we’ve only begun week four, but historically speaking did Loveita have the support of the house in week four if she evicted Jared or Kelsey? Week one the people that said they’d vote with her decision switched (including Joel and Mitch).
Week two her alliance (Maddy, Dallas and Ramsey) went into hiding and didn’t say a word to her until after veto wasn’t used.
So, Loveita gets rid of one of her rivals, leaving the other two in the game knowing that her allies seem to be fair weather? From that perspective it’s easy to see why she couldn’t do it. Would her allies in week three support her moving into week four if one of the remaining members of J/K/R was HOH? From evidence thus far, no.


Boo hoo Kelsey… You signed up for this…


Loveita was crying during the nomination ceremony? And she wants to act like only Cassandra is two faced (which Cass totally is)? She’s so unbearable, and will probably be here for most of the season the more I think about it.


Loveita will likely be evicted in 2-3 weeks. She will be very lucky to make it to the jury at most


Good noms…..yes. Just because their alliance has been way more effective than the Dallas group. If they can evict one of the 3 the BB gets interesting every week. We might actually see more people not throwing HOH. With this house dynamic I would have done exactly what Joel did.

Raul- so little to like.
Kelsey actually is becoming easier to dislike by the day.
Jared- I like the guy in general. Remember he knows Cass outside the house. Could be valuable especially if Kelsey goes.
Maddy- not a fav of mine
Dallas- king sh*t disturber
Ramsey- Like this guy some too.

I put forth this challenge….. Who is/are production plant(s). By now last season it was obvious the cheat was in. Lovieta maybe but I think its someone in the middle. Mitch maybe, he’s playing a pretty good game without help though. Interested in anyone’s perspective.


Who has all of Tim’s actions benefitted?
Even the wonky vote.
Whose edit is golden?
The bitch joke with Kelsey at Loveita’s expense was nothing compared to the things she said to J/K/R in the HOH while campaigning to evict Sharry (Oh, I mean save Loveita… no I don’t).
Who got the pixelated twinkle in her eye during diary room on the episode?
Who isn’t a have not this week even though she was on the losing side?
Who got a boot for a slight sprain? She wore heels three days later, a boot was not required. She hasn’t worn it since eviction day.


Initially I thought it was “Canada’s sweetheart” Kelsey, purely based on her sense on entitlement in the house, with the fact that she was giving production some good soundbites and getting significant air time. But I now think it is Tim. i think they will do whatever they can to keep Tim into the end.


By their reactions, I assume Kelsey and Raul thought everyone else was just going to line up at the door like good little peasants and leave in an orderly fashion so that they could claim the throne with their prince?
Humorous: last night Jared pushed for Loveita to be nominated. Then said it was all Joel’s decision. He knows Joel and Loveita are at least friends if not aligned. Joel knows Jared and Loveita made a deal. What would Jared have done if someone came to him week two and said Jared should nominate Kelsey or Raul?
How long before Tim and Cassandra start manipulating the house against Joel, Loveita and Mitch? I give it ten minutes.


“good little peasants” – Ill be chuckling at that all day. To paraphrase John Lennon, “But they’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see.”


Kelsey- “It was good against evil and Joel chose evil.” … Uhmm I don’t think so Kelsey, I think Joel made the right decision! Good job Joel!


I can’t stand Kelsey!! She is the biggest biotch in the game. I hated her from the minute she gave Jared hell for not getting Loveita out when she very clearly thought she ran the show and told everyone to vote Sharri out before the vote. Cannot wait to see her whining butt kicked out of the house. Somehow I feel like she will wiggle out of it this week but I hope not.


…but I was nice to him – I even tried rubbing him between the legs – I don’t like get like why I got nominated when like effin Maddy or like Dalllas are sitting like safe.. This bitch needs a reality cheque/check.


Competing for the second time this year in the Big Brother sympathy olympics: It’s Kelsey.
Watch her cry yet again on her white knight’s shoulder. When asked about where her bff fellow nominee is… oh wait she doesn’t know. When asked if she wants to be alone of course not crying alone doesn’t garner near as much sympathy as crying in front of four potential votes this week. and now her best scarlet o’hara as she damns Loveita because damning Joel would be like kicking a puppy.
Her comprehension of unbreakable bond seems to be stuck on Kelsey and Jared alone. How quickly she forgets her lapdog Raul. pssst the unbreakable bond is the three of you, dear.
Last week, Jared was in on the plan and was completely behind the idea of renominating the brothers if Dallas used his veto. As soon as it didn’t happen, he lies to the brothers and says he didn’t have the veto so he didn’t have the ability to do anything it’s not on him. How quickly they forget. Now that Joel has made his nominations Loveita controls Joel’s brain. Meanwhile we know because we watched Joel noodle planning alone last night and today. He did the math with each of Dallas and Maddy, Kelsey and Raul, and Dallas, Raul or Kelsey with Tim. He did the math and grouped the noodles where the bonds would be after the vote in the house. He has voted against Loveita’s choice for each of Loveita’s nominations. She must suck at mind control.


Notice the smokers are always coughing, dumasses
Dallas, Jared and Kelsey your killing yourselves.


Not so breaking news from Twitter: Apparently the twist this upcoming Thursday is a fake double eviction. It’s unclear whether both people leaving the house will be saved or whether it will just be the person who gets evicted second. It sounds like they are trying to incorporate international BB Twist this year for the “wildcard” aka international players. It sounds like the people/person who is saved will go into a secret room to observe the other HG before I’m assuming re-entering the house.

If this is true, then Joel attempt to split up T3W alliance will possibly blow up in his face.

On a side note, it does not bode well for Joel if he’s even able to get to the final 2, if people don’t think his nominations are his own. Most people are still blaming Loveita (who was practically camped up in the HOH all day) the way people blamed Sarah for Brittnee’s nominations.


I guess maybe the High Roller room plays a part. Depending on the 2 evictees, if one is an international, maybe they can be “saved” by BB.


I meant my comment to be phrased more like a question than a statement. My bad.


I enjoy seeing Kelsey squirming. hahahaaa

Make a Bigger Game Move Man

I would love to see if Joel would surprise us by backdooring Loveita. That would be pretty epic!


Remember when Loveita and Jared made a deal? The trio talked about nominating Loveita and Joel together next time they get power because he’s with her, and nobody would vote out Joel.
Is that what Raul means when he says he did so much for Joel on cam one at about 20:43:00? Honestly, I’ve barely seen Raul interact with Joel at all. So, what did I miss?


it’s so insulting to Joel that most of them keep saying Lovita manipulates him all the time. They think he is so fragile and easily led that he doesn’t have a mind of his own. If they only knew how analythical he is and how he thinks about every game move for himself, as well as together with his firend Loveita. It bugs me Loveita is also being thrown under the bus by everybody so she’ll be everybody’s target. I’m rooting for Joel and Loveita.


im so sick of these self righteous little twits. every year there is this group of people who think they should never be nominated and that everyone should always do what they went because they are “the good people” in the house and “the nice: people who never do any wrong. well news flash. sitting around and bitching about everyone else, insulting them in every way isnt nice. just because you do it behind their backs doesnt make it okay. to jared, kelsey and raul i say this: get that stick out of your asses, grow up and deal with it



While it definitely behooved Loveita to encourage Joel to take out one of the 3rd wheel there are other reasons it works for his game:

*Joel has the tightest relationship with Mitch and this move helps both their games

* Obviously Joel and Mitch have already planted seeds to make it appear like Love influenced the noms and Joel was coerced into doing it when the reality is Love would have supported whatever decision he made. But plausible deniability will keep the focus on Love/Dallas next (NOT HIM)

* Joel sees by weakening Jared he can remove 1/3 of the strongest alliance b/c he has a relationship with Ramsay and he prob thinks he can focus Jared (and whoever else stays) to target Dallas and say he convinced him to nom them.

* It’s actually quite smart to go for the third wheel first & if you recall Mitch even said ideally they would be weakened first … b/c no matter who leaves of those 3 the 2 others will remain strong whereas once Dallas is gone Maddy will fall apart (or attach herself to Nick’s appendages) and Ramsay will either fall to Joel or Jared. In other words this keeps the center (Joel/Mitch safe)

* I’m thinking that Joel/Mitch believe they need to weaken both 3’s (third wheel & Dallas trio) and then somehow target the bros/Tim and they will hope to maneuver to get to a place where its them plus Nikki, Love, Maddy, Cass and Ramsay (i.e. main targets are Jared, Dallas, Kelsey, Bros and somewhere in there Raul & likely Love last)

Other notes: Honesty and trust abandons even the most honest players, to wit…
* Mitch was quick to blame Love & say he didn’t know & that it was all Loveita’s plan >>IT WASN”T (but the bros coughed up that they knew prior so Jared knows Mitch isn’t being completely honest)

* Jared is planning on spoiling/ruining all the food in the house b/c they are have nots and his cohorts are on the block. Meanwhile it was okay when Cass suggested throwing the Have Not comp so Love & Sharry would lose and be have nots in their week on the block

*Jared who “values trust/honesty & is a man of his word” just spilled everything he knew to Phil telling him Joel didn’t trust him (Phil), Dallas wanted them back doored (which actually proves Love was being honest with him about that fact) & that Love wanted a deal with the 3 plus Mitch/Joel. What he is neglecting to realize by telling Phil this he will most definitely go talk to Joel/Mitch and prob even Dal/Love about what was said. In a game where maintaining secrets to prove allegiance and truth ESPECIALLY when you CLAIM to be the most honest & trustworthy, Jared just made a huge mistake. That alone proves he can’t be trusted & in fact isn’t a man of his word.

* A side note from the above is if Jared tells Love that Mitch already told him it was her, it could send Love off the deep end UNLESS I missed an agreement between the 3 (Joel/Mitch/Love) to do that

* Cass who spent the last few days complaining how Joel wouldn’t leave her alone spent a good portion of the post nomination ceremony glued to his couch in the HOH… hmmmmmmmmmm

AND maybe best of all… Tim has already started planting seeds about Mitch to Jared & co., aggressively went at Phil saying Did you tell Cass I wanted her gone? To which Phil say no.. wait you can’t just say that & leave and when he says who told you that (expecting Tim to say Love) Tim tells him Cassandra. So … Tim is working on getting the 3rd wheel to not trust the bros/Mitch/Joel & create conflict for Cass.

I could be entirely wrong but I think there is bound to be some major fall out based on the dominoes that began to fall today:

Jared has lost some luster via his bean spilling and if he goes through with attacking Love “for Canada” b/c she a lying B-t-h it will lead to her getting very upset & then Joel (& possibly Ramsay) will end up feeling it is an unwarranted attack so they’ll jump in to defend her & tell Jared EVERYONE wanted them broken up. At that point Jared will finally realize he is being lied to by many worse people than Love (i.e. Cass, Mitch, Phil, Tim etc).

* not to mention if any of those 3 go back on their word to Love even at least in their first HOH it proves them to be HUGE liars.

*I haven’t figured out if Tim has a proposed favorite to play with, but I am leaning to him wanting to take Nikki, Love & 1 of Cass or Maddy to the end. ..Hear me out….. Yes I know he has thrown salt on Love but if he is sitting beside her at game end he would likely win based on the dislike of many toward Love. Also, he is seeing Mitch & Joel are players so I think he’s planting seeds so once Jared/Dallas are gone he can take them out.

*Finally, it never ceases to amaze me when nominees say “it’s so unfair” after they’ve been/done worse to others or pull out the “we’re the good people” vs the “evil people” rhetoric.

Anyway…. just some thoughts


Just to add to your list. It helps Joel if he makes it to the final (especially if it is with Mitch). He can state he took the HOH while Mtch wouldn’t and he made a big move with his nominations. Where as Mitch floated in the middle. Jury members who vote based on game play, could be swayed by this.


Before the nomination ceremony Loveita told Mitch and Joel it didn’t matter if they blamed her for the nominations it would be okay, because they’re already going to blame her anyway. Joel said he’d never do that. Mitch didn’t answer.


the maddie/dallas side is really no threat as compared to jared/kelsey /raul…in the aspect of strength and unity
i dont see madie/dallas being that strong and think they would sell eachother out when cornered

Nana Jo

People like Kelsey believe that being more beautiful than average is somehow equated with being ‘good’ and more deserving than others. Her response to being put up is true to type; how dare anyone put ME up … I’m Kelsey, the beautiful…It’s my right to not ever have to face adversity! People like her lack empathy. Total princess syndrome. She can’t even begin to understand or ponder the fact that Paige, Sharry and Christine all felt badly but handled it with far more grace, knowing that this is an inevitable part of the process. Kelsey believes that she shouldn’t have to …because, well, she’s Kelsey …. It always floors me when people expect others to ‘suck it up’ but somehow that rule doesn’t apply to themselves!

I have lost a lot of respect for Jared, who I had thought to be a decent guy. His immaturity is coming out in spades. As for Raul ….total floater … I think Mitch is playing a very smart game, thus far. As for Joel …I don’t see him as Loveita’s puppet master. He’s a smart guy with an analytical mind.

Simons S. Gordon

Well done Joel, you put up the right people! That blonde bimbo beauty queen Kelsey, and Raul. Jared, Kelsey and Raul, good always triumph over evil! If Kelsey’s gone Thursday, Jared/Kelsey/Raul will weaken. Jared and Kelsey will pay for bossing people around in there. Kelsey, beauty won’t always get you what you want you ungrateful Barbie.


I don’t know why you guys hate Kelsey so much. She is actually showing signs that she would be a great girlfriend. Jared and her have excellent communication. They both take ownership etc. It is cute. I actually hope they end up together.


Nice work Joel!!! Good for you!!! Can’t stand Kelsey and Raul. They need that smug look wiped off their faces. But then to follow them out the door: Maddy, Dallas, Cass. Can’t stand any of them.