Big Brother Canada: Andrew says that Tom is one of the most unintelligent people I know.. and I talk to Aj!

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

6:05pm When the live feeds come back from the hush hush screen for the veto ceremony. As anticipated Alec DID NOT use the Power of Veto!
Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 611pm

Liza is sitting at the kitchen table eating looking depressed. Meanwhile, Andrew is talking to Peter in the backyard. Andrew starts talking about how Alec finally won something and Tom thinks it should have been used. Peter says that Tom basically threatened him last night to try and get Alec to use the veto. Andrew says that Tom is one of the most unintelligent people I know …and I talk to Aj. Peter laughs. Andrew tells Peter congratulations for making it past another week. Andrew says he would like to get inside Tom’s mind .. but it would be a vast emptiness. Andrew comments on how Suzette was right that Tom is a bit of a bully. He says I dare him to come up to me face to face, I will go toe to toe with him. I am not scared of him. It will give me some more camera time. Andrew talks about how even if Liza makes it to the jury and we are in there at least we can ignore her or not have to talk to her. Peter is agreeing.

Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 617pm

6:20pm – 6:40pm Tom jokingly comments to Liza in the kitchen that he doesn’t see their relationship going anywhere .. one of us is leaving on Thursday and I don’t think I can wait for you. Liza calls him an a$$hole. He kisses her on the cheek. Liza and Tom talk in the bedroom. Liza asks Tom if he is mad. Tom says that he is pissed. He says that both Emmett and Alec talk about not using the veto and they didn’t tell me. Tom says that if he is still in the game and Emmett is up on the block I will not vote for him to stay. Liza says that if she stays she will leave a legacy in this game. I know exactly who I will send out next. Tom asks Topza? Liza says we’ll see.. Tom says that if he wins HOH he will put up Gary. He says that he really wants Talla to win and put up Alec and Emmett. Tom says I am done with the four… fu*k the four! I am done, done, done. Tom says my reign of terror begins… hahaha.. Tom grabs Topaz’s bandanna and says hahaha what should I do with this? Liza tells him to be careful. Tom says yeah you stay out of this.. Tom and Liza head into the bathroom. Tom tells Andrew that Alec and Emmett didn’t tell him he wasn’t going to use it and he told me he would tell me. I don’t give two sh*ts about them, if they do give two sh*ts about me. Tom tells Andrew that Gary told him he needs him in this game … what a joke.

Video of Tom and Liza’s conversation will be posted here:

6:50pm – 7:05pm Tom is pissed off and talking to Liza again in the bedroom. Tom says there can be only one co*k in this house and that’s me.. the rest can be hens. My alliance turned on my I didn’t turn on it. Tom keeps talking about wanting Talla to win to put up Emmett and Jillian on the block. Liza says that she doesn’t think many if anyone would put you up. Tom says that Emmett fu*ked up he is being a super big douche. Tom says that he will keep loyal to the four because he can’t everyone coming after me. I will never, ever forget their disloyalty. Liza says that she doesn’t think this is the right time for him to win HOH. She says I really don’t think anyone is coming after you. Stay loyal to the four. Liza tells Tom that if he falls for someone .. all your plans go out the window. Tom says that his friends at home are probably thinking I am thinking with the wrong head. He says that he isn’t, I am thinking with my heart and my head. Tom says that he doesn’t regret saving Gary last week .. because he built trust and respect. Liza and Tom comment on how Alec’s veto speech was a joke and so disrespectful. She says that him (Alec) and his girlfriend (Topaz) can burn in hell. Liza tells Tom if he wins put up Alec and Topaz and if one of them comes off put up Jillian.

Video of Tom & Liza’s conversation will be posted here:

7:20pm – 7:40pm Out by the hammock, Talla and Topaz put on a sock puppet show for Gary and Suzette. Talla and Topaz are acting really silly. They fall out of the hammock. Talla gets back in and falls out again. Meanwhile Tom and Liza practice a diary room sessions they will do together before one of them goes home and pretend to take questions from viewers. They move on to a dating show where Liza asks Tom questions about her.
Video will be posted here:

7:45pm – 8pm In the kitchen Andrew and Tom are talking about how awkward it is with Tom and Liza. Emmett agrees. Andrew says and it’ll be awkward again when you stab me in the back too. Emmett says what? know its what we talked about last week. Tom and Liza head through the kitchen and into the bedroom. Tom and Liza continue to talk about how pissed Tom is at his alliance.
Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 909pm
8:30pm – 9pm Tom and Tom and Liza are still in the bedroom. He is having his pity party. Tom says regardless of what happens I am going to spend time with you outside this house. Aj, Alec, Suzette are in the pool. Andrew, Topaz, Talla and Peter are hanging out on the lounge chairs. They are all talking about random things. Talla, Topaz and Suzette talk about people making out in the house. Topaz tells them that she wakes up with Gary and he leaves the bed with a pillow over his crotch because he has an erection. She says that Alec said when he and Tom had to sleep in a bed, Tom woke up with a hard on and told Alec.
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Tom – douchebag Liza – douchebagette
Tom – dirtbag Liza – dirtbagette
Tom – barfbag Liza – barfbagette

there! I feel better now



So Addictive!

Thanks onlinebigbrother for the updates!! This is soooo addictive and entertaining! I love how Big Brother is turning out… I’ve been really impressed with Topaz lately. She has been playing really hard lately and is starting to go toe to toe with Alec and Peter. This is dangerous, but ultimately, you have to play hard if you want to win. If she doesn’t go hard now, she will forever be identified as the “the sleeper” and it’ll be hard to shake that perception. I think if Topaz and Gary and keep Alec and Peter close to them, but at the same time build those lines of trust with Emmett, Jillian and Andrew, they may be able to outlast them. Talla is not good at this game, but she is very entertaining, that’s for sure!


omg how imiture is he first off he obviously he did betray them by not working with them and barking orders and they repeatively warned him against liza who was coming after them and he didn’t care. It also seems that liza knows about the four which means he has betrayed them emmitt was at least going to give tom him vote because he gave his word and he didn’t want to break that tom on the other hand could careless. This is why you should wait at least a few days before making deals so you can figure out the players right now andrew is right tom is immiture and a huge bully he deserves to go if there was any justice they both would go.


This guys arrogance has no limits…he and Liza still talk like they can determine the outcome of this game. He is so full of himself it’s incredible. It amateur hour and he is the biggest amateur of them all. Hope he stays though just because he’s entertaining. Can’t stand the kind of person he is though.


Tom’s mouth is definitely a talking contradiction…..I’m about done hearing him whine about the four. He clearly wasn’t completely loyal to his alliance, otherwise they would have his back. Got to say I’m all about Gary and Topaz, would like to add Andrew in there but, haven’t heard much from him.


He wasn’t completely loyal? He was never going to throw any of the four under.


I’m having trouble why Alec, Peter and maybe Emmett, want Tom out… He’s loyal, strong, and takes all the attention away from them. If you take out Liza, it makes sense because then you ensure that Tom will be 100% back to you. Alec is mad cause Tom doesn’t trust Topaz (rightfully so), and Peter is mad cause he has a crush on Liza. They aren’t playing smart IMO.


I agree.. they should want Tom in the house to be perpetual target.. Getting rid of Liza frees up Tom and Peter from their “Showmance” . It also makes the feeds more enjoyable to watch :)


I don’t think either Alec or Emmett want Tom out over Liza, but it’s too deep now following Gary’s nominations and Tom’s reaction. Now their best play is trying to pull Gary into a tentative alliance. Ideally they would have got Liza out and reaffirmed the loyalty of both Tom and Peter.

The Watcher

From what Iv learning about Big Brother over the years is, a good player is known by the actions he takes when he is in danger.

Dan (BBUSA) made the impossible possible when he had his back against the wall.

Tom? Staying in bed and talking about who he will nominate next week forgetting he is still on the block and chances are Liza is staying over him :s

At least he is forcing himself to be nice to Sue lol


I like BB Canada alot more then the past three seasons of BB in the USA


Hey Joe, I like BBCAN a lot as well maybe not as much as BB12 (yes I know I’m the only BB12 fan) or BB11 but it’s better than BB13/BB14 .



Imagine if Gary and Tom both are gone this Thursday!!


I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom walk out of the house (the look on his face will be priceless!); but having GAry and Tom leave will make the show one heck of a snooze fest… unless Topaz decides to go “Scarborough” on Liza and cuss her out!… nah, I don’t see that happening! lol


A Topaz and Liza fight would be a lot of fun to watch.


LOL i want to see her go scarborough in the house too hahaha


the live feeds just got interesting. apparently tom opened the door on alec showering and let the camera get a shot?? and alec was pissed off. Topaz says she thinks he was crying LOL they’re talking about it now. hahaha what is this big brother after dark they all talk about? isn’t it just the live feeds? i’m a newbie to the live feeds so enlighten me please. thanks.


Bb after dark is usually what they do here and they play it on show time for two hours hope that helps


HA HA! Tom is the biggest cry baby ever!
He is just mad that Topaz 1 up’d him!
I am loving me some Gary and Topaz, that’s for sure!


I love all these elitest comments the last couple of days. Tom’s a douche he has to go. The reason are numerous and interesting. Gary has run his HOH like a dictatorship. Tom is criticised for doing the same. Andrew must have kicked him behind his back today more than Tom bad mouthed Suz. All Andrew has done is FLOATED and won absolutely nothing. The sooner that douchebag is sent back to Nova Scotia the better. Well there is 1 problem with that… I live in Halifax, NS and I might run into this sack of sh*t! F the you have to cheer on the local boy. He is a gutless little boy floater I’ll grant you and I’ll cheer his eviction. Frankly almost everyone has turned plain nasty and mean and are full of themselves. If you think Tom’s bad look at your favorites. Other than Suzette and “the camera is never on me” AJ the trash being spewed is epic!

So Tom is done but who goes with him? You gotta figure out who can win HOH. Truth is almost everyone likely puts up Emmit and Jillian. That’s when Emmit will realize he trusted the wrong people when he leaves the end of the Thursday show. The next week will be filled of talk about who these egotists don’t want on the jury. If Gary is HOH again he might target Alec at 10 left. Now That would be hilarious! The great schemer gone before the jury house. If they leave Liza to long the may regret that also.


Simon! What the heck! Just as things start to get good BB cuts the live feeds. All I saw was Topaz about to go after Gary and Alec crying. I know its about the whole shower thing but why they heck would BB cut the friggin feeds???


sorry not go after Gary but go after Tom


My guess is they cut the feeds to make sure people watch Slice on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday…


Agree but would rather watch is all instead of their edited version


oh for sure.. I almost never watch the US/Canada TV shows. I’m almost 100% feeds


The only thing I like about the tv shows over the feeds and updates here are the diary sessions….you get great insight on what they are really thinking/planning. :)

The Watcher

I want to see more of the Topaz Vs Tom fight!!!

Why did they cut the feeds ? :(

Oh well….

julie chen

Go to the 46 minute mark and you can see some of topaz yelling at tom.. they played it on after dark!

Simon and Dawg if you havent seen this post it to!! 46 minute mark or a little after! so funny.