Big Brother Canada: Alec and Topaz END their SHOWMANCE..

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony April 1
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary and Topaz
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 1 2013 1140am
11:40am Gary is in the kitchen talking about how he is going to take a day off slop today and just eat condiments. He says that he isn’t going to have a bowl or anything he is just going to have a spoonful here and there of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and salsa. Gary says I don’t want to make anything or stir sh*t today.

11:45am – 12:10pm Emmett and Andrew are up in the HOH room talking. Emmett tells Andrew that after the blow up last night Topaz told Talla that I am going after her. Andrew and Emmett talk about how they are aligned with each other and Jillian because they want to have relationships outside the the house. Andrew says our 3 is stronger than their three. Jillian has a bowl on her head walking up the HOH stairs. Andrew goes to scare her but she heads back downstairs before he can. He tells her that he was going to scare her. She says what if I fell down the stairs and broke my tail bone? Andrew says well then there would be one less person to worry about. Emmett goes to get Peter to join them up in the HOH room. Jillian and Talla join them soon after. The conversation turns to talking about phones and headphones.

Big Brother Canada April 1 2013 1230pm

12:10pm – 12:40pm Alec and Topaz are talking in the havenot room. Topaz tells Alec that she misses him. They talk about her flipping out on him last night. He says that it is just a weird situation right now … I don’t know who to trust .. I do trust you but its just hard. This isn’t a good place to have a relationship, especially if you have a guy waiting for you back home. Topaz says that she doesn’t have a guy waiting for her back home… we went on two dates and he didn’t even know I was leaving. Alec says that he thinks the showmance needs to end .. and then we can talk it out and pick it back up in the jury house. He says there is no lying and no reason to lie in the jury house. Topaz says that she understands but that it’s just hard. Topaz brings up how show is hearing from him that she is going but that she also hears from others that she is staying. Topaz says that she feels like he does want her to go. I wish you would just tell me how you feel and just be honest with me. If you want me to go they you three are all a$$holes. Topaz says if you want me to go I wish you would just tell me. Alec says that he doesn’t want her to go, I don’t know why you keeps saying that. Alec says I think we should just breakup this showmance because its not a good place to have a relationship and I don’t know what’s going on in your world outside of here. Alec says you two have been two HUGE fu*king downers the last few days. Big Brother calls Alec to the diary room. Topaz says that’s because we are on slop and because I miss you. Alec says lets just wait and see what happens on Thursday .. I am not going to threaten to go after people if they vote you out because its not good for my game. Alec says that he does want to explore things with her outside the house. I want to give you a hug and a kiss right now but I can’t because this isn’t a showmance. Topaz says well I am going to give you a hug. They hug and Alec kisses her cheek and heads to the diary room.
Video of their conversation is uploading:

Big Brother Canada April 1 2013 1240pm

12:50pm Up in the HOH room: Andrew, Emmett, Jillian and Peter are talking about Gary. (Talla is sleeping & snoring on the couch beside them.) They talk about how he freaked out and cried because he was put on slop. Andrew says they probably ripped him a new one in the diary room for that. They talk about how if Gary won the $100,000 he would be the worst with the money and blow it all. Big Brother zooms in on Talla snoring. They play the wake up alarm. Andrew tells her that she was sleeping. Talla says no I wasn’t I was listening to coldplay. Jillian, Peter and Emmett head downstairs because they learn that the backyard has been opened up again. Talla and Andrew start game talking. Andrew tells Talla that she needs to win HOH. He says that we also have Jillian and Emmett on our side to win it too. Talla tells Andrew that Topaz told her that their breakup was fake. Andrew says that he only trusts her. Talla starts talking about how she needs to win something and is so close. Talla says you’re a stooge and I’m a stoogette.

1pm – 2:10pm Alec and Topaz continue their conversation in the Havenot room. Topaz tells Alec that she will still give him her jury vote. Topaz then goes and tells Gary about her whole conversation with Alec and how they broke up. Talla joins them and Topaz and Talla head to the havenot room. Topaz tells Talla about her conversation with Alec. Topaz brings up the necklace and says that she lied to Jillian because she had trust issues with her to find out if it would get back to Alec. She says that she said it was given to her by a guy but it wasn’t it was from her sister. She says she also said it to make her outside dates with the Italian guy to look like it was more than it was just in case Alec was playing her. The conversation turns to talking about Topaz staying and how no one wants to tell her because there could be a twist. Talla says that she has her vote. They continue to talk about different scenarios.

2:10pm – 2:45pm Emmett and Jillian are on the kitchen couch whispering. Emmett is telling Jillian that he needs to be a lot closer with Talla to make sure she consults her if Talla wins HOH. Jillian says that Talla would talk to her but Emmett doesn’t think her and Talla are as close as she thinks. Emmett says the last person in Talla’s ear is the one that gets to her. They end their conversation. Big Brother tells them that everyone but Andrew will be on an a backyard lock down in an hour. (The veto ceremony will be held in an hour.) Jillian goes up to the HOH room to tell Andrew about the Topaz fight last night. Jillian talks about how Topaz spilled the beans about how their breakup was fake because he was worried he would be put up on the block. Emmett joins them. They talk about how dangerous Alec is in the game. Emmett says that Alec needs to go before Peter. Andrew says I am not using the veto .. but if there is a twist I will put Peter up. Emmett asks what if both of them come off. Andrew says then I will put up Alec and Peter. They head down stairs.

3pm Andrew, Emmett, Peter, Alec and Jillian are working out in the backyard. Out in the backyard Alec tells Emmett and Andrew that Topaz knows about the switch to get out Gary now instead of Topaz. He says that he thinks Talla leaked it to her and he is going to confront her about it. He says that he thought they could trust her but doesn’t think he can now. Andrew tells him it doesn’t matter but that he should go ahead and ask her about it. They discuss how big brother took the air hockey table away.

Big Brother Canada April 1 2013 3pm

3:25pm – 3:40pm Alec, Peter and Emmett continue to workout. Gary, Topaz and Talla are getting ready in the bathroom. Gary helps Topaz with her outfit and helps Talla with her hair. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

4pm Veto Ceremony is happening right now on the live feeds…

5pm Still Hush Hush..
6pm Still Hush Hush..
6:52pm Still Hush Hush..
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This is the best these two brainiacs can come up with? “The I-Pod Incident” and now “Locketshmear”? Are you kidding me?


Can anyone explain the locket thing? I must have missed that somehow


Alec doesn’t give a shirt about the necklace or Topaz. He is the iceman, and will do anything to get some sympathy.
Necklacegate is just another way to try to manipulate the other HGs but he doesn’t know that he turned his back on his only true alliance.


glad you like it Dawg. U can borrow it anytime..hehe


The Troll-Doll and the Tazmanian Devil have broken off their ‘cuddlemance’. Really? Breaking up from cuddling must be ever-so-painful, eh? Production can supply them both with bwankets that can walk around with all day. This is fucking ridiculous to the the Nth degree.


Watching their breakup conversation was so painful, I gagged.


Thumbs up if you think Gary is going to be evicted.
Thumbs down if you think Topaz is going to be evicted.
I’m asking who you think; not who you want!


Curious – when was the last time anyone (of us) saw Topaz eat?


Topaz eats in her sleep.


You are not wrong. See the live feed of the night of the bar-b-que. She gets up, grabs a bag of chips, goes back in to her ‘suite’ where Alec is sleeping, sits on the edge of the bed and inhales almost the entire bag. I’ve watched way-too-much live feed, I know. (Alec was HOH at the time)


Ugggh andrew is the new Tom! Then emmet play it safe the farmer! Where is Peter? Oh right he is o smart he is not visible and remains quiet ….such a bum way to play bbc….then Talla the slut rat!


Alec and Topaz are 2 confused individuals, but what else can you expect when you meet someone on a game show and start hooking up in 1 day??! I feel that she is trying to get back together just to stay in the game. There is no way its genuine. Jury house should be interesting. Other than this blog I have kinda tooned out. No real interest anymore.

Movie Info Please

Does Anyone know who went to the movie screening?
What 4 people?


Seems to me BBCanuck (ugh) sinister nasty attempt to support and justify spoiling certain HG’s shot at the big money is the use, e.g; HG like Peter’s (hush hush) DR negative comments in production action and activities defence.. ( I know.. don’t talk about production)… After Topaz HOH room faux (oops) pas, Peter, who is so unexperienced (self-confessed) in worldly ways has never tasted lobster, called Topaz “dumb … a … moron.” (Moron used in a classification system for mentally retarded people.)
Peter is aligned with what appears to me to be a high school bully hip cool type group in the house versus their perception of the other HG oddballs. Odd because they don’t support the standards of game etiquette (and life) according to hopeful evil genius Peter and associates. I guess in Canada this crap is called game and gameplay.. So glad no one I know is on the show.. Be nice if we could get feed from the jury house, where all the action and fun people will be, instead of the BB house… Someone will get the money and car.. No one is a winner in this whatever it is…
Thanks Simon and Dawg for a place to vent.


Which dickhead comes to this blog just to thumbs down every comment. Get a life asshole!!! My comments are always Golden. WHY I AUGHTA!!!!!! Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck….


What do you mean “which” dickhead? Like which one of ALL you dickheads is the one? Seriously, I noticed it too and there’are definitely those who hate the world and anything good about it. Way to phrase it though.


LOL – I feel your pain! I was about to write that Jim and Valerie made my day with their nice comment on my “what’s going to happen” post, but then I saw there were 10 thumbs down… Oh, well…
I guess I’ll just have to get over the hurt and settle for a life with no OBB award 😉


Feeds are back!
Talla is or acts really drunk, borderline comatose.
My guess is it’s an April fool’s day PRANK!
At least that’s what I hope.


Get Emmet and Jillian OUT! Is it a pre-requisite to be oblivous while in the Big Brother House and screw yourself out of winning? Topaz should have put them up. Andrew should have nominated them. At least break them up. Jillian would go into a depression and be less annoying without Emmet. Who the hell names their child Emmet anyway. And nicknames themselves Topaz for that matter. It sounds like a drag queen’s stage name.

*sigh* I prefer the American version of BB, does that make me a bad Canadian?


I actually like emmitt with that said they should have gotten him out earlier if anyone was going to get a shot at winning as far as andrew is concerned for his game it is better for him to get gary out he has a better shot at getting to the final 4 with emmitt then he will with gary. Both topez and gary will go after him as soon as they can and he was right if topez wanted emmitt out so bad she could have gone after him during her hoh. The only reason she is complaining that andrew should put him up now is so she can save herself and gary which won’t happen. At the end of the game you have to do what will get you further in the game not what is good for other people’s game getting emmitt out would be good for gary and topez game but not really for andrews game big moves are only good if they help you not hurt you.


I totally agree. Andrew (and everyone else) heard 1st hand Topaz wanted Andrew out, so I don’t blame Andrew trying to break them up. They are considered a couple too and I am pretty sure if Emmett/Jillian win Hoh next, they will go after Peter/Alec and vice versa…..So it would not be wise to try to take out Emmett this week….They already discussed getting one of the shield (which I believe)….The only person who wins HOH that I think would put up Andrew would be whoever stays this week….Maybe as a replacement or as a pawn but I am pretty sure the shield and milkmance are going after each other next…

glitter fan

andrew is an idiot I will not use the power of veto unless there is a twist…like bb is going to let him decide who to put up. I hope they save Gary the show will be a waste of time to watch if Gary goes. What I cannot understand is these HOh’s putting up the weaker players to get to final three does Andrew honestly believe they will take him c’mon Andrew you are suppose to be the senior one think with your head..get rid of Emmett or Alex …jillian will join forces with you as well as Gary and Topaz next is peter or Alex or Emmett the one you didn’t put up on the block this week. it is beyond belief they lose their brains when they become hoh ..only player to make a move that meant something was Gary..


Gary is a patelogical backstabbing liar! That is why Andrew isn’t teaming up with him and instead put him on the block. You do sh*t it has consequences. Target Andrew and it gets back to him he noms you…HELLO. Cut a deal with Tom, get removed from the block and then lie and nominate him next week your a LIAR. No one can trust a liar. That is why he’s heading to the jury house. Has no one to blame but himself.
Topaz telling Talla she can only trust Gary and herself is priceless. Topaz wake the F up! Talla watched and heard you put up AJ, her buddy and head stooge Andrew. Then tell the Camera Lala was the replacement! This girl Topaz is a pure IDIOT. That being said production should never have screwed Topaz over by showing her talking to the house.


I agree about Gary not to be trusted by Andrew. Some people feel he should have backdoored Jill or Emmett but how can he trust Gary when Gary screwed over Tom.? Tom used the veto on Gary thinking Gary would be indebted to him only for Gary to win HOH and take him out of the game. There’s no way Andrew will be a second victim.

Of course Gary was playing the game but I do agree he is not to be trusted.


You may not even see this reply but ‘Wake the fuck up Topaz” – working title for the show. WAKE TOPAZ UP!


Between Gary and Topaz, i hope Topaz goes..
Besides, Gary’s an entertainment and all Topaz do is sleep and complain

Thanks Simon and Dawg

Thanks Simon and Dawg can you please clarify which 4 house-guests went to the movie screening.
I seen the earlier post however you listed 5 house-guest. Can you please clarify?


Honestly,, Topaz…. LEAVE. And why are couples still in the game. Use your heads. Jesus.


What did happen to the air hockey table.??? Team glitter all the way!


its loud as fuck– i’m glad they took it away I can’t hear them speak,

next they should take away all crunchy food 😀

give them nerf guns and cotton candy


Tots and necklaces that rub on the mic. Like the ugly ass one Topaz had on before the feeds cut!


What happened to the air hockey table????


Now that the paranoia has lifted (suspect of everything and everybody of course), I get what’s going on with Troll and Taz: (have you seen this guy eat – it’s disgusting and animalistic). Anyway, I digress they hooked up immediately ‘created’ a cute little picture of break-up/make-up/sometone’s trying to steal my man/locket – so Canada would route for them because let’s face it Jill and Emmett are pretty unparalleled in every aspect on top of which, their relationship is authentic (may be the first time, I daresay) from what I’ve heard about other seasons of BBUS. Did you see the footage of Topaz watching Alec make a sandwich (the size of a friggin toaster) and she gave him a disgusted look for a few seconds – OOPS, cameras – then went back to her bitch-face. Yeahl like you know what I mean? If I hear her say that one more fucking time (and I know I have to calm down about it). On the topic of her being ‘exposed’ -as the unenlightened ones have been referring to it – there sure was a reason for it. Topaz has not being playing the game – she’s being playing the viewer more – so I guess that’s her game – SORRY. ANY other houseguest (because there head is IN the game) and has already thought about who exactly they would put up (she fucking was doing work on her fingers like math) knowing she was still dressed up and wanted it to look good. Imbecile – ANY OTHER PLAYER – as far as I’ve heard through these forums would have had it at the front of their head. I mean, could you see any one else – any other HG – standing there thinking out loud, fiddling with their fingers, etc. NO FUCKING WAY. I get very passionate about people saying ‘OH THAT WAS SO UNFAIR – POOR TOPAZ?” I’m going to stop here. YOU CANNOT HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH A SOCIAL MISFIT (tv or otherwise). Have you seen this guy’s social morays – CAMELEON SOCIOPATH. If you don’t agree, you don’t – I don’t care about that. I’m just shocked that the viewer is not .. oh yeah, almost forgot, people are generally looking for pablum that they have been used to tasting by the Production Teams of almost every other show you can think of. This is a big shot to change all that yet it’s truck is spinning in the mud (just my opinion). Not every one (HG) disturbs my sensibilities as much. I mean I’m holding it to a high standard (having only watched Big Brother Season 2 U.S) I mean no one was in another HG’s bed saying ‘cuddling’s nice, you know?” then Gary Ssays “I know, Topaz”, while she’s sitting in his lap. Like her game or her feelings have been hurt? WHAT FEELINGS? I haven’t seen a glimmer of emotion except envy and disdain for enyone else in the house (except maybe Gary).


Holy cat balls! Woah Meg, you need to switch out your meds, honey. You took too much today.

Breathe…in…out….in….out….in…just hold it there

You just lost your mind and it ain’t pretty.


Bwahaha! My thoughts exactly, Mellimoo!


Yup. The more I think about it I see how production uses mostly Peter’s ( and others on occasion) comments as their program narrator. His thoughts to summarize events and to critique individual HG game play. This gives the impression, even though he’s done nothing but float and get Topaz on slop,, that he’s a smart player. I recall his critical parting message to Lisa about how she was wrong to pick “brawn” Tom over him (petee) “brain.” This as he backs himself in to a corner by getting rid of the weak players. The ones he may be able to beat in comps and with the jury. And in the end, he will have to rely on brawn Alex to take him to the end. That’s if Alex makes it that far.. The point is either Topaz or Gary will survive this week. Emmit will tell Peter and Alex they are Andrews next choice. Lots can happen in a week…


So Many Losers on the Blog today. Redundant comments and petty observations. just mad that Alec is getting that ass and he’s still gonna be around longer than Gary or Topaz. In life not everyone can be a winner. If that was the case there would not be a thing called second place or LOSERS!! Now that is worth a thumbs down right LOSERS!! hahaha


Has BB ever done a non eviction week? This would be the perfect time to save Gary. Would make sense since they evicted AJ so fast.


yeah last season on BB14 when they let the coaches enter the game and hit the “restart” button


Am I the only one tired of Alec/Topaz breaking up then making up? Ugh.
With Gary potentially leaving, I wonder who Topaz is going to go to.. OH WAIT. Alec.
Jeez, so tired of showmances. Jillian and Emmett are not really bothering me though


Team glitter all the way!


Does Anyone know which 4 houseguests went to the movie screening?
Thank you Dawg & Simon.


Talla, Jillian, Andrew and.. Alec I think not sure about the last one.


can anyone tell me the date bbcan.ends?Thanks


OK …Just watched the begnning of the last show again.. While Topaz is in the HOH room talking to herself and trying to figure out who to put up, Talla asked Peter, who is sitting beside her, if Topaz knows that the other HG can hear her. He say’s “no” shaking his head and motions to Talla to be quiet.. So how did Peter know what none of the HG knew?????


Feeds are back!
Talla is or acts really drunk, borderline comatose.
My guess is it’s an April fool’s day PRANK! (1 day late)
At least that’s what I hope.

Who else thinks a big brother jeopardy comp would be awesome to see??? Maybe then we can finally see who the brains of the house is. Peter?alec??jill?gary?