Big Brother Canada 4 Promotional Commercials!

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Global TV has started releasing promotional commercials for the 4th season of Big Brother Canada which is set to air on Wednesday, March 2, 2016! No new details or secrets are revealed in the commercials however the cast and newly redesigned house will likely be released next week. More promotional commercials featuring Big Brother fans that were filmed near the beginning of February will likely to be released in the coming week. There’s no word on what this seasons twist will be but you can bet on it being promoted as the twistiest twistos twist of all the seasons.

Below is a compilation of the first 3 short promotional commercials that have been released:

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Two Fucking Weeks !!!…Oh Yeah !!!!… Cant Wait !!!!… 🙂

Pinocchio Obama

Looks good. Thanks Dawg!


So looking forward to BigBrotherCanada 4 and knowing if I miss anything I can come here to catch up…So thanks Simon and Dawg you two are the best!


I’m SO excited!! Thank you guys so much for the updates and posting the ads! I’ve barley seen any promotions for the new season and was getting worried! I just wanna meet the cast, see the house and see interviews!
I find it quite strange that Gary was replaced by Sarah.. Love them both but like another commenter said, this could mean we will be seeing Gary in the house again. It’s just way to soon for that… I’d say give it at lease 2 more seasons until players start returning right? I guess we’ll see soon enough!


BBCAN4 Rumors and A First Peek at a HG?!?

One of the rumored twists this year involves international Big Brothers. An ex production crew member says on twitter, “#breaking the #bbcan4 twist will involve 3-4 international winners entering the house as coaches #bbcan4rumours.” And then follows up with “In addition to the #bb14 returnee entering the #bbcan4 house, one returnee will be from big brother Australia and one will be from #bbuk.”

BBCAN4 Rumors and A First Peek at a HG?!?

We *think* the BB14 returnee may be Ian Terry, winner of that season but Frank Eudy is another popular choice. With the options wide open from AUS and UK, we can only speculate. Tim Dormer, Ed Lower, or Benjamin Norris from BBAU seem like reasonable choices. For BBUK, rumors are it’s Helen Wood or Nikki Grahame. Even as coaches, this would be difficult for anyone other than Terry as the UK and AUS versions of Big Brother are very different than Canada’s.

BBCAN4 Rumors and A First Peek at a HG?!?

Yes, we know how anonymous twitter accounts can be, but this same account revealed that Gary Levy wasn’t returning and would be replaced by a Toronto based female. 3 days later, this came true when it was announced Sarah Hanlon was replacing Levy.

BBCAN4 Rumors and A First Peek at a HG?!?

Further research gives a leak on a fuzzy picture of a ‘Housemate’ for BBCAN4 (shown above). This appears to be BBUK fan favorite Nikki Grahame, well known for her tantrums. She has said herself on twitter that she has ‘things coming up’ this year, the 10th anniversary since her first appearance on BBUK.

BBCAN4 Rumors and A First Peek at a HG?!?

Other rumored items for BBCAN? The house will be space themed, it will be in the same studio but had major cosmetic changes, and then there’s the crypic ‘crack’ photo above stating that is a clue to a twist. A divided house? The final hint released is the photo below. Will one side of the house be luxury and the other be very rough and difficult?


Brains is Ian Terry US
Brawn is Ed Lower
Beauty is Nikki Grahame UK
Back Stabber ??? Christine BB16 Shelly Moore Maybe?? Dan Gheesling?? I don’t know for that one.