Big Brother Canada 4 March 27 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.

Unfortunately for the next couple of days our live feed updates will be very minimal as we have prior commitments that conflict with our ability to monitor the live feeds 24/7. Simon will be posting the results of the power of veto competition and some videos. Anyone wanting to post transcriptions of conversations or summaries of are free to do so in the comments.

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BB18 can’t start soon enough.

Frankie Grande

YAY!!! You ready for me!


like herpes.


ditto. not finding anyone really likeable anymore. Tim was entertaining. But his HOH this week is a joke. Says he like stirring the pot but did exactly what the house wants. Would he have done it if he thought the house was going to put up Cassandra? If Dallas/ Ramsey and Maddy were smart (who am i kidding…maddy…smart?!) they should have put their 4 jellys on Cassandra. Tims HOH rubbed alot of people the wrong way. And people might have been tempted to take out his alliance member on his HOH week. Would have been funny to see it blow up in his face.


True… Hard to root for anyone in the Canada bb house..


My first post for this season!
My thoughts…
1.Tim, whom, I thought was a ‘Wild Card’ who was going to shake up the house and throw a wrench in everything seems to have chosen a side. I think he’s made it obvious now so if Power if ever did shift, he’s not Mr. Nice Guy in their eyes anymore.
2.Cassandra is this year’s Sabrina. Absolutely obnoxious. I’m assuming everyone is keeping her around because no one will vote for her in the end.
3.The Brothers are completely useless and both sides are on to them.
4.With all the complaints about Loveita playing too hard, Mitch is playing both sides in a very social game, FAR TOO deliberately. IF Loveita comes back and has gotten wind that it was Mitch that ‘threw her under the bus’ for the blame of Joel’s nominations, he’s just made himself a target.
5.Maddy is so obnoxious. Truly the cattiest season thus far. My guess is the common age group of the girls.
6.Everyone is getting on each other’s nerves now, even Joel. Being the nice guy only buys you so much time (ahem, Mitch)
7.Yes, Ramsey is a doofus. Isolating himself, and now dipping his toe into everything screwed him for good. Everyone thinks he’s sketchballs

Out of all of these imbeciles, Mitch is playing the game, the best hands down. If Love comes back I think that will be HILARIOUS, and may shift things again. OTHERwise, these lunatics (jarred, raul, etc)
will run the house ragged until final 5.


I equated Maddy more to Sabrina in behavior but I think you are more valid.
Actually in a way what we are seeing is what if the first five weren’t disrupted by Canada’s hoh, and instead had productions’ full support. They’re mostly asshats.
The problem is they recast the other side with a bunch of asshats too.
But then again, I’m one of the minority that disliked Jon and Adel in season 2. I liked Neda’s mind for game but didn’t actually like her. Just her game thoughts.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Why wouldn’t you tell us how you really feel?!
That level of hatred…. I mean… honestly…


What is Ramsey saying in bed with Maddie? They both take off the mic for a few minutes and then after he’s whispering something that I cannot make out. Anybody know?


I am been enjoying this season of BB Canada.

I am enjoying this season of BB Can Granda


Well, some of the earliest campaigning on record.
Probably the first time a person not even on the block yet has started campaigning. Beyond torching her own game, and having multiple bed partners, Maddy could have another record to her name in bbcan history.
Cassandra vs. Tim manipulation battle on the horizon. He wants Dallas gone because he won’t tour Timmy’s bum with the rest of the house. She wants Maddy gone because she wants to be the last girl standing (oops, another one coming in this week).
Weird thing… only “needs to grow a set” Joel has thus far accomplished the task of setting a target and getting that target out of the house.
Dallas is a buffoon, but a buffoon that pushed the exact right button on Jared. “It sucks that you had absolutely nothing to do with this, man” joined with “that would have been epic tv”. That’s going to sting Jared’s ego. Someone declared war on him, and he didn’t get to vanquish his foe, someone else got all the credit.


Multiple theories have been presented to how the woman in the suite will get to re-enter.
Theory 1- 24 hour vote. theory 2- competition or a poker hand. theory 3- house guests vote in.
if theory 3 – how would the vote go? I have my theories based on current landscape of the house: Tim and Mitch improved their status in alliances in the game by Kelsey leaving. They might vote Loveita to keep a known target with no sway ahead of them as a shield. Joel would vote Loveita (he knows Kelsey holds a grudge). Dallas (if staying) would vote Loveita (a guaranteed vote on his side). Cass Jared and Raul would vote Kelsey. Maddy would have an aneurysm and spontaneously combust. Bros (like Kelsey but don’t like Kelsey with Jared it knocks them down a peg), Nikki (depends on blood alcohol level) and Ramsey (dependent on which leaves, Maddy or Dallas to try to please the other) are unknowns to me.
As far as my theory on votes this week: depends on who wins the battle of the manipulators. best guess: given history this season Maddy should go home. If during the campaign she feels threatened she doesn’t have the self control to keep from having a tantrum. I have a feeling self interest will outweigh loyalty to Tim’s hoh because the theory will be either way one of them goes home (just like week two) while continuing the tone set week one and three (hoh doesn’t get a vote we decide).
Tim wanted chaos, I’d like to see how he handles a little chaos he didn’t create.


Dallas is simply vile. My God. It’s like Graig from last season 2.0. Does he actually think its funny to be that disgusting?

Ariana Grande stinks!

Excellent season! Canadians are definitely doing it better.

BBUS is a total snooze fest since BB10, but it used to be good. Now it’s alive only thanks to Julie Chen and her influence in the CBS decision to keep BB on their summer program.


Remember the whole Peter / Risha sideshow debacle last season? Think about Maddy post-eviction on the sideshow when she gets there.
Tim trying to pull Nikki’s heartstrings in regard to Maddy while he’s talking to her in the hoh bedroom is pretty useless except as trying to sway a vote. It won’t matter once Maddy gets angry about just about anything during the next three days.
Starting to find the whole make fun of Joel by pushing him at Nikki / make fun of Nikki by calling Joel thing to be more cruel than funny. Maybe it’s just me.


Does Kelsey have a place to smoke in the room her and Love are locked in?


Earlier she mentioned that she was getting 4 cigs a day so I assume they take her out somewhere.

Kristine R

So I have been dieing without my updates. I turned to desperation and actually logged into the live feeds… it looks like Ramsey took himself off the block and Maddy is now up. Can anyone else confirm that is actually what happened??? I’ve just been watching a but this morning but that seems to be the chat on the global live feeds forum.


Before the veto meeting Ramsey tells Maddy he is going to get all of the intel from Dallas on campaigning so she can mount a counter attack.
After the power of veto meeting Dallas is talking to Ramsey about their Lethal Weapon alliance, and how he has Cassandra and Joel on board with the brothers on the edge and Mitch on the edge. Dallas tells Ramsey about Maddy and Cassandra’s conversation, the “Ramsey is wrapped around my finger, if he wins he will go after the brothers with Nikki as a pawn because I want him to.” Dallas reveals the brothers know this.
Unknown so far which head Ramsey will think with. For sure he will try to placate the brothers because he’s a whiner that doesn’t want anyone to target him. Chances are he will tell Maddy, but now he knows the house sees them as a showmance, and their target is getting bigger.


IMO – The longer Mitch stays around the harder it will be to get rid of him on account of him playing both sides of the house. If Loveita comes back in the house, the first thing she should do would be to re-align back with him and Joel and tell Mitch she knows so the cards are on the table so it makes it harder for him to get rid of her as well. They say a cage match for re-entry back in to the house for Love or Kelsey – I have to believe can only mean endurance! I am betting on Loveita for the win! Although I would have much preferred Canada voted on this one!


Nikki is the Victoria of this season…she’s gonna slide through