Big Brother Canada 4 – Havenot Teams Picked! Dallas “I just started a mini war”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots ?

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HaveNot teams:

Team 1 – Jared, Tim, kelsey Cassandra, Mitch, Raul
Team 2 – Dallas, Phil/Nick, Maddy, Nikki Ramsey, Loveita

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9:30am HOH room – Joel tells Loveita his initial thought was to nominate Rual because it would ruffle the least amount of feathers. Dallas joins them. You’re not on my radar at all. I want to eliminate him from this competition. I don’t know if he’s your target or not. I’d like to stay under the radar this week, is that cool? Dallas fist bumps Joel. Jared is a competitive animal. The first HOH he came second, the second HOH he won. He is gifted. He is going to go far. Socially I told him he is a favourite in the house. I drew a line in the sand. I want to take out the alpha dog. Joel says all last week you said you were voting out Cassandra and you kept your word. That showed me a lot about you. Loveita says I trust you (Dallas) more than I trust (Jared). Dallas says everyone is like lets get rid of the floaters but I want to take out the top dogs. Loveita leaves. Dallas says you can see what’s forming around us. We could work together, no one would expect it. Maddy and Ramsey’s mind set is exactly where mine is at. I trust them. I don’t know where the brothers heads are at they don’t talk to me any more.

10am Kelsey is shaving the sides of his head. Phil says Raul you have balls letting Raul do it. Raul says this is easy I do it all the time if she messes it up she’s dumb.

10am In the bedroom – Maddy, Nick, and Dallas are talking. Nick says Nikki better not get special privileges if she’s a havenot. Maddy says she better not or I’m going to rage sh*t. This is a game. Cassandra has done it 2 times its clearly sustainable. Nikki joins them. Tim comes in after and Nikki asks where he’s been? Tim says in the diary room narrating the entire bloody show! …Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Dallas asks Nick are you pretty close to Joel? Do you think he would put you up? Nick says I’m not really close to him but I’ve been there on a human level for him so I hope not. He’s either going to make a minimal move or big move. Dallas says Ramsey really should have given them Nikki. Nick leaves. Dallas tells Maddy that 2 days in a row he’s caught Ramsey talking to Jared. Its just sketchy. You’re my number 1 Maddy. Dallas says he’s worried Ramsey will cut a deal.

10:20am – 10:35am HOH room –Joel tells Nick that he and Phil are not on his radar. Phil said if he won he wouldn’t put me up. Joel tells Nick that he, Nick and Phil have build up a good degree of trust. Phil joins them. Joel tells them they’re not on his radar. Nick says that this morning Dallas declared war on Jared. Joel says its hard for me to trust Dallas 100%. Phil says that Dallas tried to make a deal with Jared and he turned it down. Phil says pretty much in front of everyone Dallas said its me against you (Jared). Joel says I have to go after one side. They ask Joel what he’s thinking. Joel says there’s one side I haven’t talked as much game with but the other side I haven’t talked as much game with. Phil says I would try to take a shot a the weaker ship. (Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey) Its you’re decision. Everyone was genuinely happy that you won. Phil tells Joel that he sees him as a brother and hasn’t really felt like they need to make an alliance name. If you want to we could just for hashtags. Phil suggests Joel go with what would make the most people happy. Nick says set yourself up for next week. They discuss the possibility of putting up Tim or Nikki with the other nominee. They would be okay with it.

10:15am – 10:50am In the bedroom – Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey and Loveita talking. Dallas and Ramsey talk about how he’s seen Ramsey having private conversations with Jared. Ramsey says I’m going to be seen with them I sleep with them. I’m an open book though. Just ask me if you have questions about what I’m doing. Dallas says he’s not really worried about Ramsey, I just started a mini war. Ramsey says I wouldn’t be surprised if he put two of them on the block. Dallas says I wouldn’t be surprised if he put two of us up. Ramsey says lets just make sure we’re not on slop. Ramsey and Maddy leave. Loveita tells Dallas that Maddy needs to trust me. I’ve got your back. Dallas agrees and they hug.

11:30am – 11:55am The house guests are having lunch. For half of them it will be their last meal as a have for the next week. Maddy says I think I’m well liked by Canada. Dallas asks really?! Why would you think that? Maddy says because I got a shoutout from Arisa and the roast. Like she knew I complain. Loveita asks what Maddy’s roast was? Maddy says something like “If the game is as loud as her mouth this is going to be a great season.”

In the bedroom – Tim asks have you heard? Is he putting up Dallas and Maddy? Cassandra says I don’t want to push him too much. Tim says I feel like he is the type of person that would tell us if he was putting us up. Cassandra says maybe we should go talk to him in a bit. Maybe we should discretely push for Dallas and Maddy to go up. They head to the other bedroom to talk to Jared, Kelsey and Raul. Jared tells them about how his conversation with Dallas this morning when Dallas said he was gunning for him. Tim says that he thinks Joel might put up Dallas and Maddy. Tim says he’s worried that Loveita is going to be the person they keep around because no one will vote for her to win. Kelsey doesn’t think so.

11:55am – 12:30pm HOH room – Mitch talks to Joel. Joel says everyone’s talked to me and told me where they lie. What do you think about the stronger 3 people. Does Jared have a tighter thing with Raul or Kelsey? Mitch says obviously Jared and Kelsey are the tightest. Kelsey is also tighter with Raul. Are you thinking of a backdoor? Joel says definitely not. A backdoor puts me out there as a sneaky person. Either way one side isn’t going to be happy. Which ever side I pick to.. Joel starts laying out the pasta to represent the house guests. Mitch says the Jared, Kelsey, Raul plus Cassandra side has more power in the game. Loveita joins them. Joel says Jared isn’t going to be happy if I put up two of his people up. Mitch says Jared is honest with his word which could be dangerous down the road if he goes against it. Loveita says I trust Jared. Mitch says deep down he is a favourite to win this game but its too early to worry about. Loveita says if you go against Jared he is going to think its me. It needs to be clear that this is your choice. I think the whole house wants this though. Joel says if Raul and Kelsey are up after the veto it will force Jared to pick. Mitch says and he’ll pick Kelsey. Joel wonders if it would be best to put up a wildcard (Tim or Nikki) with Raul. Joel says if I go that way neither of those people would hold anything against me. Tim has been going back and forth and is starting to shake things up. Loveita says people see the trio (Jared, Raul, Keslsey) as a threat, people want them gone. Dallas joins them and the conversation ends. Dallas says he is so ready to get his hands bloody and use it as war paint. I’m so ready to take out the alpha male. Even though I’m gunning against him, I have so much respect for him. After this we’ll have beers together. Mitch and Joel compare Jared & Kelsey to Emmett & Jillian from season 1. Dallas says I’m jealous of the guy. He’s a triple threat.

Jared tells Raul I would have so many smug comments to say in the DR if he (Dallas) went out the door this week.
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-18 09-27-03-022

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-18 09-50-45-659
12:45pm In the kitchen – Nikki, Maddy, Ramsey and Tim discuss calling a house meeting about people needing to clean their dirty dishes. Nikki says and no leaving dishes around the house. There’s no need for it. Tim says everyone thinks someone else is going to clean up. Nikki says well Christine isn’t here any more.

1pm Pink bedroom – Dallas, Raul, Phil, Nick, Mitch and Cassandra are hanging out.

1:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. The have / havenot competition is happening now…

2:20pm Still blocked.

3:15pm Still blocked..

4:50pm Still nothing…

6:30pm No feeds yet.. Nikki might be having another melt down.

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Go Dallas Go
shite disturber number “1”
he is a BB player


Loveita: are you nervous or exceited?
Joel: Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

lololol. he’s so out of it.


If Joel decides to the Dallas and co…he should nominate Dallas and Ramsay and not Maddy…that way if either wins HoH…he can put up Maddy in his place whereas if he puts up Dallas and Maddy …Ramsay wins the Veto and saves one of them..hell make another enemy…Maddy is the least likely to win a Veto….


i thought the poll is favorite player and i chose nikki and was surprised Kelsey was number 1, i thought i missed out a lot what the heck!!!


i hope if Tim goes on the block and stays he wins the next HOH and surprises everyone by nominating Joel and Lovieta. She hates Cass for having multiple deals but she herself has deals with everyone in the house, her lone ranger shtick is a complete BS and has been lying to everyone and yet she emphasizes that she hates people that lies. What a big hypocrite.


Loveita’s problem with Cassandra isn’t about multiple deals, it’s about multiple alliances.
It’s not about lies per se, it’s about being two faced (saying nice things to a face and rotten things behind a back).
Why is Loveita saying she’s a lone ranger? Because her last ally was voted out under the premise that she was nominated for being her ally. If she announces I’m with Joel and Mitch, she blows up Mitch’s game and makes both Joel and Mitch targets for being aligned with her. She talked to Joel about allying with the Dallas people in week three at the beginning of the week. Joel said he didn’t know about working with Dallas because of his demeanor. She openly said to Kelsey and Raul ‘I want to trust you, but I don’t think you trust me.’ She’s said to Joel and Mitch ‘I want to trust them (K&R), but I don’t think they trust me.’ There is a consistency to what Loveita says. There is a lack of consistency to what Cassandra says because she tells each person in the house what they want to hear, then ten seconds later bashes that person to the next person she talks to (example: follows Joel into a room. To Joel, we’re good. I’m your friend. Nobody says anything bad about you. I have your back. Leaves room. Walks to Kelsey. Joel is creepy. He follows me around everywhere. He’s so weird. I don’t know about him). Short term that generates distrust and sews dissension around the house as long as nobody compares notes.


So spot on regarding Love and Cassandra! I get it Love can be annoying but geesh she is fighting for her life! Cassandra just needs to own up to being two faced. She knows exactly what she was doing and got busted! Deal with it! Sitting around in a circle constantly bashing someone and calling them out their name is so high school.

Tim to win

I really don’t want Tim to go on the block as a pawn as pawns always go home…i just think by the amount of back and forth talking that goes on…tim may end up going home this week 🙁
i hope Joel puts someone else up like Jared or Kelsey or even Maddy and Dallas


I like Joel but he is going to get bit in his arse if he put’s up Kelsey and Raul as I think he will have the majority of the house against him and would not be surprised if they take him out next week. He should definitely work to get Dallas out as that side of the house does not have the numbers to revenge him next week.


I think your way off. 3rd wheel does not have the votes the “middle” does. With so many HG’s left both sides are controlled by the floaters/middle at the moment. I give Joel credit for seeing the importance of attacking 1 side. I think the house might surprise with their comments if Jared’s side got the noms. Only put Tim up if you want him out. Tim versus Raul would push him towards Dallas. Joel should not want to add to either side and keep middle numbers.

Where’s Van?
Love’s hate and counting with a prop(pasta) so BBUSA 17 I really hate production!LOL


Maddy thinks she loved by viewers?! @_@ Ummmm…

It depends on who gets picked to play in veto, but I think a move that would help ensure Joel continues on in the game without too many enemies is nominating Tim and Raul, taking Raul off the block (which makes T3W alliances happy), and BD Maddy. With Maddy gone you leave Jared and Dallas in the house to go after each other (and we all know it’s more likely than not a DE this week). Maddy leaving also really changes the dynamics of the house more than some people might initially think.

Ramsey becomes even more of a free agent. Dallas more likely than not will be gone soon, and if Maddy isn’t in the house as his duo, then Ramsey is left as a free agent who can pick new allies in the house.

With Maddy gone Joel also makes Phil really happy, but more important than that is that Nick no longer has a distraction in the game, and can start playing more. From convo’s Nick has had with Joel and Mitch I can tell he has potential as a player, but Phil is kind of hampering that potential by trying to micromanage all of Nick’s moves.

With Maddy gone Joel at best only really upsets Dallas, and at worst Dallas and Ramsey.

Personally though I would keep T3W alliance in the house until jury because they are all so easy to read (and are very honest compared to most of the other people in the house). Phil, Tim, Cassandra, etc. are far more shady in their motives. If I was in a position similar to Joel and Mitch where I am basically liked by most people in the house I would wade in the middle as those new sides went after each other and then pick up the pieces at the end.


Hahahaha! That was a good one Dawg. I mean with Christine gone the Brick is certainly in need of a new top model for their furniture!


I hope Raul does go up with Kelsey, that will weaken that side, they haven’t gotten any blows yet. Like they said, they will be the Emmett and Jillian of the season if something’s not done. Would like to see Kelsey and Cassandra get off of their high horse.


Weird question.
Is Raul wearing some kind of girdle or spanx or something? For the second day in a row, it looks like there is a weird roll-type bulge at his ribs.

If Joel is picking a wildcard as a pawn, there’s no question who has the better chance on the block. Tim is liked far more than Nikki. It’s not even a close race.


Tim can go back under!!!
Nikki,you gotta luv this little English lass
she is cute, adorable and huggable,ya


I don’t mean viewers. I mean in the eyes of the house guests.


Havenots, Tim Jared, Kelsey Raul Mitch and Cassandra

Furless Bat

This is the absolutely the best move for Joel. Everyone in the middle, except Love, is or likely appears to him to be closer to that side. And he knows Love made an agreement with them that Jared at least might keep. That means when the times comes to look at the middle, in his mind, he could easily be the first target. I didn’t think he was as smart as Mitch but this is definitely a great counter to Mitch’s preference to keep those three safe. Also, with their behaviour alone Dallas and Maddy will make themselves targets, they don’t require another strong side to exist for that to happen.

sunn dee

i would have some respect for Cassandra if she simply admitted what she did, that it was a nasty comment, that she meant it, and apologize. she expects Loveita to just drop it and move on (like did she just meet Loveita?) but that isn’t really the point, the point is she said a really rude comment that was not meant to be overheard, she got caught, and yet she still continues to deny what and how she said it.

for someone who prides themselves on their trash talking, ‘humour’ or ‘jokes’ she should just drop the act and own up to it, or on the other hand, drop the subject. because she is staying, she is pushing Loveita like a little troll, trying to bully Loveita into saying something untrue, like that she had no legit reason or reasonable beef with Cassandra, so she could then, as even Loveita mentions, go and twist it and turn what L says into something else.

C makes a big play about ‘moving on’ and being adults, but also as Loveita says, yes, you’ve said that 4 or 5 times now, like i’ve already moved on, you are the one not dropping it.