Joel “I’m safe for the week but I have to be smart with this!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-17 18-07-46-930

9:05pm The live feeds return after the episode aired. Hot Tub room – Raul Dallas, Kelsey and Jared are chatting. Dallas says that he’s really surprised there’s no booze. Tim says I can’t believe Maddy and I were the only ones that kissed tonight. Cassandra says yeah you kissed a lot.

In the backyard – Tim and Cassandra are laying on the couches. Cassandra says she wants to celebrate. Jared says I thought we had that. We had it from the get go. Mitch told me they had us by 5. We were doing so well.

In the bedroom – Loveita tells Maddy she just needs to talk to him. Maddy says yeah we’re f**Ked. Loveita says we were havenots for 7 days. Then we were friends all through my HOH. Maddy says you know your relationship with Joel. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. All I know is that Me, Dallas and Ramsey are shaking in our boots. Loveita says you just need to get together and talk to him tonight because nominations are tomorrow. Maddy says I just don’t know what to say to him. Joel I’ll have your back for a week, two weeks, whatever. Look Joel I’m here to make a big move so if you keep me here long enough I can make the big moves.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-17 18-22-32-115
9:25pm In the bedroom – Jared says if they’re willing to do that in front of me, what are they doing behind my back? Kelsey says I’ve been single for a long time. I’m just flirty. Jared says so have I. Kelsey says You’re the person I care about and I don’t want to do anything to make you look foolish at all. Jared says you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not you. Kelsey says I don’t want to do anything to f**k up your game. Jared says you’re not. Kelsey says it wouldn’t affect me if Phil and Nick left but it would if you did. Kelsey says as much as you don’t want to look like a fool I don’t want to be the person to be treating Canada’s sweetheart like sh*t. Jared says you’re not. Kelsey says I’m sorry. Jared says you didn’t do anything wrong. Kelsey says If it comes down to it I would do what’s best for our game. If it came down to it I would even give up my game… Jared says no I don’t want to f**K up your game.

9:35pm Hot Tub Room – Joel is alone he says to himself “I’m safe for the week but I have to be smart with this.” He heads inside to the backyard.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-17 18-35-02-546

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-17 18-40-57-835
9:40pm – 10:05pm HOH room – Loveita tells Joel she is happy for him and says that she wants him to do what is smart for his game. Loveita says sorry for her freak out. She says she was just worried if Cassandra stayed and won she would be on the block. Joel says just know that you are safe this week. We just need to be smart with who to put up because we need to make a dent. We need to make a dent somewhere. We need to ensure that whoever goes home that we’re safe next week. Do you think its a good idea to make a move through a backdoor this week? Loveita says she thinks it pisses off 2 people that stay in the house. Instead of just 1 person. Joel says he is going to play hard in the POV. Loveita says I’m pretty sure Tim voted for Christine to stay. Joel says he did. Loveita says I’m petrified of Cassandra now. What are you thinking? Joel says potentially put up Tim as a pawn. Maddy interrupts to talk to Loveita. Loveita talks to Maddy, Ramsey and Dallas. Maddy says that someone told Joel that I was after him. Maddy wants to go talk to him. Loveita says not yet. Loveita goes back to talk to Joel. Loveita tells Joel that someone maybe made you feel that Maddy was gunning for you and she’s not. Would you ever want to work with them? Joel says yeah. Loveita asks if it’s okay to go get them? Joel says yeah. Loveita clears it up that it was just Joels feeling (she was after him) and not what someone said it. Joel leaves. Loveita tells Maddy that this is Joel’s HOH and I’m not going to tell him what to do. He’s going to do what he wants to do.

10:15pm Jared, Raul, Mitch, and Kelsey are in the bedroom talking. Raul says he’s pissed. Kelsey says she (Loveita) always put him (Joel) in a horrible position. Telling him that he was put in this game for her. That she loves nerds. nerds, nerds, nerds.

10:15pm In the kitchen – Nikki is finishing up Phil’s birthday cake. Raul comes down and is mad because they were supposed to do it together.

10:30pm In the kitchen – Ramsey asks Jared where Joels head is at? Jared says I don’t know. I talked to him the other day and asked him where he stood with all the guys. He said that he reached out to you in a time of need and you were there for him. So you’re good this week.

10:40pm – 11pm All the house guests were waiting for Mitch to get out of the diary room to celebrate Phil’s birthday but decided to go ahead with it anyway because Mitch said not to wait for him. Nick does a speech for Phil. Tim says two weeks ago I didn’t know you Phil but now you’re my brother. They cheers to Christine.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-17 19-41-14-485

11:13pm Loveita and Cassandra Cam 10-2

Cassandra calls Loveita cuckoo

11:18pm HOH Joel and Ramsey
Followed by Maddy and Joel.

12:31am JAred, Kelsey and Raul

Joel holds court in the HOH the following conversations happen in part 1.
1:03am Dallas, Loveita and Joel HOH
1:21am Joel and Loveita
1:26am Joel and JAred
1:39am Cassandra and JOel
1:43am Brother and JOel (mitch is they’re as well)

1:48am Joel, Raul and Kelsey

1:50am Ramsey and Maddy

1:58am Dallas and Maddy

2:15am Joel and Loveita HOH

Loveita and Ramsey talk / Joel, Tim and Cassandra talk / Tim and Cassandra talk / Joel alone talks out his nomination options

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Wait what did Kelsey do? Did she kiss Ramsey or Phil? Why is she apologizing to Jared?

Loveita is giving some laughable advice to Maddy. I don’t know if I’ve even seen Maddy talk to Joel much if at all. And Joel’s been pissed at the way Dallas has talked at him rather than to him this last week.

Noms seem pretty forward this week, but it’s BB, and you never know. If I had to guess we’ll be seeing Dallas, Maddy, or Ramsey leave first in the DE. I’m okay with this because Dallas and Maddy have been digging their own graves for a while now.

tim to win

Joel wants to put Tim as a pawn!!! come on if Tim goes home I am doone with this show!!!


Tim is safest bet as a pawn. He has Cassandra and the brothers so far up his ass that it’s laughable. The trio like him. The pink room like him.
But, if anyone were actually able to think reasonably, they’d vote his butt out. He’s got everyone thinking he’s not a threat. Those are the biggest threats.
First person to actually come to the conclusion that Tim needs to go becomes my first pick for the season. I like Tim. I don’t want him to go. But first person that sees reality is the first person I’ll support in the game.


Mitch is into him and surprisingly Nikki is too. Of course Nikki was livid with Tim when she came to this realization, but it sounded like she had either seen or heard of Tim’s season and made a comment about him snaking his way through the game. I don’t think Joel has fallen under Tim’s sway either.

I like Tim as well, but I don’t think the show would be “finished” without him (like some people have suggested) when we’ve still got Loveita loco (hopefully for not too much longer, dirty Dallas (in every sense of the word), the brothers (hopefully Nick stays and goes far), miserable Maddy, Nikki’s weekly meltdown, the Third Wheel alliance, and Cassandra’s potty mouth. If nothing else imho this season was cast perfectly with the right kinds of personalities that clash.

But I agree that whoever does get Tim out is making one of the biggest moves this season. Tim is the most dangerous player to me because he is so likable and able to talk his way out of trouble.


Then I guess your team Lovieta as she has already put that together


Really? Damn. I didn’t want to be team Loveita because i don’t really get her. I knew she had figured he was pot-stirring, didn’t know she’d realized he has to be a target.
But if Loveita pieced together that Tim needs to be taken out… i guess i have to be team Loveita. Oh well. shakes head… this is sort of the same way i had to become team Sabrina two years ago. But if she did figure it out then the first person of three i’m supporting this season is Loveita.

Yay. team.


I’m actually liked Sabrina….she was quite the firecracker…lol…and I like Cassandra too…she reminds me of Sabrina just not so vilotile


Week one through five i had no problem with Sabrina. Week six….. i muted her a lot.
I can be okay with Loveita. She just confuses me a lot.
I wanted to be okay with Cassandra. it’s not hate. i’m just greatly annoyed by her. the annoyance is at the mute level and it’s only week four.
Sorry. I know what she’s doing in the game and why. there’s just something that makes me sneer.


I think that will be one of Loveita, Mitch or Joel who have all made little comments already. Joel was antsy initially, Mitch is always cautious and gets fed the most info from the 2 sides and Love has straight up called him out a couple of times. Plus I’ve seen her eyebrows raise on a couple of occasions when one of Nikki, Maddy, Christine, Cass or Joel have repeated something Tim said. She’s been trying to figure out if he is suppose to cause conflict or if he’s just playing everyone. For now she feels he’s a number and with Nikki so close to her she won’t abandon that feeling… BUT something tells me Love or Mitch will be the one who plants the seed to oust him.


i’m so curious to see how joel handles this HOH… like whether he succumbs to the manipulation of the other HGs or he really is playing dumb and has his own targets??


I have a question. Why does a 25 year old Loveita look older than she really does?


I have a better question, why the f did Joel win that HOH he was sitting pretty as a floater


Godfrey, Jun, Andy, Johnny Mac, Alison, etc. all won comps. There’s nothing wrong with Floaters winning comps so long as they make smart decisions about what they do with their power. The thing with winning comps as a Floater is you have to make moves that ensure people won’t come after you. If somebody like Tim, Nikki, or Dallas left under Joel’s HOH then very few people in the house would be mad at him. I mean Maddy, Ramsey, and Cassandra would have much bigger fish to fry before they could even try and get revenge on Joel. When Jun didn’t use the POV to save Justin in BB4 nobody was mad at her because if she did use it, then her puppet Jee would have gone up in Justin’s place.

Essentially floating through the game is all about planning out how best to position oneself for the following week. If you’re doing your job as a Floater right than the target should not, and will never be, on your back. Unless Joel gets influenced by Loveita’s loco vibes, than this HOH will not mess him up just like Andy’s first HOH didn’t mess him up.


Apparently Jared and Dallas were a close second, and according to Mitch, if Jared and Dallas won instead, they may have called a truce and went after the middle/floaters.


Because she has a job and lives the real world. As far as I am concerned Loveita is the only real game player.

Loveita is the Mad Hatter

Loveita is kind of thinking she is the Queen Bee in Joel’s H.O.H. She is stuck to him like glue, she won’t leave his side. She doesn’t leave when people are coming up to talk to him. She already asked if she could sleep in the room with him. Wish she would would give him space and let him enjoy his room for the first night. Hope he won’t be manipulated by her.


Loveita and Cassandra have been in the pink room for an hour while Joel has been doing walk throughs with the hg’s.


plzz help me am in toronto but if i try to watch bigbrother live feed i cant i have high speed internet.
this is the message am getting

This Event is not available in your location
The owner of this event has chosen to block your location.If you think there has been an issue,please contact the event owner.


Many have had this problem and they have been advised to change their location in their settings. Seems to work.


The Loveita / Cassandra discussion in the pink room.
Had to turn it off.
Cassandra’s accusing condescension in the most condescending tone ever, but she’s doing it as a game manipulation anyway so that she can tell people how crazy and obsesssed Loveita is some more. Seriously. She has walked into every conversation that everyone has had for two days and said Loveita obsessed and crazy no matter what the discussion was actually about. Subject changes to something else and she interjects it again. And again. And again. Someone else enters the room and she says it again. She leaves the room and enters another room and guess what? She interjects it again.
Game manipulation or not, Who is the one obsessed? Obsessed with getting more airtime by having a heated rivalry.
By morning it will be that Cassandra feared for her life and Loveita tried to smother her and the spider with a pillow. The retell train will be heading to Oz or Narnia with Cassandra’s version of events. For days. Sorry. Once was enough and I couldn’t even sit through it the first time.


I didn’t like that convo either. I felt Cassandra was being cruel and manipulative by trying to drive Love to lose it. I’ve known people like that. They “poke” at people until they object and then as soon as someone else is within hearing, they whine and cry with “I don’t know why you hate me” or some other such nonsense. All they are trying to do is goad them to reacting and cause a bigger fight with their victim getting the blame. I have ZERO respect for people like that and will have nothing to do with them. They have serious and vile character flaws. I can’t tolerate that witch any longer.


What is Kelsey apologizing to Jared about?


I think it was the HOH gifs they did. She pretended to kiss Phil (I think it was him) you can see it on the blogs section of the big brother website.


I posted this in the earlier thread, but what would have happened if the winning team could not agree on a HOH?


Cassandra makes me want to never watch BB ever again.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Can someone please slap Loveita in her fugly whining no-fun face!? Like, PLEASE!?


Nikki was hilarious on tonight’s episode!! I freaking love her!


Ugh guess we are stuck with Condescending Cassandra for another few weeks. Something about her really rubs me the wrong way. She is as fake as they come and her arrogance and insecurity is annoying. No wonder Nikki can see right through that bitch


So Jared is subtly trying to get Joel to nominate Loveita. Actually, he’s being about as subtle as a brick to the side of the head.
Tim is trying to get Joel to nominate Loveita. More subtly until Cassandra joins him. Then it starts to get a little Jared playbook.
Five minutes after Tim and Cassandra leave:
Joel is playing noodles and in every situation Tim is the pawn. Not because he wants him to go, but because Tim put the spotlight on Joel, and he figures Tim is the perfect pawn the whole house loves.
The two that he seemed to get the biggest rise out of using were Kelsey and Tim. It makes Cassandra pick a side, and he believes the only people keeping Kelsey are Raul and Jared.
So it makes the brothers take a side as well.
The only reasons I actually think this is funny is because Mitch seems to have told the blue room that Joel is considering nominating Dallas and Maddie, to which they cheered loudly (the pink room heard). While Joel is noodling, Cassandra is in the bathroom with Tim basically deciding Joel’s nominations (I believe they decided on Dallas, Ramsey and Loveita all the people that Cassandra has beef with) and deciding they could get him to cut Loveita to keep the house happy. When Tim said Joel could nominate him, Cassandra answered no, he’d never do that.
I don’t think this will be Joel’s final decision, but consider what could happen.
Tim could actually get Timmed. If Mitch and Loveita decided to oust Tim, and they were able to convince Ramsey as well the vote is suddenly five five. Let’s see how ‘vote your own conscience there is no leader’ Tim is when he’s on the block. Cassandra can’t openly campaign either way, if she does her game is revealed.
If this happened it could be a lot of fun.


How is it possible to have 2 brothers playing as 1 player and absolutely love the one guy and hate the other? I really wish they would separate the 2 and allow them to each play for themselves – that way they could get Phil’s nasty attitudes out of there and Nick can hopefully ride on with Mitch and Joel further in the game. I find it ironic that while Phil is constantly badgering Nick and speaking down to him that it is actually Phil who is screwing up their game


Bohratom: The winners weren’t given the option of what would happen if they couldn’t decide. They would be given a time limit and would have to come to a decision. I suspect bartering and deal making would occur. In front of the rest of the house.


I said in a thread last night that i thought Nikki would be the one to go this week as she’s not tied to any side and not working with Joel so it would be an easy out without too much blood on his hands. Interesting to see him throw Tim,Dallas, Kelsey and Raul’s names around when he was alone in HOH


Why was Kelsey apologizing to Jared?


It is unknown what occurred.
Whatever it was seems to have happenned during the feed blackout.
Sounded like something flirtatious between Kelsey and Jared.


I don’t think Tim will be gone for long if he gets evicted bbcan will do a fake eviction something like that so he can return to the house.