Loveita “If I win the veto and Sharr is the other person up, I’m going to use it on her”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.
Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-04 17-00-37-508
2:10pm till 8pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the house guests to compete in the have / havenot competition.


Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra (she talked about throwing it)

Nominations are later tonight:

Loveita & Sharry are the plan

8pm HOH room – Jared is talking to Ramsey. Ramsey says this is your HOH and you and I know I’m not a threat to you. Jared says when this game changes we can utilize each other. Ramsey says I can so without a doubt if I was HOH I would not put you up. Jared says I am for sure putting up Sharry and Loveita. We look out for each others best interests and take other people out. Ramsey says I am just worried because you’re in an alliance with Kelsey. Jared says she has no influence on me. No one does. Ramsey says that Cassandra had given her word about her vote and then went back on it. It comes down to 3 people Mitch, Dallas, Cassandra. Ramsey says I don’t see why everyone see’s me as a threat. Jared says they don’t see you as a threat. Jared says I have no interest in taking you out because I can see us benefiting each other in the future. Ramsey says I will do my best to influence them not to put you up if they win. Its unfortunate that we are on opposing sides but lets try and make sure we’re the last on each side.
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-04 17-06-42-322

In the kitchen – The house guests are making dinner. There are large slop buckets out on the counters. The “Little Chapel of Havenots” room hasn’t been revealed yet.

8:20pm – 8:40pm In the bedroom – Loveita “If I win the veto and Sharr is the other person up, I am going to use it on her.” Ramsey tells her no you’re not doing that. Sharry joins them and Loveita tells her she will use the veto on her if they’re up together and she wins it. Sharry asks why would you do that? Loveita says because you’re my friend. Sharry says don’t use your POV on me. Loveita says if I won it, its mine to use how I want.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-04 17-42-28-922

9pm HOH room – Phil tells Jared and Kelsey that he threw the last HOH after he took out Joel. “I didnt want to win it” Phil thinks Sharry should leave over Loveita because she’s given up. Jared and Kelsey disagree and want Loveita out. Jared says he wants Loveita, Sharry, Maddy, and then Ramsey out in that order.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-04 17-55-34-108

9:40pm – 9:50pm Big Brother gets all the house guests to go the the havenot room for the reveal of the “Little Chapel of Havenots” that Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra will be spending the next week. Joel is too long for the benches and isn’t allowed to sleep on the floor.
The following video is processing and will be viewable soon 🙂


10:20pm Pink Room Joel and Mitchell

Joel keeps reminding everyone he wasn’t the fourth vote..

10:25pm Cassandra and Tim have nots room

10:35pm Dallas and Cassandra. Dallas apologizes for teasing her.

12:46am Feeds have been down for hours..

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nikki so quiet!


The more videos you guys post the more I love this site <3 thank you


Yeah, where is NIkki? Everyone hyped her up.


Still taking it all in I’d assume, she was pretty drunk last night as well so maybe she is still recovering a bit? I do think she was hyped up though


i hightly suggest youtube her

Julilly- Yep, That Girl

Yeah, except that was 10 years ago!
They clearly over hyped her, lol


I see a prediction of Sharry leaving this week.

Jared thinks his plans will go through for the next 4 weeks. People will be gunning for them sooner than later.


I’ll give it a good 3 weeks until that big alliance gets picked apart….the big alliances always get picked apart before the jury stage…


I’ll be soooo annoyed if Sharry goes… she is the most likeable houseguest this year and to see her go so early would just be terrible!! Hate that Kelsey has all the guys wrapped around her finger… these guys are pathetic


the floor look weird in where ther bros hanging out i bet something squence


Is it true? Did someone eat Nikki’s contract rider chocolate almond milk and bananas?
If it’s just a twitter joke… will someone please do something to kickstart Nikki? Like literally, kick her if you have to. 24 hours without a whining tirade when she’s on bb feels really unnatural. Is she tranquilized or something?


4 FN bowls of cornflakes!


Exactly. It’s like someone took a bowl of froot loops coated in crystal meth and exchange it for terracotta cornflakes now enriched with vitamin ketamine.


She seemed high on anti-anxiety meds when she walked into the house yesterday.
I don’t know why people can’t see how truly unstable she is.
SO to answer your question… yes, she has been tranquilized, lol

sunny dee

she didn’t even know that she was the one going into the house when it was announced, she literally thought it was being said that she was not going in. even after they were the only two left on the stage she still had to ask about it. in After Dark she said that she was just ;processing it all, i don’t think she was that prepared to go in to stay in, maybe she just thought it would be a nice getaway for a few days to come to Canada for the announcement.

as soon as i heard Jared was HOH i already knew who the noms were going to be. i don’t know why they are dragging it out this long, it isn’t like he could get away with not doing Sharry and Loveit. He still has to win the Kelsey, since Philiip (?brother) has already thrown his hat into the Kelsey ring already.


The Loveita Sharry noms are completely expected, I agree.
Loveita tried to pull a safe version of a big move without the social networking skills.
Sharry made it obvious she was cleaved to Loveita without making other relationships with more than a few people.
They failed.
Jared planning the next four eviction order is a little too Iron Fist Captain of the ship for me. Makes me want to see a mutiny. Soon.


So Nikki is having a mild version of her hissy fit, one of the Phick bros is crying because Nikki is having a fit… and most of the it is feed blocked. Going to be a long season?


I’m so bored of the typical power couple with the “not particularly intelligent” slab of beef and the vacuous blond!

G.E.T T.H.E.M. O.U.T F.A.S.T!

Julilly- Yep, That Girl

Amen to that! Lol


I’m tired of the same showmance coming on the show every year. This is why season 2 was so good


I heard that Tim and Cassandra were having some one-on-one game talk today. Can you post a video of that? It was about an hour ago


I will, just waiting for the Noms to be over


Feeds may never come back.. LOL I’ve updated the post with the videos I have.


Big Brother shuts down the live feeds arbitrarily. It doesn’t even make sense why they do that. If there is a competition, it’s understandable. But if the HGs just talk, turning the feeds off makes absolutely no sense.

White Lebron

I’m trying to understand Loveita’s desire to win that first HOH? Isn’t that rule number 1 in Big Brother survival…don’t win anything. and I’m pretty certain her or Sharry wouldn’t have been on Jareds radar had he won ????


Someone has to win. It be so good if first hoh everyone just jumps off throwing it and production has to go to video to see who in fact was last person standing.