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The first week of Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds is now behind us with another exciting week with a new house guest in power about to begin. As head of household this week, Jared nominated Loveita and Sharry for eviction. This week was all about payback for the Third Wheel Alliance (Jared, Kelsey, Raul) as Loveita had nominated and campaigned to get Kelsey out the previous week. After Christine won the Power of Veto and decided not to use it on either of the nominees, it sealed the fate of one of them being evicted tonight. The house guests have been back and forth all week regarding which house guest to evict. Loveita tried mending bridges but from our perspective it appeared as though it was beyond repair. Sharry barely campaigned and focused more on the fact that she felt she was unfairly nominated due only to being guilty by association.


Sharry is evicted.
It’s a toss up who will win HOH this week as the majority of the house guests don’t want power this early in the game. It will likely be one of the following: Kelsey, Dallas, Nikki, Nick, Loveita/Sharry (which ever stays)

Social Media Spoilers:

Thank you – hamsterwatch for the spoilers!

  • Evicted House Guest: Sharry by a vote of 11 – 1
    (Nikki voted to evict Loveita)
  • HOH Winner: Loveita

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-10 17-16-03-159
Joel and Cassandra’s Laundry Task:
Big Brother instructed Joel and Cassandra to give two of their laundry items to charity. If the house guests can make them feel bad enough that they’ll give up all of their stuff to get the other house guests items back they’ll win a reward. Dallas tells them he is going for HOH and they’re going on the block. Joel and Cassandra decided to give up all their clothes. Joel then reads BB note that they’ve been pranked and they’ve eared a party. As a result Big Brother will donate $5,000 to the Dress for Success Canada charity.

– Joel admits when he was younger he was diagnosed with a mild case of turrets.

– Arisa tells the house guests they can now submit complaints to the hotel management (Big Brother) through the complaint box in the storage room. Arisa says Big Brother will address your concerns as soon as possible.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-10 17-38-05-193


Tim votes to evict: Sharry
Nikki votes to evict: Loveita
Ramsey votes to evict: Sharry
Maddy votes to evict: Sharry
Raul votes to evict: Sharry
Joel votes to evict: Sharry
Cassandra votes to evict: Sharry
Dallas votes to evict: Sharry
Kelsey votes to evict: Sharry
Mitchell votes to evict: Sharry
Christine votes to evict: Sharry
Philippe / Nick vote to evict: Sharry

Evicted House Guest: Sharry by a vote of 11 – 1

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-10 17-49-12-010

HOH Competiton – “Big Brother Breakaway!”

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-10 17-53-24-635

HOH Winner: Loveita

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If the spoilers are correct (no reason to disbelieve), I’m of two minds.
Loveita as hoh, again. Because that worked out so well last time…
She just told Jared and Kelsey she wouldn’t go after them yesterday.
She’s been preaching the integrity line for two weeks.
So: who does she target? Does she do the clique’s work for them and then resume her place at the bottom of the pecking order but top of the target order?


if Loveita does win, I hope she does target Kelsey and Jared but then again she already said she wouldn’t so I suppose she will go after dallas and maddy (I don’t like them either so i wouldnt care) – I just want TIM, NIKKI, LOVEITA, PHIL/NICK, JOEL, and MITCH to form a official alliance and take out the rest of the house (eventually i would want TIM, NIKKI, PHIL and MItch to be final 4!


An alliance consisting of so many people would simply not work. Loveita, Joel and Mitch working together (for real!) would be just perfect. Tim and Nikki are not very close to Loveita, Phill, Nick and Mitch. Nick is also allied with Maddy which hates Loveita (and maybe vice versa is true as well) , Phill is not very fond of Maddy&Nick combo either and also Nikki doesn’t appear to be a stable player game-wise either. I was about to say I don’t know what Mitch is really doing in this game, but having listened to the conversation between him and Loveita in HOH room, he’s grown on me a lot. He does have a good understanding on what’s going on in the house just as Joel does. Nikki probably should rather go home at a certain point in time though.



I guess Kelsey and Jared are on the block now…

Oh how the game changes…


Loveita told Joel in HOH room she promissed Kelsey before the eviction she won’t nominate any of the three wheel alliance members in exchange for their vote for her to stay. My guess is that the three knew beforehand they don’t have the votes to evict Loveita and worked to mend the things with Loveita just in case she will win the HOH and won’t put them up (good strategy on their part). Jaded did say in the bedroom ” this week it didn’t work out as we wanted”. Kelsey also said in the bathroom that she will go after Loveita another time. I liked seeing Jared bringing Loveita’s duffel bag up in the HOH room 🙂


LOL Kelsey is going to go around for the next week talking about how the others should have gone with her hair brained plan


HAHAHA in your faces kelsey, jarred, raul, christine and cassandra. HAHAHA!!!

Misleading Edit

cassandra was the most instrumental in swaying those that needed to be swayed to keep loveita

loveita herself was stunned when cass told her this was going to happen and even shook her hand and said you have my jury vote as thanks, because loveita was the original target and odds on to leave

joel, mitch and phil helped with this, but it was cass who put most effort in and was the one who initiated it

wtf bb can production? edit the show properly


only the first 4 on that list should be worried

Cool for the Summer

If this is true and Loveita does become the next HOH, then she better put Kelsey and Jared right on the block! She’ll already be seen as a huge threat. Might as well make the most of your power.


aw sharry gonre what lovelita going do now!


Win HoH, that’s what she’ll do! 🙂


I’m so excited that lovaita won the HOH and I have a feeling that she will definitely nominate Kelsey N Jared, then backdoor Rail. That would be epic… I jst hope she doesn’t chicken out n do something stupid.


That’s my concern too. She doesn’t come across as a confident person in the game, even when she won the HOH. I hope she grows a pair and makes a big move – that’ll shake up the house.


All I have to say is jared and that hyena (Kelsey) better put a plan together!!! Loveita is on the rampage…


Ya … for sure … Kelseys plans are the best … lol


Wasn’t Nikki calling Roul – Hyena?


I believe Roul is “that Hyena”


Simon or Dawg, for some reason I try to go back to page 1 but it doesn’t work for me. I’m trying to look for the link to watch the Big Brother Canada Show and I thought it was on page 1. Would it be possible to put that link up again. It would be much appreciated.


Thank you Dawg!


Targeting anyone but Jared and Kelsey would be stupid, really stupid of Love. She has stated there shouldn’t be a couple in the house, and she will hold to her word.

Kelsey and Jared made it personal (in her mind), and now they are toast.

Though, she could go after Nikki and Tim though I doubt she would.


kelsey, jared,dallas,raul and maddy should all be worried this week. so happy loveita won again. now we know for sure one of those 5 is going home

unless she allows those morons to manipulate her and if she does she will lose all redibility

all in

Loveita will put up Christine, for not using the veto to save her or her friend, and possibly Raul, since he wasn’t considered in the “deal” not to put up Jared or Kelsey. Now she may try to backdoor Kelsey or Jared but she will need a lot of support since she has already been betrayed by the majority of the house. I’m sure she will be doing a lot of talking this week.

winner winner chicken dinner

I hope she puts up kelsey and jared l really would not care who they voted out of those two or Raul break up the clique the feeds will be so fun to watch with those three biting their nails.


I’d like to see Jared in the house for a little longer though, but without Kelsey. I’d like to see what he’s capable of , but on his own . With regards to Raul, I don’t even care about him: he’s done nothing in the game so far.


If Loveita gets rid of Jared or Kelsey than her own target is just going to get bigger. She needs to make moves this week that will let her fly under the radar.


Winning two hoh and second in a pov by the beginning of week three. There is no under the radar for Loveita.


That’s my point lol. She needs to stop trying to win so many comps. All that winning is only going to get her a ticket out the house.

I’m not suggesting it’s bad TV, but it is terrible game play.


I think the ship has sailed on trying to mitigate by losing comps. She might be seen as throwing. That would make her shady and more of a risk.
Right now she’s the most unlikely meat shield of the season. She should sell that. Use the whole ‘they’ll target me first, but keep me in the game and I’ll win everything I can to keep us all safe. I want to be a member of the team, not the leader of the pack’ idea to her best advantage.


There is a lot of luck playing a role in this sort of comps too: winning them doesn’t necessarily make one a “competition beast”


I don’t like how the shows are they editing how hgs to be complete opposite of how there really are to manipulative the public. For example they will give Phil a negative edit and Raill a good edit.


I know she did not intend on winning HOH, but I think that whatever she does will end up causing her to get backdoored in a few weeks.

I think that

Kelsey is a cheesy ho.
Who else caught that line about her offering handjobs for votes? Ramsey said something.


Okay so she’s obviously not playing under the radar, she’s been the centre of attention for three weeks in a row now lol. She needs to make the move that most people will support, which is probably Jared and Kelsey, or Raul and either of them. She’ll need to make deals/ relationships with people this week though – and hopefully settle down and not have to win anything for a while afterwards.


God I hate Kelsey, that chicks rubs me the wrong way in every way. Such a condescending smug face with a nasty attitude. She starts shit everywhere her ass needs to be painted on one of those nomination chairs. Hopefully she is a have-not with her sidekicks Raul and Jared. Its so pathetic to see wanting to have wine with Loveita after spending the week trashing her…seriously get that flight attendant on her broomstick and out of the House

sunny dee

i think it was good for her to win considering Joel got bumped, and who by. if Joel had still been the top guy, i think she would have not been so worried about getting the right slot.

i guess it would have changed things depends on who ended up HOH, but really the only way for her to be sure she isn’t either Have Not or nominated is to simply win it.

I like that HOH game, it requires a bit of skill., a bit of luck, and because of that everyone really has a pretty good shot at it. i also like that it is a quick one, so you know at the end of the show, especially considering that i don’t think the viewers wanted either of those two still on the block, so showing that one of them did win HOH is good tv.

i am on the fence about who should be nominated. I think having Christine as a target and as someone who gets evicted is probably a safe play for Loveita, and an easy non threatening sort of moves for the other HGs, which they will actually appreciate. that is the kind of thing that can get her in a safe place thru the next week. many will probably try to push Dallas up there as well.

I do hope that she isn’t as foolish this time around and 1. comes out of the HOH, or makes it a meeting place for many and 2. doesn’t tell her target that they are her target. tell everyone that they are not the target, they need to with POV so she can put up her target in a back door.

if Jarsey is her target, she needs to put them both up really, that way when one wins, they take themselves off, if she puts only half the pair up, then that one wins, they take off the other half, and bam, neither one of them left there and she is left putting someone up beside Raul. but everyone usually thinks well then they just can’t be picked for POV and usually they are, which is why it tends to fail.

i also like that challenge that Christine won, that i haven’t seen done that way before, i like it.


Loveita should put up Kelsey and Jared. But so far she has proven to be a pretty bad player. Should be interesting. I bet she puts up the wrong two people and gets burned again.


Maybe Joel & Mitch will teach her how to play this game since it looks like they are her closest allies now

hernanday oleary

Why did the house want to keep loveita who wins two hoh already over sharry? I don’t get it, why keep in the stronger player, did I miss something?


Phil wanted to keep Loveita to keep the feud between Kelsey/Jared and Loveita going so he and his brother would not be noticed as much. He supported Joel and Mitch in their thought to keep Loveita.
Cassandra wanted to keep Loveita because Cassandra and Sharry had issues with each other almost from the beginning (personality clash). She swayed the clique by saying Loveita was now her puppet they could control.


mitch, cassandra, joel, brothers wanted to keep targets going at each other and all got on much better with loveita


First a huge shout out to Dawg and Simon for once again providing the Best BBCAN capsule reports available. Not a fan of Loveita but I also love when the House is shaken up as it should be this week…… Look forward to the next few days and see how things play out…




Does anyone actually know who is on the block this week, I hope it is Kelsey and Raul.