Big Brother CANADA 2 – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

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10:45am – 12:20pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Ceremony. When the live feeds return – we learn that Ika as the Power of Veto holder and Head of Household chose to keep the nominations the same and not use the veto.

Out in the hot tub room – Paul and Adel are talking. Paul asks Adel to swear that he didn’t know that Ika was keeping the nominations the same. Adel swears and tells Paul to not to worry. Paul says I am trusting you 110%. Adel says I have never lied to you. They hug and Adel heads back inside. Adel says keep cool with everyone ..everyone thinks that Heather and Rachelle are the two main ones you know. Or else we’re the next main targets. Everyone see that Sarah wants Heathers head on a plater. Andrew & Kenny come out to smoke as Paul paces back and forth. Up in the HOH room – Ika, Sabrina, Neda and Rachelle are talking. They talk about how Allison will be voting out Heather. They talk about getting Adel out next week. Sabrina then starts talking about her conversation with Andrew last night. She says he told her that he liked her the first time he saw her and how if she doesn’t want him to talk to Allison any more he won’t. Sabrina brings up how Allison came into the house with a boyfriend. Paul comes up and hugs Ika saying its okay, I understand. Paul leaves. Neda asks so its 100% we’re voting out Heather? Ika says yes as long as we have Adel. If just the girls vote then we don’t have the votes. Sarah joins them. Ika says that she will talk to Adel but that she’s sure he will vote out Heather. Sabrina says by the way I can get Andrew to vote out Heather because he didn’t promise anything. Sarah comments that Adel did vote against Paul last week. Jon joins them and they talk to him about how he promised Heather he wouldn’t vote her out so he can’t.

BBCAN2-2014-03-17 09-21-02-368

12:40pm – 1:10pm Adel comes up to the HOH room to talk to Ika alone. Ika tells Adel that they need his vote to vote out Heather and keep Paul. Ika tells Adel that if next week he goes up on the block the girls will have the votes to keep him. Adel says I hope so. Adel says that he is going after Andrew and Kenny. Ika says if I had the power behind me I would have taken off Paul and put up Kenny but the girls were not comfortable with it. Adel agrees that it was too risky. Adel says I hope these people realize that Kenny and Andrew are a power bro alliance. Andrew is a true power house. Ika tells Adel that he and Paul have to try and win next week. Adel says that he will and that he can’t wait to see their faces when he puts them up. Ika tells Adel that whoever he wants out that’s who the girls will vote out. Adel says I never swore on my religion to those guys .. those f**King f@g*ts! (Adel says this at 10:14 minutes into the video below.) Ika says that Kenny has to go. Adel says Jon is a big dumb dumb. Andrew is a power house that annoys everyone. Adel asks what if Allison votes out Paul. Ika says then it would be a tie and I would break the tie to vote out Heather. Ika and Adel high five. Adel says that he is worried he is still going I just hope he doesn’t do anything. After Paul realizes you did this I will need to get him his heart medication. Sabrina joins them. Adel comments on how Paul is mentally disabled. Sabrina and Ika tell him that a bad term to use. Sarah joins them. Sabrina says that she already talked to Allison and she said she’s voting out Heather. Adel tells the girls that he will talk to Paul and tell him to lay low. I’ll just make sure he doesn’t eat a steak before the votes. The girls laugh.

BBCAN2-2014-03-17 09-43-06-356

1:40pm Jon joins them up in the HOH room – Jon comments on how he didn’t tell his girlfriend Janelle that he was coming on Big Brother. Sabrina asks him why he didn’t tell her when he was a finalist. Jon says that he didn’t think being a finalist was that big of a deal. Sarah says there were only 15 finalists. Jon says I was just worried about the million dollar lawsuit .. if she decided she hated me she could say f**k you. Sarah agree’s with Jon and says he did the right thing. Sarah talks about how Heather’s been sleeping in the HOH room every night. She tells Ika that they’ll tell her the other girls are going to sleep up here Wednesday night. Heather joins them. The girls are plucking hairs. Jon asks if they have hair on their n!pples. Sarah and Rachelle says yes. Heather says I kind of want to look at my n!pples now. Sarah asks Heather if she’s going to sleep in the HOH room all week. Heather says that Ika said she didn’t want to sleep alone so I said okay.

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Sabrina is a snake, reminds me of Andy from BB15


Sabrina is the cross between Andy BB15 and Amanda BB15.


Are these people clueless? I’m wondering if Sarah and Sabrina have ever even seen the show? What part of being in an alliance with alpha males did they miss in the past … time n time again? Guys use girls to get to the end then dump them! Ika Ika Ika… and I thought there was hope. She just blew her game. Even as she was talking she was admitting no matter what she is a target. So she should of taken out one of her targets before they strike. C ya Ika… ur done!
My predictions…HOH = Kenny….HOH = Andrew ….HOH = Kenny….HOH = Andrew…….Goodbye clueless, would rather bicker than play the game girls.
Sabrina n Sarah gave the game to Kenny or Andrew …. what fools!


There is a flip opportunity at F6/7 for Sarah/Brina. I don’t think they’re playing smart yet but at least Brina is playing. Kenny/Andrew will be monster targets after jury. If the “wrong” people are evicted a couple times(see Emmit not staying loyal to Andrew BB Can1) leaving anyone who can get HOH, nom the 2 boys and the girls flip see you 1 of the 2 power guys. Not sold on Andrews game tactics. I think Kenny won’t let this possibility happen.

See I think Andrews making a big mistake not keeping a Heather. Loner for the most part. Not liked by the girls. It’s a pretty easy easy vote where you never get Paul’s vote the rest of the game.


If any guy out there is willing to answer: Is Sabrina an attractive girl?


Not attractive at all.


She can actually be very attractive, I’m personally a little bothered by all the commenters calling her fat and a cow, etc. But it’s the personality that I think really turns people off, it’s not all about looks. It happens all the time when you see someone who is physically attractive, but then you start to hear them speak and it all goes away. That’s how I see it at least. For example, I’m not saying Sabrina is in Aaryn’s league at all looks wise, but Aaryn is someone who has that blonde bombshell look, but once her true colours came out, I didn’t find her attractive in the least.


Cora, not to me, but when love strikes, who cares?

I think SSSSabrina may actually go beyond Histrionic Personality Disorder to bordeline psychopath.
They are not all criminals, despite what many think.
They can be high-functioning individuals.
They can be incredibly charming and successful and very successfully manipulative, good at pinpointing targets.
They can be incredible mimics of normal human emotion without feeling it.

I have been wondering if Production doesn’t regret the decision to cast her, and is giving her OK edits for fear of exposing they put someone very inappropriate on TV.

Maybe I’m wrong and she’s just an habitual liar, desperate for a sense of control and needs to belittle others.


I am of the opinion that every season of Big Brother (US and Canada), has at least one sociopath and or psychopath and or narcissicist. I’m no doctor – just baffled viewer.


Forgot to put my name in above #Baffled Viewer


I think Sabrina is the most TOXIC person I have ever seen on BB – I’m taking a break until she is told to wise up, or until she is gone – I will not let that leech into my day for another minute – her family must be soooo proud of their pathetic daughter!!


Slobrina is a nasty fish. She’s barely hangin on to what figure she may have. The type that balloons after the security of a relationship. The kind that “accidentally” gets knocked up with the quarterbacks baby. She can’t keep her trap shut about useless crap that has no barring on anyone’s game. BUT!, she has kept the dumb-girls in disarray and from forming an alliance, and protects the interest of the 1st5 alliance. But as a person? Psycho- hose-beast


The Twinkie and the Walrus
ended on the block –
one is Minnie Mouse
one can barely walk –
that Ika-fyin’ Ika
doesn’t walk her talk.
Ever heard the saying
“Strike while the irons hot”?
I have a funny feeling
this was Ika’s only shot.

Johhny (the European one!)

Nice one! 🙂


Got to admit, Paul’s plan is working. He should have been gone week 2, and it looks like he is going to make it to the finally. I think he i this years spencer, LOL. After this week, if paul and adel both lose the hoh, they will have a better chance to win the game because the boys and girls no its getting down to the wire and if kenny wins hoh lets say, it might become obvious its better to get out ika and rachelle now than later because paul and adel aren’t winning anything. If I was Adel I’d throw the hoh, paul is more hated so itss unlikely he will go home.


Why in the world would Adel throw HOH? He knows that he’s still on the outs with a lot of people in the house and he’s itching to make a big move. If a girl wins, there’s a good chance he’s going up.


“Why in the world would Adel throw HOH? He knows that he’s still on the outs with a lot of people in the house and he’s itching to make a big move. If a girl wins, there’s a good chance he’s going up.”

Yes but going up isn’t the same thing as going home, some of the winners of the game have gone up numerous times and thrown numerous competitions, in fact Jillian is the one who comes to mind who was never nominated and that is because she and her boyfriend won almost every week! Adel is liked by both sides (girls and boys) more than Paul.
Many players get close to win despite being nominated a ton of times. There is an inverse relationship between winning hoh early and winning the game. The more you win, the more people want you out. Paul’s going first no matter when Adel goes up, Paul is going home before him. If a girl wins the target #1 is paul and Allison those are the main hated people from the girls si$de afterheather. No one is specifically gunning to get adel out, paul, heather, andrew, kenny there are people gunning for them But no one is saying we need to get adel out next week. And the best thing he can do is try to be nice and float into the finals. All the strong players are going to knock each other out. You want to win big brother throw all the competitions and pretend to be weak so no one thinks about eliminating you then win near the end.


UGH I cannot handle this Heather bashing.. All theses girls sans Allison are being horrible.


There’s pranks and there’s tomfoolery
and jokes like in high schoolery,
babe-ogling with some droolery
and much adjusting jewellery
but man, these women…
Like witches with boobs saggery
or premature old-haggery
there’s bitching and douche-baggery
there’s looks and words most daggery
there’s snitching and tongue waggery
so juvenile it’s staggering.


Are people really believing Sabrina’s lies about Allison?


Sabrina pleeeease go home!!! Her big fat trash talking mouth is ruining this season..


Unbelievable. It’s just absolutely revolting and so infuriating how everyone is running to big mouth bitch Sabrina. Sabrina you’re playing for a top 5 finish, certainly NOT for the money, but by all means ruin your ties with the girls and run back to 2 men who don’t even care about you. If only one of those girls were smart enough to figure out that some of their own alliance was not actually on their side, but then again all they care about is how their hair looks….


Sooo sick of the hair repair.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

So no one’s gonna say anything about Adel calling the bros “f*cking f@ggots”? I really hope the show doles out some kind of punishment for it. I think it was a disgrace that CBS just let it all go on during the last American BB, and as a Canadian, I hope the producers of our version decide not to let it slide. I haven’t minded Adel to this point, and I especially liked how happy he was when Kyle asked to pray with him. Kyle and Adel praying together was one of my fave moments ever on BB. I just wish Adel could maybe learn from Kyle’s example and be a little more open to and accepting of people who are different from him.


A lot of people unfortunately still use that word when they really shouldn’t. It’s very disappointing.

But unlike Aaryn who was vicious and when she said it actually revealed her prejudices, I don’t think Adel meant it that way at all.

Definitely called for a better choice of words, though.


What I found interesting was that Ika and Sabrina told him not to say mentally disabled, because it was offensive. But Ika didn’t correct him on that. Maybe it’s just me, but if i had to choose between which is more offensive f@gg0t is def. worse

Johhny (the European one!)

I’m having a hard time getting on the “we like Adel” bandwagon.
Being in the minority, up against the “Empire” with his back against the wall doesn’t automatically make him sympathetic to me.
I mean, when wanting to express his dislike of Kenny and Andrew, what he comes up with is “those f’ckin fagg0ts”. That’s just not OK. Pointing the finger at someone else who said even worse things isn’t enough to make me like him.
I also have a really hard time calling him a good player when him and Kenny were clueless enough to “spend their last night together” 48 hours too soon. They were litterally saying “this is our last …” about everything that night. When in a difficult situation, for days his only idea was to lay down and die, “go out with a bang” rather than “trying not to go out”.
I can agree to call him “the one-eyed among many blind” in this house (compared to Kyle, Paul and Rachelle), but I personally value strategic players and genuine good people, he’s none of the above.

Johhny (the European one!)

I once again confused Kenny and Kyle. (insert rolleye smilie) You got what I meant: him and his bro KYLE were 2 days off, not The Beard Kenny.


I was on the we like Adel bandwagon back when Kyle was around but have since moved on… I’m disliking the girls alliance too much


What alliance?

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Also would have liked to be able to get on the Adel bandwagon… and could also have been willing to forgive him for the “f@ggots” comment if he had other redeeming qualities, but if he does, I have yet to see them. He showed some signs of being an okay player when he was pitching ideas to Ika on last night’s episodes, but he’s also made some very bad moves as well.

It seems to be getting harder and harder to find people to root for on BB, whether it’s the American or Canadian version. Jon seems okay from what I’ve seen, but he hasn’t had much impact to this point. Neda also strikes me as maybe the most intelligent player in the house, but I don’t know if she’s been one of the girls participating in being so mean to Heather.


It’s so frustrating that there isn’t at least one houseguest that I can root for. When Ika won HOH I was thrilled and thought “finally, somebody with the kahunas to put the big guns on the block”…boy was I wrong, Heather and Paul?? Seriously?? I hope she gets evicted next, and hopefully Adel will become HOH but I get the feeling if he does he’ll get rooked into the “boys” alliance and they’ll run his HOH too.

Chilltown Invasion

Once again Ika believing everything that her “alliance” member Sabrina has to say is proving fatal to her game. I wish someone would get drift of Sabrina being the news reporter in the house and set her up so then she get booted out, now that would be television to see ass on the block and getting evicted.

Realistically a real big brother player would have been able to sense something was off about Sabrina and would made that big move to see where alliances stood in that house, and the fireworks would have went off. Jon and Arlie would have had to once and for all pick a side and so would Sabrina and Sarah (thus exposing themselves as fakes and liars for the girl alliance). It may or may not have paid off for Ika but now she will never know, and now will have to sweat it out for the next few weeks because little does she know Ms.Sabrina has been relaying everything back to those men and now the big pimp army is coming after her.


I feel sorry for Heather. I said it last week and I still feel the same. Granted, she hasn’t not much to save herself/play the game seriously. The immediate hate on that the ” girls” had for her from the start seems unfair. Did I miss something early on, did Heather do something to make people have this attitude towards her? If anybody can fill me in on that would be great.

I’m hoping a male wins this year. I don’t find any of the females appealing or deserving whatsoever. Adel cracks me up, I hope he can last.

Johhny (the European one!)

I’m afraid her big mistake in this game is not having realized yet just how much her behavior (voice, childlike statements and expression) aren’t fit for an unbiased society.
If she is the exact same way in her real life, then congratulations, that must be a really happy, secluded life with only over-loving family and friends around her. Makes me think of Tara growing up on a cotton farm in Louisiana pre-American Civil War, with her father being “the big Boss” calling her “Princess” and shielding her from having to face and adapt to the real world.
People who never told her in the last 15 years that she should try to grow up, that it doesn’t come across as cute but as fake and “outside the realm of this world”. I’d say that’s already a clear reality in normal society, but it definitely is true in the cutthroat game of Big Brother.
I genuinely hope she’ll be fine when she exits this game.


Why does it get me nervous when Adel is stuck in a room with Sarah and Sabrina and Ika? I trust Ika more than Sarah and Sabrina, but they are agreeing with him but realizing hes so SMART!