Big Brother Canada 2 – POV Players PICKED! Jon says F**K YOU KENNY! F**KING LOSER!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 12-47-31-048

POWER OF VETO Players: Heather, Allison, Kenny, Arlie, Rachelle, Sabrina
POV Host: Jon

2:45pm – 3:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the house guests to pick players for the Power Of Veto Competition that will be held some time today. Arlie comes into the bedroom and tells Neda and Adel that everyone needs to clean the kitchen. Big Brother told us told to clean. Adel asks Arlie if he is going to try for the veto? Arlie shrugs his shoulders. They head down stairs. In the kitchen Kenny freaks out on Jon asking him if there’s a reason he is leaving when you’re supposed to clean up? Jon says that he never heard the announcement. Kenny says you’ve been running your mouth since day 1. Jon says settle your D! Jon comes back and tells him to f**k off. Jon calls Kenny a f**king loser! Kenny says go f**k yourself. Jon walks away and heads up to the HOH room and talks to Heather. Heather and Jon comment on how Kenny just can’t win the veto. Heather says and even if he does I’ll put up Sarah. Jon says he is worried that if Kenny wins and comes off and Sarah goes up ..if we don’t have Arlie on board with us then we can’t get Sarah out. Heather says we should just wait until after the POV. I know I am just a little girl but I’m going to try and win it.

In the kitchen Adel and Sabrina get into a fight. Sabrina asks if Adel wants her to take the mirror and tweezers that Sarah put on the kitchen table. Adel says that people in this house have no brains. Sabrina stops and asks what?! I am just asking! Adel asks what do you want me to do micro-mange you!? Sabrina is confused and says she was just asking. Sabrina walks off. Sabrina goes into the havenot room with Sarah. Sarah tells her that she is so proud of how she handled that situation. Sarah says that she almost went off on Adel.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 12-58-05-182

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 13-09-49-350
4:15pm Jon is now in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. Up in the bathroom – Heather tells Neda that they hid a bottle of syrup in the HOH room. They talk about the tension between everyone.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 13-13-17-210

4:30pm In the havenot room – Rachelle tells Sabrina about the fight between Jon and Kenny. Sabrina hadn’t heard the fight so Rachelle tells her what happened. Kenny joins them and talks about his fight with Jon. Rachelle talks about Heather complimenting her hat. Kenny calls Heather an a$$ hat. Kenny says I don’t even know why I was fighting with that giant man baby. Kenny says so if noms stay the same.. Sabrina says I’m voting to keep you. If it was Rachelle up there that was the only situation that I didn’t know but anyone else there is no question I would vote to keep you. They talk about what the POV competition might be. They all think it going to be a water competition. Sarah joins them and talks to them about her plan to get Heather to nominate her if Rachelle or Sabrina win the veto. Sabrina shoots down her plan and Sarah leaves.

Kenny and Sabrina comment on how they wouldn’t be surprise if Jon didn’t have a girlfriend when he gets home. Kenny says he tries to hump and rub his d**k on all the girls in here. It is so clear he has a thing for Neda. Sabrina jokes where did he get that yeast infection?!

4:45pm – 5pm Adel says just wait until one of us win .. I am going to be a psychopath that rubs sh*t in your face! Jon says that he is so pissed that he doesn’t get to play in the veto because if I won it I would dangle it on my di*k right in his face! Neda says that Kenny is just in your face because he knows your not playing in it. They comment on Sabrina and Rachelle practically aren’t in it any ways because they aren’t going to win it. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Arlie talks Sarah out of trying to go up on the block the try and save Kenny. He tells her that her going up directly affects his game. Sarah wonders if Arlie will throw the competition. Arlie says that’s an option but I don’t know .. If I won it I would consider using it to take Kenny off. Arlie says this is the only time I’ve seen you at risk in the game ..and it only due to your relationship with Kenny.

5:35pm Up in the HOH room – Heather, Jon, Neda and Adel are hanging out. Adel comments on how Rachelle has the weakest story line of anyone on here, she’s like a little pet. He says all she does is follow Sabrina around. Adel says Sabrina tells her what conversations she can be a part of and tells her to come with her all the time. Adel says we’re supposed to be on here to show Canada who we are. Jon leaves. Neda and Heather talk about Arlie. Neda is worried that if the power flips next week Arlie will go to the other side. Neda says that Arlie has put himself in the best position in this game. They talk about how being a floater isn’t easy. Jon joins them again. Neda asks if they think Kenny was faking his head ache today. Heather says he’s never complained about a headache before but doesn’t understand why someone would lie about that. Neda says to appear weak. Heather says I still don’t get why.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 14-36-27-514

In the kitchen – Allison talks to Adel about how she thinks she is going home. Adel tells Allison no way .. there are so many little alliances with in the alliances. He tells her that there are 2 people within that alliance that want Kenny out! 2 of them! 2 of them that want him out! I can’t wait for it to happen. WAKE UP CANADA! WAKE UP CANADA! Meanwhile up in the HOH room Heather and Neda are talking. Heather says I know this is bad but I didn’t want Rachelle to play in the POV just in case we got cute outfits. Neda says you look better than her. Heather says she really wants to get to jury. Neda says I think you and I will definitely get to jury but my fear is that Adel and Jon don’t make it.

The Gremlins both comment on how they don’t feel like competing.. They head out of the bathroom and Sabrina asks if it looks like she has 72 chins. Rachelle laughs and says no. The cameras switch to Arlie, Jon and Adel in the main bedroom. Arlie tells them that he will never campaign for Sarah because he would never want them to question him. Adel says that will never happen.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 14-54-03-923

6pm In the kitchen – Sabrina tells Kenny and Sarah that Allison is in the bedroom with Jon and Adel. Sarah says that she’s worried she will flip to the other side. She says that next week she could definitely go to either side.

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Omg the drama begins. I live Adel but as much as he hates Sabrina, its better to be nice to her and just kill her with kindness. Kenny has a lot of nerve to talk to Jon like that. These people need to calm down, enjoy the game and just fight for the game and not each other. I love Heather’s person ality, such a good soul.

Thanks Simon and Dawg. Love this site.


Kenny is such a bitch. He acts as though he expects everyone to further his game; the second anyone does anything that he doesn’t like, he looses his shit. I hope when he gets out of the house it bites him in the ass. That is not a healthy way to live life – and if this is any indicator of how he is outside of the house, he needs to learn a lesson.


He isn’t the center of the fucking universe; even if his mother told him he was.


When Kenny’s mom was on the last episode is was obvious that she’s t has constantly told him what a special little fucking snowflake he is his entire life.

He is absolutely insufferable.

Nana Jo

I thought the same thing about Kenny’s mother. “Special little snowflake” …. ha ha ha! He obviously has a momsie complex and Sarah is filling that role nicely. Washing his back, making sure his little tummy isn’t getting too hungry … she’ll be wiping his ass next, if she isn’t already. After a lifetime of being told how amazing he is and getting what he wants when he has or threatens a tantrum, he can’t get past the shock of discovering that the other HGs are actually not just going to fall in with his plans. Never mind, Kenny … Sarah will always have a place for you in her house/bed, and you like married couple alliances, right?


Nana Jo – Superbly put!!!!!!!


If Sabrina or Rachelle win the POV, they can just say that if they use it on Kenney the other (Sabrina or Rachelle) will go up in his place and go home.


I love how Sarah tries to talk Sobs and Rachelle into using veto to take Kenny off if they win. Sobs is worried that either her or Rachelle will go up instead if either of them use it. Sarah says to get Heather to put herself up because Allison will go home against her and if not, at least Kenny is still there. Sarah leaves and Rachelle suggests to Sobs that they both throw it. Arlie is also competing and we KNOW he will throw it. So that means no one will be playing for Kenny besides himself. Let’s see how this goes…the only comp he has won was the Divergent veto and there was no way for him to lose it. Time to put your money where your mouth is, Kenny…I hope Heather wins it. That would REALLY get them where it hurts.


Wow…Kenny just called Jon a giant man-baby…he is one to talk.


What Kenny doesn’t understand is that man child quality is what endears people to Jon. Kenny is 25 and has less spunk and joie de vivre than a 60 year old man. Ya I know Kenny needs a big hug. He also needs an RX for antidepressants from the Shrink BB has on standby, once he’s evicted. He needs something. What a waste of youth!


I though if someone win POV, they won’t be put up, whether they use the POV on someone else or not. So how would Sabrina be worried if she’d be up once she won POV and took Kenny off? Or am I mistaken?


Yes if Sabrina wins the veto and takes Kenny off they are both safe but then rachelle has the risk of going up and that’s why Sabrina would be worried.


She would be worried about Rachelle going up as a replacement.


The girls in this game worry more about saving their “men friends” than they do about saving themselves. It’s disturbing to watch.


I absolutely love Heather, but reading these comments people have likened her to EINSTEIN. Yes, she won the HOH, but then let Jon, Neda and Adel run it for her. In the beginning she was not going to put Allison up, and then Jon and Neda changed her mind. She then puts up Allison with Kenny and says she has Allison’s back and will take her off. Now Jon and Neda are trying to convince her to get rid of Allison if Kenny comes off. What is so brilliant about this move? They have Heather snowed here, because they aren’t telling her that Sarah is in their alliance. As I see it, this alliance is full of crap, and they are hiding stuff from each other already, and they have been in power less than a week. I give it one more week, and they will fall apart.


Kenny needs to chill out and I agree, many need to just enjoy and have fun, not always be grumpy and bitchy. They are missing out on this experience by acting like that I’d bet my life, once out of the house and watching the show, they will have regrets by how they acted! Last year at least they had tons of fun and there was always laughter, even during stressful times!


Such a striking difference between this cast and last year’s – just a totally different mood in the house


Will Rachelle use the veto if she wins? What if Heather tells her Sabrina is the replacement nomination? I’m not sure……


My money’s on Arlie or Sabrina. But they would just keep the nominations the same.


I don’t think either of those people would really want to win this POV.


They might still accidentally win.


Right now the only person playing it right is Arlie. Even though I don’t think he knows exactly what side he is on yet, he just goes with the flow.

Adel needs to calm down and keep his mouth shut. He gets too excited so easily. I know he is prob. tired of being on slop for 3 weeks, even though he says he likes it. If Sabrina pisses him off, he just needs be the bigger person.

Sarah’s mission is just to keep Kenny safe and she thinks by using reverse psychology on Sabrina it will work, but Sabrina only cares about herself. She will not let Rachelle use it on Kenny unless she wins, then she would use it.

Heather’s HOH better be worth it and she better make a big move because the only people keeping her truly safe are prob. Adel and Arlie. Her days are numbered, unless Jon and Adel make themselves bigger targets.


Good players save themselves when they’re on the block. Kenny could not have it any easier, three of the veto players aren’t even going to try to win. All he has to do is beat Allison and Heather. If he can’t do that, good riddance.


POV host is Jon.


I’m sorry to say this, but I really feel sorry for ALLISON. She is trying so hard to fit in somewhere, and these people on both sides are lying their asses off to her. Yes she latched onto Andrew in the beginning, but all the girls ignored her. They called her nothing but “THE NEW GIRL” for 3 weeks. Sabrina started the lies about her right from day 1, and it snowballed from there. The only other girl she got kind of close with was Heather, and we all can see where that has gone. She sits and has a genuine conversation with Neda, where she says nothing bad about anyone, and an hour later is going to be put on the block because Neda pushed Heather to put her up. I do not like Allison, but feel badly that no one is willing to give her a chance.

Another observation I would like to make at this point is that Jon and Adele are acting like complete and utter assholes right now. Jon acts like he is 10 years old, and who the hell died and left Adele in charge of anything. His comments and actions are turning me completely against him. Who does he think he is.


Allison focused on Andrew in the war room and then honed into her target once she got in the house. I don’t recall her even trying to make friends with the other girls (they don’t deserve to be called women). Heather is her friend and yet the minute she left the HoH room, she went down and blabbed the entire conversation to Kenny and Sarah. I feel bad she had a 2 week disadvantage but not for the fact she’s scrambling now. She has the worst character judgment ever and that’s not something our rooting for her can fix. She can leave now. Bye Allison!

another name

haven’t really been that great a fan of allison’s gameplay, mostly because i don’t really see how it has had any real effect in advancing her long term in the game. that said, she has been following the roads presented to her. shortly after she entered the house, the women’s alliance made a tactical error in disappearing to meet in another room to discuss how they didn’t want another player, say they had to get her out, tossed in a few catty insults, you know, pretty much everything they did while they had their hoh run. there was no way she was getting in on that alliance, and it was made pretty clear immediately. imagine yourself walking into a room, and half the people immediately run away. you know automaticaly they are talking about you, and if it were good news, they’d invite you along. so, she went with plan b, the showmance route.
as far as her relationship with heather and informing the other side of their conversations: she tried to ally herself with heather. heather said she was safe, then said sorry you’re going on the block. since allison doesn’t know about arlie (but should have been able to infer that somebody was playing both sides from the hints dropped) she can’t just trust heather that she is safe. so… if you are allison and you learn your friend has gone back on her word… do you think she owes allegiance to heather? given the information present to her, no. again, she isn’t making great long term moves, but she is walking down the paths presented to her for good or ill.


I most certainly do not feel sorry for Allison. She made no effort to try really getting to know anyone. She (stupidly) latched herself to Andrew, expected him to carry her, and alienated herself from the rest of the house. Even I still refer to her as “New Girl”, because she’s done nothing this whole time and is a complete non-entity in the game.

She did it to herself.


It’s pretty disgusting how un-green the BBH is. The water has been running for hours and now they’re drying dishes with toilet paper. Who raised these cretins? Shame on you Slice!




I’m all for caring for the environment but the whole “green” concept is propaganda. It’s nothing more than a way for government and Big Business to make more money from gullible consumers. (For example: Reusable bags have not decreased the production of paper or plastic bags at all. Not one bit. It’s a marketing tool to sell reusable bags. Stores that have banned plastic bags have only done so to reduce THEIR costs and SELL reusable bags. It’s not out of concern for the environment. Businesses are only concerned about profit and will use ANY convenient ploy or excuse to increase those profits.)

That said, yes, these children don’t think. At least not about anything or anyone else but themselves. Water is left running all the time and they use toilet paper for everything. Maybe if they washed the dish towels once in awhile??? I know they have them.


I was seriously wondering the same thing, it is disturbing. The water was running for such a long time and the dishes are still dirty, what a waste. They have absolutely no environmental consideration.


I doesn’t matter. The water gets “re-purified” and introduced in the system. The only dumb thing here is the water bill going up. This technically isn’t wasting water. Never understood when people kept saying that dumb excuse as if the water disappears.


Allison who gave the pig andrew a HANd job? Get real


i want to root for Adel but he is just a big jerk, the way the show is edited you would think he isn’t. These players need to separate the game from reality, even though sabrina is whiny and a compulsive liar, she doesnt deserve to be talked to like that. Adel and his thick head are going to be his downfall.


I think since Andrew is gone all the guys are competing to be alpha of the house (besides Arlie). Add the pressure of eviction coming up and we’ve got a whole lotta testosterone showing.


I agree with you. Adel is nothing more than a player with an ego bigger than he is. You have to give him credit, though, because he’s got the public fooled. They don’t seem to see the forest for the trees. They ignore his incredibly rude and personal put downs of other people. They don’t see that since Canada voted for him in the Hashtag Challenge, he’s gotten cocky and arrogant. They don’t see that since he’s been told Canada loves him for sticking by the underdogs, that he now does it not out of friendship with the person but solely to brag about it and keep on Canada’s good side. (He doesn’t care two hoots about Heather. She’s a pawn in his popularity game.)

Adel used to yell at Paul for talking and talking… giving out too much information and trying too hard to impress others. Now, with his inflated ego, he’s doing all of that and more. Paul did it out of ignorance of the game and lack of strategy. Adel does it out of pride.


Well, I’m probably gonna get lots of thumbs down, but now that Andrew is gone, Jon has come out of his shell and thinks he’s running the house now. Isn’t he a bully just like Andrew? Is he really any better than Andrew (or Kenny)? I really hope Canada sees that and nominates him the next time and that is if he can stay that long in the house.

Andrews lurking

is that u snotty gordo?


Gordo doesn’t talk like I do.


Seriously, you think Jon is like Andrew or Kenny???? He doesn’t call the girls b*tch yelling at them to F-off. He also doesn’t have the waterworks going to gain sympathy. Not to mention he has talked to every single person in that house unlike Kenny who practically ignored one side of the house for the 1st 4 weeks. I am Gay and I am saddened that Kenny is gay. Hard enough to be gay let and he makes being an a-hole look easy.. He is a PR*ICK! Someone should always remember when you are a minority you should probably treat others like you would want to be treated. If anyone ever tries to say something to Kenny that he doesn’t want to hear he tells them to F-off. He is the typical person where you would say his way or the highway or they always know what is right. Life doesn’t go well for people like that! Sorry I guess you are allowed your own opinion “Jonsabully” But the proof is in the tapes!


Jon talking to everyone in the house is basically gaining sympathy. He’s trying to connect with as many people as possible to let the connections work to his advantage at some point. Kenny has been gaining sympathy from only his 1st 5 alliance and Rachelle which just shows what a bad social game he’s been playing. They both are doing exactly the same just in a different way. The difference is Jon’s smarter and sneakier and doesn’t come off as cocky.

Telling someone to f**k off is somehow worse than saying f**k you Kenny f**king loser. Well, I don’t get your double standard.

Kenny’s gonna get himself evicted because he’s been ignoring half the house. I agree he’s a jerk in the house but maybe he’s a nice guy in real life which we wouldn’t know. So don’t be saddened by BBCan Kenny.

You said life doesn’t go well for people like that! But BBCan isn’t life. It’s just a game. Most players aren’t their real self.

Poetic Stanziel (@PoeticStanziel)

“Jon talking to everyone in the house is basically gaining sympathy. He’s trying to connect with as many people as possible to let the connections work to his advantage at some point.”

That’s called being a good BB game player. By not connecting with half the house, Kenny’s game is limited and shit.


You can tell how he communicates that Jon isn’t the smartest one in the house, but he is no bully compared to Andrew and Kenny. I think everyone in the house talks a bit of shit about each other. It’s probably hard not to when your TRAPPED for weeks with the same people and you aren’t even aloud to talk about production. I don’t think that automatically makes all of them bullies. To me, a bully actively tries to hurt others or make people feel shitty about themselves. Kenny is the one who said he wants to beat Jon up when they get out of the house!


It’s definitely not smart of Kenny to say something like that. But maybe Jon wants the same thing but he’s just not dumb enough to say that.

I guess I’d better shut up now before I become enemy of Canada.


Jon would work Kenny over so bad if Kenny tried to fight Jon. Jon’s a monster who’s dropped his gloves in the Q. Kenny is delusional if he thinks he can dance with him.


Stop crying Kenny! Shut your mouth and just win the veto. He is so immature.


kenny is a real big boy hurling insults at women, mainly Heather – wonder what he would have done if Jon came at him – doesn’t anybody in that nut house see how prissy, catty and vain he is? I know sarah is probably hoping something might still happen for her, after all he told her he has also been with women – she’s sooooo clingy!! – can’t watch her without cringing.


Kenny told her he has been with a married couple before. Maybe she thinks he’s ready for round two.

Ihate sarah

YES heather take allison down and put up sarah..then we can watch sarah give up her game for kennys lol such a dumb broad!


Isn’t that the most idiotic act of martyrdom you ever heard of?? The woman who abandons her real child to play a game then self sabotages the game half way through to save her crusty grump of a BB baby. Good riddance Sarah!

Ihate sarah

Yup….it is the most f%cked up thing …some girl on survivor did the same thing this season she lost her partner in the game so she self evicted and went home!
But what sarah is doing is worse..she has a mad crush on him and is willing to give up her chance to save him, which is sad because she has a husband and kids at home that should be coming first not kenny..but obviously she doesnt see or care about that!…really i think she just doesnt want to be in jury without she is just trying to save her credability by saying id rather go home to my kids…but i can tell you right know if kenny was going to the jury house there is NO WAY she would be trying to self evict(well accually maybe she would tell everyone to vote her out right after so she could spend some alone time with him)this woman really has some issues going on..its sad to say but she probably puts her needs before her familys on a regular basis..


Arlie should really be reconsidering his relationship with Sarah. That girl is toxic and confused. She is hanging onto sanity by a thread right now.


It’s going to be incredibly boring when Kenny, Sabrina, etal, are gone. The ones we “hate” are the folks we like to watch!

Ihate sarah

Lol the snake is in the kitchen making slop cookies for whiny bitch boy(cause the wittle baby boy is hungry)and she will do anything to please her man(or should i say boy)and she is talking with adel,arlie and jon and she is saying how her ass is to big and not one of them says “no it isnt”..(which is what she was looking for) and then she walks away love that the guys are starting to see through her to!


It would be in Arlie’s best interest to try and win the POV this week. If he wins it the he can keep Kenny up on the block maybe take Allison off and put Sabrina up. ‘Cause you know with both Kenny and Sabrina up there Rachelle will vote to keep Sabrina which makes one more vote to evict Kenny all that more sweeter!


Thank God SOMEONE is thinking clearly. It wouldn’t matter which one would leave, Kenny or Sabrina. It makes more sense for Kenny to go but, the sooner Sabrina leaves, the better for the rest of us.

When Rachelle gets home and watches Sabrina talking about her on the tapes, she’s going to feel like a complete fool. I doubt their trip to Los Angeles and all of those supposed “A List” parties is going to happen. These two have no trouble harboring resentments and grudges.


Sarah is too chill.
Did BB up the strength of her anti-anxiety meds ?
Or just give her the bottle ?


Kenny has some VERY painful and difficult revelations and life lessons coming his way when he leaves the house. I hope to God that when he watches these episodes back, including the Live Feeds, he’s going to be very ashamed of himself. If not, I hold no hope for him in this life or the next.


The misfits suddenly are proving why they are a bunch of idiots. Heather’s HoH gets out the incredible competition threat of …. Sarah. I hope Allison now stays and smokes the next bunch of HoH’s she plays and takes out one by one these degenerate outcasts. They will deserve it.


You Moron the target is Kenny.


Kenny looks a bit like Walter White al beit a younger version


as bad as i want kenny gone i have this sick feeling he is going to win POV

ihate sarah

i love how adel says if he wins hoh that he isnt gonna let any of the first five f%cks come in his room…GO DELI!!!!


Rachelle doesn’t owe Kenny anything, so she can still win the veto and not use it. The excuse can be that they will put Sabrina up in her place.


Can someone please help clarify something for me?
Earlier today (in the morning) Adel asked Heather, Neda and Jon: ‘So are we going to be nice to her now?’ and I wasn’t sure if they were talking about Allison or not. Heather said something about this particular person not realizing that she (Heather) was actually f**king her over and not really being nice to her.
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I’m trying to figure out if Heather has really been snowed by Allison’s claim that she actually is her friend and they can have this ‘secret alliance’.




Everyone has complained about the1st 5, for weeks and talking about them being bullies and the pot months they have. Well maybe it is time to really listen to Neda, Jon and Adel. The name calling and they all need their month washed out with soap. The fight Adel had with Sob was uncalled for


Adel is a stand up guy. Sabrina talks behind people’s back, Adel says it to their face. That’s much more respectable.


Kenny is such a bitch. When things don’t go his way he blames everyone else. Well, Kenny, you gotta roll with the punches and right now you are getting your faced punched like the bitch you are.

And as for you haters saying you hate Canada “interfering” in the game by being able to nominate Andrew and Sabrina and “unfairly” affecting the game, well suck it up because all it is is a game and Andrew and Kenny couldn’t cope with their sudden loss of power so they whine like babies. Good riddance to Andrew and hopefully his bitch Kenny will follow next.

Anybody but Kenny winning the POV please!

another name

devils advocate hypothetical situation:
you enter a poker game.
you are winning.
the dealer suddenly starts dealing from the bottom of the deck, but only to your detriment because of your personality and because you’re winning.
do you call out the manipulation of the game, or do you say it’s all fair.
if the game manipulation went the other way and the unliked side were made even stronger by it, would your tune be different?
objectivity and level playing field makes the game worthwhile. otherwise, drop the pretense, forget about nominating and power of veto and voting. let’s just watch a bunch of slobs roll around in their filth, and then have the production crew remove one every week because they’re unliked. yeah, that would be entertaining.


I hope Kenny does win so shit can hit the fan ! You have to admit, would be sickkkk to watch

another name

in regard to the kitchen argument: ever had room mates? typical stuff.
one person chirps why others aren’t helping to clean up (kenny calling out jon and allison for getting up to leave while there are multiple people cleaning the kitchen). jon chirps back, kenny chirps back. here a chirp there a chirp. both were ignorant both were rude to each other.
all of the negative: see kenny’s such an asshole comments… stop projecting. realistically, the entire exchange wouldn’t have happenned if jon hadn’t chirped back (i didn’t hear the announcement…. right, because multiple people cleaning has happenend without announcement soooooooo much this season and viewers haven’t been commenting on how they are a bunch of pigs in filth). add in the ‘f’ this ‘f’ that crap: childish behavior. bigger child in the exchange was jon, he had to know the entire house wasn’t cleaning the kitchen out of choice. came in stirred up the situation and started the fbomb portion of the exchange, then walked away without cleaning to whine to others for a while before making a half hearted attempt to clean up after himself. not kenny’s biggest fan, not jon’s biggest fan. but stay objective here.
honestly, i find the personal habits of every one of them disgusting. no adults should have to be assigned or instructed to clean up after themselves. here’s a punishment for the house of slobs…. make them sleep in the backyard surrounded by the cumulative bags of trash they’ve had to be instructed to clean.