Adel “I don’t give a f** until next Thursday.. Twisto Twist is going to help our team”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 15-05-56-894

6:05pm BEdroom Adel and Allison
Adel mention show it’s looking like she’s with the gremlins. Allison says the Gremlins are nice to her. Adel knows what it’s like he points out how she’s a lone soldier now because her showmance left.

Adel – “With Canada breaking up a showmance and a bromance it left you high and dry”

Adel – “I got your back I guarantee you are not going anywhere.. come hell and highwater you’ll be here “

Allison – “Thanks bro”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 15-10-03-470

6:10pm HOH Heather Jon and NEda

Heather says Rachelle is gorgeous. Jon disagrees. Heather calls him out because he told them day one Jon liked her. Jon explains it’s How she presents herself that is the biggest turnoff ever
Heather – slutty ?
Jon – “Good on you roy.. I don’t know what you are.. you’re fu***d” (Roy’s Rachelle’s “Boyfriend”)
NEda says Rachelle is “not actually a sl*t” she just acts like one.

Heather – why act like one when you aren’t one…
Heather mentions how Rachelle is so into Kenny she keeps saying how she won’t have a boyfriend after this. .
Neda mentions how Sarah said her and Kenny sit around and laugh at Rachelle. NEda suggests Rachelle find out about this.

Adel joins them. Jon wonders what is going on in Sabrina’s head, Last week Kenny and Sarah were campaigning to get her out and she just brushes it aside. Neda – “They think you’re lieing”. they agree Kenny can get the girls to do anything.
Jon doesn’t like Sabrina and Allison, Adel says the only person he can’t stand is Sabrina, “I despise her” .
Neda – “The only person I full on hated is Andrew”
Adel – I can’t tolerate Sabrina I can’t have her breathing near me I can’t have her dieses near me .. I want nothing around me from her”
Jon – “Her herpes”
Adel – “Anything.. I can’t take it bro… she’ so fake it’s coming out of her pores”
Adel hugs the bear (See image below)
Adel tells them Arlie trust them way more than the other crew. Neda can’t wait to hear all the sh!t the other side says about them. Neda mentions all the stuff they said about Adel. Adel laughs says that doesn’t bother him anymore. Heather says she use to cry but it doesn’t bother her anymore.

Adel called into the Diary room
Heather says she has a secret to tell them.
She talks about how hard the first 3 weeks were for her and how the environment in the house prevented her from being her regular self.
“I am definitely very happy now… at the beginning of this game I wasn’t myself.. I’m happy around you guys I can be more like myself and have a good time I wasn’t able to before” (Ahh)

Jon – “good I’m glad tomorrow we’re going to get f**** up “

(They are getting the HOH alcohol back tomorrow)

JOn questions that Allison will give Heather two weeks. Neda asks who would Allison put up if she wins HOH.
Jon – Me and Neda
Heather agrees
Jon points out that Allison was hanging with the gremlins for three and a half hours last night

Heather is fine with that she know after Kenny leaves Allison will want to seek out a strong player. Heather says Allison mentioned Jon as someone she is interested in working with.

Neda says Sabrina and Allison are both the biggest liars and are always saying “this game is not for me I can’t lie” Heather – “Everyone who says that turned out to be a liar… maybe she (Allison) was pulling me along” (When Allison told Heather 2 weeks safety if to be save)

They start wondering what the twist is next..

Heather – Can’t wait to have bacon, cheese nachos.. I love pickle.. I eat them cold I don’t like them warm.


Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 15-50-18-537

6:40pm Sabrina and Rachelle Bathroom

Sabrain hates all the people in the house. Points out how Sarah is defending Neda and hugging Adel. “I can’t stand any of them and I want them all gone”

Sabrina says it’s clear as day that it’s Kenny and Sarah and they will f*** her over.

Sabrain – I cannot stand them.. I cannot be fake I cannot be a hypocrite anymore”

Sabrina is saying the other houseguests are so fake how they are all acting nice to each other.
Rachelle says Sabrian will be a great actress

Sabrina says they have to win the next competition they have to lite a fire up their a$$ holes and won it.
They are hoping the next HOH is endurance.
Rachelle – “Endurance is my sh!t”

They move into the bedroom and start trashing Sarah. Sabrina – “I actually want Allison to stay.. I don’t want Kenny.. I hate them”
Rachelle – “They don’t treat you very nice… I think you are funny.. NEDA doesn’t tralk to me anymore”
Sabrian – who Cares
Rachelle – I can’t wait to see my boyfriend and my best friend.. my boyfriend must be so depressed.

Sabrina asks her some questions about her live back home.
Rachelle says she has a Silver Acura MDX SUV (Holy f*cK) and her boyfriend doesn’t have a car.

Rachelle jokes she doesn’t want to look at anyone else in the house anymore.. she puts her underwear on her head (See image above)

Rachelle brings up that KEnyn staying in the house means he’ll always be the biggest target, keep the target off them.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 15-52-34-284

6:53pm Getting creative with Slop

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 15-56-42-058

Lots of lounging around waiting for the POV..
POWER OF VETO Players: Heather, Allison, Kenny, Arlie, Rachelle, Sabrina POV Host: Jon

Living room Arlie, Sarah and Kenny
Arlis talking about “raw dogging” the poutine when he was off Slop
Sarah moans says she’s so hungry, “My ass is growing at the thought of all that cheese”
Kenny – “I wish”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 16-12-28-222

7:03pm HOH Adel and Heather
Heather says Kenny thinks he’s safe even if he doesn’t win POV.
Heather – This is the logic I don’t understand If kenny gets taken off I’m not stupid enough to put someone up from my own alliance I’m going to put one of them up.. one of them are going to go home this week.. I dont’ usnerdtans why they are so happy” (Them = Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle)

Adel can’t believe that Kenny thinks he has the votes to stay.
Heather says he does, “Even Rachelle might not vote for him”

Adel – “Are me and you still trying to bring Allison in “
heather nods
Adel says he’s going to keep driving sabrina nuts
Heather – “love it.. being around them drives me crazy..It’s nice to have a place to go.. being in the house sucked”
Heather wants Canada to give them their alliance name “How cool would that be”

Heather says rachelle and Sabrina were so mean to her and they act like nothing is wrong. Heather comments how Sabrina thought she never noticed them. Adel mentions how Sabrain was trying to use religion to make Adel looks like a bad guy he will never forgive her for that. HE adds it broke his heart.

Heather says if Kenny wins POV she will put Sarah up. Adel – “Sarah will go home”

Adel warns her that Arlie has a sick game..
Adel says they hung around by the skin of their teeth.
They love their position in the house right now.
Adel – “I don’t give a f** about anything until next Thursday I don’t care.. Twisto Twist is going to help our team.. ”
Heather – “We started at the bottom now we’re here”
Heather – “I hated the mean comments there’s different ways to play this game why be a mean”

7:22pm LIving room Adel, Rachelle, Sarah, Sabrina and Kenny
everyone is waiting for the POV competition. They hear some noises coming from the outside.
Rachelle wonders when it’s going top start.
Kenny says they have to wait for another hour and a half maybe two. (Not sure if this is official. None of the other houseguests have said they knew they time of the POV’s)

7:24pm Jon is called into the Diary room

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 16-36-50-436

7:38pm Jon back from the Diary no POV yet…

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 17-01-28-094

7:58pm Bedroom Allison and NEda

Allison says if Kenny wins POV and Arlie goes up she will go home.
Neda asks her if she trusts Sabrina. Allison thought she did but right now she’s scared.

Jon Joins them.

Allison asks if Adel still has the power. Neda thought it ended last week.
Allison tells them Adel told Kenny he has the prize already. Allison claims to know where everyone is going to vote that is why she doesn’t understand Heather.

Allison mentions that Heather told her to her face she wasn’t going to put her up then a couple hours later Heather told her she was going up. Allison wants to know what Changed her mind. Allison points out how Saraha and Kenny going up make WAY more sense.

Jon asks her what the gremlins were talking about last night.. Allison brings up the five person alliance that Andrew must have been involved in. Allison had no idea about it but now it’s starting making sense. Neda agrees says thinking back through the game and it’s clear to her.

Allison thinks either Heather is working with momzi or is using this to bring her closer to Neda and JOn. Jon says he’s voting to keep Allison 100%.

Adel, Sabrina and Rachelle come in and the conversation dissolves.

8:21pm Bedroom Adel and jon
They are planning on telling the Gremlins if they use the POV to save Kenny they will be putting the other gremlin up. If Kenny wins the POV Sarah will go up and they think she will be the one going home

9:00pm POV comp is underway

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ihate sarah

watching sarah “pretend” to be on slop to support kenny has got to be the funniest thing ever..(ohhh im so hungry)


I thought Sarah didn’t use her slop pass, is on slop like the rest ?


last night she told arlie she didn’t want to use her slop pass so she isn’t pretending but i think she won’t be doing that again. I love how as soon as some becomes hoh it goes to their head now heather wants to threaten anyone who uses it if kenny uses it they will tell him sarah goes up, if the gremlins use it on kenny one of them will go up so dumb. I am liking heather less and less she is just as bad as what she said the other side was about.


Then you will hate every HOH because that is the way you play the game. When people who wi HOH don’t do anything, then we complain that it was a wasted HOH. Rachelle threaten Heather that if she put her up she would do the same to her (btw she did it already on her hoh) If you got it flaunt it. Everyone else does. GO HEATHER!


Does Sabrina/Andrew/Kenny remind you of Amanda Zuckerman from BB US?


Amanda was actually running Shit. They just all think they do and are more clever than the rest. Bet they didn’t expect Heather to potentially take out Kenny!


She used her slop pass ???? That is hilarious. I had. I idea lol

Nana Jo

This is naughty, but it’s Saturday night and I’ve had a couple glasses of wine …. so … I bet Sarah wishes Kenny would eat her fuzzy peach! (Bad Nana … and I should know better. I’m sure I’m the oldest commenter here!)


i said this befor i will say it again as bad as i want kenny gone he is going to win POV

ihate sarah

well if that happens then sarah goes up and goes home and then they try and get kenny out again next week…it doesnt really matter there alliance is screwed anyway;)


Wanna bet Sarah is the renom? hehehe

Jon and Arlie both want Momzi here. they’ll convince Heather on a gremlin. Sarah goes up she does not go home. I still think Allison is toast 4-3. Lets see that POV result. I agree with those that have stated 3 people are tanking. Arlie..doh, Ratchet and Sabby. heather may tank to if Allisons up and Kenny is out. Really it’s Kenny versus Allison. Timed physical challenge or a game puzzle played individually. They might be right it’s a hockey/puck challenge.


Isn’t this week a double eviction?




I don’t think she will put sarah up she is only saying that as a scare tactic to kenny just like she will tell the gremlins that she will put the other one up if they use it on kenny. Also heather doesn’t know is that jon wants sarah here so even if she went up she would still have the votes to stay. If kenny won and sarah went up then jon,arlie, kenny would vote to keep her and they need one more vote and joh more then likely will convince neda to vote to keep her part of jon’s reason for getting kenny out is to gain control over sarah.

Team Kenny

hopefully he does and puts Adel up and kenny sarha the other side of the house re gain power

Team Poutine

Go Kenny!!


If Kenny wins POV he should come out to the whole house that would be good tv lol


well good tv or not this is a game and kenny coming out now could hurt his game if he was up front about from the begining then fine but at this point after he has been flirting and who knows what else with the other girls in the house that could only hurt his game and kenny is already a target so why make your self more of a target


Ugh, hope that kenny doesn’t win POV, and it becomes Sarah/Rachelle and Kenny on the block!! can’t stand kenny anymore, soo arrogant and rude


Aw it makes me sad that Heather cried because of those vile girls comments. I am so glad she’s happy now and has good people on her side. She is a truly sweet and kind hearted person and is quickly becoming my fav. Yay Heather! She gets the last laugh cuz now the world now what nasty, mean bitches those other girls are. They are truly pathetic making fun of people like middle school bullies. Grow the f**k up assholes!


The Goddess loves you.


You do know that one of those vile girls was Neda.

I get the feeling that Neda is started to like Heather more and more because Heather has started to mirror Neda’s intrinsic bitchiness.


Some of these houseguests need to be reminded that just because they’re in separate alliances doesn’t mean they need to be hateful enemies to one another. BB Canada’s season 1 cast members were a lot more respectable.

Russ from Van

I only caught a few episodes of BB Canada 1 because I found the cast to be lame and boring. I’m really into this season though. Is it fair to say BB Canada 2 has a better cast and has been a better season? Or was season 1 good, despite me missing quite a bit of it?


Same sentiments here. This season is more hateful but I prefer this season rather than the first.


Minus Topaz totally fucking up her vote, it was a great season in my opinion! I felt like those people didn’t need as much drama to be entertaining.


Topaz’s vote was the best Thing ever! It was epic! When do you see such a big screw up on live tv? Production couldn’t do anything about it… They tried so hard to help Garry win through the game, and it was karma paying back….. Oh, that made the season.


I don’t think things could have gone better for production, the controversy is good advertisement.


I agree that will go down as the best move ever personally i think the right person won jillian killed it last year she put janelle to shame so i think she deserved to win


Last season they all got along but had huge moments of fighting (Gary/Talla fight comes to mind) then they would go back to being buddies and hanging out. The season was entertaining and funny on After Dark. Nobody really bullied like they do this season. Nobody was that mean either. Next season, I’d really like to see BBC/Production call out the bullying and down right rude/mean remarks being made. Calling someone a dumb b*tch/skinny b*tch (KENNY/ANDREW) is unacceptable and so is excluding house guests making one person feel left out and be an outcast. Poor Paul and Heather. Though happy to see Heather happier and having a group to hang out with.

Russ from Van

Despite there being quite a bit of nasty behaviour this season (Sabrina, Andrew, Kenny) I think that houseguests are being penalized for it in the fact that Canada is having more of a direct impact on the game than previous BB US and Canada seasons.

The most recent BBUS season had alot of repulsive behaviour reaching new levels (Aaryn, Amanda), but the only time America was able to penalize them for it was early on in the game for a few weeks, with the twist of America putting up a 3rd nomination.


I sorta agree here I think bullying should not be tolerated for any reason and calling peple names like what andrew did to heather or kenny telling ika to go back to being a servent or something was so uncalled for but as for isolation that is part of the game wether bbcan or bbus they all are the same you have to make connections and sometimes people don’t click and bb can’t really step in and make people like everyone.

As for paul i can’t really feel sorry for someone who did it to themselves unlike heather who was trying to just fit in paul step over the line by calling andrew a racist (even though he didn’t really belive that) using this as a game move was discusting there are lines you should cross and even though this is a game that is something that could effect him. I think that was really wrong so in my opinion paul got what he deserved because if i was there and heard that i think i would steer clear of him to


There has been some rude remarks/actions from Jon’s side i.e hiding have nots food, Jon not wanting to do any work and then calling Kenny a loser because he called Jon out for being lazy, also Jon said that he wanted to cut Kenny’s beard off when he is sleeping. That said I think everyone in this house is a little overboard with bullying


I liked Season 1. The houseguests that I “hated” then have NOTHING on the ones I “hate” this season, though.

I thoroughly couldn’t stand Suzette, Tom, Peter and Alec. Peter and Alec were just embarrassing the way they kept plugging “The Shield” (Now spelled Sheyld on Peter’s shirts.) That was nothing but marketing for after the show because “The Shield” had terrible strategy. Peter thought he knew what was going on but didn’t. He tried WAY too hard to make a name for himself in the game. I have to give Peter props for his views on the Side Show this year though. He calls ’em like he sees ’em and he’s usually spot on.

I didn’t care for Aneil or Kat either. I was glad Kat was the first to leave and Aneil was just annoying.

The ones I liked in the beginning but came to dislike intensely were Andrew and Topaz.

Talla was just too freaking loud and ridiculous. I can’t stand loud, shrieking, nonstop talking girls. I have no tolerance or patience for them.

I don’t even remember Liza. I barely remember Danielle but can’t remember if I liked her or not.

Jillian was okay but she was basically Emmett’s lap dog and did what he wanted her to. She was a good competitor in the challenges though and I didn’t mind her winning.

Emmett was my favorite from the beginning. He had his moments though when he was a total creep with a bad attitude. Still wanted him to win.

I didn’t like Gary in the beginning but he really grew on me. He livened up the place and his fun was infectious. He took his first place loss with more grace and dignity than I think most people could. (At least publicly, he did. Don’t know what he was like about it in private.) And he also makes this year’s Side Show a barrel of fun!


Sorry i disagree BB1 had the best cast they weren’t as catty, or racist or mean (at times i think i am watching the next installment to the movie mean girls) but they actually played the game better instead of it being personal attacks on people it was more strategic attacts that no one saw coming and nobody actually blackmailed people into not using the pov or their allience members went up they just put up who the next target to them was but dan still goes down as the best BB player ever I don’t think anyone can top him.


I don’t know whether or not you subscribed to the live feeds last season, but Gary and Topaz stayed up until about 5 am on a regular basis, tearing apart everyone’s character and appearance – it was not very pleasant to listen to.
Gary makes Kenny look like Princess Diana. 🙂


I really want Heather to win POV … just to see the look on Rachelle and Sabrina’s face.


Can someone please help clarify something for me?
Earlier today (in the morning) Adel asked Heather, Neda and Jon: ‘So are we going to be nice to her now?’ and I wasn’t sure if they were talking about Allison or not. Heather said something about this particular person not realizing that she (Heather) was actually f**king her over and not really being nice to her.
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I’m trying to figure out if Heather has really been snowed by Allison’s claim that she actually is her friend and they can have this ‘secret alliance’.
Sorry if you saw this in the previous post but I mistakenly put it in the wrong spot.
Thank you.


They were talking about Rachelle and how they needed to start being nicer to her now so she’ll be drawn in with them when Sabrina leaves.


LOL, love how rachelle tells Sabrina she will be a good actress. PLEASE don’t encourage her, last thing we need is her getting famous off of this show anymore than she already is. I love how Sabrina is like .. OHHHHH everyone in this house is fake.. Yeah ok Sabrina you are the most fake person in the house. I hate hating on Sabrina so much, but I don’t think I’ll be mad of she gets bullied on social media, because she’s an awful human being. I’m glad heather is building confidence. She is going to become a great competitor. The smartest move for the house is to get Kenny out. If he does not get out soon, he will probably make it to the end. If rachelle has an Acura and is apparently a student, that makes me wonder how wealthy her family must be.. No need for her to win that 100k.


Haha I know right? She’s too stupid to see what a hypocrite she is.


Ratchild’s Bio says she’s only in it for the money.
Oh…and she plans to be nice to everyone.


So now that the first 5 has been exposed, is Arlie going to finally officially join the good side?


No, the fact the first five is expose is pointless at this point they already have pretty much ended that arlie goal seems to be sarah and jon but he is going to play all sides depending on who will get him further but if i had to guess right now sarah is the closest to him which is probably another reason he wants kenny gone like jon they feel that with kenny gone sarah will fall into line with them. Players like adel, heather and allison i don’t see them getting to the end they are throw away players right now as soon as the other side doesn’t need them they will move to get them out.




Adel should had never been give a power that has unlimited time on it, BB should had required it be use with in 2 or 3 weeks or it couldn’t be use at all.


There sort is a time line on it his power allows him to switch places with a player in the pov comp that isn’t a nomonee but at some point their won’t be a pov pick because eveyone will get to play that is when his power runs out

ihate sarah

i wonder if they are gonna show sarahs family? and how they feel about the way she is playing the game(for kenny) it would be interesting to hear her husbands perspective on things.


Head over to reddit. Sarah’s cousin is on there. She’s not very happy when anyone says anything about her. In the tread about Kenny coming out she goes hard.

ihate sarah

lol..ya im sure she thinks everything sarah is doing is “strategic”


Did anyone see the episode where they interviewed Kenny, Jon and Allison’s family last week?

Did you all notice how Janelle (Jon’s girlfriend) responded when they asked her about Neda? Does she really think that Jon only sees Neda as a ‘little sister’? I think she was just trying to be polite in front of the camera. Jon and Neda are crushing hard! They would be the cutest showmance ever! But it makes me cringe seeing them flirt so much because it appears as if Jon really cares for his gf back at home. But Jon flirts entirely too much. And Neda is just soaking it all up.

Kenny’s mom was gorgeous. I see where he gets his good looks from. She made me see Kenny in a different light.

Allison’s mom had a whole 2 seconds and said about 5 words. No questions about Allison. No questions about her showmance. Why did they give her so little camera time? Because her daughter isn’t interesting?


Alison, Jon and Neda in the BR talked about the POV competitions. Alison almost slips that she saw the divergent comp but covered up by saying she saw the clip of Sarah in the pool.

Ahhh… I wish she would of continued blabbering and self evict herself 🙂

Had enough

This is especially for Name…….I think it is time you get yourself a life. You seem to think that every one is stupid and have something nasty to say about every thing and everyone. Maybe you should look at your own face and your own life……if you had one.


What?? Did I miss something??!!

There are so many members using “names” .if you’ve got some issuse with one but that’s not me for sure.
I don’t believe I have had say anything wrong.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kenny won POV ! knew it woooooooo cya adel


Where did you see that? Is that official?


(rolling my eyes at you)

Team Kenny

hope this is true and your lovly adel and jon go up


Where’s all the cooking Sabs was gonna do?
Read her Bio. Hear her voice.
It sounds like lies, like her embellished fantasy world.


So Jon’s an asshole because he figured out that he wasn’t part of the group you led him to believe he was a part of; and now he wants to take you out. You’re an idiot Kenny!


That is not really true jon has know for awhile that there was a five alience (i think either sarah or arlie told him but i think it was arlie) trying to make it look like kenny was playing him but the real reason is he knows that kenny is strong and will come after him at some point and he also wants to control sarah so he feels if he can get kenny out of the way he will be able to control her better


Whoever said people will “sell their soul to the devil” must surely have been a BB fan. 🙁


Someone said on Twitter Kenny won the POV. i don’t think it’s true tho! hope he does win it tho. go kenny


God is in the details. When I listened closely (and I make sure I do so I don’t perceive something in the wrong way), Adel was talking to Heather in the HOH about how great it would be to receive his letter and excused himself when he used the word sh*t (for emphasis).
He was showing respect and the use of profanity is (for me), a sign of disrespect not only to yourself but the company you are sharing it with.
That’s one thing I do like about Adel is his respect for women – he knocks before entering rooms in case they’re changing.
I hope Heather finds out sooner than later that Allison is spreading as much (maybe a little less) poison about her as the rest of the ‘ladies’.


big week for Neda and Heather…watch out for these two, they could go far at this rate (with everyone under estimating them)


If Kenny really won POV…hopefully not…Adel deserves to go home.
He had every chance to use his “power” to remove Kenny but did not. What a waste. He’s nuts.


Adel does not have the power to remove someone who’s nominated, so he could not replace Kenny….

another name

adel could have played as an extra player in the pov. to lessen kenny’s chance of winning by changing odds from 1:6 to 1:7. but that would reveal to the rest of his alliance that he has lied. repeatedly.
the outright cockiness of saying the next twistos twist will save them shows me without any doubt that he has no plan to play the game, because production will play for him. with that said, i can no longer support his gameplay, nor give him any benefit of the doubt when analyzing his moves as positive or negative. if he isn’t going to play the game but depend on production to play for him…. i just can’t have respect for that as a strategy.


It is not an extra player his power is if he wants he can replace himself for one of the three players that were picked at random draw he can’t replace someon on the block, he can’t replace the hoh he can only replace himself for one of the three players picked so if he doesn’t really care about the pov and it seems he doesn’t them he doesn’t want to show his hand to the rest of the players.

another name

who can tell anymore what the power is. given two more weeks of exaggeration it would become the ‘if i don’t use it i’m automatically the winner of the game and invitation to take over as prime minister’ buzzworthy card.


how long is the veto competition going to take? are the feeds down till Sunday night?


I just read this ….is this right? if so WTF! Wow, Allison must have tore it in those comps!

“Spoiler Results
VETO – Allison won
Evicted – Kenny
H H – Allison
Nominated – Jon & Adel
Veto – Arlie
Evicted – Adel”


You can see into the future???


Lol.. probably only a prefiction nothing serious 🙂




Actually, I think the typo was (hopefully) more accurate – preFiction


Cora 🙂 I was just thinking to let it be after I corrected it 😉


What a long POV competition !!!! What are they doing? Breaking rocks , digging holes ? 🙂


Karnac the magnificent has returned. Praise be to the HGs and Johnnie Carson!

Feeding Frenzy

Pretty sure Kenny won POV 🙂


sorry guys…i just read it on the side of the slice news feeds, but i think it was just someone spreading false rumors. my apologies, i’m just really excited to know.

Russ from Van

Anyone else find this show and season really addicting? I’m constantly looking for updates, when I should be doing other, more important things, lol.


I know someone who operated the bb cams Apparently Sarah and kenny had unprotected sex in the have not room. And she fisted his butt

Potty bum

Hate taking dumps on the can and having feeds down. I need drama while i take cruds 🙁

Russ from Van

For following this season the main sources I’m going to for info, recaps and discussion are:
-This site! thanks again Simon and Dawg
-Jokers updates
-Slice, for live feeds and to watch episodes
-Rob Cesternino’s stuff, for recaps and discussion. I think Rob is a really talented host and analyst, with a huge amount of charisma and awesome sense of humour. Great interviews.

What do you guys think of my BB Canada info sources? Do I have all my bases covered, or is there something I’m missing?

Chris Shepard

Any thoughts on a connection between the small size of Sabrina’s forehead and the possibility of head trauma ( skull reconstruction/ plates / screws/ insanity)?

Jenna Telwaurt

Why can’t the house guests get a basketball net or badminton rackets. Am i too unfamiliar with the rules or something. I know they had a hockey net one day, but now its gone. I would appreciate anyone explaining to me why it’s like this. These house guests remind me too much of my self and friends always laying around on the couch and stuff. Perhaps cause its winter and the are feeling the effects of no warm weather/ sun. Thx jenna!


Generally, anything they’re given to ‘play’ with for a few hours is for practising for an upcoming competition and is taken away after several hours. A lot of times (different seasons depending on the chemistry of the houseguests), they will make up games or play charades or something to pass the time.
This bunch seems content (half of them) in being discontent and angry.
The other half are trying to stay positive IMO.

little mouse

caught up on the feeds. why did she put Allison up with kenny why didn’t she put up sabrina or sarah . i do hope allison wins pov or heather. i can’t deal with kenny he is so rude to jon ..i know it is a game but when andrew left kenny should have went straight to jon and allison .. they could have screamed last year it was the bluenoser’s that won this year it belongs to the rock ..lets show canada east coasters stick together..i think jon tried but kenny denies everything he really is kenny allison jon adel and neda would be a great alliance. too bad kenny’s denial of his true self is getting in the way


Tonight while i make the love i will have a pic of rachelles goodies on my phone wallpaper to peek at during the deed


is there a hidden POV?


how come people are saying there’s a hidden pov?


I wonder why the Live Feeds haven’t come back on yet. It’s been quite awhile. It was only the POV Competition, wasn’t it? It shouldn’t last this long. Am I missing something?


Hey jack – after basically calling me a liar this morning on your 9:06 post and my response proving that it’s you who is the liar, where are you? Nothing to say? You can dish it out can’t you, but you don ‘t like it whenever anyone calls you on anything – you even think it’s ok to dictate to people, telling them to apologize to one of the posters in one instance — who appointed you judge and jury – you’re a control freak who is angry that he’s not the Boss!


FFS when the fuck are they going too announce they VETO WINNER geez


FFS when are they going too tell us the veto winner

South Park

Live feeds are down, cuz somebody killed kenny. RIP kenny


Hmmmm the feeds screen says they can keep a secret until next episode, so I think are hooped for feeds…they usually say, they will return shortly….so I’m giving up tonight…gnite everyone, sweet dreams


Where you going on the west coast Simon? Not even 11 PM. Feeds are back on by the time you guys update they’ll be a new thread. 🙁 A couple things are clear in the 1st 30 minutes.

Kenny won the POV!!! Imagine that happening. Horay! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ect. I’m not a bragger but I’m pretty confident and can admit when I’m wrong. This HOH I’m all right with a bullet Lets look at Heathers HOH. 🙁 🙁 I said Kenny would win POV and NOT get evicted this week. Ok don’t need to be Einstein to know 3 HGs were tanking, Kenny versus Allison for POV. I mentioned that Heather noming Allison was a terrible nom for several reasons including Arlie will vote her out 4-3 against whoever the renom is. He might take a shot at Sabby but not at Momzi. Heather renoms Momzi and Allison goes home.

Let me hear those who say Heather is smart. She is a BB airhead. Action and not talk defines good game play. Listening to Sabby and Ratchet and nom Allison was/is moronic folks. If the outsiders stay together(cough cough) then Allison needs 1 more vote. I don’t think that’s right with Momzi up. Jon and Arlie keep Momzi along with Neda. They may not tell Adel but assuming they do Allison is a unanimous eviction Thursday. Heather gets added to the growing list this season of wasted HOH’s play and a lamb being led to slaughter. I can hear the slaughter of the spring lambs Clarisse, can you? Amazing how stupid these HG’s can be! Quickly here Kenny versus Sabby/Momzi with the other the renom when Kenny wins(happened) They get a legit target. It isn’t brain surgery folks this is BB strategy 101.

The other 2 are slightly cloudy on the vote count IMHO. I’ve been championing here that Arlie hasn’t jumped as of yet. You’ll see on Thursday that he may jump to get rid of Sabby but she has to be nominated. What Arlie gives up exposing himself…. Kenny and Momzi are going to go gunning for him. Ratchet will join them. They may, and I say may convert Allison as she’ll know who voted to evict her. But that’s a crap shot. Arlie gets a razor thin majority that cannot stand the other sides HOH win either way. This is why I think he votes safely for himself.

I’ll go farther he’ll convince the outsiders all to evict Allison 7-0. I mentioned that above. Baby douche Ratchet actually stays thanks to Arlie as well. I put in a thread don’t continue to spend precious energy supporting the outsiders. Embrace the darkside and cheer for this seasons winners. Kenny, Momzi and Sabby as 1 of them is winning this game. Arlies vote Thursday seals his fate. Sarah picks Kenny over him. Sabby both of them over Arlie. I think Ratchet will be the deciding vote to send Arlie to the jury. Would be ironic as hell if she is the renom and Arlie votes out Allison to save Ratchet. Karma could be a beotch!

Think of it this way the double on Thursday moves quick. Allison goes Heather knows she has been used and looks like the IDIOT she is. All 3 in her alliance said they were keeping Allison don’t forget this point. Now if an outsider wins up goes 2 of Ratchet, Sabby, Kenny and Momzi. I think this group is more likely to win HOH but lets say they don’t HOH/outsiders; 2/evil 4(hehe) up. That’s a 3-2 obvious vote split for the outsiders and Arlie left. He gets exposed to evil in that scenario 4-2. He votes 3-3 which is a useless option and is exposed to outsiders. Now evil wins instead. HOH/evil, 2 outsiders up and the same 3-2 scenario in reverse. Now Arlie can tie it 3-3 and expose 1/4+1 for no reason. Joneda will sell target Adel and an easier get around than any voting option during the double evict.

See logically if he’s thinking ahead he buys a week(1eviction) by not getting out the evil 4 but rather Allison. Arlies time is coming to a head. A lot of feeders are going to be very disappointed when you realize outsiders was a dream. A wet dream at that for bare arse boy. Any combo that involves Momzi going he is not doing period.

Russ from Van

Its almost been 5 hours now since the feeds were down. Damn.

I normally don’t follow things this closely, but what it the usual wait time for a POV challenge? I’m sure it’s not normally this long.

Feeding Frenzy

I think I might be addicted lol, I want to give up on the feeds and go to bed, but I am afraid that they will come back on and I will miss something lol. 🙂

Feeding Frenzy

Lol The second I posted that they came back on!


I hope it’s an endurance comp and that’s why it’s taking so long. Because I feel like that would be between Heather, Rachelle and Allison. And if Rachelle wins they can tell her if she uses it on Kenny than Sabrina will go up and go home.


Shoot. I think Kenny won veto.


Yep. Kenny won veto.


kenny won


hey south park YOU BASTERDS!!!!!! lol


Floaters get a life vest… RACHELLE!

Let the Fireworks Begin

FFS I knew that prick was going to win that veto….


live feeds finally back on .. looks like Kenny won the veto … total crap .. looks like sobbing sara is going up and hopefully gone ..


I think Kenny won the veto…bleh…


Kenny has won veto booooyaaa