Big Brother Canada 2 – Nomination Ceremony RESULTS! Ika tells Heather EVERYBODY makes fun of you!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

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10am – 12:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return we learn that as expected Rachelle nominated Allison and Heather for eviction. In the bedroom – Andrew and Allison are making out in the bed. They stop for a second and Allison sings “Doing exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do on TV!” Allison says I want to win that veto so bad! Andrew says I hope I compete in it with you too! Allison asks would you use it if you won it? Andrew says yes. Allison says even if one of the boys goes up in my place. Allison says Ika could be the replacement. Jon joins them and talks about his hang over. The cams switch to Sarah hiding behind the laundry machine doors while she talks to Kenny. Sarah wonders if they are still thinking about getting rid of Jon. Kenny says yes next week. Sarah wonders if Andrew is really willing to get rid of Allison. Kenny says yes. Kenny comments how he doesn’t really trust Arlie.
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12:10pm – 12:30pm In the havenot room – Ika talks to Heather about being nominated and about how she had wanted Paul to stay last week because he was a bigger target. Ika tells Heather that she did talk to Rachelle about not nominating her. It made it easier to want to get rid of you last week because I thought you were being fake to me. Keeping Paul was more of a strategic move. Ika tells Heather that EVERYBODY makes fun of you in the house! You are going to see when you go home. It’s not just two people! Heather says I know. I did not say Sabrina and Rachelle make fun of you .. everybody makes fun of you. Heather says I don’t care, I am done with the he said she said. This game is base on lies and deceit .. and what you choose to believe in. I appreciate you coming to tell me that. Ika says me getting you out of here had nothing to do with me not liking you .. it had more to do with keeping Paul was a better game move. Heather tells Ika I don’t hate you. What happened, happened. I’m not one to dwell on it. I could be really mean to Rachelle right now but I am not going to.. They leave the havenot room. Heather talks to Sabrina. Heather tells Sabrina that she was told she had a huge influence in Rachelle’s decision to put me up. Sabrina tells her that’s not true. Rachelle doesn’t like you and she made her own decision. Heather then walks away saying the people in this house can get straight f**ked.

BBCAN2-2014-03-22 09-16-28-865

12:40pm – 12:50pm Ika, Neda, Rachelle and Sarah are talking out in the hot tub. Ika tells them about the conversation she had with Heather in the havenot room. They comment on how they think the Veto competition will be in 4 hours. They all head inside because Big Brother puts them on an indoor lock down. Neda and Sabrina hold back for a minute to talk about how they

Out in the backyard – Allison and Adel practice using the lacrosse sticks as the house guests believe they will need to use them in the upcoming veto competition. Big Brother tells them the backyard is off limits.

BBCAN2-2014-03-22 09-59-27-439

BBCAN2-2014-03-22 10-01-39-537

1:10pm Underneath that stairs – Jon asks if he was good last night. Sarah says that he jumped on her and dry humpped her saying look at this Jason (her man back home). Sarah says but between that and Andrew/Kenny licking my face .. I think I’m in trouble. Sarah says Jason is a strong, strong man he can take it. Sarah says I hope no one I know ..watched the live feeds last night. Jon thinks their drunkenness wasn’t shown because they wouldn’t have shown the task.

Meanwhile in the bedroom – Sabrina talks to Andrew about how she thinks Allison and Jon are in an alliance together now called “The Two New Neufs”. She says that she saw them talking to the camera yesterday and going into the diary room. She says she thinks they started it two days ago. They talk about the condom beside Andrew / Allison’s bed and Sabrina can’t believe the he would have s*x with her while she sleeps right beside them. Allison joins them. Andrew and Allison doing some fake-mancing.. They talk about having s*x in the big brother house. Andrew jokes about them doing it and then says he can wait. He then asks what about in the shower…

1:20pm – 1:30pm The live feeds are blocked right now..

1:45pm When the live feeds come back. Neda and Jon are in the bathroom talking. Neda is painting Jon’s nails. Neda tells him that she thinks Arlie is a BIG fan of the show. She says that he slipped up and guessed Ivette from season 6 when they were talking about past seasons. Jon agrees that Arlie is a lot smarted than he leads on to be. Up in the HOH room – Rachelle, Kenny and Sabrina are talking. Kenny says that once we get rid of Allison, Andrew will be a lot more controllable. In the storage room – Adel and Arlie talk about keeping their alliance with Jon and Heather as secret as possible. Adel asks are we going to try and save Heather? Arlie says I’ll figure it out. Jon and Neda agree that Arlie will need to eventually go. Neda says I kind of want to keep Ika around. Jon agrees and says if he wins HOH, he wouldn’t put her up. Adel leaves the room.

BBCAN2-2014-03-22 10-51-25-515

1:50pm – 2:15pm Up in the HOH room – Sarah talks about how drunk Andrew and Allison were last night and how he was trying to kiss her when she so obviously didn’t want to. It was so awkward and was bordering on harassment. Sarah comments on how its like when her man Jason is so drunk and she tells him to get to bed. Sarah says its like trying to fit a marshmallow into a hole.. Sarah stops herself and says sorry. But you know what I mean. Kenny says yeah I think all guys know what you mean.. Sarah says that she doesn’t think Jon would purposefully try and hurt his girlfriend Janelle .. but he was aggressively dry humping everyone! Sarah says that she is glad Neda and him didn’t sleep in the same bed because they were so obliterated. Sarah says and you can tell that Neda is a freak in the bed. Kenny says that he got that feeling from her too. Sarah brings up how Allison cried last night. Kenny says that she came up to him and said that she knows he doesn’t trust her.. he says that she swore on her family and he told her not to do that. Kenny says then she ran off crying.

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That conversation between Heather and Ika, just made me like and respect Heather so much. Really disappointed in Ika’s responses – very rude and dismissive. Ika was in my top 3 but no more!


Sabrina has poisoned the girls into believeing that Heather talks so much shit about them. Ika believes all of Sabrina’s lies and sees Heather as the enemy. What she doesn’t see is that all the other girls (whether they like heather or not) are super nice to Heather, especially Sabrina. She should take this is a sign of a red flag.


There is only one person who could be described as ‘Super Nice’ in that house (as an opinion), and it is Heather. I, personally have no idea what she is really like. No one, and I mean, no one has been nice or SUPER nice to her. Poison spews when she’s not in the room – mostly girls – especially Sabrina and Ika and a lot of guys. I don’t know that anyone; and I mean, anyone would use the adjective SUPER nice about Sabrina.


everyone has their opinion and for me the nicest person there and most genuine is neda


I agree, that was hard to watch! I couldn’t believe how immature IKA sounded. . . she has kids.. . wonder if this is how she teaches them to behave? Must be a couple of real bullies if they are anything like their mother.


Everyone says Ika has kids, she should be more responsible….she was a teen mom. That is not the definition of a mature mother.


Well IKA, What Heather is going to see at home is Sabrina manipulating and making fools of all you girls. IKA is still lying to her, it was completely personal she wanted heather gone. Heather was zero threat to her game, she could have even used her vote!


Do we know who is playing in the veto yet?


Ika is so full of sh*t. She does not personally like Heather – she said it over and over since day 1. No matter how she justified being so calculatingly vicious, it doesn’t fly. She could have said ‘Heather, it’s not personal I want you to fight for the veto but it’s best for my game if you’re gone…blah…blah….blah.. Instead she wanted to sideswipe her with much pain. At the live show when Heather was giving her 30 sec speech Ika was just unbelievably and openly showing no mercy with the looks on her face ’cause ‘Girl you’re going home’ (fingersnap in the air) Heather would be gone and ‘eating cookies on the couch’ (as Sabrina put it). That sounds pretty darn personal to me.

I will say this about Heather though; after watching every episode over again (After Dark) it is very obvious that she is able to talk in a ‘normal’ tone and not like a pre-pubescent girl. In her interview video meet Heather Decksheimer (or w/e), she states that she is street-smart. She has a skill-set of survival methods that doesn’t blend with this bunch and unless you’re trying to seduce the boss, it doesn’t usually go far. She also said she wanted to do Big Brother because it would help promote her as an actress.

Ika is a snake that bites and then says, ‘what did expect, I am a snake?’ The playground story yesterday (which IMO she should not have shared) really revealed how cruel she is.

I don’t really care because, thank God I am not in that house doing whatever it takes for money.


What was the playground story?


So glad you asked:
Priceless. This is a mom raising two boys. The mom is having a fight in the playground with another mom – enough said. Role models. Laughing when the child got hurt was the icing on the cake. She’s just stone-cold.


Are you kidding me!?!
Anyone who dares physically assault my kid is getting hurt… Especially another mother (who should know better)
Even Ika mentioned her son (when he was older and she told him the story) calling her out and reminding her that she should have “used her words”
You guys are full of shit. Any thing to get the “I hate Ika” shitstorm going.
You have failed


What was the playground story? Missed it.


What playground story about Ika? I must have missed it!


Haha Once again I agree with you, I can’t imagine what Ika’s kids must be going through at school. Not nice, and Sab…well I could go on all night about her but she will do it for herself


Andrew, Alisson and Sabrina are the worst “love” triangle of all time! I can’t stand them.


Fact x infinity


Lol at all of you hating on queen ika cause she doesn’t like heather. All of the girls have said hateful things about heather so lay off of Ika.


Queen of what exactly? No emotion, enjoys seeing people hurt, raising two young boys (when you ask for something, and the person responds ‘NO’; take it anyway, then laugh about it), to be ????s of the future.

Safety Valve

Queen is what black women call themselves to excuse their poor behavior.


“Queen is what black women call themselves to excuse their poor behavior.”

Excuse me? Check yourself. That’s the most idiotic generalization I’ve read on here so far. I don’t know where people get off thinking it’s okay to generalize a group of people.

Also as someone who is a black woman and knows a large group of black women I’ve hardly heard anyone describe themselves as Queen
(as much as we have been taught to think of ourselves that way) and those who do usually act with self-respect. So you cant take that generalization and shove it up your ass.


Queen HBIC 🙂


Who teaches black women to think of themselves as queens?


You obviously don’t watch much of the feeds. Yes all the girls have said mean things but IKA feels the need to constantly remind heather how pathetic she is and how no one likes her. If she was smart she would try and mend fences, and if she had a conscience she would just leave heather be.


Are you the KING to her QUEEN? She is very vile in her hatefulness and seems to feed off causing pain to Heather!!!


After watchin Andrew drunk molest Allison last night, he should be proud that she even wants to “play” him… it was one of the most funny yet pathetic thing I witnessed…


Ika and adel for final 2


What Ika is lacking is the ability to adapt. Ur alliance has screwed you and they will continue to,why don’t you start a new alliance with all the people who are on the outs. She keeps saying she is a strategic player, her last HOH proves otherwise. I really like Neda and Adel.

Stooge Banter

anyone think there is a chance the war room could be used for a fake eviction at some point like what happened on celebrity bb uk? maybe 2 players evicted on a double eviction night both go to the war room, live there for a week with the feeds, with one voted back in…just have an extra double eviction or midweek eviction ep to even out the eviction numbers

i hope there is a pandoras box including a second veto or dpov hidden somewhere

and the freeze task like last year

and the have/have not task where havenots have to cook every meal for haves…that creates alot of drama

marsha and secret room will be interesting

will there be another instant eviction?

i miss puck ball they played in season 1

Stooge Banter

i forgot to add, i want to see sabrina have a punishment from a veto where she cant say anything for 24 hours

not a single word ha ha

and it would be awesome to see the 24 hour solitary dance party veto punishment that dan had to do


Maybe with the first few jury members?

Johhny (the European one!)

There’s no doubt the War Room will come into play again, otherwise they wouldn’t have made it a RULE that Allison can’t talk about it. They could have let her say what she wants about where she was the last week otherwise.

I think with the first DOUBLE EVICTION, they’ll take the 2 evicted HGs and put them into it. BB wouldn’t want to keep just 1 person in that room, that would make that person crazy to have noone to talk to for a week! The next 1 or 2 evicted will also join them, and after that they’ll let Canada vote on who to re-enter the house.
(not a fan of re-entering once you already LOST btw)


Did you guys see Andrew giving the FirSt Five sign while cuddling with Allison?



Reality check

Wow …. Real classy Sarah … Talk about your
Husbands limp dick on tv .. What a bitch !


it would be brutal living with her – such a complainer


I hope their plan to backdoor Ika succeeds………she is a beatch!!! Full of talk and no action. Talk about trying to fit into the white girls world……. perfect example!!