Andrew says if she is playing me, I am going to play the f**k out of her. Its unfortunate for her I don’t have a heart..

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAn2-2014-03-22 05-52-10-566

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8:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bathroom – Ikam Sarah, Sabrina, Jon, Allison and Adel are talking about last night. Adel tells Neda how last night they went into the diary room and she said I’m brown and I was like hey I’m brown too! Adel says that Neda tried to Sarah comments on how she never drinks unless he man is around and not drinking. She says she only drinks if he is around because he’ll protect her and stop her from taking off her clothes. In the kitchen – Kenny, Andrew and Arlie are talking about how drunk some of them were last night. Arlie and Kenny tell Andrew how he was doing the Texas Two Step last night. Kenny and Arlie talk about how they think Allison is working with Jon. Arlie says that Allison was heard saying that she was going to get in close with the guys and then bite their heads off. In the bedroom – Sabrina and Sarah are talking about the things that were said and done last night. Sabrina asks what her and Kenny were talking about last night. Sarah asks what are you f**king paranoid about Kenny and I talking about!
BBCAN2-2014-03-22 06-03-45-205

9:30am In the bedroom – Adel tells Rahcelle that he will 100% not use his power this week. Rachelle leaves the bedroom and tells Allison that she’s good. Jon and Arlie are in the kitchen – Arlie tells Jon that he thinks Rachelle is putting Allison and Heather up on the block. Jon says nice, then we get rid of Allison. Big Brother then blocks the feeds.


In the kitchen – Andrew and Sarah are talking about Allison and how they think she’s playing him. Andrew says if she is playing me, I am going to play the f**k out of her. This turned into an award winning nomination. Well this is good because she took the emotion out of it which is sweet because I wasn’t planning on getting involved any ways. Andrew says I am so stupid. Andrew says its unfortunate for her I don’t have a heart.. well I do but..

BBCAN2-2014-03-22 06-49-55-565

10am Big Brother tells the house guests that the house is now off limits and that everyone has to go out into the backyard. Sabrina isn’t dressed yet and runs to the bedroom to find something to wear. Big Brother tells her the house is off limits and then they continually repeat Sabrina’s name until she finally leaves the house.

10am – 10:20am The live feeds are blocked while the nomination ceremony is taking place. Rachelle is nominated Allison and Heather for eviction.

11am – 11:45am The live feeds are still blocked..

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As much as I hate it, Psychobrina is probably the safest person there ( for a few more weeks).

It is pointless to ask “Who’s her REAL alliance?” because she is prepared to USE THEM ALL !
She will cut any throat & stab any back as she weighs the opportunities.
I dub her strategy “Swirling Wind Of Lies”.

Is she really playing to win ?
Who knows ? Does she ?
HoH ? Doesn’t matter. She’ll be there in person or thru a surrogate.
If she’s with “A” and smells target “B” – Boom…lies.
If she’s with “B” and smells target “C” – Boom…lies.
If she sees First 5 working for her…fine. If not, it’ll be First 4, then First 3, then First 2 or “New Best Friend Forever” or “Accept MY Help Or Die !”

Producers, I have a suggestion. Next time, cast ALL psychopaths. Now THAT’s entertainment !


I see that you haven’t been watching the feeds. Arlie and Sarah are without a doubt the safest people in the game right now. The F5 dislike Sabrina for the most part, and when it comes down to it, they’ll cast off sabrina very quickly.

If she tries to take over the next HoH, people are obviously going to see what shes doing. Rachelle will get bitter, because even now rachelle has problems with sabrina being distant from her for even a second. Unless someone in the F5 wins the next HoH, then sabrina won’t be able to take it over, because no one else in the house actually likes her. They constantly talk about sabrina and how annoying she is.

You’re overestimating her because you haven’t seen the very important side conversations.


Talkir, I don’t disagree that arlie and sarah are very safe right now. I’m afraid arlie may be outed by a sarah flipflop. Or heather letting something slip. Oops.

I REALLY hope you’re right about F5 casting off sabrina.
They don’t have to like her to keep her around tho, if she seems useful.
I hope I AM over-estimating her. I despise her.

For someone who no one likes, she seems to have a lot of ears listening to her,.


Sabrina is going to convince the F5 team to keep Ika and get rid of Allison…. why? Sabrina is playing both sides of the house and no one sees it.


Ya but that’s perfect for the new Sovereign Six that are forming. Allison can go, no one cares. She was a waste, honestly.

Arlie, Jon and Adel are each pulling in a girl for a new alliance to take down the others.

Arlie, Heather, Jon, Neda, Adel, Ika.


Whoever Vampzilla Noms doesn’t REALLY matter to Sabrina ! Sure, it would be inconvenient if it was one of her current F5 alliance, but she’d adapt . As long as it isn’t her !
Heather, Allison, Ika,…whatever. Whoever ISN’T Nom-ed can be a target for Backdoor scheming. Sab will gauge the sentiment, drop this lie here, that one there, whoever wins POV doesn’t matter, there’s handy targets a-plenty. All she has to do is bounce off what she hears IN THE MOMENT from ANY specific person and feed it back to them, amplified or distorted, then re-direct it to someone else straight up or twisted, round and round she goes like a Swirling Wind Master Assassin.

Allison had a week to watch Sabrina scampering, chimp-grooming, facially fake-emoting. If she has real-life psych-ward experience, she should have been paying VERY close attention to Sabrina (and Sarah) from the minute she entered the house.

Alli fans – I’m not against her. In fact, I had hopes ALL the women would be strong competitors. Dreaming, I guess.

I want Ika gone. Her bizarro-world logic, her careless talk, make her a bad ally even as a side-vote for the outsiders. It’s OK for Adel, TO A POINT, because he knows it’s High Noon nonstop for him, he’s standing in the street alone and if he’s still standing when the smoke clears it’s only because some bullets missed and he was quicker on the draw.

Right now the girls of Miss Sabrina’s Saloon are dancing to a Honky Tonk tune while the Cowboyz are herding out on the range while into town rides Arlie the strange, gunning for Marshall Booger and Brain.

I expect Heather to be Nom-ed regardless. I hope she wins POV to force a backdoor. If it ends up Ika & Allison OTB it will be an interesting campaign because Allison won’t just give up.

If it ends up Heather and Ika it won’t be so interesting.

Upsidedown Pancakes

Sabrina will be found out and once she is on the block she will self implode.


I am 1:34 into the video of Sarah and Andrew talking in the kitchen and Andrew has spent most of the 1:34 with his fingers up his nose. Gross, I get it people pick their nose at times, I know I do, but I use a tissue and do it in private. If i were in the BB house I would be afraid of my fellow HGs and the live feed watchers seeing/hearing any of my bodily functions. I just do understand why he is so obsessed with putting his fingers up his nose! Back to watch the rest of the video now.


I know! Someone get Andrew a Kleenex box. I also saw him picking his ass. Worst part is he cooks their food.

Honestly I am going to have to take a week off from watching the live feeds. Nothing of interest is going to happen with the zombie girl hoh and I have no interest in watching Sabrina cry over slop and Andrew pick his nose.


Andrews arse crack and snot infected food…….. nom nom nom.
Can’t wait for seconds!

I hope that this week we get some big arguments on the feeds, with Sabrina on slop she has to be on the edge of a meltdown by Monday.


Ika doesnt eat his food for a reason lol

The Hangover

UGH they have the numbers to get rid of Pigdrew and Rachelle is tooo stupid to pull the move and now of course he got drift of how nobody really likes him and now Pigdrew wants to potentially backdoor JON… HOPEFULLY nobody wins POV and the next HOH they dont win.. I want Pigdrew gone at the hands of Jon, Arlie or Adel! I hope Jon gets drift that Pigdrew and his posse know he doesn’t like Pigdrew and he’s in trouble thuss igniting a fire under his ass to make sur Piggy gets booted this week after this HOH.


i love neda and jon alliance they have a really good grip on what happening in the house# teamjeda


go neds and big jon!

i like their new 6 person crew with arlie, heather, adel, ika…i assume none of the 3 guys will be telling their female game partner about the 6 though
(i do hope jon tells neds as she will def keep it secret)…they formed the crew in time to protect especially ika, jon, adel from immediate danger starting next hoh…arlie(double agent still a part of first 5), neda and heather seem much safer, but they need to win next hoh to ensure control of the vote 5-3(it would be split 4-4 with tie break against them if they dont win next hoh)…i hope they take down the other 4 first five members and rachelle…it will be 6 on 5 in terms of alliance numbers if allison goes


Well, now that KENNY has his way and the target is ALLISON, I hope that Arlie and his team recruit ALLISON for their side. They would be stupid to put any weight in HEATHER. She is just a vote and won’t win them anything. ALLISON would be a great addition to their alliance. I think KENNY and SARAH are in a great place at the moment, except KENNY’s distain for everyone else in the house is starting to show. I think ALLISON could be a great player if she can realize she is now the target and get away from ANDREWS influence. They need to have a huge fight and show the separation between them to the rest of the house.


Arlie has already pulled Heather in. It’s too late for Allison, really. And she was such a disappointment so I don’t really care.


Deta231, no one see’s any value in Allison. Nor should they at this point. She has not given them a reason to keep her. As with most on the block, her only safety is POV.

little mouse

i do not know how or why any female would give andrew the time of day. i would be woofing my cookies worse than he did last night if i had to pretend to like him. allison my dear i think you worked too long on the psych ward time to get out of there , even a seasoned actress could not pretend to like him he is a vile arrogant waste of skin he honestly turns my stomach.


Who started the rumor that Jon and Allison are working together?




Sabrina, of course. She insisted that Jon and Allison being chosen to do the task together “proved” that they were working together, and since Jon’s known to be targeting Andrew, that means Allison is too. Sabrina insinuated that the DR confirmed it to her.


I don’t trust Jon enough to get rid of Kenny… he’s a loyal Newf (like Andrew was to Jemmitt)


ika, sabrina and rachelle are all brutal human beings. . . . . its just a game.. . . but they are so unnecessarily mean.

I feel the same about this season of Big brother as I did for the last American one. . . there are no likable characters really.


I don’t know about that, i like neda, adel, jon and arlie. They all seem to be playing very level headed games. Adel would’ve been much better if he wasn’t dragged down by the sinking paul. I also liked kyle too, despite his bio he seems quite genuine and loyal (he also has hilarious diary room entries). i hate sabrina with a passion, rachelle sucks, especially cause she thinks her psyc 100 will help her in this game… she is absolutely brainless. I tried to like ika until last week, she had all the power in the house and she uses it to try and get heather out …. she said she needs paul in the game and heather isn’t a threat to her but she puts them both up on the block … how stupid do you need to be?!

Rooting for adel, arlie and jon


I think Allison would have liked to be in with the girls …. unfortuately they are stupid and didn’t take the time to pull her in. I don’t think Allison really like Andrew but has nobody else in the house. I am most disappointed in IKA really she had a golden opportunity and could have sent the house scrambbling. Sabrina is no Andy … she will get into trouble.


So Allison cleans up the puke of Andrew and in return she get’s slandered by the entire house and Andrew says he will turn on her.

Gotta Love Big Brother, the clueless like the more clueless.


BOHRATOM I agree, they don’t see the forest for the trees. ALLISON has been a big disappointment for sure, but the girls have been nothing but sheep, dependent on the boys for the most part…..ONCE AGAIN!!! I will say though, if ANDREW does to ALLISON what I think he is going to do, and play her like a fiddle, I will hate him all the more. What a waste of space he is. He may play her, but the rest of the house is playing him. I think the joke will be on him, because he is turning on the one person who would have had his back…..LOL

Miss M

Sarah needs to drop Sabrina ASAP!

Lolly Alexa

I really think that Sabrina is loyal to the girl’s alliance and she is only using the F5 to stay in the house but if Andrew continue that romance with Allison maybe Allison will take Sabrina’s place in that alliance


Last week there may have been a sniff of that happening. But Sabrina and Kenny are squashing that pretty easily.


Which is (IMO) stupid on Kenny’s part. He should have been encouraging Andrew to be, or at least appear to be, as close to Allison as possible so that if/when Andrew was to go up on the block it’d be against Allison instead of against Kenny.

That’s what Sabrina is doing when she trash talks Sarah and Andrew and raves about her “best friend” Rachelle…she’s planting seeds with all the HGs so that she’ll be on the block with someone that she, as far as she knows at least, has the votes to beat (Rachelle).