Janelle Pierzina Baby

Big Brother Allstar – Janelle Pierzina pregnant

Janelle Pierzina  Baby

Everyones favorite Big Brother Houseguest is expecting her first child in December. Congratz! With a new baby on the way don’t expect her to appear at too many BB functions this year or be on Big Brother 2012.

We will all get to see Janelle’s mini Baby bump Next week July 7th When she co-hosts on the Happy Hour live show on superpass. To get to see the show simply sign up for the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS, there is a 3 day free trial and right now until July 6th you can get the entire season of BB13 behind the scenes, 24/7 uncut, uncensored action for the bargain basement price of $29.99.

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Jannelle is preggers?!?! whaaaaaaaaat since when?


This gets me thinking. The greatest Big Brother player ever? I love child between Janelle and Will! What do you think?

Alexander The Great

Janelle is so 🙂 … and dick is so… :S


I can’t stand her. Just my opinion. Another WT kid in the world, yay.


ok, i’m just now watching BB7 allstars, hadn’t seen it, and my opinion of janelle is changing. I take back what I said earlier…