Big Brother 13 Cast … ALMOST There **updated**

UPDATE house pics at midnight pacific. Exclusive til Tues at noon PT. Today I’m interviewing cast. Details on Weds.

Today is the Day the Big Brother 13 Cast is interviewed by the various media sources. The Casting Director Robyn Kass has tweeted over the weekend that the announcement is coming up

Big Brother 13 Cast Announcment

Earlier today she tweeted that it’s going to be a big week for us BIG BROTHER 13 Fans. This can mean only one thing A) we are going to get info about the Big Brother 13 House and possibly know a bit about the BB13 Twists and B) the Cast will be announced this week.

Big Brother 13 Cast

Also we are finding out that the interviews are being done today by the baubshow. In a earlier tweet

Big Brother 13 Cast Announcment

Once the cast is known we’ll slap there pretty faces up and start making up nicknames for them all I’m sure there will be a nice supply of douche bags for us all to yell at. . BRACE yourself folks in 48 hours we should know the BB13 CAST and all the dirt we can dig up about them. Check out our polls while you wait.

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Woohoo! I can’t wait for the cast to be revealed. Hoping for a good mix of big personalities, which we haven’t seen for several years now. My BB itch needs scratching. Just over a week to go!

David Huntley

And we are back again… How you guys doing Simon?

David Huntley

Nice, my wife can not wait and she hasnt even heard that it is starting LOL!!!! got the 3 laptops ready to go watch 24/7 again…….