Big Brother Alumni April Lewis on Lifetime “BUSTO” is Back

Big Brother Alumni April Lewis AKA BUSTO was on LIfetimes 7 Days Of Sex on Thursday, May 24th at 10PM ET/PT. The premise of the show is you have 2 couples who are in a “rut” and are willing to try anything to get back the romance. They participate in having S$X for 7 days and do various activities that challenge them to try new things and get out of the monotony of everyday life. Busto’s husband (Matt) says she is too controlling and preoccupied with the days activities. Busto thinks they are polar opposites and after 7 years of being married are stuck in “Free Fall”. The camera’s follow the couples around for 7 days and on the 7th day the couples will decide to “Re Commit” or to “split”. I didn’t find the show very entertaining show. Big Brother 6 Episodes videos

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Big Brother All Star- Janelle Pierzina Births a Baby Girl

Yesterday BIG BROTHER allstar Janelle Pierzina tweeted that she was heading to the hospital to have her baby. She had a baby girl Violet Anne DeSanto! 6 lbs 4 ounces.

On our way to the hospital!! ? I’ll let u guys know how it goes!

Earlier today we find out how much fun it was

Was in labor all morning. Contractions hurt like hell!!!? Finally got my epidural and am so happy! Dr says we’ll have a baby by 2night.

Then finally the pictures arrive

Welcome to the world Violet Anne DeSanto! 🙂 6 lbs 4 ounces.

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Janelle Pierzina Baby

Big Brother Allstar – Janelle Pierzina pregnant

Everyones favorite Big Brother Houseguest is expecting her first child in December. Congratz!

We will all get to see Janelle’s mini Baby bump Next week July 7th When she co-hosts on the Happy Hour live show on superpass. To get to see the show simply sign up for the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS, there is a 3 day free trial and right now until July 6th you can get the entire season of BB13 behind the scenes, 24/7 uncut, uncensored action for the bargain basement price of $29.99.

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