Big Brother 2012 Producer Endemol debt reaches 4 Billion, Time Warner take over bid Rejected

As far as I see it the biggest threat to BIG BROTHER 14 being un-watchable this year is either A) JJBR coming back (Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel) or B) Endemol producer of the franchise going bankrupt.

Dutch media giant and Big Brother producer Edermol is financially kaput and has been seeking a partner to pony up the cash needed to pay it’s creditors and restructure it’s massive debt. It was reported in 2010 that the company was $3 billion USD in debt. As of 2011, the debt had grown to $4.1 billion. The largely used leveraged loans now weigh heavily on the company essentially putting it in crisis mode.

So what is Endemol and how can this affect BIG BROTHER 2012?

Endemol USA is the United States production branch of Endemol based in Los Angeles, California. It has been in operation since 2000. The branch produces Endemol’s popular worldwide formats for the major American TV networks, such as Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal and 1 Vs. 100 for NBC; Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Show Me the Money, The One: Making a Music Star, Set for Life, and Wipeout for ABC; Exposed for MTV; Big Brother and Kid Nation for CBS; Midnight Money Madness
From Wikipedia

Time Warner to the rescue

Recently in the news US media giant Time Warner Inc. made a $1.3 billion all-cash offer for Endemol NV as the Dutch producer of “Big Brother” television shows seeks to reach an agreement with lenders over reorganizing its 2.8billion euro debt. Bloomberg discusses the particulars of the transaction and how endmol’s parent company mediaset can put in a counter offer to try and block the deal. Bloomberg source. What can go wrong Time Warner has such a solid reputation for business mergers and acquisitions. Remember in 2000, a new company called AOL Time Warner was created when AOL and Time Warner merged for US$164 billion. What happened? In 2 years the total value of AOL stock subsequently went from $226 billion to about $20 billion.

Endemol Gets a loan extension and Time warner is shown the door

Just wait it gets better.. On December 14th Endemol creditors give it a loan extension until February to help the company seek the funds needed. Insiders had this to say
The agreement gives Amsterdam-based Endemol more time to restructure 2.8 billion euros ($3.6 billion) of debt, said the people, who declined to be identified because the talks are confidential. The waiver has been extended three times since September. Bloomberg

Everything was looking peachy.. Endemol gets a loan extension, Time Warner offers a bucket of cash to restructure loans and take majority control of the company. Then this bomb dropped earlier today. Endemol lenders reject TW bid
Rejecting Time Warner’s latest bid, Endemol’s lenders have given the cash-strapped Dutch content giant a waiver extension until February.
Hedge funds and banks now appear poised to take control of Endemol, as the process of restructuring the “Big Brother” maker’s $3.7 billion debt continues.

I appears that Big Brother and Endemol are in limbo and with the worsening global economy things may get sketchy for us BB fans. I’m keeping my eyes on this one hopefully some good news comes out in the new year.

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I got an idea…all the crazy cat ladies can put in a few bucks and buy this shit out and then they can even bring back JJ FOREVER, 24/7/365!!!!!


Watch out your home might get buried in litter.


I got better idea. Just convince Brenchel & Jordeff to comeback on BB14, that way we call it even instead of Filed a bankrupcy. So, it would be piece of cake.


Yes it should be JJBR and ten or twelve newbies, have the Federal Government buy it or take it over like GM..
However make it pay per view, something like $20 an episode and the national debt will be paid off in no time.
Only down side I see is spending all that money on BB will probably put a few people in the cat litter business out of work.

Frank Granda jr.

No! It should be newbies only…Like Squabble! Yes, let Squabble audition, and we’ll put in a good word for him/her to Allison Grodner to cast him/her…..THEN, we can all watch while Squabble gets evicted on week number 1 (cause you know how the houseguests love to evict the UGLY people FIRST, that way they don’t have to eat, shower, sleep around butt-ugly trash) lol


Lol your own comment is like laughing at your own joke, for once I pity you Ford, must suck to have no friends to laugh at your pathetic attempt at humor.
Pathetic is probably the most common word used to describe you and your life.


It’s not a good idea except let’s make more interesting. Newbies only would be boring. The ratings will plunged and it will end up cancelled like other reality show. So, let’s make it half and half. Beside BB13 ratings went sky-rocket.

Frank Granda jr.

Captain, I was just joking…I don’t really want all newbies for the new season….I just wanted to point out how UGLY and DISGUSTING Squabble is, the he/she would be the first houseguest evicted. Squabble like to make fun of you Captain, and of Spicy for writing….But, it’s Squabble that writes like a piece of shit!


oh yeah! My bad and the Squabble of making fun of me. I just re-edited his words so that he thinks that he wrote something else.

Frank Granda jr.

In addition to ‘shitting gold’…..does anyone other than me notice how damn cheap Allison Grodner and her production company is??? While BB is already the cheapest CBS prime time show to produce in comparison to other CBS shows, Allison and her staff ARE SO FU*KING CHEAP, that they don’t buy any name brand foods or items for the houseguest to use while inside the BB house. All GENERIC milks, breads, cheese, razor blades (you always hear on live-feeds how often everyone talks about nicking themselves with the cheap blades when they shave) EVERYTHING GENERIC. I think AG should be embarrassed. Doesn’t she realize we hear all this on the show? Even on Showtime millions of viewers hear this on the uncut After Dark, I know because I always did. AG rakes in HUGE profits on an already low overhead show to produce, and yet she a Scrooge buying the Houseguests the cheapest fu*king shit to use and eat, that she herself wouldn’t be caught dead even touching. BB fans should all tweet her before the new season and embarrass the shit out of her. Tell her WE ARE ALL WATCHING AND LISTENING to skinflint cheapass shit tactics.