“I had multiple opportunities to take shots at you & I didn’t. You had one opportunity to act on it and you did.”

The Situation:

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as Zombies. “One of you are resurrecting your game”
  • No HOH, NO Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.


10:28pm Comic Bedroom – Matt, Jared and Cirie
Matt – when I told the other person it was for good intentions, it was not for a selfish move. Jared – yeah but what did I .. you were sus’d about me .. so listen to what you’re saying. Matt – not that I was sus’d about you. I just didn’t want people knowing about this power. Jared – I get it but you lied to me about it period! Cirie – we’re just talking in circles so I just wanted to checking in and see like was it something I did or.. Matt – no but its not fair because you guys can’t say I had mistrust because the only alliance I had was the Seven Deadly Sins. No I am not accusing you but you guys had alliances with other people. Jared – we didn’t .. so look I never once said there was mistrust there. That is why I was blindsided. Cirie – no I didn’t not trust you. Jared – I picked you to play in veto because I trusted you. Matt – no, I know. Jared – Then I came in here after and looked you in the face and said you my bro, you can trust me. I am not here to come at you. I just want to put it on the table because that’s where we at now. Matt – I am just trying to play this game as loyal and honest as I can and this is why it is so f**king hard because everyone is playing different f**king games. Cirie – you’re not the only one that its hard for, its hard for everybody in here. And nobody is judging you because I may have done things like that trying to be honest and not knowing where to turn when you get cornered with questions. That’s not what this is about. I just wanted to see where I went wrong. If there was something that I did.. but not even that I .. Matt – you didn’t go wrong because I still have faith in you and ughh. it was hard .. I just hear from everyone that you’re still talking to everyone about The Four Real For Real is still happening. Cirie – all I would have wanted was for you to say hey, somebody said this… because since that conversation… I’ve been by myself. I am not having conversations. Nobody is really talking to me. I am not talking to anybody. SO that wasn’t true. Matt – and then I hear that you and you and Blue have a 1, 2, 3.. so I am already left out. Cirie – no. Jared – I’ve been hearing so much that you and Jag have a final 2 .. don’t care. It has nothing to do with me. Its so far down the line. Matt – people just assume we have a final two. Jared – same thing that happened to you.. people just assumed we doing this sh*t. But the only difference between us is that you acted upon it. We just let it rock. I never put you up even though I had the speculations about you .. I never attacked it because I always trusted you and because I always gave you a conversation first. ALWAYS! Why didn’t I get that. And that is what upset me ..to make me feel like okay.. who is really a snake here? If we’re talking about mistrust here.. I don’t even want to use the word snake because I don’t look at you like that. Cirie – no I don’t either. Jared – but who really is mistrust? I had multiple opportunities to take shots at you and I did not. You had one opportunity to act on it .. and you did. That is what sucks for me. Matt – and I will take blame. Cirie – no don’t take blame. Matt – no matter what we’re f**king dogs. Jared – You’re still my god. Matt – this is game sh*t. Jared leaves. Cirie – I love you Matty. Matt – It just sucks because I could have been a b***h and just thrown it so that I didn’t have to deal with all this.

Games Room – Blue and Meme.
Blue – Even in my situation, if I had had an inkling that Cory was going to put me up .. b***h my first person would have been Cory. It would not have been Felicia. I just chose Felicia because I figured I could win. I had no idea that was going to happen. Meme – that was so crazy. I didn’t know that was going to happen. I was shocked. Blue – this group is cryptic. Meme points at the cameras – are you not entertained?! The people are entertained. Blue – I didn’t even tell Jared this much… Felicia came up to me and I never guaranteed her my vote. I told her that I was getting close to both Izzy and Felicia and that what it is. As a seven we met, we agreed.. you probably know that right!? Meme – yeah. Blue – even when that decision was made I did not feel like it was my decision to tell her that she was the one going home. Like I trusted you 100%.

Bedroom – Jag and Felicia
Felicia – I want to believe that we’re still good. Jag – that’s why I wanted to talk to you. Because what ever happened .. twist this or that .. Felicia – I still want to believe that the Seven Deadly Sins is the seven deadly sins but I want to make sure everyone else is on the same page and that I am not just getting played again. Jag – yeah, I mean is that what they’re saying.. that the seven is the seven. Felicia – oh yeah I know, I am not talking that Jared and Cirie. Jag – oh that’s what I was confused about. For me that is fully.. like we clearly knew on of the two were going to go and I know my role in that. Jared is a competitor and he’s someone that will be a target. Jag – The way I see it, if there wasn’t a twist we would have been solid and so now there’s a twist, why are we not solid. And definitely chat with Cory, Matt, .. whoever. But for me were good. Felicia – okay.

10:50pm – 12am Games Room – Jared and Blue.
Jared – help me understand why you wouldn’t tell me that Jag was after me because once again if I knew Jag was after me .. I couldn’t do nothing because Jag won the veto. But I would have known right then and there that I could not leave Matt in the house. One of them has to go. Blue – but why Matt? That’s my thing? Jared – because that’s his next closest ally. Why would I put up Cameron when its just a waste .. and leave Jag in here with somebody he can go after me with and that is literally what happened to me today. Blue – and this is what I thought right.. What I thought was that Matt was truly kind of playing the middle and I thought .. I was telling Matt.. Jared and Cirie really trust you. I was not telling Jag any of this. Jag doesn’t know about this. So me telling you about Matt and putting Jag in danger was not going to be part of my plan. Jared – so you were just going to leave me out to dry. Blue – no, why? Jared – I didn’t know that Jag was coming after me, I’ve been telling you this. Blue – I did not tell him that there was a final three. Jared – then why did you tell Matt. Blue – because.. I don’t know. I just said, I don’t know about Cirie. Cirie – has this, and that. Jared – Damn Blue. Damn. Blue – and he was telling me a bunch of other information too. Jared – aaaghhh.. this just sucks. Blue – it does.. this is literally how I was playing last week too. Jared – you says that you feel played but you played me. Blue – you played me too. Jared – I did not. The difference between me and you is when we had that conversation .. I told you everything bro. Blue – I really don’t think so. I am sorry, I could only work with what I got. Jared – and I guess there is not point in keeping on pressing this. I just wish it wasn’t in that manor because I really do feel like you played me. Blue – I really wish I didn’t think that I could do this on my own. I thought what I was doing was working. And for me to keep working that I couldn’t tell you those specific things. I really felt like I was doing the best for me and for you. I am sorry it came out this way, I really thought if I had one more week I could really turn the narrative around. Jared – so on a personal level you would leave me in danger just because you think you could handle it. Blue – not that I would leave you in danger. Jared – So what happens if I stay? You work with them again to get me out? Blue – no! Because that obviously solidified everything right!? Jared – as far as what? Blue – everything. I know where Matt stands ..I know for sure where Jag stands. Jared – as far as who me? That doesn’t really answer the question. Blue – so then I would go with you. Jared – so you think as of right now you’re not with them? Blue – that is why they want to talk. I have not talked to them because of my position now. Jared – I really trust you .. with everything.

12:05am Kitchen – Jag and Cory.
Jag – we have to be really careful with what we say to Cam because Cam anything… Cory – I am not saying sh*t to Cam. I just recapped what the double was. But I am basically telling him that I want him to come back in the house. When I talked to Jared .. Like YO, obviously I lied to you and so did everyone else. You’re a scary guy. To play an other HOH. You just nominated me. I was that simple. Sorry I had to lie to you like that but that is where I am at.

12:12am Games Room – Jared and Blue.
Jared – I literally when i get asked .. yeah, that’s just my friend (Blue). I told you that. From the beginning, that’s what I said I would say. Blue – yeah you said it in the beginning but even moving forward when everyone sees that we’re a thing .. there is no reason to keep that up. I have had a few people tell me. Jared – tell you what? Blue – you down playing out relationship. And yeah that made sense in the beginning but where we are after a few weeks doesn’t really make sense. Jared – just to be very clear.. one we never had a title. Number one. Number two, I have told you from the very beginning I don’t care for titles. That is not a thing. Blue – that is not what I am saying. Jared – number three, I have told you that people will see what it is, I don’t need to tell them what it is. I am not the type of person to tell people what it is.. that’s why this is so funny.. that whoever you’re getting that information from is telling you these things.. like that is news. I never told anyone anything we did. Blue – yeah but for people to tell you that you don’t care I get out. That you would turn your back on me because we were never a thing. But again, ultimately you were downplaying our relationship. Jared – I caution who said that. Blue – do you what to know? Cory said it. Cam has said it. And Izzy said something else about it. But as you were saying .. we’re not a thing. Jared – does that.. like is that news though?? Blue – if we decide that, that is that .. then there is no conversation to be had outside either. Jared – HUH, I don’t get that. Are you saying in the game or personal? Blue – both.. whatever happens in this house, in the game, personally if we decide to not move forward. Jared – in the game is easy for me. I think you understand that. Blue – ok so personally too whatever happens in this house and what decision is made is going to be the decision outside the house. Jared – is that what you want? Blue – I am just saying .. if you say personal I cannot do it .. 50 days and nothing here, 50 days in Jury house nothing… what is there possibly to talk about outside this? All of a sudden we’re going to start holding hands.. no. Jared – I get what you’re saying. You want a decision in the house before I possibly leave. Blue – yeah, absolutely. And I am also saying this because you are going to stay. Jared – I have an uphill battle to climb. Blue – I think you’re going to take it. So anyway think about it.

12:20m – 12:37am Cory gets his HOH basket and HOH letter in the storage room.

12:40am – 12:52am Bedroom – Jared, Cirie and Cameron.
Cirie – I said to him (Cam) yesterday .. I saw the writing on the wall. Do you think there is anyway.. Cam – now you’ve had two people Cirie .. tell you about me. And they’re both gone. Two people now have proven me right.. that I’m a good dude. I love this guy (Jared), we had our differences but we see it as a brother thing. Cirie – I told you I was on an alliance and they just proved my island today. Cam – I’ve been on that island. Did you tell him what I said before the vote. Cirie – he said you don’t have to be on an island by your self. He knows what it feels like. Cam – I’ve been fighting. We’ve been fighting. We’ve all been fighting. Jared – damn bro, I wish there was someway we could both stay here. Cam – I tried to make it happen before the veto last week. I know that you did what you had to do because if you had done anything else you would have been in hot water.

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Wtf. Why is Jared back?


The BB Zombie Twist, Jared and Cameron are zombies and one of them will be revived next week, there is no HOH no POV and no eviction but one of them gets the chance to come back next Thursday.


This will go down as the worst twist in BB history


nah, you can’t get worse than pandora’s box.


The fix is in yet again. If Jared is “resurrected” I’m out for good and watched every season. Sick of these tricks for their favorites.

Spot ON

“The fix is in yet again. If Jared is “resurrected” I’m out for good and watched every season”
No you won’t. You’ll be here and watching on the tube just like every season…..lol

Tre Billis

I am here for ONE reason. My daughter. She is still a big fan of the show and wants to keep watching. She is auditioning for next season. It gives us something to watch together. I would be done without her. I also just quit watching a tv show I have been watching for 40 years so I am not afraid to do it and would have if it wasn’t for her.

Nate Convington

So if Cameron wins is it still fixed or you’re just saying that because you dislike Jared?


the weird thing is that jared had the votes to stay. matt/america/jag were never voting his way, but if there was an actual week of campaigning i think bowie/felicia/cirie/meme all could have voted jared to stay.

Game fan

Bowie wouldn’t. Also if blue could catch wind of it, she would of outed cirie and jared.

Team Taylor

Nah – Bowie and MeMe have been useless wallpaper this whole season. MeMe has time to revive her game, but she needs to start winning comps or make moves under the radar.

Spot ON

“MeMe has time to revive her game, but she needs to start winning comps or make moves”
Yeah…yeah…….we know….we know….we gotcha….we gotcha….!!!
What about Bowie? (We gotcha).
What about AMERIKA? (We gotcha).
What about Matt? (We gotcha).
What about Cory? (We gotcha).
What about Cam? (We gotcha).
What about Red? (We gotcha).
What about Jag? (We gotcha).
What about Blew? (We gotcha).
What about LUKE? (We gotcha).


I think if there was a week of play cirie would’ve convinced Matt to save Jared and send her home instead

Gan ainm

Why is Blue such a doormat?

Spot ON

Did you look at her?

Nether Region Euphemism

Stop it.


Because her Dad never said he loves her.

Spot ON

The bottom line to all of this bickering is that EVERYONE in the house should already know where everyone else stands relative to others. Period. Everyone showed their cards to others tonight when it came time to NITTY GRITTY.


Trying to figure out why Cam is telling Jarat that they are together and not adversaries…
WTF?!?!? Hey dude, only one of you is leaving this week.
YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ADVERSARIES… I just can’t anymore with all of this stupid $hit.

Time to PLAY

Maybe he’s just feeding into Jared’s HUGE ego & telling him that he’s the man (Jared) and so the two of them should work together. Cam has to know that’s not possible, but Jared probably doesn’t, lol.

Spot ON

CAM is just playing up to JARED’S stupidity.

Game fan

They are regretting not staying together – like, more so jared
AND jared and cirie wants cam to be on cirie side if jared leavs

Spot ON

DEFINITELY…….IF CAM survives the zombie challenge, he will definitely be (or should be) “working” with the useless CIRIE side of the house that’s left (which is not much).
CAM will become the new POO for them, as they need someone who can win a few comps because CIRIE, FELICIA, MEME are comp DUDS.
ONLY person that CAM may try to work with (as part of his own game) would be BOWIE, and to some extent, she’s no better than the three tootsie rolls.

Spot ON

I AGREE….LOL….KEPT SCRATCHING MY HEAD ON THAT ONE FOR A WHILE. Sometimes what these people say to one another is a total wack job.

Carlito's Way

This is the worst! They let Jared back in and all he is doing is blowing up everyone’s game, spreading more poison and lying through his teeth to Cameron. All to protect his mama because he knows Cameron will beat him, he will leave and so he is setting Cirie up for protection. Yet again. This was a great double then they f’d it up. Jared was kicked out fair and square. Now, he’s back like a bad rash, being his vile, aggressive, finger-pointing self and working hard for mama. Is Cameron going to buy his bullcrap again?! Fool me once…THIS SUCKS.


The 2 should have been sequestered in a room and not been able to interact with the others until they got back in.

Carlito's Way

Agree 1000%. Exactly what I was thinking. Sequestered separately, maybe even give them a monitor. But NO interactions and power in the game. They lost their power – they were evicted. Unreal. Can’t believe how a stupid game can get me so pissed off.

Spot ON

This is the week that the secret about MUMMA N SON should rise to the top.

Ryan Diggs

Right because we never seen a HG blow up peoples game before. The over exaggrated vilifying of Jared is just hilarious and also disgusting.What man wouldn’t try to protect his mom if they were playing the same game? Gosh I really hope he gets back in this game. Just so you all can lose your mind and complaining about not watching when no one cares.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Your color is showing…


I see what you did there and are 100% band on.

Nether Region Euphemism

Jared has exhibited behaviors and tendencies that are demonstrative of poor character and toxic personality. That’s why people can’t stomach him

un autre nom

Dang it. I enjoy Bowie. She’s like a tourist or production assistant that just exists mingled with the house guests. It’s the oddest US big brother game I’ve ever seen. She’s not a coaster as much as she thinks she’s chosen her team, team turfs her, chooses her team again, team implodes, next team… but with no sense of panic or concern. As long as she makes jury and has somewhere to live until Nov…. she’s fine.

Spot ON

I think she’s just enjoying the experience, enjoying watching the rest make fools of themselves to a national audience, and for all we know, she could have a nine-figure checking account in Australia, and doesn’t need the 750k chump change.


They each get paid $2000.00 plus per WEEK, and those that make it to jury get a raise and bonus. That’s why Cameron is pushing so hard to get there. And why America, Blue, Matt, Bowie, and maybe Meme are not trying so hard. America has stated that she’s fine just making it to jury. That’s a lot of $$$ to make for a summer where most of the time is spent sunbathing, swimming and drinking.


I’d only be happy about this lame twist IF there was a guaranteed chance Cameron returned with a good fighting chance for the remainder of the game. Jared has to go for real, for real. I can’t have Izzy thinking her wishes of seeing Cam evicted became true… girl needs to reunite with her boy to see Mama Cirie leaving next. The 3 of them need to watch this season from their couch holding hands! Hahah! Jared also has to go coz for too long he played this game lazily, as if he ran sh!t, and pointing fingers about being disrespected when he was the one doing the shouting when people were right next to him. He’s too full of himself. He betrayed several of his allies and did so pretending he had their backs. Though that might be the game, he never got called out and that’s just annoying. He generally didn’t win sh!t unless people messed up. We should call him Jarefasa coz he’s the true lion king: just like lionesses are the primary hunters, here we have the women in his alliance doing all the work while he sits back doing nothing and has the guts to think he’s entitled to feel pride while most things just fall on his lap. 


Damn, this jared guys a player, he don’t beleive in titles… lol

Felicia's eyebrows

His girlfriend/dog-sitter that he left back home would probably agree with you about Jared


He’s the type for father 10 kids and never meets one.

This is also why that 80% are single parent families. Nothing has changed in 60 yrs.


Jared… always pointing fingers and calling everyone liars. He’s the biggest liar of them all. This guy is dillusional. You do realize, the winner of the comeback next week, will be the HOH, right? I am team Cameron all the way

Spot ON

CAM will have MATT licking his jewels.

un autre nom

Blue’s perfect position she was chirping about in her cam talk last night…
yeah that’s kablooey.
She’s refusing to work with Family Reunion because she never wanted to work with Cory and America. She wants to confront them about putting her on the block, she wants to yell at America for squeeling she was going to nom Cory.
Her Jared alliance seems pretty bad. grimace.

So… she seems to expect Jag and Matt to ditch America/Cory and just be a trio? she admits nomming her was the right move, she’d have saved Jared.
The new 5 alliance of Matt, Jag, Cory, America and Bowie is Matt’s new preferred alliance.
He’s sorta done with Blue’s Clueless me first and only game.

Meme asks Jared how Cory knew about brown sugar. stammer lies from Jared. just found out this week? who told him? mmhmmm. Cory was afraid of being kyle if he mentioned it, but after seeing all of them perhaps arguing in a room, he thought he’d ask if brown sugar was ever real.
Meme and Jared really leaning into bias as reason for targeting, when Meme has been playing the game as a Cause player. It’s a statement of fact, not trying to provoke.
It’s a slippery slope now. If you form an alliance based on race, is it hypocritical to say bias is the only reason if that alliance gets targeted? I can’t answer that.
Jared’s mad he didn’t get more votes.
while talking in D/R she realized she had to stick with BSB, otherwise she was out in 4 weeks. Meanwhile last week she was the preferred 5th in the younger 5.


Spot ON

“Meme and Jared really leaning into bias as reason for targeting, when Meme has been playing the game as a Cause player. It’s a statement of fact, not trying to provoke”



I am first to try. It makes no sense but trying to solve the message I feel is this:

This transmission from the scary verse:
Big Brother zombie renominated after the vote to eviction
ONE WILL HAve Third chance Rescue

I know it’s wrong. Makes no sense but the missing letters gave me such a headache and I need more hints!!!

BB Princess

****CREDIT GIVEN TO: “Un Autre Nom” who posted this yesterday (9/21) @9:21pm***


It really should be obvious that Jared and Cirie have a strong connection if the other houseguests did not know of their connection before

Spot ON

“common sense is not too COMMON”


They honestly should have left Kirsten in the house for another week instead of this stupid mess. I prefer the old BB with fewer twists

Paul Sucks

Since when can zombies talk? If they were going to pull a BS twist, BB should have at least stapled both Jared and Cams mouths shut.

Spot ON

I was thinking about that. The script could have also isolate them from the rest of the house for a week, and bring them back to the house just to play the comp. The rest of the house would not know what was going on, and all of their plotting for the week would have been trashed.
However, they both get to roam around in there for a week without even being in the game any more (technically) to spread more lies and chaos. But I’m guessing that is all part of the script… deliberately.


Zombies should be locked in the HN room with a toilet and production passing through meals. Any conversation through a door would have to include both zombies, and anyone else who wants to hear.

Allowing them to “play” the game without consequence is BS.

At least with the power, someone had to win it. Neither did anything to deserve this.

This week will be toxic.


I was about to comment the same thing, they could use the bathroom in HOH and sleep in have not. Should not be allowed to walk free in the game. It’s no different right now that the other houseguest, they are just in costumes. It’s the stupidest thing.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Because Jarhead is toxic…

Spot ON

Now that we have CAM and JARED back as zombies, ANY chance ICKY will fly back in on her broomstick ??

Tre Billis

What an awful twist. Now we get the hypocrite back. Sure he had multiple chances to tae shots against EVERYONE, but you can only target one person each week. In the end Jared was loyal to ONE person. The rest were all going to be on his radar at some point. God forbid anyone take him out. Perfectly fine though for him to take out Cam. Cam did not seem bitter about it. Jared could learn something from his target, Cam. I am sick of Big Brother having agenda’s every season Let everyone have a level playing ground.


The Zombies should not be allowed to speak (plot).
Jared is such an a$$, plotting who he is going to send out next. Bro, you were voted OUT, you are not the King!!!